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  1. Forgot to update yesterday, but all categories are now complete Yay! Links are to my trophy lists for each game, to make it easier to check 12 Drummers Drumming: Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance 11 Pipers Piping: Final Fantasy XV (completed all DLC) 10 Lords A-Leaping: Poi 9 Ladies Dancing: Destroy All Humans 8 Maids A-Milking: Valiant Hearts: The Great War 7 Swans A-Swimming: God of War (BONUS GAME) 6 Geese A-Laying: Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart 5 Gold Rings: Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon 4 Colly Birds: Thief 3 French Hens: Neon Chrome 2 Turtle Doves: Final Fantasy XV (base game) And a Partridge in a Pear Tree: Master Reboot
  2. I'll probably be playing it later on in the event but if either of you is playing then, I'll happily join you and move it to my MP category! Saves me having to suffer some other MP game! And I 100% need to complete all categories after finding out your mum is making a badge! It would just be rude not to go for it now! Also, completed my EZPZ game to get the worst category (after MP) out of the way. I feel like I need 6 or 7 UR plats now to make up for that
  3. Sign me up as Seeker of Darkness Got all 5 PS4 plats - No 100%s or PS3 plats yet - they'll have to wait until after KH3 (not long now!!!)
  4. #82 - Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (and also trophy #3,500 because I like planning Milestones) Dream Drop Distance Master Wanted to clean up the last KH plat before KH3 releases in just over two weeks. And I've been making all the KH plats into trophy milestones, so figured I'd continue with that trend because why not! I played this game back on the 3DS and loved it back then, but I don't think it translates well into a console game, it's much better on the 3DS. The flowmotion was fun at first, but quickly gets old, and the Spirits system is cute at first but ends up an inconvenience when your'e trying to get all your abilities and commands done. In general I did actually really enjoy the game on 3DS but I feel it's the weakest remake to come onto the PS4. Or maybe I'm just older and my tastes have changed... The story of KH games also gets more and more bizarre as the series goes on, but whatever, it's still my favourite series by a long shot and I'll be buying KH3 on release day regardless because I've been waiting over a decade for this game!
  5. Code Red mission was locked to HR14 and higher. IIRC you only reach HR14 after the Nergigante mission that unlocks 8* missions upon completion. So still not possible. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure they always lock higher rank event quests by the same parameters as regular quests.
  6. This is honestly one of my favourite games I’ve played in years. It’s a brand new collectathon entry reminiscent of the good old days, but brought more up to date. This is gonna sound sad, but - I was genuinely very happy for my entire playthrough, I seriously couldn’t stop smiling because of how much I was enjoying the game. The game it reminded me of most was Mario Sunshine (and also a little bit Mario 64), so if you played that and enjoyed it then you’re in for a treat here. If you hate those type of games, I don’t want to be your friend. If you haven’t tried them but want to play something light-hearted and fun, then you should definitely give some serious thought to this game. Every level feels completely different from the last, and each Time Piece within each level also feels different from each other, so nothing ever gets repetitive or boring, and there's a lot of fun/humour in the dialogue, especially if you talk to all the NPCs. Also they’re meant to be bringing out multiplayer in the future (it's out on PC already, and I'm still eagerly awaiting news of updates on the console versions, especially the DLC level and death wish mode), which will make it more fun. I’ve never found another collectathon that’s done this. Only downside is it's quite short, given the price tag. But it does have decent replay value at least. This series is the single greatest co-op experience I've ever played. It's fun and chaotic in equal measures, and will cause a lot of yelling at each other to get plates washed quicker, or vegetables chopped sooner, or not letting the food burn. But throughout all the yelling and arguing over whose fault it is you missed an order, it's a genuinely great experience that encourages good co-operation, and leaves you feeling like you and your game-partner make a pretty awesome team when you pass a level you were previously struggling with. I've never found another series that does the co-op element quite as good as the Overcooked games. I would 100% recommend this if you have someone to play with - though I wouldn't recommend it as a solo venture. It's doable for sure, but nowhere near as fun. This game gets a lot of hate at times, but I loved it, personally. The developers delivered exactly what they promised - a game that was basically a new Banjo Kazooie game. It wasn’t really anything beyond that, and a lot of people complained that it wasn’t modernised enough or anything new. But given I was just looking for a new Banjo game as I’d played the first two (screw Nuts n pun intended) so often that I could probably get 100% with my eyes closed, this was exactly what I wanted. So I personally thought it was great. If you loved the Banjo games, I'd 100% recommend it. But if you didn't like them, or expect something more added than just Banjo with a different skin, you probably shouldn't play it. Honorable mention: Hollow Knight - the only reason this isn't on my list is because I don't have the plat yet, and the thread is for top platinums. But it is seriously one of the best indie games out there. It's an incredibly well-made 2D Souls-like game (a proper one, though, not all these garbage games that pretend to be Souls-like), and it's perfectly coded (I died a tonne, but it was never down to the game - which is always a concern in indie games - it was always my own mistakes that killed me, and it never once seemed unfair). The huge amount of bosses all feel like individual challenges that (while I died to most of them initially) you need to learn in order to overcome. I would 100% recommend this to those who like a tough but fair game.
