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  1. I have the trophy (and platinum) now. Patch 1.13 released on 10/29/2019 added some Halloween Candy you can eat by the main menu select, and this is in the base version with no DLC. After I ate one of those, it gave it to me. Don't know if this patch fixed the trophy, or if one of these free halloween candies were added as a new requirement now.
  2. I have just won all the prizes and made sure to eat all the food under food + the cockroach, and the trophy hasn't unlocked. I have not bought the Halloween DLC and noticed there was another prize section for Halloween DLC.
  3. You're fine, especially if you're using a guide. Between the chess pieces and ultimately getting out of the sewers, it took me about 10 min of time, and I was at that hour and a half mark. My wife decided to watch me play afterwards, so branched the save file off to go through the next area, where I did some unnecessary back tracking AND would hit continue straight after dying a couple times instead of quitting and reloading (instead of doing short spurts of ideal runs because I didn't want to bore her with seeing the same segments over and over again), and despite all that against me, still took only an hour for a surprising finish of 2:30. So yes, you're more than on track to beating the game under 3:30.
  4. Nevermind, found out that while you can't double jump, you can still walk off a platform and then hit jump.
  5. I'm actually having trouble with the first level of Zx-spectrum. I can't figure out where to jump from to get that first pixel (4th pixel overall) on the second screen. I feel like I should have double jump already, but original topic creator's on 3-6 without it, and the only videos on youtube I can find so far are of the original life of pixel where they have double jump from the beginning, and use that to get it.
  6. When do you get the double jump? I'm on 3-1 (zx spectrum) and I'm struggling on getting one of the pixels. Shoudl I have the double jump by now, or should I keep trying? No youtube videos yet, and all of them are of 'life of pixel' where they have double jump from the start. EDIT: Nevermind, saw on the PS4 forum of this game that a guy still doesn't have it on 3-6 so I just have to figure out how to get that pixel without it.
  7. Brookhaven Experiment and the Executioner trophy was broken with patch 1.07 Mortal Blitz added a new harder difficulty in patch 1.03 that also has to be beaten in order to unlock True Hero trophy. I don't believe that exploit for the trophy in Playstation All Stars Battle Royale (digital) is broken unless a new patch came out after online servers shut down a month or two ago? I could still find a character, switch to their last combo challenge, and do that to unlock the trophy.
  8. Their official stance on it was that Vita players did have to buy PS4 version if they wanted new content, but because of cross-save, they shouldn't feel too burned by decision. Ya, the DLC status vs the DLC only being on one of the shared platforms might be the reason, but I have seen some weird things with trophy stacks in the past. Currently it looks like the game, Xeodrifter, has only had a PS4 stack and a Vita stack. Earlier in time, it was actually listed as a Vita stack and a PS4/Vita/PS3 stack. Since it never came out on PS3, I'm guessing that's why that stack was corrected to just ps4.
  9. Has there ever been any instances where trophies were added for a PAID DLC after the paid DLC launched for a game? Seems ridiculous that new ones could be made for XBONE, but none for this. It's surprising because they added new trophies to FF15 just from FREE update patches alone; seems weird they couldn't be bothered to copy the new Maxima related achievements they made for XBONE and just have them be bronzes or something.
  10. Going through the game currently myself. Nope, you can thankfully keep it on normal and not lose out on the platinum. It's offset though by doing your best to not corrupt or destroy the elder shards, so you're purposely nerfing your potential until the final boss (back up save with 7 shards, then destroy or corrupt all and do opposite upon reload) to avoid a second playthrough.
  11. It's for the first playthrough of the file before you beat the game. Some of the game completion ones like speed run and not using items have '1st Play' next to them. Apparently after you beat the game, some OP items unlock in the item shop you can purchase. The 3 items are the Power Shield (reduces damage knockback), Awakener Chip (Use all weapons without weapon energy) and Cooling System Infinite (infinite Gear use). Having those enabled would definitely take a lot of challenge out of trophies which is why I believe most are limited to '1st Play'
  12. After the memory plays and it goes back to visual novel style with the goddess, you can manually initiate a save to get the memory in the album. Then you can select chapter to redo the final battle, and get the other ending again which should fill out the album completely.
  13. I just went through all of MMX6 last night. I got along better with MMX6 in my mind when I started thinking of it as Mega Man X6: Dark Souls
  14. Similar thing happened to me. They collected a legendary weapon recipe, but no actual legendary weapon and it popped. Sadly the outfit one didn't pop for me, and they actually had brought a legendary outfit back.
  15. New to this thread, I have all the Neptunia game platinums plus an extra bonus one as of the current date: HDN,HDNMK2,HDNV for PS3 MDNVII,MDVIIR,4 Goddesses for PS4 RB1,RB2,RB3,Noire,Sega,PP,Blanc, and HDNU for Vita. EDIT: I would like to sign up to be (and definitely consider myself) a Hyperdimension Neptunia ULTRAfan