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  1. In one of my runs I died right at the end of the second last level >_< you know the chase bit right at the end? I started sprinting too early and ran out of stamina too soon, and got caught. It’s plain sailing from that point too! >_< and I also died at that same chase by accidentally standing under a wardrobe as it fell down and got crushed. But most of my runs ended in the kitchen. And one to the leech things near the start of the first level because I was an idiot Do iiiitttttt!!! it’s not a long game (other than Hard to the Core, which can be long or short depending on skill/luck), so it’ll barely increase the time-length of your gaming stack!
  2. You should play it! It's so good! Creepy, but really good! I kind of went into it not knowing what to expect, but I really enjoyed it, and the plot twist at the end had me nattering on to my friends who'd already played it for weeks. And now I keep recommending it to people And the DLC is 100% worth it. It's a little different from the base game (the first of the three DLC chapters is similar, the other two are more puzzle-focussed), but I actually enjoyed it even more. And again there was an unexpected plot twist that's made me keep telling people to play it But yeah - 100% would recommend, base game & DLC if you can afford it!
  3. That's totally fine I was mostly just proud of achieving Hard to the Core and wanted to show it off, but it's not a big deal, I still have the trophy either way It's actually going okay! Probably another 30-35 hours and it'll all be over! It's a good game, so I'm glad I actually got to play it before servers closed. My only regret is not starting it a year ago when I first thought about it, and instead leaving it so close to shutdown that it's making it a rush, which takes away the enjoyment from the game :/
  4. That's okay, it happens when there's so many people posting For Little Nightmares, one was for the base game (Speed run category) and one was for the DLC (for the DLC category), but I can swap it over if that's not allowed? If you want me to swap, then Eventide: Slavic Fable can go in the speed run category, for the two minigame time trophies (Fast as Lightning / Fast and Precise) and Little Nightmares for the DLC category.
  5. @gruffiiti I think my previous post may have been missed (quoted above so you don't need to find it again) a while ago Only just noticed now, sorry! And I've also now completed That's You! for Peripherals Thanks for your hard work in the thread guys!
  6. I want that Collectors Edition so badly. I've been doing so well at not buying Collector's Editions of games but Hollow Knight is special. Now to hope it comes to the UK. Either that or I'll have to start befriending more people from the US and sweet-talk one of them into letting me buy it in their name and they ship it to me... Team Cherry seem to have done well for themselves! So happy for them!
  7. Done! I actually was going to, but wasn’t sure how many times I’m allowed to make that terrible pun. Once as a username might have been (more than) enough
  8. Voted on your new poll but don’t enter me into a giveaway! Having played Transistor recently, I can fully recommend it (along with any other game by Supergiant, these guys are amazing, looking forward to Hades coming out). The combat is different from any other game I’ve played, but it’s enjoyable and easy enough to learn. Plat is also easy enough and fairly short (took me about 12 hours), and was enjoyable the whole way through despite needing two full playthroughs (second is more like a speedrun, but the game is short anyway). Story was pretty good as well, though a little short and simple. And I liked the art style too, though that’s more personal taste. Only Kristycism I have is some of the voice acting. It lacks personality in my opinion, though a lot of people like the Transistor’s voice. But that’s a really minor complaint of an otherwise amazing game from one of the best indie developers. I haven’t played the other three games though, so can’t comment on how they stack up.
  9. Actually, there are a few missables despite what others have said, but you’d need to really try to miss things. Basically, at the very end of the game after completing multiple story routes, your Pod will ask you to make a choice. Choosing one of the options will force you to start a new save if you missed anything. I don’t want to say much more as it’s definitely a big spoiler, but it’s very well sign-posted, so you don’t need to worry about doing it by accident. But as others have said, there’s a trophy shop near the end of the game where you can buy anything you missed/don’t want to do, which you can use a while before worrying about the choice above. And even if you want to do it all properly without using the trophy shop, there is a chapter select that you can use to clean up everything. Which again unlocks long enough before the end of the game that you have plenty time to do everything before worrying about things becoming missable.
  10. Why did they not attend? Were all the offences busy? Or were they just not invited? Anyway, to answer the original post - depends on your definition of geek/nerd? I think everyone likes to "geek" about their favourite subject matter. Whether that's a certain sport, technology, cars, a branch of science, or whatever else takes your fancy. So, if someone has any interests at all and is therefore a geek as a result, then I'd say yes, most trophy hunters are geeks the same way most people are. Personally, I could geek about motorbikes for hours on end to anyone who would stay awake long enough to listen. But if by that you mean someone who lives in their mother's basement, is incapable of talking to anyone face to face, has extreme body odour, and whatever other offensive sterotypes there are in your head, then no, I think those are in the minority. In fact, almost every trophy hunter I've talked to here has a stable job, a family, and many interests outside of gaming, and this is just a hobby for when they need time off from real life stresses to just escape and chill. Some people might have some geeky/nerdy tendencies towards certain aspects of gaming, but that doesn't make them a "stereotypical geek/nerd" with nothing else going on in their lives.
