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  1. Badland isn't unobtainable and can be removed from the list. Apparently it never was, it was just that no-one had the right skills/techniques to succeed: Topic discussing how to obtain the previously-thought-unobtainable power-up (and related trophies). Also, the FFXV Comrades trophies aren't really unobtainable, as they can all be obtained with the downgrade method, for all regions. Unless that's what the star indicates (I couldn't find anything explaining what that star means? Maybe you could add a key to indicate?)? If it does, the star should be removed from LawBreakers as that game is online only and has completely shut down. Orcs Must Die! Unchained can be added to the list for unobtainables as the servers are gone forever now. As can Drawn to Death (both stacks), and 三國戰紀 (other stacks are fine, though the CN stack is going down soon too - June 17, I believe?) as it's online only and the servers were cut last year. Also Train Sim World has glitched trophies in the base game, and in some of the DLCs. There's probably more, those are the only ones I personally know of.
  2. Well, first playthrough, you don't need to worry about keeping your Praxis Kits, or saving that often, and you won't need any back-up saves since there's regular checkpoints. That's more for the permadeath playthrough. First playthrough, follow a walkthrough (the Missables Walkthrough on here is good enough, though you may want an additional one for the eBooks as well, as the walkthrough only has the number of them that are missable in each area), play on Easy and you don't need to worry about much else. Second playthrough, you should somewhat be familiar with where to go in each mission, so do Permadeath, and then save often and keep your Praxis Kits for when you're low on energy, and basically cloak your way through most of the game without caring about anything else. I would personally recommend doing the "no alerts" on this playthrough as well, because you don't need to worry about dying if enemies never see you, and also because on your first playthrough you'll be doing all side missions, and there's a much higher chance of being spotted. It is possible to do it in your first playthrough though, if you really wanted to. Hope that makes sense! But if you have any more questions, feel free to ask away and I'll do my best to help!
  3. Difficult? Not at all. Even the permadeath mode is easy enough, you just need to reload checkpoints any time you think you're in danger of dying (and you can also back up saves regularly if you want to be extra safe). If you make sure you pick up plenty of Praxis Kits and the...uhm, I forget what they're called but the items that recharge your energy to use your abilities, you can just cloak all the time to sneak past majority of encounters (don't actually use the Praxis Kits for upgrades unless you need a specific upgrade, use them whenever your energy is low as it'll give you a free recharge). I did my "never alert anyone" playthrough at the same time as the permadeath, and it was pretty easy with the item use. However, it is a very annoying plat. You need two full playthroughs minimum, and there are a tonne of missable trophies. The collectibles are annoying, as there are many points where backtracking is impossible so you can easily miss them, especially since you can't easily track which ones you've got and which you haven't. There are a lot of guides though which will let you get all of the collectibles at the right time, and meet the conditions for the other missables. But you basically have to follow a walkthrough for the entire game to make sure you don't miss them, which takes away a lot of enjoyment. The other thing is the "don't alert anyone" trophy seems to be buggy for some people. I never personally had an issue with it, but I just made sure I saved before I hacked anything, and before every encounter, and if I messed up the hack even slightly, or if anyone became even slightly alert, I would reload. I think if you get a "Ghost" bonus at the end of each level you should be fine? But others have said they were sure they met the conditions and still didn't get the trophy. You also need to do some of Breach mode, which a lot of people dislike, though I personally found it fun for a short while, until it became stupidly repetitive. There are ways to cheese it though by giving yourself unlimited health or energy, so you can breeze through most of it fairly quickly.
  4. No, no, it's not your fault at all, you posted on this forum as soon as you noticed the error, and if I'd paid attention I'd have noticed your post! So it's on me for not noticing, you did everything you could to notify people!
  5. Yep! It’s one of the best couch coop experiences I’ve ever played. It really encourages cooperation and working well together. Though it does cause a lot of shouting at each other when things get stressful - but in a fun way that you laugh about after!
  6. It’s not too difficult solo, but it’s not fun at all. The whole joy of the game is in playing it with friends, and working together to complete the levels (whilst screaming at each other, because this game causes that kind of fun stress). I played the start of the game with my sister, but then it was too hard for her and she gave up and I had to finish it myself solo, and the solo part was just a chore. As a coop experience though, it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. If you can find a friend to shareplay with, as long as you have a somewhat decent connection, it’ll be fun and I’d wholeheartedly recommend it. But it’s not a game I’d recommend playing on your own, personally, though it is still definitely possible to get the 100% if you do so.