  7. Okay, I've done some thinking into games for the event. May change (it depends on the trophy list of KH3 really) but here's the current plan (I added links to the trophy lists/Metacritic page and I'll add them to trophy names once I've made decisions on those games): Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ Dark Arcana: The Carnival (not started) Completion 83.42% Ultra Rare Hollow Knight (EU) (just the last Pantheon to go) Completion 4.57% Platinum-Less Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage (not started) Unpopular Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades (EU) (not started) 441 Owners DLC Little Nightmares ALL OF THEM Difficulty ??? I'm hoping KH3 will have a difficulty trophy Trophy Name(s) Speed Run ??? Probably an Uncharted game or Last Guardian... Trophy Name(s) MP ??? I hate multiplayer... Trophy Name(s) Peripherals That's You! Phones x 6 Bad Rep Crystal Rift (not started) 37 Metascore
  8. @SpaceCoresDad can the bonus game also count for a category as well or is it separate? I got God Of War for the holidays, and wanna use it as my bonus game (already complete), but didn't know if it can also count for another category. Assuming it can my updated list is (everything but 10 and 3 moved): 12 Drummers Drumming: Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance - working on 11 Pipers Piping: Final Fantasy XV (completed all DLC) DONE 10 Lords A-Leaping: Poi DONE 9 Ladies Dancing: Destroy All Humans DONE (The final boss is a badass woman who has been manipulating the whole thing from the start) 8 Maids A-Milking: Valiant Hearts: The Great War DONE (It starts and ends on a farm) 7 Swans A-Swimming: God of War DONE 6 Geese A-Laying: Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart DONE 5 Gold Rings: Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon DONE 4 Colly Birds: Thief DONE 3 French Hens: Neon Chrome DONE 2 Turtle Doves: Final Fantasy XV (base game) DONE And a Partridge in a Pear Tree: Master Reboot - working on If it doesn't count, I'll need to shuffle things again to get a complete list...which is fine, of course, just need to give it some thought
  9. Dunno if you've found one yet, but I would highly recommend Slime Rancher, and based on other games on your profile you might like it. It's great fun and lighthearted, albeit a bit repetitive if you buy into the sim stuff, but the story element can be done in under 5 hours without rushing (a speedrun can be done in under an hour - world records are 15-25 mins) and the sim part could probably be largely ignored even though it's the main point of the game. And Overcooked (1 or 2) are amazing fun if you play with a friend (first game can only be done locally), but the campaigns on each can also be completed quick enough by yourself though it's nowhere near as fun (and I probably wouldn't recommend them solo). From the games you currently have on your profile, you could go with Transistor, as that would fit under strategy I think? I can't see any others from a quick glance that you've not already finished the story for.
