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  1. Framerate wise it's fine, stability wise on the other hand? I ordered a physical copy online at release just because of how much I loved The Witcher games and holy moly I have never in my life played a game that crashes this much. It must have crashed at least every 30-60 mins. Needless to say the retailer I bought it from wouldn't accept refunds either. Thanks CDPR.
  2. Good choice, The RNG spawn locations of the ciphers is completely asinine, I spent 15 hours on Biome 2, 19/20, hundreds or re-runs before I woke up to myself and called it quits. Never seen a collectable system in a game this bad.
  3. What a truly wild take...
  4. Just unlocked the trophy in a quick play match. I manually equipped the blades and slashed all the fireteam members until they were downed then kept on slashing until they were dead. I did NOT claim once and didn’t heal inbetween kills, not sure if that made a difference or not.
  5. Hey buddy I’ve got a question, do claims taken from a dead (not downed) player’s corpse count towards the 100, 500, 1000 claim trophies?
  6. That's definitely the case, I spent a good 15 hrs or so running around all the spawn points in the guiding lands with no luck whatsoever. So I decided to level one specific region up to 6 and the rare moly popped up almost instantly.
  7. Really appreciate your work with these buddy, I remember those measurement vids helped immensely back in the base game.