  7. Been forgetting to update here >_< Can I change my game for #2 Asian Traditional from "The Last Guardian" to "Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades"? So with that change I've completed: 1) It's Summer Time! - Flow (PS4) 2) Asian Traditional - Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades 8) Play Together - Mafia III 9) Release the Bird and Fish - Journey (PS4) I was actually on track to completing Journey in the bonus period (the original wrong timing which was a day early) but my brother came to visit in the last couple of hours and I ended up not doing it on time, so I just left it for a few days before going back to it since I figured I'd missed the deadline anyway so it didn't matter. Didn't realise until a few days later that the original bonus time was a day too early and I'd have had a whole extra day to finish the last trophy if I'd known >_< Ah well, my mistake for not checking forums! I'll just need to complete all ten categories instead
  8. #98 - Mafia III Let the Good Times Roll Enjoyment: 2/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Let's just say I'm glad I didn't pay for this game, and got it free on PS+ (though I did spend on the Season Pass but nvm) because this game was NOT my idea of fun. This game is the perfect example of everything done wrong in an "open world" game. There's little to no content in between story-related missions (which, by the way, are mostly garbage repeats of "go here, kill these guys, go to somewhere else far away, kill other guys, etc") so you're just driving through an annoying-to-navigate map, with an annoying-to-maneuver car for most of your play time. Once you get to your destination, you just shoot some things, then it's back in the car to go through the map, again. And again. And again. There aren't even any collectibles to distract you from what you're doing, so it's literally just going from one thing to the next with big empty spaces between. It's not fun. At all. Plus there was a number of glitches which made progression impossible without restarting the game (thankfully, that's all it ever took, I would not want to go through this crap any more than necessary...), including not being able to talk to NPCs to progress the story, or doing enough damage for the racket only for it to not advance and not be able to talk to the NPC to end it. Also the game crashed any time I drove too fast for too long, or otherwise did things too quickly in an area with a lot of enemies. Also the fact you HAVE to do at least two playthroughs annoys me in games. If people want to do second playthroughs (or more) because they like the game, that's fine, but adding trophies just to encourage a second playthrough is just annoying and unnecessary (yes, I'm aware, trophies are an optional extra, but clearly the devs put those trophies in because they WANTED to convince people to play through this pile of garbage more than once, instead of making the game good enough that people themselves wanted to without any further encouragement). Games like this really make me question my need for 100% completion...but then I can't help myself and go for 100% anyway, because I have some mental problems that probably need some sort of psychological intervention, but whatever. That's an issue for another day. The one saving grace of the game was that some of the characters were decent, and if you took the time to talk to them, etc, they had some decent backstories added, and the overarching story was okay, if a little cliché revenge story. It's just a pity the actual gameplay done it a total disservice and made me glad this thing was finally over when that Plat popped (I have never deleted a game so quickly in my entire life).
