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  1. I heard the time might actually be 1:15 which is a little more leeway; someone reported getting speed run screen with a time of 1:02
  2. I thought so too at first (just platinumed a couple nights ago) When all was said and done, I had all trophies EXCEPT 50k rings and 100k rings. I think trophy list would have been perfect if they had scrapped the 100k ring one, and just made 50k rings a silver. When everything else was done, I ran through extra stage 6 130+ times to farm remaining rings. 125 of those runs was getting the extra 50k rings after the 50k ring trophy unlocked to get the 100k ring trophy.
  3. Just be happy Sonic 06 didn't have a platinum. I maxed the achievements out on 360, and that was FAR more tedious and painful than Unleashed.
  4. I was stuck at that point needlessly too for awhile. In order to open up more quests and progress the story, you need to into all the new shops that opened up. It threw me off because I thought the shops that opened up and replaced the '???' would have a "NEW" notification or something. But yes, try going into every shop in town to trigger all the new shop cut scenes.