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  1. I had forgot about this - I completely agree on this rule, and added it to my own list. I will only ever play games on my main account. Otherwise I'd feel like a fraud whenever I speak about completion rates/the need to 100% things. Sure, it only affects me and no-one else, but I feel like if you want to "boast" (is it boasting or is it just sad?) about your high completion rate, it has to be genuine and you can't do "trial runs" of games just to see if you can complete it or not, and decide to ditch it if it's too hard/time consuming/whatever. I used to talk to a guy on PSN (who I have now deleted from my friends list, though not because of this) who will literally play every single new game on a blank account and only sync it to his main if he can get the Plat. If he can't, he deletes it. Then talks about how he Plats every game he plays (doesn't play DLC for the most part). It's like...but you don't really, and you know you don't. You're only lying to yourself, no-one else cares at all about your profile besides you, so why bother? I didn't know if I'd ever be able to do Hollow Knight, as boss rushes really aren't my thing (because I suck) and I knew there were trophies for the Pantheons. But that didn't stop me playing it on release day, and sitting with it on my profile incomplete for almost 5 months because those Pantheons were kicking my ass (again, because I suck). Same with any other game I've played in the past, and any other difficult game I'll play in the future (I have I am Bread, Surgeon Simulator and Super Meat Boy in my backlog, which I'll start at some point in the future after I've padded all the walls of my house so it doesn't hurt so much when I bash my head against them). If other people want to do it, go right ahead, don't let me stop you - your profile only every affects you, so do with it what you will. I just don't personally understand the point of it, at all.
  2. This is an interesting topic! Thanks for bringing it up - it's interesting to see how others go about things! We're all different, and it's good to see how others view the same hobby we do! As for me, personally, in order that the rules come into play: Only buy games I'm interested in, and don't even look at the trophy list before making purchase decisions. I don't really care if games are long/short or easy/difficult. Sure, I like when my average rarity goes down, and don't really like when it goes up, but I'm not going to miss out on a game I really want to play just because the trophies were all Common/all Ultra Rare. Play the game on my main account only, none of this alt/blank account nonsense. I don't understand how people can boast about their completion rate when they only play new games on blank accounts and sync to their main profile if they manage the Plat/100%. I can kind of understand playing on an alt first if you don't know if you'll like the game and want to see what it's like, for PS+ titles or whatever (I don't do it, but sometimes I think I should). But doing the entire Plat on a blank account and only syncing when you're done, or delete it if you can't do it? That's a fraudulent way of maintaining a high completion rate. If other people want to do it, go right ahead, but I personally don't agree with it, and I'll always play on my actual account. Always do a blind playthrough first, without even looking at the Trophy Guide. This is especially the case for story-focused games, I don't care how much time it adds to the Plat/100% - I don't like spoilers and would rather view it through fresh eyes and not have to think trophies-first and partially ruin the experience of the game. For games that aren't story-focused, I still would rather try and do as much as I can myself, though I may look at the Trophy List (still not Guide) to see roughly what I'm expected to do, depending on the genre of the game. "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." I never know going into a game whether or not I'll be able to get the Plat/100%, given the above two rules, but I always know I'll try my hardest to achieve it, and I'll keep on going until I eventually get there. So far, I've managed to complete every game I've tried, even though for some of them I wasn't sure I'd ever do it, but maybe the day will come when I find a game that is beyond my skillset. If that happens, I won't give up though - I'll keep on trying (and failing) over and over, with the goal that I'll one day succeed. Always (plan to) make Trophy Guides where none exist. The Guides on this site have been super helpful to me since I joined, and I'd like to contribute my own knowledge from games I enjoyed to help others on their journeys to Platinum. Sidenote: I don't have many games actually published on here to date, they're mostly just collections of notes and images on Google Docs - but they'll all be Guides one day, I swear! There is one exception to all of the above though - Free PS+ games. For those, all the rules go out the window except #3. Because I only played them because they were free and I thought "hey, I'll give that a go" without looking into the type of game it is, have a look at the trophy list right away, probably hate the game, then I just want to get it over with straight away so the Guide gets opened and I follow it from start to finish to get the pain over with. I need to stop playing PS+ games...or maybe just get over my compulsive need to 100% things...
