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  1. You don't need a guide... But I'm just letting trophy hunters know you can get all trophies in 2-3 minutes. (No plat). And if you want to actually play the game properly, it's an alright quite nice n chill platformer.
  2. About 3.5/10 difficulty. Maybe 4/10 difficulty. Nothing too bad πŸ‘
  3. 1st PS4 plat achiever woop woop 😁 Just gonna let you know some brief info so u know what to expect from the game, and what you need to do to get the plat. Its a cool indie Japanese horror, stealth type, be quiet and hide or die! There's 5 chapters, to complete the chapter just find the doll in the level, then there will be a fun chase just memorise the path you came to quickly run back to the starting room to burn or submerge the doll to complete the chapter. When you have completed the 5 chapters, it will unlock a kinda new mode called 'another'. It's the same 5 chapters only this time they've added in 5 collectable notes in each chapter you have to find first before you can pick up the doll. For 'all endings' trophy, there is 4 endings: Normal mode Chapter 5 end burn the doll. Normal mode Chapter 5 end submerge the doll. 'Another' mode Chapter 5 end burn the doll. 'Another' mode Chapter 5 end submerge the doll. (Can quickly be grabbed by pressing continue after completing chapter 5 to start you back up at the end of the chase to grab the alternate ending). And that's it! For trophies just complete the chapters and grab the 4 endings! If you would like a look at the game, here's a lil vid showing you how to complete chapter 1 ☺️ (After my busy weekend I may make the other chapters! But for now just showing you a taster!) Its a cool game, enjoy!
  4. Great work ☺️ Thanks for helping me through the mercs levels that I got a little stuck on! Your great vids were very much appreciated! Plat achieved 😎
  5. Full commentary throughout, and I've written/labelled all collectables on screen for your ease, so you always know what's going on and what you're meant to be doing! I also made a written trophy guide with all info, collectables detailed, etc πŸ‘Link: Timestamps: 0:00 - Intro / Prologue 2:08 - Level 1 - Auqui Pit *All collectables labelled in the level* 3:09 - Amphibic Trophy (walk in water for 20 seconds) 3:39 - Aggression Management Trophy (stomp on a lapicrab 5 times) 8:04 - Level 2 - Agneya Plateau *All collectables labelled in the level* 16:06 - Level 3 - Malaha Plain *All collectables labelled in the level* 25:58 - Level 4 - Sag'Ya Valley *All collectables labelled in the level* 36:54 - Level 5 - Lake Ober *All collectables labelled in the level* 38:19 - Likeminded Trophy (surf with scipuins for 30 seconds) 47:40 - Level 6 - Cavulta Canyon *All collectables labelled in the level* 47:55 - Herder Trophy (gather 3 caloobs together) 56:45 - Level 7 - Unkr Tuur Desert *All collectables labelled in the level* 1:10:20 - Level 8 - Yeccaph Mesa *All collectables labelled in the level* 1:13:37 - Ground is Lava Trophy (keep astendeon in the air for 10 seconds) 1:18:41 - Level 9 - Pulyang Heights *All collectables labelled in the level* 1:26:30 - Level 10 - Fluamao Cliffs *All collectables labelled in the level*
  6. Running jumps..... You will make every jump no problem with running jumps... I play the whole game just holding square to run. Scaremonger thread, nothing about the game is broken guys, it's a cheap and cheerful $2.99 / Β£2.49 platinum, all trophies unlock perfectly, all levels play perfectly, all controls work perfectly exactly as you would expect from a cheap and cheerful 2D platformer. Nice and straightforward list too, you can merrily play blind without a guide and still have the plat in about an hour. πŸ‘
  7. Mina & Michi platinum walkthrough / trophy guide video. 6-10 minute platinum! 1.5/10 difficulty. Played it a few times, and I decided this is what I think is the best route to get the platinum in the quickest way! Couple of notes: 1 player just use both thumbsticks to control both characters. If you want 2 player press circle button and then you can plug in another controller and couch co-op if you like. Play on easy. Mainly use Michi (the blue one) to attack etc as he is invincible! For trophies you only have to go as far as defeating the 2nd boss. Enjoy *So short that I don't think it really needs timestamps lol but here you go anyway!* Trophy Timestamps: 0:51 - Gloves 0:59 - First Puzzle 1:09 - Silver Key 2:16 - Amulet 2:24 - Heal 2:44 - Exorcise 2:50 - More Health 3:15 - Golden Key 3:39 - More Energy 4:30 - 1st Boss 7:15 - 2nd Boss 7:28 - Platinum Friendship
  8. Two 7's? Nah it's a normal unedited plat run 1-16 baseballs... Also to be honest I recommend using the picture that I have added in the OP, labelling where the balls are gonna land and in what order, it's easier than the video. (I can only presume by OP you mean you've accidentally watched the other video at the top of this page 2, and not the actual OP.. otherwise I dunno what you're on about lol).
  9. I'm currently world's fastest platinum achiever at 21 minutes, can you beat me πŸ˜‰ Here's my platinum walkthrough video showing you my route, and I also give full commentary and audio directions for all the mazes because I think that will help you complete them quicker πŸ™‚ Timestamps: 0:00 - Intro 1:45 - Maze 1 3:15 - Maze 1 elevator jump misc trophy 4:23 - Maze 2 + all lights misc trophy 5:29 - Maze 3 + less than 20 button presses misc trophy 7:24 - Maze 4 9:27 - Maze 5 11:33 - Maze 6 13:08 - Maze 6 admiring the view misc trophy 13:25 - Maze 7 15:32 - Maze 10 18:31 - Maze 11
  10. Haha you can do it! 😁
  11. Was easy for me. I've put it at 3/10 difficulty. You have infinite lives. Just keep going till you get through. Small learning curve while you learn the level. Or watch the video to see how I do it. I guess it's easy for people who like or regularly play platformers. As always Taco you just like to have a moan 😝 It's also very cool and fun to play considering the price! I loved the neon style, was great πŸ‘
  12. Paradox Error Platinum Walkthrough / Trophy Guide Video (5 mins) 5-10 minute platinum! 2/10 difficulty. For the platinum complete 3 levels, click new game in level 1, stand on the moving platform for 5 seconds in level 2, find the secret message in level 3 (location shown in the video below), jump 100 times which will unlock naturally, and die 18 times which you can farm at the end. Enjoy! Timestamps: 0:00 - Level 1 1:19 - Level 2 3:21 - Level 3 & secret message location
  13. Hentai Vs. Evil Platinum Walkthrough Video 40 minute platinum. 3/10 difficulty. A fun new anime / zombie shooter by eastasiasoft. For the platinum complete the 3 rescue missions, then finish off grinding out kill and ammo box trophies. Timestamps: 0:00 - The Small Town rescue mission 5:34 - The Pirate Bay rescue mission 9:07 - The City rescue mission 13:06 - Kill & ammo box grind suggested area 16:24 - Alternate grind method SAFE SPOT
  14. You're gonna be sorely disappointed.. However if you just wanna kill some zombies as a cute anime character then sure it's quite fun! 1. Full nudity? Nope. You can play and run around in your underwear though if you like. There's a "dress up" section. 2. Nope. Afraid you're out of luck there.
  15. Rift Racoon Platinum Walkthrough Video (8 mins) 10 - 30 minute platinum. 3/10 difficulty. Use teleportation to make your way through the levels, complete the first 13 levels and grab 3 gems for the platinum!