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  1. I kind of want it just for the Meowth trophy icon (how did they get away with that?) But it does seem very...different, and I may pick it up. I can't decide if it loves animals or hates them though, and I fall very firmly on animal-lover territory...butchering them doesn't seem like my thing...
  2. You’ll still get the Platinum, don’t worry. It won’t show on your Guild Card in-game as having unlocked all achievements, but Playstation’s system is such that it only checks if you have all trophies on PSN, and auto-unlocks the Platinum for you regardless of whether it shows in-game. If that makes any sense to you? Point is your Platinum trophy will pop just fine
  3. This one caused me problems too (I ended up deleting my save and running through the entire thing again but it still didn’t unlock). I don’t actually think it’s bugged in the end though - there’s just a TONNE of different combinations for the burgers/chicken burgers with different sides and drinks. I ran that level (I think 3-2?) which has both burger types, along with drinks and sides, with the holes in the middle of the level a few times and it eventually unlocked. I think you just need to have served each different combination at least once.
  4. Managed to complete the event with a few days to spare 0) Okage: Shadow King 1) Broken Age 2) Star Ocean: Till The End of Time 3) Tomb Raider: Underworld 4) Rayman Legends 5) Wonder Boy in Monster World 6) The Witness 7) Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms 8) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 9) The Last of Us @eigen-space My #3 is listed as Overcooked 2 but I only did a DLC list, the base game was completed a year ago, so it should be removed. Tomb Raider: Underworld should be the #3. Doesn't really matter, since I have the number covered either way, but just thought I'd point it out since I noticed
  5. Don't believe everything you read - FFXII has its fans too! I actually really liked it - it's not the best FF entry by enemy means, but I personally thought it was still a good game when I played it back on the PS2. I think the job system is a little different from the PS2 version, but I really need to get around to playing it on PS4...was gonna save it for a Milestone Plat though, to show my appreciation for it. Anyway, of those in your list, the only ones I've actually played are: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XIII-2 Final Fantasy XV Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness And of those, I'd only really recommend FFXII, FFXIII and SO5. I enjoyed both of those, though again they're not as good as other FF entries. Since you're into story, I'd put XII above XIII as I found the story much better personally. The story in XIII was actually alright in my opinion, but the characters are amongst the worst cast in FF as they're all quite bland and forgettable - though not as bad as XV. SO5 is alright as well - it's my least favourite SO game, but it's still a good JRPG. And the Plat is much less daunting/more manageable than SO4... I would not recommend FFXV at all. The story is by far the worst main FF entry. It's just so...pointless. It's like they spent so long making the gameplay (which is kind of fun, though ridiculously easy) and the open world (which is mostly empty) that they forgot they needed to add a story, and threw some garbage together. Half of the story is hidden in other content as well (Datalogs, the extra movie/anime series, the DLC, and LOADING SCREENS of all things) and even that is very uninteresting. There's also way too much DLC (though, the DLC is arguably better than the main game anyway) and you'd have to go through a hassle to get the Comradres trophies as well since SE made the dumb decision of making it Standalone and removing access to it from the main game. And I didn't like XIII-2 either. It barely qualifies as a sequel, and the story is just so bad. I never played Lightning Returns as a result of how bad XIII-2 was, though I've heard it's actually got decent gameplay, though an even worse story (if that's possible). As for the rest of your list, I've heard many good things about Ni No Kuni, but I've never played it to say first hand if I'd recommend it or not. It seems like something I'll enjoy when I get around to playing it though. And you can never go wrong with Tales of games either - the worst one I've played was Zestiria, and even that was still decent, just nowhere near as good as the standards of the rest of the Tales of games. Everyone also keeps recommending that I play Dragon Quest XI too, because that's apparently really good - again, having not played it, I can't say much about it first hand though. And I'm also looking forward to playing World of Final Fantasy when I clear some other games off my backlog so that I can get around to it as it seems like a really fun game (I bought the Maxima upgrade too when it was on sale, so even more WoFF for me, yay! Pity there's no trophies, but ah well).
  6. For the Ultra Rare badge, you could always award it to the person with the lowest average Plat/100% rarity amongst all the games in their list? Or the average of the average rarities in each game list since that’s the stat you were leaning towards? Would reward the person who challenged themselves the most across all their games instead of just one super difficult game and the rest easy? I’m sure anyone who wanted to go for that badge could do the data gathering work for you, instead of you doing it yourself for every participant. Or alternatively you could ask for volunteers to help with gathering all the rarities (I’d personally be happy to help, I like data gathering tasks).