  3. It's for Knights of Valour, which is online only so if the servers were closed, you wouldn't be able to do it either way. I had already added a note at the top on skipping the grind, and put the hours for doing it all yourself, but I just wasn't sure that was the correct approach, or whether I should just be putting the most efficient route (finding a kind-hearted soul to take advantage of and make them do it for you). So, thank you for clarifying!
  4. So, I'm in the middle of writing a guide and I'm unsure of the Estimated Time/Difficulty/Playthroughs to put on it. There's two options for getting the final trophy for the game - grind up levels yourself (which will take ~40 hours) and fight a boss on your own, which is difficult. Or get someone to carry you through the level, cutting out that grind completely. So it turns the game from ~50 hours, 7/10 difficulty, 4+ playthroughs to ~10 hours, 4/10 difficulty, 2 playthroughs. But it relies on finding another person to do it for you, versus just doing it yourself. I added a note to the top of the guide about that specific trophy, but which Time/Difficulty/Playthroughs do I put for the basis of the guide? Or does it not actually matter as long as the note at the top of the guide is clear about it?
  5. Finally completed a game for the event! I say finally, but I guess 11 days isn't long. Just seeing everyone else's progress makes me feel like I'm lagging behind! #2 - Star Ocean: Till The End of Time Rayman Legends should only be another week and a bit though, so then I'll be at 2 games done! I've also been working on The Last of Us (PS3), but have been avoiding syncing it to make sure I get 100% before server closure. I think (?) I'm done with all the multiplayer trophies though, so maybe it's fine? But would rather finish up first just in case!
  6. #101 - Star Ocean: Till The End of Time Difficulty: 4/10 Time to Plat: ~155 hours (but I wasn't particularly efficient) Annoyance at those damn bunny races: 100000000% Star Ocean has always been one of my favourite game series (alongside the Tales of games). This game in particular, I spent hundreds of hours on as a kid. Me and my brother would formulate strategies on getting all of the Battle Trophies together (in the days before we had internet), and between us we got 100% of them back on the PS2 (our mum had to buy us a separate Memory Card just for this game...normally we'd keep our own Memory Cards separate, and in locked boxes so the other sibling couldn't delete all our progress on something because we were feeling vengeful for questionable reasons). Playing through it again as an adult, I still enjoyed it for the most part. The overarching story is pretty dumb, but the subplots on the first two planets you visit are pretty decent, though nothing overly special. Bonus dungeons are also good with a decent amount of variety of (simple) puzzles to solve. Well, the Sphere Bonus Dungeon was pointlessly long, but besides that, everything moves along at a decent pace so you're not stuck in any one area for too long, or doing one thing. The battle system is pretty much what you expect for a PS2 JRPG, nothing special, but also not that bad even this long after release. Or maybe I just enjoy simple battle systems... I also really enjoy the Invention System in this game (and most SO games, but this one in particular, I enjoyed hiring inventors, setting them up, etc), even if it does get frustrating when your 3 characters with a combined 120 skill level keep failing a 30-rating item... Those bunny races though...I remember thinking those bunnies were cute as a kid. Now they show up in my nightmares, taunting me as they run so close to the finish line then just slow down and let another bunny overtake. I will happily never look at one of those damn bunnies ever again. Seriously. 1,565. That's how many races it took for me to finally get that last trophy (granted, some of them were left on PS4 Remote Play with a "press X" AHK script so I didn't need to do them myself). Never again. I would seriously rather have gone through the mind-numbing grind to get 100% of the Battle Trophies than do those stupid Bunny Races... Blegh. Whatever, I'm happy to finally have got around to getting a Star Ocean plat for my profile! Now to do a while...maybe. I got all achievements on X360...I'm not sure I want to do that again...
