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  1. #119 - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 6/10 So...I finally played the first Uncharted game....after playing the second and third. I know, strange order to do it in. Especially since I had never played any of the Uncharted games before in my life (yes, I lived in a box...and apparently only recently emerged). I definitely preferred the other two games in the series, though this is still a great game too (and, honestly, the one I should've played first, because come on, who goes 2, 3, 1??). It suffers from some of the same problems I had with the other two games (namely, weird platforming errors). But those boat sections can go die in a hole. Seriously, I hate them. The first one was alright, you could just slowly edge to each enemy and take them out one by one. But the upstream one? I do NOT want to do that, ever again. Except I'll need to for the PS4 collection too....twice, I think, from looking at the trophy guide (one Crushing, one Brutal). The difficulty didn't make it too much worse, mind you, since it was largely those barrels that killed me (seriously, where are they all coming from and why is someone sending a large stream of explosive barrels down a river? Don't they have other things they can do with the barrels? It seems like rather a large waste of money...). Anyway, gripes about the jet aside, I'd highly recommend the Uncharted trilogy to anyone who hasn't played it yet, though I imagine those are few and far between in this day and age... Now time to move on to Uncharted 4 and see what I can do with Survival...might be my first game I'm not able to get 100% in...we'll see. I'll only find out if I try! Side note: I wonder if there is somewhere I can buy a brooch that looks like that Platinum image? It'd make a really cool pin to put on a jewellery box or something, it looks so real and fancy...time to go to Google.
  2. Mmkay, I gave some games a thought and here's my list for now: United States Thanksgiving: Resident Evil. I'm thankful that after all the years of not playing these games, I finally gave it a go, because from what little I've played so far, I actually enjoyed it and am glad I'm finally experiencing it! Black Friday: Curses 'n Chaos. You have to spend a lot to get all items, and you need to buy a lot of things to receive basically all of the other trophies. Saint Lucia's Day: The Last Guardian Las Posadas: Alien: Isolation. I'm pretty sure you're travelling a lot anyway, through the whole space station, specifically to find a safe place. Winter Solstice: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Hanukkah: Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland Christmas: Iconoclasts. I mean, the religious cults are evil in the game but they're still an important theme... Kwanzaa: TorqueL. Not sure if this counts, but both characters are literally black. As in, made entirely of black pixels (minus white pixel eyes). If it doesn't count, I'll find another game. Boxing Day: Tales of Xillia. One of the two main characters, Jude, fights with his fists. New Year's Day: Starlit Adventures I highly doubt I'll get all 10 done, the list is mostly just there so I have options on which ones to do. Will still do as many as I can though. Now to go doodle some badge ideas.
  3. Sure thing! I’ll doodle some ideas tomorrow and PM them to you Hahaha, yes, absolutely! I’ll do it like the Bonus badge where all that changes is the username none of the “draw a unique thing for each person” stuff ever again! Lesson learned on that one!
  4. Considering the title says the event is “Generic,” you put a lot of great work into thinking through the event and making it anything but Generic! Sign me up, I love it! I’ll come up with a games list tomorrow EDIT: Also, I can draw up some badges for you for the event if you like? My badge sample from a previous event
  5. #118 - The Last of Us Remastered It can't be for nothing Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficullty: 8/10 (for Grounded mode, because I suck at stealth) Even though it hasn't been that long since I played the game on PS3, I decided just to jump in again on PS4 since it was free on PS+ and I figured there's be new people trying the MP who I could hopefully stand a chance against to get all the trophies on my own without boosting (and I did, yay! But only because they're so much easier than the PS3 equivalents...can't imagine I'd have had the skills to get any of those if I hadn't boosted....). It's funny, with a lot of games, once you've played through the story once, you know what happens, so any time a cutscene comes up you're like "eh whatever, I know what's happening anyway." But with this game, I felt like a lot of the scenes got more emotional each time I played through the game (this will be my 5th time, as I did 3 on PS3 and 2 PS4). I guess because you know how things are going to turn out later, scenes that didn't have as much of an emotional impact suddenly do. For instance, the opening scenes, when I first played through them on PS3 I didn't really care because I hadn't got to know the characters so well. But in each subsequent playthrough, the opening scenes made me more and more emotional, to the point I now tear up before they even start because I know what's coming! Same with some other scenes, though I don't want to name them because spoilers (though, at this point, most people should have played through the game anyway). Those who have played will know which ones I'm talking about though... The ending as well - you know an ending to a story is good when it leaves you thinking. I go back and forth on whether or not this is how I wanted it to end, and what one of the characters is thinking (again, don't want to say more because spoilers). Most games, once the story is over, you move on to a new game and don't think about the old one again, but I've been thinking about the ending since I played the PS3 version, and playing again on PS4 just makes me think even more, really. As for the Factions Multiplayer - given how much I suck at stealth, and how I never really play MP, I should really have disliked it. I mean, I sucked at it for sure, but I actually still enjoyed my time with it for the most part. I think because there's still a sense of progression even when you do horribly, it feels better and like you're still achieving something towards your goal? It would probably have been more enjoyable to play with friends, but most people I know have already finished the game years ago, so I didn't really have anyone to play with. Still, the players you do come across are alright for the most part, though there are some salty people who just quit as soon as they start to lose, moan about how sh*t everyone is in their mics constantly, or try to message you abuse then realise you have your messages set to private so they sent you a friend request with an abusive message instead. But those are few and far between (in fact, I think two out of the three times it happened, it was the same guy). Anyway, now that both versions are complete, roll on The Last of Us 2!!!!