  11. Happy to have helped, @Han_the_Dragon A King's Tale really isn't that bad - some require a few attempts, sure (actually the one that took me longest was the final Dream Battle, as Tonberry's kept killing me right at the end), but they're all under 5 minutes long, and almost all are easy to do first time. A couple of the don't get hit are annoying though, but I managed them within a few attempts each, and I suck at that style of game, so they're definitely doable. Other than that, I don't know which version of Flower you've got? One is cross buy with Vita, one is PS3 only, so if you got the cross buy, that could also be an option for your Vita as it's a peaceful game anyway with no combat, but there's also the no damage trophy. Flow also has a similar trophy if you like those style of games (which I think you might if you're also getting Abzu?), along with another two trophies for not killing/eating creatures, so that could be another option for you, but you'll need the expansion pack to get the DLC trophies, unless you buy Journey Collector's Edition, which comes with the expansion for PS4 and I think Vita, but not PS3? Might want to check on Vita though, I've only played on PS4 (on my old account) and it was definitely installed there. I do think you only need the base game though, for Flow and/or Hitman? And DLC isn't required unless you do the DLC on its own category for any game, per the first post? Though maybe @FielVeredus can confirm? Also I don't blame you for forgetting the Hitman movie. I think it's something everyone would rather forget existed --- As for my games, I had a look through my backlog, here's a tentative list for now, three long games, some medium, and some short ones: It's Summer Time! - Flow (PS4) Asian Traditional - The Last Guardian Blessing - Tales of Zestiria Peaceful - Flower (PS3) Movement - Crazy Taxi Lady Songkran - Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time Spend time with Family - Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Play Together - Mafia III Release the Bird and Fish - Journey (PS4) It's New year, New you - Shiness The Lightning Kingdom
  12. @Han_the_Dragon From a quick scan of your profile; - A King’s Tale would fit under Asian Traditional (developed in Japan) or Peaceful (need to do some dreams with no damage) - Comrades would fit under Play Together since you meet a lot of other players. And there’s a new content update coming March 26th so there’s presumably more trophies incoming too, to make it more substantial. - Child of Light fits under Blessing since some characters buff your team. - KH 0.2 needs two playthroughs so it fits under New Year, New You. - Hitman has had a movie so it’d fit under Spend Time With Family Hope that was somewhat useful?
  13. There isn't really a way to track it, unfortunately. When I did it, me and my partner just ran for quite a while and then made sure we were never moving closer to each other until the trophy unlocked. Lara comments on the radio range, saying she's going to lose Nadia (or something to that effect) once you reach the required distance, so you'll know when you're far enough away (though I'd go a bit further just to be safe). There's a marker on your screen that shows which direction your partner is in, so you can always tell which way to run to get closer to them, and which way to get further away, so it's fairly easy to not mess up by just being aware of where they are and never going that way, and also find each other again after, if you just run towards the direction of their marker. Hope that made sense?
  14. See the Trophy Guide: Randomly from mailing postcards in Twilight Town (your receive a postcard for spending Munny at the Moogle shops) Get all 10 Treasures in Frozen Slider (scores don't matter) Beat Omega Machine in The Eclipse with your Gummi Ship. You need to beat the four encounters around the ship and the one under the ship to get it to appear. The chest in Exile Island in The Carribbean. The chest in Final World (if you miss this in your story playthrough, you can return through the Keyblade Graveyard, going backwards from the first save point) Get high scores (gives 3 ingredients instead of 1) in all seven Flantastic Seven missions. Find 80 Lucky Emblems.
  15. Yeah, it also happens in coop. Each person can choose two challenges each for each run (so 4 total for the run) These are the best groupings in my opinion (not all have 4, but you'll need to do 4 runs regardless, so ones with 2 or 3 can be done at the end along with a cleanup) - some are taken from the Trophy Guide, which I agree with: - Adventure Besties should always be with Master and Apprentice. I'd probably leave these until last when you're more experienced. Along with whatever you have left at that point (other than ones to do with reviving, as you don't want to intentionally die during this run). - Sisters of Artemis should be done with A Feast For Two and A Dinner for Two, as you'll need to hunt the bears/wolves for Sisters of Artemis anyway, so you may as well eat them. Fourth could be Communication Skills. This run should be fairly quick if you can find the bears (listen for their roar). - No One Left Behind, Teamwork and "Teamwork" are best done together. Might want Get Away From Her as well in this run, in case you mess up and let your teammate die, and you have to revive. - Sisters of Athena can be done with Alone Time and For the Night Is Dark, just start the run by facing opposite directions, running for a while, look for a camp or two, then wait until night time and take it out, along with any other human enemies you encounter at the time.