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  1. Darksiders 2 is now complete! Yay! 7/13 games done Can't decide what to start next. Unless... Does this mean it's time to play Bound??
  2. Sign me up please The new Spider-Man looks so awesome!
  3. I played Fe recently. It is kinda howling rather than singing, but you do have to learn various creatures' songs/howls, and you do sing/howl a lot during the game. When I played it I did think of it as singing (it seemed more cute), but now that you say "howling" I do think that's probably a better description. Though it is in various pitches and there are some small melodies (a few seconds each) that the creature howls to. It's a great game and I'd highly recommend it, but it probably fits under Go Hiking or Learn Something (a big part of the game is learning what's going on in the world, and there's optional (not required for collectibles) collectibles that help you learn about the story even more) more than Put on a Show. Or even Make Friends, as that's important in the game. EDIT: That's not to say it doesn't fit under Put on a Show at all though. Like I said, I personally considered it singing when I was playing it, and if I were to pick now, I'd still call it singing rather than howling. It fits more under the other categories I mentioned, but it is still singing to me.
  4. #50 - Monster Hunter: World Conqueror of the New World Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Time to plat: 240 hours I absolutely loved this game, had so much fun playing it, and I can honestly see myself still playing it for a long time to come, even after getting the Plat. I had actually basically finished this a while ago, but held off on getting the plat so it could be a milestone one, since I loved both the game and the trophy image. It is a very grindy game the whole way through, so don't expect to go in and play without needing to grind anything, whether it's parts for weapons/armour or hunting crowns, you're going to be doing the same things over and over a lot. But somehow it still stayed fun the whole time (to me anyway), in part thanks to the multiplayer where each hunt went differently than the last thanks to other players having different weapons/skills. I think my experience was different than most though, as I had all the crowns a while before I even reached HR100 (I think I was 78 if I recall right?), whereas some people have been put right off the game as they took forever to get each crown. I done the events with higher crown chances right from the start, so when I finished the story, the only crowns I really needed were Black Diablos and the Elder Dragons. And they didn't take too long each for me (I joined quests at random and seemed to get crowns often at the beginning). In fact, for Nergigante, I was done with his crowns long before I was done needing the materials for him. I probably wouldn't advise playing this game purely for trophies, if that's what you like out of gaming. When you focus on trophies, it does suck the life out of you, getting through this game and getting the crown. But if you play mostly for fun, it's a brilliant game. And you can do it either solo or multiplayer, whichever you prefer (I did a mix, since my internet can be terrible at times), so even if you don't enjoy playing with others, the game might still be for you (though, everything tends to take longer when you do it solo, and the difficulty is slightly higher since the enemy will be focussed on you instead of on a whole team, giving you a chance to heal).
  5. "Every time they do an update"? The game has been out almost a year and this is only the second update. And it's for a different game than the last one so the trophy lists for both DLC levels could never have been combined anyway. I highly doubt we'll see more levels after this, but obviously I don't work at Activision so I can't say for certain. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you should play it if you don't want to, that's entirely your call and nobody else's. And I wouldn't blame you for not wanting to deal with the frustration that'll likely come with the new level. I just personally think the complaint about trophies for an extra level in a different game from the first DLC is unjustified.
  6. Thank you!! I almost don't wanna start new games for a few days so it can stay that way Yeah this is what I'm going by too! We're so close to being equal! And then we'll overtake them shortly after
  7. It does have performance issues on the PS4, apparently it plays much better on PC if performance issues bother you a lot. I did have two or three crashes, but mostly it was just frame rate drops when you blow up too many things in quick succession. But certainly nothing that makes it completely unplayable, or even close to being so. I would personally highly recommend the game (and it's DLC if that's within your budget, but especially the Bavarium Sea Heist, the weapon and vehicle you get are so much fun!), I really enjoyed my time with it even thought it was always something I never even considered buying. I only played it because it was free on PSPlus a few months back, and I'm so glad I did! I've now pre-ordered JC4 since it was announced recently, and bought JC2 for the PS3, that's how much I enjoyed this one.