  6. While I do understand why you’d want to block people, Sly has stated in the past that the site uses 3rd-party software for the forum, so he can’t implement any changes like this. There is an Ignore feature you can use, though I’ve seen a lot of people say it doesn’t completely ignore users. I’ve never added anyone to my list so I’m not sure exactly what it ignores personally. But could be worth using for you as the best option available. EDIT: Link to Sly’s post
  7. You only need the base game for the Plat, the rest are expansions. But they’re 100% worth it if you’re playing this game for the joy of it and not just for the Plat (and honestly, this game isn’t worth it to go just for Plat). So whatever version you get, you’ll be able to get the Plat, but the more expansions you get, the more content you’ll have to enjoy. The 6 months is because of Levequests, which are time-gated in real time. There’s a free trial, which I think lets you play as much as you want but your level is capped? So you could theoretically play the 6 months and do Levequests on the free trial and then just get a one month sub (which comes free with a purchase of the game). But that’d be a really boring way to play imo, as you’re locking yourself out of majority of the game’s content by doing so and just turning it into a grind of Levequests. Hope that somewhat answered your questions? I’m about to sleep so apologies if the above doesn’t make much sense.
  8. To grind enough Platinum for the Season Pass? Many months. The only way to gain it is Daily Challenges. You’re only given one Challenge per day, and you can only stack 3 at a time. So you’d need to log in at least every three days to complete the Challenges. And the actual rewards are tiny. IIRC most give 4 or 10 Platinum, but some rarer ones give 32. EDIT: See the post below this one for more accurate details
  9. You can, just add /username at the end of the specific series' URL (but obviously replace "username" with your actual username).
  10. You can add their username to the end of the URL to see their completion. e.g. Anyway, I'm just happy there's progress. Sure, in an ideal world I'd like it to be more elegant, especially in regards to games with No Stage (also these should be at the bottom if they're deemed less important, not the top), but I'll take this over what we had previously which was just an icon with no function.
  11. #117 - Dusk Diver The King of Youshanding Time to plat: 25-30 hours Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 6-7/10 Why haven't more people picked up this brilliant game yet!? I know it's a new release, and it came out at the same time as MediEvil and The Outer Worlds, both of which had a lot of people excited for them, but still! Try this game out, people! The game is a kind of hybrid of Musuo-style games and Persona and it's made really well. I'm making a longer review in this thread broken into the different parts, since it seems there's not a lot of people talking about it. So here goes - apologies in advance for the length. Story/Setting So the game is set in a fictional version of Taipei which has been recreated so well - they managed to get a lot of licences to represent the real stores to give the actual feel of Taipei, which is really need. I mean, we've all played games set in Tokyo with faithful recreations, and while that suits me as I love Japanese culture, having somewhere totally new was kind of cool. The premise of the game centres on the battle between Gods (Kunlunians, in the game) and Demons, with the mortal realm often caught in between in their struggles. The Gods managed to seal the demons in a Chaos Realm where they cannot harm humans, but every day at Dusk, the seal weakens and the realms collide in the realm of Youshanding. The main character, Yumo, accidentally gets pulled into Youshanding one Dusk, and ends up teaming up with the Gods to find out what's going on. I don't want to say much more than that about the plot because spoilers (the above is all covered in the intro), but it's actually fairly decent for a Musuo-style game. I mean, sure, it's nothing groundbreaking, but it's good enough that it makes you rethink who the good guys really are in this. The city is fairly small once you're used to it, but I don't feel the game suffers much for it. Even though Youshanding is basically just small subsections of the base city's map with a different visual, the pathing through it for each mission changes so it never feels like you're constantly repeating the same mission, which is good. Gameplay The brawling is really fun in the game - as you'd expect from the style, it's all about stringing together long, satisfying combos as you take out large groups of enemies. It's the usual weak/strong attacks with special moves that you'd expect from the game's style. But majority of the special moves are actually you summoning the Gods to attack for you - which you can use to continue an assault on other enemies whilst the Gods take care of the previous ones. Each different God has different effects with their attacks, which you can build in to your combos to give you the biggest advantage in each combat situation before switching to another to have a different effect. You can also mix in perfectly-times dodges to up your damage output for a few seconds whilst slowing down enemies, which is pretty vital in later boss fights to give you the advantage. It works really well on the whole, though if there is one thing that takes some getting used to it's the camera. It's generally alright if you're not locked on to an enemy, but locking on can be....weird to get used to. Even after getting the Plat, I'm still not a fan of the lock-on camera. Progression This is something I've seen complained about in reviews, but they seem to have missed the point, so I'll give my own two cents