  10. Yeah, I go back and forth on whether or not to play Rayman Legends. It does look really enjoyable, but the trophy for getting the awesomeness level has been putting me off. But maybe I will go for it for this event And I played all the FF games on their original consoles All the way from 1-13 other than 11 because it was an MMO (the 13 trilogy I played on Xbox). But I wouldn't say no to playing them again Ohhh yeah, I'd been considering buying that actually. Every time I see it in a store I *almost* pick it up, and then decide not to for various reasons (usually money-related). I loved The Last Guardian (played it on my old account) and it's made by the same developers, right? I really should pick it up at some point...and now I can use the "it was recommended to me personally by someone" excuse that I like Welp. I had never actually heard of the series before, but after a quick google and look at the gameplay on youtube, I'm 100% sold on Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold. If I'm not using it for my "recommended by a PSNP member" category, it's gonna go in "series new to you". THANK YOU! I do like the Tales of series too though! I played Symphonia on the GameCube, Vesperia on the Xbox, and Eternia on the DS (though I think it was actually a GBA game) and I loved all three. Bought the Symphonia bundle recently as it was on sale, though I've heard Dawn of the New World doesn't live up to the original, but eh, I'll give it a go at some point anyway. And I also own Graces f, Xillia 1, and Zesitiria - but I've read the latter isn't great? Also keep thinking of picking up Berseria every time it's on sale or in a store, but I always feel like I should play through the ones I already own first rather than keep buying new ones
  11. I'll join! This sounds like great fun! Here is my bingo card - I'll be honest, I did re-generate one, but only because a category was "game you started but didn't finish", which I've never done with a game as I'm obsessed with completing things to 100% Someone recommend games to me (for the "Recommended By a PSNP Member")? I like Platformers (especially collectathons, but I think I've already played most of them), JRPGs with good stories, and open world games with lots of things to collect.
  12. I hate everything about this (well, except the idea of the event, that's brilliant). Sign me up!! I'll pick games on Jan 12th though, as I don't know what I'll manage to complete between now and then to know what's still on my backlog. Also need to see what categories KH3 will fit in. I assume difficulty, but who knows. Badges are all still on the second post of the event, but here's yours to save you looking:
  13. I'm excited! I haven't played in a couple of months, will be nice to go back to it! It was my favourite game to come out this year and the one I sunk the most hours into (even post-Plat), a massive expansion will be amazing! Can't wait!
  14. EDIT: Removed because I don't want to derail the thread
  15. Here are my nominations: Guide of the Year: Monster Hunter: World Trophy Guide. This guide just has an exceptional level of detail that I aspire to achieve when writing guides. Any question I had on the game, whether it's on gameplay, techniques, or trophies themselves, has all been answered in that one amazing bible guide. It's set out well, so it's really easy to navigate and find the information you want, and it's updated any time new information is raised in comments, and has a tonne of additional supplemental information that makes navigating the game much easier, both for veterans of the series and newbies. For example, any time I wanted a new mantle to handle a different monster, I'd go straight to the guide to find out how to achieve it. I never needed to go anywhere else to search for additional information, and any questions I thought of were already answered in the guide. So yeah, brilliant guide, definitely my guide of the year, rest aren't even close. Other categories: Exceptional Gameplay Guide: Tearaway: Unfolded - Completist Trophy Guide. Between the text and the screenshots, this guide is super helpful at locating every collectible in the game, and is laid out in a really easy-to-follow manner. Anything that requires multiple steps has information and screenshots on each step, and things that are harder to locate have multiple screenshots to help get an exact picture of the location. Great collectible guide. Exceptional DLC Guide: Crash Bandicoot: Warped - Crash Bandicoot: Future Tense DLC Trophy Guide. Even though the DLC only had two trophies, this guide does an amazing job of explaining everything you need to know step-by-step, in text form for those of us that prefer that, and in video form for those who prefer a visual guide. There is a huge amount of detail in this guide and the author clearly put a lot of work in to answering any question anyone might have on this DLC. Exceptional Niche Game Guide: Birthdays the Beginning Trophy Guide. I haven't played this game on my main account (because of the hours required), but I did play it on an alt and this guide has been incredibly helpful. Honestly, the tutorial in the game was kinda garbage, and I found this guide way more useful for finding out what I was actually doing and working out a plan on how to play. Then when I decided to go for majority of the trophies (because I can't help myself, even on an alt), this guide was my go-to any time I was unsure of anything, and it was always perfectly clear on what to do.