  7. Use this page, you should be able to restore your profile from here:
  8. Yep, I am most definitely a completionist. Have been since long before trophies existed, I’ve always had to do everything there is in a game. If trophies stop before everything is complete, I still keep going to get what I consider to be 100% completion (e.g. filling out that awful fishing log in FFXV, completing all sidequests in Witcher 3, etc). As for why...I guess it’s because I grew up playing collectathon games? Where that was the whole point of them - to collect everything. So it’s just how I ended up shaping up as a gamer. Or maybe I just have problems. It’s probably that... I don’t let it change what games I play though. So far I’ve been lucky, and there’s been nothing unobtainable for me. There’s been a couple of games where I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to do it, but I stuck with it and succeeded. One day there’ll probably be some game I start that’s beyond my skill level, but I’ll deal with that when it comes.
  9. Knights of Valour is free to play and seems to be what you’re looking for. No plat though, just a 100% game.
  10. Yeah, there’s a 1 in 1000 chance I think of a chest having a shiny? So you’d need to open an average of 1,000 chests (though obviously you could be unlucky and have to open many more). If you’ve been playing recently, the “C” Team Weekly Challenges offered a Potion of Polish at 1,750 points, which turns a random gear piece into a shiny. It’s too late to get it now if you haven’t been keeping up with it as there’s only 2 weeks and 2 days left. But if you’ve been playing and keeping up with it you should be able to get the trophy that way. You can see other EU players have the trophy, so it’s definitely possible EDIT: For futher confirmation, I just got a Shiny piece of gear from a Chest as well, a few days after using the Potion of Polish: So it's definitely possible, even without the Potion from in-game events when they come up.
  11. My recommendations would depend on whether you’re after a good story, good gameplay or both. But some games I’d recommend are: The “Tales of” series have amazing stories for the most part. I’d highly recommend Symphonia and Vesperia (get the PS4 version of Vesperia, as the PS3 is Japanese only). The gameplay is nothing special (it’s not bad, but it’s not going to blow you away), but the stories and characters are great in every game from the series that I’ve played so far (on other consoles, only played one game on my PSN account so far. The Kingdom Hearts series are great games. Gameplay is fun, and stories are good for the most part (although they get a bit convoluted with later entries). You can pick up four games in one by getting the 1.5 + 2.5 Remix for PS4. Most Final Fantasy games have good stories. The gameplay isn’t great for the most part though (XV has fun gameplay but the story was garbage and it didn’t feel like an FF game as a result). The graphics are very dated in FFVII though, but that’s being remade and released next year so will probably be worth a watch. Anything made by Supergiant games. Bastion, Transistor and Pyre are all great in their own way (Transistor is my personal favourite), and I have no doubt Hades will be great when it releases. Cyberpunk 2077 hasn’t released yet, but it’s from the folks who made the Witcher games and it’s one you should keep an eye on. Should release April next year. Someone already mentioned Hellblade and NieR Automata. I’d definitely recommend both of those, along with the original NieR game for PS3. The Ratchet and Clank games are amazing fun to play. Story is nonsense but the gameplay is great and a little mad. You can make your enemies dance or turn them into chickens/sheep/ducks. I mean, what more do you want in life? The inFamous games are good fun to play, stories are alright. The “powers” your character has are different from other games I’ve played and really good fun to run around with. I haven’t played the PS3 games but everyone recommends them too. Just Cause didn’t seem like it’d be my type of game as I don’t like gun-based gameplay normally. But blowing stuff up with mad weapons is just fun. And the tether/wingsuit combination is fun to traverse the environment with, so much so that I even enjoyed sipping around the map for the entire time I played. Never drove a vehicle unless I was forced to. You can do the “online” trophies in JC3 with just an alt account on your PS4. Hope you manage to find some good games that you enjoy!
