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  1. Level trophies only autopop after you play a match. Once you do, win or lose, 3v3 or 1v1, they’ll all autopop as well.
  2. That one is just buggy, a lot of people get the "find all collectibles" early, on both PS3 and PS4 versions.
  3. Sorry should’ve clarified that in my previous post. It doesn’t work locally. When you do local co-op with 2 or 3 controllers, it’s just counts as an extension of the host. So if you used your main account and a second controller, it would just match you with other players the same as always, since your main is the one playing. And if you used your second account as host and your main as a second controller, then only the alt’s stats will save, there’ll be nothing saves to the server for your main. So neither way around works I’m afraid. You need to have a second PS4 to use an alt (or a friend/boosting partner to boost with on their PS4).
  4. In 2017 there was a matchmaking issue that meant people were often matched against Bots over and over, which meant wins were easy. So I'd guess a lot of people got it then. Nowadays there are two ways to do it easily, but both will require a second person to help you with it: Boost it with someone if you both have three controllers. Simply log off with your secondary controllers when it shows you your opponents if it's not your boosting partner and it won't count as a match, so your winstreak won't be ruined. You could do this with a second console if you had six controllers but there probably aren't that many people who can do that. Exploit the new-player bots matches (this is how I did it with a friend). When you start a new account on the game, the first 3 matches of 3v3 are guaranteed to be against bots, which are obviously easy wins. So what you do is your friend creates an alt account, plays through the tutorial and the first 1v1 match (which is also against a bot). Then the alt invites you to a game, and you do three matches together, which will all be against bots and therefore easy wins. After the third match, make a new alt and repeat. If you have 1 win already before doing this, you'll need 3 alts to use 3 times each. Or you can get a win-streak up to 4 legit and only need two alts. It's really hard to do this one legit these days as you often come across stacked P2W people who have insane movement speed p-buffs and 3-pt shot cards/p-buffs and freestyles that you just can't compete against no matter how skilled you are, unless you're just as P2W. But for people who care about their wallets, it's impossible to win against. So it's easier to just use one of the two methods above so you don't need to worry about being matched against such people.
  5. For me, and many others, the prologue trophy didn’t pop until after completing the Syrian Tomb (a flashback area) and then returning to the present. Happened on my old account as well so I think that’s normal. And you can see from the trophy rarities that more people have earned the Syrian Tomb trophy than the prologue one. I see you haven’t earned the trophy for the Syrian Tomb yet so try completing that first and moving on to see if “Quite a Tumble” pops for you then?
  6. #143 - Gris Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 2/10 TIme to Plat: ~4h Thoughts (no actual spoilers, I'm just posting four games so I don't want to stretch the page too much): #144 - Final Fantasy VII Remake Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 4.5/10 Time to Plat: ~75h #145 - Brawlhalla Enjoyment: 2/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Time to Plat: ~110h There's nothing much to say about this. It's a Super Smash Bros clone. It's pretty decent for being a clone, though I barely played it and let the AI earn all the trophies for me, hence the low enjoyment. If you like Smash Bros you may like this, though. #146 - Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Time to Plat: ~24h (could be done in less) Thoughts (no spoilers, just don't want to stretch the page):
  7. Apologies, that was me that missed it - Artik does updates for games on 1-15th of the month, and I do 15th-end. I fixed it now Also, it looks like a lot of people have either forgot or are no longer interested in this event? There's a lot of profiles where they complete a lot of games but none for this event. I'm wondering if it's worth still tracking them all? It takes a long time to update all those participants if some are no longer interested. @iXanon do you think it's maybe worth pinging people to see if they're still planning on going for the event? We're at the half way point and a lot of people only have one or two games complete so the chances of doing another 24 are slim, I imagine? That said, I'm sort of in the same boat in that I keep completing games that aren't on my list. But I do intend to go back to my list and work on it, I just keep getting sidetracked. So if others are like me, I'm happy to keep tracking them if they plan to try for the event, it's no problem. It's only really those that have decided to no longer pursue the event that I'd even consider removing.
