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  1. I used the Insect Glaive for almost my whole time with the game. It's really mobile, and you can adapt your strategy quickly when situations change. It's not the most powerful, but it does enough damage to take monsters down quickly enough, as long as you properly use your Kinsect bonuses. Also it's really easy to mount monsters for a safer way to deal damage, and if you're the type to get hit a lot, you can use a heal-based build to keep yourself in top shape (and allies if you choose the healing dust, but I always went for blast instead, because damage). It took me a while to get used to, but now that I am, I can use it well, either solo or in teams. I don't think it's the best weapon, by the way, though it is decent enough. It's just my favourite to use, as I find it really fun.
  2. #59 - Kingdom Hearts II (Also trophy #2,500 just because) Kingdom Hearts II Master This was always my favourite of the KH games, so it's nice to now have the plat on my profile. I would've got this ages ago, but I put off playing it so I could save it for a milestone trophy I love the trophy art for the KH games, and also it's one of my favourite series, so I'm trying to get all of them to be milestones, just because why not? Can't wait for KH3 in January!! I've only been waiting over a decade...but it's almost here at last! I actually still think KH2 holds up fairly well even after all this time though, so if you haven't played the series and want to get into it before KH3 comes out, don't be put off by the fact it's a PS2 game. It's good fun, it plays well, and I would highly recommend the series to anyone, no matter how much time passes! The plat itself also wasn't too bad (except those dumb Mushrooms, a couple of those were annoying), and I completed everything on Critical just to see if I could. Definitely better than the dumb "Unchanging Armour" and speedrun trophies of KH1.
  3. I already have this pre-ordered it just looks so fun and adorable, I pre-ordered as soon as it appeared on the PSN store Anyway, yeah, trophy list looks like most will just be gained from regular play. Dunno how hard earning 75k in Rush mode will be, but I'm sure it'll come with practice. Same with the 50 points in slimeball, not sure if that'll be hard or not since I haven't played it yet. Only trophy I don't like the look of is the one for murdering the baby chick. Whyyyyyy?? I hate when I have to kill innocent creatures for trophies
  4. Everyone is now updated again! That's actually a really good suggestion - I kinda wish I'd tracked that from the start as I ended up needing to go through all 14 pages again >_< I updated the post for everyone's planned words - if I missed any changes to words, or if you want to change a word in the future, please ping me and let me know! But obviously, anyone's words can be changed as many times as you like, and you don't need to finalise until the event ends
  5. You don't need to use all your letters, so I can keep it in just in case you change your mind on your word? I can remove it if you really want though, and add it back in at a later date if you change your mind for any reason? Also - they always say, practice makes perfect, right?
  6. Nah, the car is irrelevant, it's just cosmetic. You need to really learn the timing of the drift-boosts. If you make sure you're always drifting (you can alternate directions by quickly switching) and building up boosts to maximum before release, most of them become easy enough when you learn the course. Also if you release the drift-boost so that you hit a boost-pad just after it, you'll get a huge speed increase which will help you get the time requirements. Hope that made sense?
  7. It's the difficulty, kind of like how Mario Kart has 50/100/150CC.
  8. # 57 - Risen 3: Titan Lords Titan Lord My first plat on the PS3! Yay! Almost exactly a year after starting to trophy hunt, too! I only played this because it was free on PS+, and I wanted to use my PS3 after getting it back from my brother after all these years. wasn't a great game. It's a game I probably should have liked - pirates, a semi-open world, lots of quests, etc - but it just felt so...dull. The combat was garbage, which was made even worse by the very loose controls in the game (something that always bothers me in a game - when I press a button, I quite like that the character reacts to said button-press every time, not just sometimes when they feel like it). And it's not just because it's a PS3 game - I have played plenty of PS2 games that have more engaging combat and tighter controls. The trophies as well - some of them were fine, but a lot of them were a case of "do X thing, save to a new file, reload previous file, do X thing again, overwrite the new file, reload, etc etc etc". Because there's no way to actually get them in natural gameplay. I also realised halfway through my initial playthrough that enemies killed by your ally don't count towards your total. So I lost several hours of grinding kills due to that, which was rather annoying considering the bad combat system. But whatever, it's done now, I won't be playing it ever again. TL;DR - it had many elements in a game I like, but just felt lacking, and was too grindy.
  9. Updated everyone's letter! At least, I think I did. There's always a chance I could've messed up because it's me, and I'm really, really good at messing things up... 🤔 Congrats on completing so fast @Dead By Noon! I haven't finished the art for the badges yet, but as soon as I finish I'll PM yours to you right away
  10. Its not technically illegal to get someone else to do a trophy for you, but I'd definitely recommend against it. For a start, it's extremely risky to share your account info with anyone, especially if there's payment info on it, even if the guy seems honest, because you just don't know what they'll do. And secondly, from what I've read from more experienced members of these forums, most trophy-selling services tend to hack the trophies rather than earn them legitimately for you. I mean, think about it logically, if it would take you hours upon hours and this guy only needs five minutes, there's obviously something illegitimate going on. And hacking trophies will also get you removed from the leaderboards on this site if you care about such things. There's no shame in giving up on something that you don't want to do, whether it's because of difficulty or the length of time. It's better to just accept the loss and move on, or come back to it at a later date. Also Dark Cloud is a good game, one of my favourites from the PS2, and an easy platinum, so you'll be improving your life by choosing that instead
  11. Okay, that should be the participants post reorganised and updated for everyone's games. I'm sorry if I pinged anyone twice >_< If anyone has a better suggestion for how to present the post to make it easier on the eyes, let me know! That was the best I could come up with for now :/ I'll also add some fun stats once the event has gone on a bit longer. Probably too early to do so now...
