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  1. I need to know this too for boosting the Challenger Trophy
  2. No i ran it like 4 times and never got anything Man I got a giant leginia to but we slayed it so fast I couldnt measure it lol
  3. King size anjanath is this weeks event
  4. I just want to confirm from people who have purchased the VITA version and the PS4 version where you able to use your saves from across both systems?
  5. Has anyone played this on PSVITA do you know if cross save is available. Between the PS4 and the Vita.
  6. @Atsira Thanks man once again Congrats on your Platinum.
  7. I mmust have great luck cause me and my friends are farming these and someone posted their sizes and investigations above and eachgh one I did and each one i got the large or mini crown he specified
  8. what about yugioh?
  9. I am right there with you buddy lol as soon as I finish monster hunters.
  10. Lol you want kingdom hearts fan club edition. Well if they are announcing it in June at least we know its being released after june lol that gives me some time to platinum 2 and 2.8
  11. Dizzy is good, welcome the dizzy lol. Yeah definitely hype about Marluxia.
  12. Just the thought of the game kept the hype alive for me. Especially when DDD released and I got to the end on 3DS I still remember how overwhelmed with joy I was haha
  13. I don't watch the trailers because I want everything to be a surprise when i play the game, I wish I could say I cannot wait for the game to come out but I have been waiting since it was announce in 2014 lol. I will pay the money for that I hope it has a steel book case, a sound track, art work a figurine I am getting happy just thinking about it lol
  14. The ones that I got were always in arena. I bet if you just keep starting arena and backing out until you see a small one that would be a way to farm too.