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  1. Downwell All I need is the trophy for beating the boss on hard. Got there three times so far then got over-excited each time, made loads of dumb mistakes and died. I know I can do it, but I don't enjoy the game at all, so I can only force myself to do a single run every few days. At this point, I just want it to be over...
  2. It's probably a harmless mistake if he's using his own billing information. But you should contact Apple customer support regardless. Then select Apple ID > Other > either "Security Concerns" or "topic not listed" It'll give you an option to give your number and they'll call you to discuss it, you don't need to call them. Or you can schedule a fixed time for a call if you're busy now and can't take a call right away.
  3. I had two Silver badges on my list @Dr_Mayus I think you missed angelgrievous on your list, who spelt "moth" Sorry, I really should've updated the list before for everyone's final words, I thought the badges would be done sooner and I'd post both at the same time >_< That would've made your job of posting everyone's words easier. My bad >_<
  4. This is why it'd be good to combine forums for different stacks... But anyway, to summarise what's in the thread, the only true missable is for completing the Grimm Troupe Tale, you need to do it by defeating Nightmare King Grimm and not by banishing the troupe. But Cartographer is in a way also missable, as a number of people have had issues unlocking it by purchasing the last map from Cornifer - but it seems to be fine if you purchase it from Iselda instead. Probably worth backing up your save before purchasing either way, just in case.
  5. You can apparently miss a trophy by doing so. Which is weird because I'm sure it unlocks fine on Steam by banishing, but apparently not on PS4.
  6. Dragon-Archon finished the word "Bract" and DoctorDrPepper finished "Libido" Also badges are...almost done. I should've made the design easier to edit than a 3D trophy Uhhhh I actually decided to do both for you so that then you could choose which one you'd prefer since you were torn based on the art I'm waiting until they're all done to batch-upload instead of doing everything one by one then ending up confused as to what I've done and not done (I'm easily confused) In case anyone is wondering why no-one has received a badge yet - you'll all get them at the same time
  7. The silver one looks nice too though! I'm just working on them just now. I think doing hand illustrations on every individual badge may have been a mistake It's taking forever to do! But ah well, I think I'm getting there...not too many left to do!
  8. Okie doke, I'll update in a bit - on mobile just now so updating is...inconvenient. Will be on a PC in about an hour I drew it in photoshop I haven't used GIMP in a long time, but I think you can still do the text the same way I did - what I did was to rasterize the layer so it wasn't a text layer anymore (Gimp may use a different word for it, but basically convert it to a normal layer) and then selected each letter individually and rotated/scaled them until they looked right (which took a bit of playing around). There's probably an easier way to do it, but I'm not the best at using photoshop's functions I just tend to draw everything with a standard round brush, anything outside of that is beyond me
  9. Yes! I'd 100% be down for that!! Although Please no online trophies...please. Looks like that'll still be a long way away, so I don't need to worry about Survive, and hopefully the in-development Story game. But after that...please no online trophies....
  10. Oops, sorry!! I had a look through your posts - is it "bract" you want me to change your word to? Or did you have another plan? Just want to make sure I get it right and don't mess up twice in a row Uhm well, I still haven't heard back from the boss (I assume he's really busy IRL, I know he'd been working loads recently and had other IRL stuff going on) but here's a preview of the gold version just because:
  11. I'm pretty sure you still need to download them, and it's just a changed cover. See here where it says: "Download and play the Stormy Ascent Level!" And here where it says "Stormy Ascent is now available for download as part of the Crash BandicootTM N. Sane Trilogy collection" Those are just two random sites I searched where they had the new cover. Should say on the back of it if you go pick it up at a store, but I can't find any images of the back cover from a quick google. They probably exist somewhere though.
  12. Laser League is apparently a really fun game, and should be better now that the playerbase will increase. I had been thinking of picking it up for a while but wasn't sure if it'd be too dead to get matches. Don't care much for the rest of them, personally. But ah well. One game I wanted is better than none
  13. Forgot to come back and say I completed DW:NO! So you can now sign me up as a Cyber Sleuth Now to complete the other three games before Survive comes out Also I read somewhere (I'll edit and link to the article if I can find it again) that they're working on another Story game? Which will be exciting Although it'll come out long after Survive, apparently. EDIT: article link
  14. Okie dokie, I'll do that then You can change words at any point until the end date anyway, so there's no pressure at all on deciding which word to go for Even if I'd changed it to Pendragons, and you couldn't manage it, I could switch back at any point anyway
  15. Everyone should now be up to date again (I think! I may have missed some posts though, will go over them again later today) Sorry! Meant to take that off last time! She's gone now, and her L along with her! Well. You won. I didn't realise this was even a competition until now, but you definitely won it! That is honestly so awesome! @Han_the_Dragon did you want to update your word or leave it as was? I wasn't sure so I kept it as "Persona" for now, but I can change it if you'd like EDIT: Also the final badge designs for the normal badges have now been sent to the boss for approval! Once he says yes I'll start sending them out to everyone Bonus badge is still being worked on, can't get it to turn out quite how I want it to look