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  1. Going through the game currently myself. Nope, you can thankfully keep it on normal and not lose out on the platinum. It's offset though by doing your best to not corrupt or destroy the elder shards, so you're purposely nerfing your potential until the final boss (back up save with 7 shards, then destroy or corrupt all and do opposite upon reload) to avoid a second playthrough.
  2. It's for the first playthrough of the file before you beat the game. Some of the game completion ones like speed run and not using items have '1st Play' next to them. Apparently after you beat the game, some OP items unlock in the item shop you can purchase. The 3 items are the Power Shield (reduces damage knockback), Awakener Chip (Use all weapons without weapon energy) and Cooling System Infinite (infinite Gear use). Having those enabled would definitely take a lot of challenge out of trophies which is why I believe most are limited to '1st Play'
  3. After the memory plays and it goes back to visual novel style with the goddess, you can manually initiate a save to get the memory in the album. Then you can select chapter to redo the final battle, and get the other ending again which should fill out the album completely.
  4. I just went through all of MMX6 last night. I got along better with MMX6 in my mind when I started thinking of it as Mega Man X6: Dark Souls
  5. Similar thing happened to me. They collected a legendary weapon recipe, but no actual legendary weapon and it popped. Sadly the outfit one didn't pop for me, and they actually had brought a legendary outfit back.
  6. New to this thread, I have all the Neptunia game platinums plus an extra bonus one as of the current date: HDN,HDNMK2,HDNV for PS3 MDNVII,MDVIIR,4 Goddesses for PS4 RB1,RB2,RB3,Noire,Sega,PP,Blanc, and HDNU for Vita. EDIT: I would like to sign up to be (and definitely consider myself) a Hyperdimension Neptunia ULTRAfan
  7. I did not. Only thing I can think of if you followed video perfectly, and it didn't pop, was that I actually did go through two-handed mode as well, thinking I might have needed those guns as well to count for the trophy. Others have constantly reported 1-handed ones are the only ones necessary, but from my personal exp, I did do a two-handed playthrough before I found the SUV gun on the bridge that ultimately popped the trophy for me.
  8. Struggle is 125%. Armor Plated, Grip, One Life to Live, and Empty Magazines are each 100%, so you could actually have a 525% max bonus on most combat levels. First Aid is also 100%, but Struggle and First Aid can't be used together. The ideal setup that allowed me to breeze most levels was: Combat levels: First Aid - 100%, Armor Plated - 100%, Empty Magazines - 100%, Evasive Maneuvers - 50%, Toxicity - -50%. 300% overall, spammed unlimited poison arrows while keeping up the multiplier. Platforming Levels: Struggle - 125%, Empty Magazines - 100%, One Life to Live - 100%, Flammable/Frailty - 50%, Blazing Inferno - -25%. 350% overall, build multiplier and save the shooting targets towards end of multiplier, gets you more than 1/4 of the way towards gold star goal, which with a 300%+ bonus, you only need to be concerned with getting 1/4 of the way to the gold star targets, and then beat the level to have your card multiplier shoot you over that target score. You can only hold a certain amount of the lower cards before they're taken out of the pool of card packs, so you could keep buying up bronzes until you get them all. Most common exploit of this is after beating the game, keep buying bronzes, and just sell gold and blue cards you obtain until each pack you open up only has golds and blues. Keep selling a portion of those until all golds are out of the pool, and blues are the ones you get. Eventually you'll obtain all cards this way. If you use up 5 of your disposable cards, each bronze pack you buy afterwards will simply be the 5 you used up.
  9. Thanks for the tips; managed to get it after 20 min of playing last night. Practice definitely makes perfect, and eventually you just get caught in the 'rhythm' of things.
  10. That video's from the Vive version. From reviews I've read, tracking seems much better on PC/Vive than it is for the PSVR version of R&M and move controllers. Conversely the achievement/trophy in the PSVR vs Vive is 100 vs 900!!! Sound is a great tip though, and I'm gonna try it again tonight in PSVR but focus on the sound.
  11. Awesome! So ninja's the only one that might be tricky in one go, others seem quite doable. Thanks!
  12. Does anyone know the times you have to beat each mode at 100% for all 4 ending screens? I'll post my results if I get to it first. I'm hoping it's generous enough to be at an hour (you can really fly through levels with teleporting and bubbling), but given those abilities in mind, I'm hoping they're not as low as half an hour.
  13. The one I'm even more confused about is why there's a difference in percentage between Beating the Mana Beast and Reach the Ending? I don't understand why someone who had taken the time to beat the final boss would just decide to exit out and turn off their game right there without watching the ending lol
  14. Are they impossible to edit? Life is Strange: Before the Storm initially had it to where you had to complete a deluxe edition bonus exclusive ep in order to platinum the game, and then eventually it was edited down the line to just completing all 3 regular episodes.
  15. Just earned this one, if you have one, try using a PSVR! That really helped by essentially having the TV shoved real close up to my face lol