  8. Completed one new game, and two more games I'd started before June! Yay, backlog cleanup! Gris (female lead) Final Fantasy VII Remake (40% on June 1) Brawlhalla (74% on June 1, screenshots of my top 5 most used characters, all female! Actually top 7 are female, and 90% of my used characters are also female. Characters in the screenshots are sorted by xp, which is basically just an indication of how much time you've spent using them) Thoughts on each game (no spoilers, because spoilers are icky, just don't want to stretch the page too much): Now I have to decide whether I want to clear up some other unfinished games, or start on playing some Gaming By Numbers games 🤔 I really need that badge, it's too cute to miss! And I need it fully coloured because I won't forgive myself if I don't when it's so cute! Guess I could try and do a bit of both, start on at least one GBN game, whilst also trying to do a bit of Monster Hunter and Super Monkey Ball (which will be the end of me...or the end of my Vita, it could go either way at this point, all I know is Super Monkey Ball is very frustrating for a game that looks so cute).
  9. #141 - Marvel's Spider-Man TIme to 100%: ~50h Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Thoughts (no spoilers, just don't want to stretch the page): #142 - Quantum Theory Time to Platinum: ~70 hours online (10-12 active, rest idle), ~15 hours offline Enjoyment: 4/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Thoughts:
  10. Okay, I went through my game list to see if I could fill each number with a game with a female lead, to honour the Plat Race of the Maidens. Turns out I can (and, all my bonus games from the Maidens event are different numbers, so I can fit them all in this list - yay me!). Well, assuming I actually stick with my list this time, even though I've never stuck with a pre-set list in any event ever: 0. Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire 1. Ninja Pizza Girl 2. The Witch and the Hundred Knight 3. Velocity 2X 4. Gravity Rush Remastered 5. Gravity Rush 2 6. Darksiders III 7. Alien: Isolation 8. Mirror's Edge 9. Final Fantasy X-2 HD Now...I wonder if I can also do the games in order too as a bonus challenge, for no real reason other than I might be slightly crazy? 🤔
  11. I told myself I should clean up my backlog before starting new games. Or at least only start games that were triple points for this event or listed in another event. Then I started two new games that aren’t event games. Yay me, I’m so good at sticking to plans! >_< Well anyway, I completed one of the two games - Crazy Market. It’s a fun little game on the Vita that’s free to play. Well, the first 50 levels are fun, the last ten are just insane or require you to grind out gold to buy loads of powerups to brute force your way through. Still it’s done and I enjoyed it And bonus is that you can choose a female character as well, so at least I get extra points here for it Screenshots of me choosing the female character and completing the game with her. I missed 3 stars on some levels though (trophies need 170/180 stars), need to go back and get them to satisfy my inner completionist Now no more starting new games until you complete the others, Kristy! >_<
  12. Two eigen-events at once - how could I possibly say no!? Sign me up please I love the Gaming by Numbers event! Here’s hoping I can get a full completion again Will need to look through my backlog later and come up with a plan wonder if I can find a game for each number with a female lead? 🤔
  13. Finished my first game from my incomplete games - Marvel's Spider-Man! I have to say, this is definitely in my top 10 PS4 games I've played, it was awesome! I'm not normally big on superhero games as they tend to be kind of meh, but it was so much fun zipping around the city as Spider-Man, and the combat was fun and fluid as well. Can't believe I waited so long to play it! Completion before starting: 16% overall (27% in base game, 0% in all DLCs) Almost done with Quantum Theory as well, hoping to finish that later today or maybe tomorrow (it was 28% complete on June 1). Then just FF7R to finish and I can get started on my triple points games!
  14. A quick look at your profile shows you have 44 hidden trophies - the game itself has 44 trophies so I’m guessing you accidentally hid it. See here for instructions on how to unhide: Youll need to earn a trophy in any other game after unhiding for the site to pick up the change.
  15. But even if one world glitched, could Advanced 3, 4 and 5 along with Master all pop at once? I find it hard to believe anyone could clear Advanced 3, 4 and 5 for the first time in a single attempt for them all to glitch together. Those levels are tough. And as you said, Advanced 4 popped for you on your next successful run at it. So even saying one of them did glitch, could all 4 glitch in order to unlock together? I can’t see that as possible at all.