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  1. Oh... My.... God.... this is really exciting!!!!! Oof day 1 purchase for me fo sho
  2. Dam ok, I'll try doing them all again since the patch see if that jigs the trophy for me then taa πŸ™‚
  3. Yea I'm pretty sure I should have gotten this trophy too, a few times during endurance events in story modes, then a few times in endurance via arcade, I also plenty of of times tried manipulating it in arcade like stopping right before a checkpoint, then hitting the gas when it's on 1 second to go through... numerous times I've tried when I was SURE I'd got the trophy.. but I still didnt get the trophy. I dont wanna say it's bugged but I'm kinda stumped so, unfortunately it might be. I also cant get the 'complete every track' trophy, and I've got medals on all of them in arcade so... I'm stumped on that one too!
  4. Comment deleted/EDIT: New update has made the Style events easier yay, I was stuck on them before but now its fine! I'm still stuck on Viv's story mode though Oof its tough! Pretty cool game though, would recommend
  5. thanks for the tip but... yea thats too long and i dont have a turbo so... not good for me :/ i agree with the others, i didnt think i was any form of noob lol but after an hour i havent even reached the boss once yet.. let alone beat it. gahh
  6. Darn bud you beat me to it πŸ˜› I would feel wrong adding my video now haha Yea 1.5- 2 hours is right, I just got the plat in 1 hour 20, nice and easy usual Sometimes You game for the trophy hunters πŸ™‚ (Though I would say a lil guide or some tips is needed if people want a quicker completion, as my first blind play took me 2.5 hrs tbf.... just a full game walkthrough video guide isn't needed πŸ™‚).
  7. Thank you, glad to help 😊
  8. Yw ☺️ enjoy
  9. Yayyyy amazing patch my last trophies insta popped after first death, im so happy as I was expecting to have to play it all again! Thank you Fantastico Studios! πŸ˜€
  10. Telling Lies trophy guide vid. video showing you everything you need to know. plat took me 34 mins, so i think will take you around the same time πŸ™‚ It's a veeeeery easy platinum, and ALOT quicker to plat than people realise! First just get 7 very easy n pretty quick miscellaneous trophies as detailed in the start of the video. There is one missable trophy, but still very easy, at the 3am cutscene a cat will walk over the keyboard, simply press search on what the cat typed. The rest of the game, simply input 84 KEY WORDS and view (for a millisecond) ALL of the 169 videos that these key words bring up. (This takes about 20 mins). And its as simple as that plat done! πŸ˜€ Picture of the full list of needed 84 words is at 9:14. All info and trophy timestamps are in the video description!
  11. Taimumari: Complete Edition.New game from Victory Road who previously bought us Chop is Dish, In-VERT, Oliver's Adventures in the Fairyland, and Pixel Devil and the Broken Cartridge. ☺️Plat in about 1.5 - 2 hours.1/10 difficulty because of cheat codes! *NOTE: 750 & 1500 stars trophies unlock a bit late, but its not a huge problem as will only take 10 - 15 mins to grind out at the farm spot in finale level shown in the video at 35:42. Get 2 trophies in the minigame Legand of Himari, reach level 5 and get 100 stars to buy a character. PS4 Cheat code for god mode for the Taimumari main game at 5:10 in vid. In the Taimumari main game tutorial level get butterfly killer trophy. Butterflies are not in any other levels. (they come out of the white mounds/mushroom looking things). Level 1 Sir Fallenstar has 8 shield collectables. Level 2 Explosive has 8 wrench collectables & find Jjar trophy. Level 3 Rocketto has 8 amphoras collectables. level 4 The Two-Faced has 8 mirror collectables. Finale level Wurai Kun just blast through. But has the farm spot to grind the deaths/lives/stars. (at 35:42 in the vid). Video showing full game/collectables/trophy guide/cheat code (timestamps are in the video description!):
  12. A great point & click game! Video platinum walkthrough/full game & trophy guide, or click in the video description for a link to the text walkthrough ☺️
  13. gotta say, i just played this on ps4, everything inc plat unlocked perfectly, i enjoyed the game, and plat only took me an hour n a half. So no need to steer clear of this game, unless you want to hold grudges over the first one. Yea it annoys me when devs don't fix broken games, but i guess theyve just thrown that one in the bin and trying to start over and do better. n as you get instant refunds for the disaster of the first.. i guess thats kinda fair enough. (i dunno i'd rather be an optimist than think everyone's ruthless lol...even if that does put me in dreamland LOL....but the truth is, aint nothin wrong with this game πŸ‘).
  14. Considering theres only 1 beasty roaming around its still not super duper easy, most people will get caught a few times. its just all about timing. So I've done the hard work for you showing you a pattern to follow that will get you success in that video.
  15. I've just been playing it cuz I thought the trailer looked awesome 😁 I liked the lady in the bathtub going around in the tornado lol and I liked blowing up the presidents convoy for a trophy haha oops I think 'el douche' might be glitched though because I've saved that new york citizen twice and didnt get the trophy.... anyone got it? Let me know. Also I cant for the life of me find a spot/way to get 'shark bait' trophy... if anyone has had any luck with that one let me know too With 4 short levels of about 3 waves each though its POSSIBLE could be a quick completion with the right methods, but I'm finding it a bit tricky at the moment.