  9. As @LucasDiasC said, back up your save after each boss defeated. Saves you needing to worry about only having one life. As for specific tips, the strategies remain mostly the same for most bosses, but their patterns are slightly different, and most are faster so you need to move quicker. Here’s some specific hints though for each boss (you only need to do 7 after the first gate, so pick the easiest ones): - Slime Boss splits into three parts after each hit now instead of two. And iirc moves slightly faster. But basic strategy is still the same - move in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, and just circle the area constantly, hitting only the slime with the heart so you don’t have too many extra slimes bouncing around too annoy you. - Ice Boss moves a lot faster so your timing needs to be much better. Not much to say besides get the timing down. - Rolling Cube Boss you can cheese by moving above him, plopping down your arrow above him, then move below him to the bottom of the area, pull back your arrow to wake him, then wait a short moment and pull back again, and with the right timing you should hit him without needing to move. He’s just chaos if you try running around. - First Guardian you might actually find easier to use the strategy for his specific trophy, though he’s not bad either way. Then once you’ve gone through the first gate, you can pick the ones you personally find easiest (though I’d avoid the knight at all costs). The ones I did were: - the free one in the graveyard where you don’t actually need to fight. Why wouldn’t you use this one? - the Mask Boss, if you know how to cheese in the normal mode you can cheese here too - stand at its right before you fight, fire your arrow to the right, then go to the left, pull back your arrow slightly so it wakes him, wait for him to jump to you, then pull back all the way and you should hit him before he even attacks. - the Mimic Boss moves faster and some of his moves you need to walk then roll to avoid easier, but I found him easier than some of the alternatives. - the rolling Fire Boss, same as the trophy strategy, just be fast and you’ll hit him. - the ice serpent, he lands in the exact same spot every single time at the start of the battle, so just learn when/where to aim and he’s easy. - the Yeti is similar to normal mode and can use the same strategy. - you should have enough practice at the Plant Boss from its trophy to avoid the vines (it’s got four vines instead of two). As before, you’re safe at the bottom of the Arena, and can remove some of his vines before you try and beat him to give yourself an easier time. You can also swap one of the above for the Lava Blob as it’s not too bad. The Teeth Boss also is okay, but has two ice beams instead of one so you don’t get a huge window to attack. And some people find the Mushroom easy but I personally hated that boss the most. Hope that helps and good luck!
  10. The Jötnar Shrine in Wildwoods isn’t tracked on the collectibles for Wildwoods, so you’re fine. The collectibles displayed in that region’s stats are: Artefacts: 4 Odin’s Ravens: 1 Realm Tear Encounters: 1 Nornir Chests: 1 Mystic Gateways: 2 And there’s a Hidden Chamber with a Valkyrie as well that isn’t tracked on the map for Wildwoods. You’ll be missing something else besides the Shrine. Also you don’t need 100% in all regions, as that includes Realm Tears and Nornir Chests, which aren’t required for Platinum (well, you’ll need some Nornir Chests for Health/Mana upgrades of course, but you don’t need to open them all). You just need to get all the trophy-related collectibles to get the Platinum.
  11. Why not just create another forum profile for the new account and start using it instead? You don’t have Premium so you don’t lose anything by abandoning the current forum profile.
  12. I will buy anything Supergiant games sells, their games are excellent! And thatgamecompany has great games to relax with, so I'd probably buy anything from them too when I need something to chill with. I hope Team Cherry stick around for a long time to come and make more quality games - Hollow Knight is one of the best indie games I've ever played (and also one of the best Metroidvanias) and I'm really looking forward to Silk Song (and hoping it releases on PS4, but I'll still play on PC if not). And also Ghost Town Games (makers of Overcooked! and Overcooked! 2) are amazing - every game and DLC release they make is great in its own way, and I'm looking forward to the next two DLC episodes they release for some more kitchen madness! EDIT: I just realised you said Publishers, I named Devs. So uh...Team 17 would be my go-to for new Indie games as most of their stuff is good quality. And Team Cherry self-publish so they still fit.
  13. Have you made sure you got all the ones in the rail segment? One of them is really easy to miss. Other than that, all I can suggest is restarting the PS4, then trying again - maybe following a video guide as you do? As that should show you all the potential Scrap locations, and you can make sure you get the same number of them at each location.
  14. Slime Rancher! I love farming sims in general, but this one is extra adorable and fun to play. Plus, no missables, so you can just go at your own pace, doing whatever you please in an adorable world, without needing to worry about checking a guide, and you’ll probably get all trophies naturally eventually (other than the Rush Mode, but even that isn’t too bad). I still go back to this game regularly, to play with my little kitty hybrid slimes, or watch my little Bee robots look after my ranch.
  15. You can report your own topic and just leave a note for the mods that says you no longer want it there - they're really good about removing things that way. Same goes for posts on other peoples' topics, but not topics made by other people directly (unless they break rules). I did it myself in the past for a Trophy Checklist I made then didn't bother with after. It doesn't add any warning points to your profile (as long as it's occasional - I imagine if you were spamming posts then reporting them all and creating a lot of work for mods, it might get you in trouble, but if it's just an occasional thing, it's fine). As a side note, Premium members can currently lock their own topics, but they can't delete posts, and nor can regular members. It works well enough for most though.