  12. Oh, I absolutely agree with that! The point I disagreed with you on is that having a 100% profile means cherry-picking games, and if that's what you're doing then that's wrong. I completely agree that you should enjoy your time spent on gaming, or what's the point in playing? "Play the games you want to play" was the message I was trying to get across. Whether someone wants to spend days/weeks/months getting trophies on said games is their choice, but you shouldn't avoid a game just because you don't like the look of the trophies. Play it and move on if that's what you want to play, don't just decide not to play a game you know you'll love just because you won't be able to get 100% in it.
  13. I disagree with you there. I've been maintaining my 100% just fine (I'm not at 100% right now, because I'm working on three different games, but those games will all be completed eventually), and I've never played on another profile first (well, this is my second account - I didn't like my old username - so technically I played some games on my old account first, but there's none on my old account that I decided not to play on this one at a future date). I just pick a game I want to play and go for it, mostly without even looking at the trophy list before I start. Some games have been tough to get there, but all you need to do is just keep trying and you'll make it eventually. All you need is perseverance, the view of "if other people can do it, I can do" and a refusal to lose to a bunch of code (I don't mind losing to real people in PvP games, but I refuse to lose to the game itself). The exception is obviously unobtainable trophies - so far I'm lucky and haven't come across those, but my personal opinion is you get 100% if you get all the obtainable trophies. Sure, your profile might not say 100%, but you'll know yourself that you got everything you could, and that's what should count, because what does it really matter what some strangers on the internet think of your profile? So you'll effectively have 100% if you ignore those unobtainables. I always think people who cherry pick games to get to 100% based on games they already know they can complete, isn't really a true 100% account. It's only really a (personal) achievement (that no-one else cares about) if you pick a game you want to play, and play it regardless of difficulty/length until you succeed. That's not to say short/easy games are bad if those are the ones you want to play, but rather a question of "would you have still played the same game if it was longer/more difficult to achieve 100% in?" and/or "did you decide not to play something that you actually really wanted to play just because the 100% was too daunting?". If you answered "yes" to the first and "no" to the second then you're good. That all said, I don't think there's anything wrong with not going for 100%. I personally like to do it, and continue playing a game until I have 100% even if it takes me beyond the trophy list (e.g. doing every Chalice Dungeon in Bloodborne, all the Side Quests in Witcher 3, etc), but if others don't enjoy it then they shouldn't do it obviously. The problem for me comes when I start a game and hate it, but feel the obsessive need to get it to 100% anyway (I should probably get help for that issue) - there's been way too many of those lately, largely free PSPlus games that I played without even looking at the style of game they were...should probably stop doing that. Gaming is a hobby, we should all do what we personally enjoy, whether that's getting 100% in everything we play, playing a game until it gets boring then stopping, playing through the story of a game and no more, getting as many trophies as we can, getting only difficult plats, or whatever else you personally enjoy doing. The only "right" option is the one that is right for that individual. TL;DR - people shouldn't let the need for 100% influence the games they play. Play the games you want, regardless of length/difficulty, achieve 100% in those games if it's what you like to do.
  14. Yep! I'll add you to the participants list now Everyone who asked to join should be on the list btw, I've been updating regularly, just forgot to post to say it was updated...
  15. I have always considered myself a completionist, trophies to me are just like a public badge of "I completed this game" (once I get the plat/100%), but I'd still play the games to completion whether they had trophies or not. And if obtaining full completion takes me long past the trophies, I'll continue with the game until I have done everything it has to offer even if there's no "public trophy badge" to show I did it (eg all the side quests in Witcher 3). Although I don't really fit on the last two definitions in your list - I only play on my PS, because I hate the Xbox controller (I have little hands) and I just can't use KB+M at all. I'm used to my PS controllers, all the way from the PS1, so I tend to only play on my PS4 purely for the controller. Unless the game isn't available on PS4, then I just suck it up and use another system. Also I play games I don't enjoy all the time. Either because they were free on PS+ and I foolishly thought I'd give it a go, or because I was fooled by the pretty cover image/fun store description and thought I was gonna play a good game which turned out to be all lies. I've never bought a game thinking I'd hate it though, I just don't look at gameplay videos enough (or at all). If I start a game and hate it I'll still play to completion though because I refuse to let a game win against me. I don't mind losing against other people at things, but I'm not losing to a bunch of coding. I should probably get over that. I've also never bought a game just for the trophy list. That's not to say I haven't played games with easy trophies, but I'd have bought/played the same game even if it was the hardest trophy list in any game I've played to date. They're just not a factor in my (largely impulsive) purchase decisions.