here. To progress forward in the story, you must collect enough "Dragon Vein Shards" to enter each dimensional rift for the story. To acquire them, you can find 3 inside each of the story missions, which you can replay at any time, get S Ranks in any mission, find them around Ximending, or complete side content (for example, you gain 1 each time you max out a vendor). The game doesn't make this entirely clear, and the Reviews I've read seem to think you need to perfect every single mission before moving on - which would definitely suck and ruin the experience of the game, but this is not true. I only got one or two S Ranks until my Platinum-cleanup, as I completed the side content as I went along, so the game progressed nicely and I never felt like I had to continuously repeat any content. In terms of how enemies change as you progress - visually, they look like just recolours of previous enemies after a certain point, but their moveset changes up so that they do feel like new enemies each time. You also choose how your character progresses as you go through the game - would you rather upgrade your summonable Gods to improve their damage, improve your own damage, give yourself more combo options, or improve your survivability by improving your health/dodge ability? Each upgrade has noticable benefits, so you can improve based on your own personal playstyle and actually feel the difference. Side Content There's a decent amount of side content throughout the game too, including sidequests (called LINK Quests in the game) where you help out citizens (there's a decent variety to these too, it's not all "beat up more things", don't worry!), finding shards throughout the city, maxing out the food vendors, and bonding with your Gods to improve their skillsets after completing their missions. A lot of the sidequests are broken up into several different parts to make their own stories once you complete each part, though you will often need to progress in the main story before the next parts of sidequests become available. Which actually works well so that you're mixing up content enough to never get bored of repeating the same thing. Getting the Platinum Basically, to get the Platinum you need to do everything in the game - which I actually like in a game, but I know it can turn some people off. The main problem with it is the Dragon Vein Shards, some of which are hidden well inside the story missions, but also the ones you get from earning S Ranks can be...tough. Most of the S Ranks are okay once you've powered yourself up enough, but some of them have very, very tight timing, and will take a few attempts to achieve. I'm still not sure I can reliably do them all even now after finishing the whole game, to be honest. Still, I actually think getting S Ranks in tougher missions is satisfying as you can feel that you've personally improved in terms of how you deal with enemies. And it's one of the better parts of the genre imo.
  12. It’s not the first time this has happened - iirc back in March they were unreliable/off for about a week. So they may still be fine in a few days or so. But I’ll keep an eye out for news, and update the trophy guide if it is indeed shut down without warning. Though I can’t imagine Gearbox giving no warning at all.
  13. Just from the games you already have on your list that are incomplete there are a number of fast and easy ones: - Amnesia Collection can be done within a day if you follow a walkthrough (I used this one which is 4h 38min) - All three Arcade Series games are quick to do. - Castaway Paradise can be done within a day by adjusting your PS4 clock by a day at a time until you have everything. - you could probably finish up Crash 2, since it’s only some relics left. - and you could do Crash 3 as it’s the easiest of the trilogy - both stacks of Devious Dungeon 2 should take an hour each - Effie takes 4 hours - I have a walkthrough for each level in the trophy guide I made for the game too, to make it even easier. - Energy Invasion takes an hour or so - Fe takes about 8 hours - Heavy Rain you can follow a walkthrough and be done in 8 hours - inFamous First Light takes 8-12 hours depending on your skills - Jak And Jak 2 both have debug modes that you can use to get the Plats in under an hour each - Pretty sure the Lego games don’t take long. Maybe 20 hours or so each? - Overcooked 2 can be done within 8 hours with a good partner, probably a big longer solo - Sly Cooper doesn’t take long - each of the three games in the Spyro trilogy don’t take long - Tearaway Unfolded can be done in a day by using the missables guide on site - The Long Reach is really fast - The Walking Dead Final Season won’t take long to finish up - Trine 3 takes about 6 hours - Undertale is really fast - Until Dawn can be done in 8-10 hours following a walkthrough - Word Search / Sudoku by POWGI don’t take long each if you use a guide. That’s 30 games right there that you could easily do, probably within a month if you just picked the 13 fastest ones and only played an hour per day. So you don’t even need to buy more games.
  14. I will boost this one with you if you need someone! I've been meaning to start it since it was on PS+ but the PvP trophies was putting me off... But back on topic: I already signed up for the A-Z 2020 event with a bunch of UR Plats, but I may join this too, and add some other UR games that I'll start between now and 1st Jan...
  15. @HusKy This is absolutely amazing, thank you for all your hard work on this! The fact you keep making it better as well is really something Minor thing though with the new tag system - would it be possible to also add the ability to filter to games tagged as PS+? There only seems to be the option to filter to manually added tags, unless I'm missing something? Great work anyway though, and the new tag system is fantastic!