  7. I've planned milestones to be Plats ever since trophy #1000 Trophy #5000 coming up will be Persona 5. But I also like to make sure most milestones (both trophy milestones and Platinum ones) are also trophy images that I like the look of. I hadn't really planned anything on making level up trophies Plats as well, but then I accidentally got three in a row (level 24, 25 and 26) and noticed it, so now I've started doing that too (currently at 5 in a row). I'll probably stop that very soon though, and just stick with milestones, it's a bit too much to do both.
  8. I totally forgot to update here >_< But 18 games later after completing Okage, I finally have a line! Somehow I keep missing the final box for a line...but never mind, I'm there now (text where I haven't finished, plat images where I have). Also I swapped some incomplete games and since I pre-ordered Iceborne, I wanted to put that in there too as my newest game, since I probably won't buy any more games until 2020 (I like lying to myself...): You Think You Will Dislike Alien: Isolation Strategy, Simulation, or Management With a Female Protagonist In a Series New To You Persona 5 Peripheral-Based With a Punctuation Mark in the Title With Player-Operated Vehicles Platform Exclusive Anthropomorphized Animals Shiness The Lightning Kingdom Originally Released in 2019 That Gives You The Feels The Last Guardian Play As an Antihero or Bad Guy Lords of the Fallen Player's Choice That You Can Beat In One Sitting Last Game You Acquired Monster Hunter World: Iceborne That "Everyone" But You Has Played Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Recommended By a PSNP Member Metroidvania or Rogue-like With Mystery or Detective Themes One Word Title Featuring a Romance or Romance Options Award-Winning Cult Favourite For Another PSNP Event With Player Choices or Multiple Endings
  9. I also agree that the start date should stay as 1st January 2020 and keep it as one year long. It makes the most sense. Only made my previous suggestion in case you wanted to cave into pressure from those who wanted to start early But I would personally vote for it to stay as is! Anyway, I've had a look through my games and came up with a tentative list. Putting it in spoilers just to avoid stretching the page:
  10. Why not make it so participants can start at any time (once they have a list) but have exactly one year from when they start to complete it? That way its still a one-year challenge for everyone (which ends in 2020), and no one has four extra months over others who waited until the official start? Wouldn't be much harder to track - assuming you’ll make a spreadsheet of participants and their lists, you could just add an extra row/column next to their names with their start dates. Or if you’re only tracking within this forum topic, then just some extra text next to names. Either way, you can sign me up I’ll come up with a list later once I’ve looked through my backlog
  11. It should show all Ultimate attacks you have unlocked for characters in the formation. But this game has quite a few bugs like that. Try removing him from the formation (pick him up then triangle to bench) and adding him back to see if that works. If not, close the game and restart, that fixes most bugs I’ve encountered so far. EDIT: upon looking at your screenshot, it looks like you haven’t actially unlocked his ult yet - the icon shows what your next upgrade is. You’ll need to get him to 175 to unlock it.
  12. That Treasure glitch occurs when you pick up a Treasure but it doesn’t register as being collected. It doesn’t make trophies out of order, it just means you need to collect more than 10 before 10 are registered. If anything, it prevents you from getting 179 Treasures trophy unless you start a new save. EDIT: You also got the 3 Relics trophy before completing the second chapter (not counting the Prologue), when only 2 are available at that point. And you also didn’t get the 1 Relic trophy before it.
  13. Bit late replying, but no - you wouldn’t get banned as it’s a feature within the game that anyone has access to. Some other games have this feature (FFXIV and Fortnite come to mind, but there’s probably more) from PC to PS4, and yet more games have this feature between PS3/4/Vita. Or from different regions. So it’s definitely not a bannable offence. If you were ever reported (which you shouldn’t be, but false reports slip through from time to time), you could simply explain that this game is cross-platform progress and the flag would be lifted, as many of us here could confirm this is the case. I’m personally finishing the list on PC too as I much prefer how it plays there (tighter controls, better map views, less lag, etc). So a bunch of my trophies will autopop once I log back in on PS4.
  14. Well, I looked through your trophy list and reported two other games with Story trophies missed. And I didn’t even check many games. Seems you quite frequently “skip [unmissable] trophies as a trophy hunter”
  15. Somehow this went completely under my radar, but it looks fantastic! Will be getting this for sure! Thanks for posting the trailer @Wavergray - I might've missed this great-looking game otherwise!