  12. You should really add a third option for "it depends". Because, really, for most people it will all depend on circumstances. It also depends on what people consider as "cheating". Is reading a guide cheating? Is boosting cheating? Is getting someone else to do it for you cheating? Or is hacking the only thing that's cheating? To me, personally, if it doesn't affect other people, I don't see the harm in it. But if it can have an impact on others, then absolutely I think it's a problem. So for single player games, people can cheat away all they want, it doesn't affect me so I don't care. But for multiplayer games where you could give yourself an advantage over others (e.g. unlimited health, super weapons not available in-game, aimbots, whatever), it is never okay, and never will be in my book. I'd argue cheating to get trophies does affect other people, by messing up leaderboards here or on other similar trophy tracking websites. If you don't partake in those sites, and keep your profile private, then whatever, do as you please. Yes, sites like this are for hobbyists, who you could argue take trophies too seriously. But whether or not that's true, we still need to all be on even grounds for it or it's unfair on others who play by the rules. As for what constitutes cheating - in my opinion, so long as you're not doing anything that wouldn't otherwise be possible within the game environment as it was made by the developers, it's not cheating. So, taking advantage of glitches (including downgrading games to a point where the glitch still existed) is fine, as it's the developers who put them there (unintentionally). Similarly, there's nothing within the game stopping you from getting a boosting partner and taking turns killing each other for a few hours to grind out a trophy without it coming naturally, so that's fine. Getting someone else to do it for you I'd argue was cheating, but at least it was still done legitimately, just not by you (and really, you're only cheating yourself there, as you'll always know you didn't really do it and are a (harmless) fraud). And obviously using external software in any way (resigning saves, using mods, whatver) is 100% cheating. Anyway, I didn't vote because I don't know what I'd be answering as you were too vague. If you want a healthy discussion, you should really clarify up front, rather than after the fact.
  13. I actually liked Reverse Engineering, and would personally put it in mid-tier. Definitely not as useful as the top-tier upgrades, of course, but it's good for switching energy to hearts regularly. I never used it specifically for changing weapons, mind you, but I got quite a few extra hearts each run by using it, and that can make a difference for those who, like me, aren't great at the game (read: suck badly). I don't like Gunpowder Blocks at all. I get that it could be useful in later stages, but for me, it ruined runs more often than it helped, so I'd put that as a "never use". I also actually didn't like Blast Module too much. Again, it's good in later stages, but I found adjusting from not having it to having it made me screw up often, and I coped just fine without it, so that was another I personally would move down to maybe mid-tier. Or maybe I just suck and that's why I didn't like either of them It's probably me sucking... Also I did like Noppy...I'm sorry if that makes you never want to be friends with me, @TheYuriG Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's the best weapon or anything, but I found it easy to use, and it saved me a lot in Aquifier and Limbo from enemies that came at me from the side. I certainly like it more than Shotgun, because the range on Shotgun is awful for the small amount of shots you get, and Burst is just the worst (it even rhymes). I'd probably put Noppy at #4 on the list, as I agree with your #1-3.
  14. Hi @NewGen2010 - I made the Trophy Guide for this game. I'll test this later tonight on my alt account and update the Guide once I've checked. Thanks for bringing it up! EDIT: Okay, I checked and you’re correct. Will update the Guide first thing in the morning when I’m on my PC (Guide editing is not mobile-friendly, and will most likely mess up formatting). Thanks again for posting about it! in future though, it’s better to post mistakes in the Guide comments so that Guide writers get notified about it EDIT AGAIN: Updated the Guide now!
  15. Hollow Knight (EU Version. NA was still UR last time I checked) I don't know how this isn't UR, honestly, it's tougher than almost all of my UR plats. The game itself is great and really well-made (which is probably why so many people stuck with it for the Plat, I guess), but that last Pantheon.... 42 bosses, no savepoints in between (healing spots as breaks every 10 rounds, though), with a fairly small health pool considering later bosses hit for 2 health per attack and you don't really have good points to heal yourself. The first 39 are actually okay to do (other than Markoth, he can go die in a hole), and I could get to the last two bosses fairly consistently. But Pure Vessel followed by Absolute Radiance? That was brutal, it took me so many attempts before I finally managed. I could beat them consistently in the Hall of the Gods, so it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to spent 30-40 minutes getting to that point each time, only to get overly excited and mess it up once I got there... Anyway, it's done now. Although I've pre-ordered the limited Printed copy run, which I assume will be the NA I may need to do it again...*gulp*