  8. Completed Beyond: Two Souls and Monster Hunter: World! Yay! Two more for Cabin 3! I think MHW is the first game I've platinumed where I still feel like I could happily play for hundreds more hours. It's very grindy, but very enjoyable, I'd highly recommend it! Beyond was...fine. The story was decent, I enjoyed my first playthrough. But getting the plat (or more specifically, repeating the last chapter 5 times) was very tedious, and I wouldn't recommend going for the plat really. But if you're not bothered about your completion, the game is fairly good! Also, 100% profile completion now! Yay!!!! For...uh...a couple of hours until I pick a new game to play
  9. Me too! I seen JC2 and 3 before and always thought they looked bad, and that I wouldn't enjoy the games at all, so I always passed on purchasing. But I was so wrong! The game was so much fun! I really, REALLY enjoyed the game! The mindless destruction was great, as was zipping around with the tether/wingsuit. I can't believe I had never even considered playing them before! Definitely buying this one, either on day 1 or when a GOTY version with all DLC is inevitably released! And also gonna purchase JC2 once I convince my brother to give me his old PS3
  10. YES!!!! I'm not meant to be buying more games, but I loved this game on the Xbox, and have been going back and forth constantly on whether to import the Japanese PS3 game even though I know like 5 words of Japanese. I'm so happy at this!!! Instant purchase for sure!
  11. I don't want entered in the event (it's super awesome of you guys to do it though!), but I can't help but leave one of my favourite quotes here: "I will not stop until every shirt on this planet is TUCKED THE F**K IN!!!" -Ambra in Battleborn (That game has so many hilarious lines, it's just a shame it never got much of a playerbase)
  12. Hello! I'd love to join if that's okay? KH has always been one of my favourite series (I was an FF nerd and a Disney nerd, this combined both my loves and added way more than I initially hoped for). I got into it as a kid, and used to save up my pocket money for months for each of the handheld consoles so I could play each game that came out That's...kinda sad, but whatever. I'm planning to make the KH games milestone trophies for the most part, because the series means so much to me (plus I love their platinum images, they're really awesome), so the time between each game completion might be kinda long 🤔 I got KH 1 as my 1,500th trophy, and Re:CoM as my 2000th this morning! So only those two so far - and that's not likely to change any time soon - gonna make KH2 my 2,500th trophy Although I really need to get them all done before KH3 maybe after KH2, I'll just play the other games in quick succession and no more milestones? Hmm....
  13. I completed KH Re:CoM! Yay!! Man, the grinding to get both characters to level 99 was very unneccessary...I don't know why they had to put a trophy in for that, I'd have been done ages ago if it wasn't for that 😒 Card collection kinda makes sense, but level 99 is just...bleh. Ah well. One more done for the event! Also I'm really sorry but can I make another game swap? I just saw a trailer for Flynn & Freckles and I really wanna play it right now and don't wanna wait until after the event I love platformers. It's apparently got puzzles in it so I'll swap out Tricky Towers. Here's the icon and link for ease of swapping: Also @RockyJokerPL that's....actually kinda impressive. That must've taken some force o_O
  14. In the promotional email for the event it says: "Get your entry in before 10:00 BST on 8 June and then collect 11 or more Trophies from any of your PS4™ games up to and including 18 June. We’ll then email you to answer two tie-breaker questions for a chance to win." So it's almost certainly one or more per day during the 11 day period. But in the T&Cs it does only mention "one (1)" and says nothing about it being a minimum requirement. Still I'm almost certain you can earn more than that and it'll still count. That's what I'm doing anyway, at least one but no maximum. But if anyone wants to make sure they only earn one per day to be safe, that's fine of course. And good luck to anyone who enters I entered too (UK) but if someone I knew won that'd be almost as good as me winning, so hope it's someone here that gets the prize
  15. I'm 100% with you there. Tuna is great. But fish on pizza is...I mean, I've never tried it, but in my head it's just the worst combination ever, taking two awesome things and ruining both Peppers are great! They have their place on pizza...but again, with tuna? I just...can't imagine spicy tuna pizza being enjoyable