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  1. I've heard a couple of people have a little struggle. So here is what I do that seems to guarantee you will never get hit! Tested it a few times, never got touched. Giving you an incredibly easy platinum. Super duper easy but effective strategy for getting the plat with no damage in this video:
  2. @WoLFHeART_aF it happened!! Yesterday a version update v1.04 landed which has lowered the difficulty of some events!!! Omg this made me so excited haha we have a better chance now! I'm gonna boot it up right away n see if I can actually get this last grand prix trophy now! 😈🤘
  3. lols but eek there's at least 10... 😬
  4. Squad Killer. Platinum Walkthrough / Trophy Guide Video. 10 minute platinum! 2/10 difficulty. Latest release by eastasiasoft, currently out in the AUS PSN store, will be out in other regions tonight at midnight. It's nice and easy because all trophies are cumulative! For trophies simply kill 58 enemies, collect 1000 coins, buy 3 upgrades, & die 5 times. Your main objective really is just to reach the upgrade room which is after level 2 (3 times for the 3 upgrades trophy). When you've bought an upgrade you can purposefully kill yourself, press retry to go back to the start and get yourself back to that upgrade room again. All the other trophies will naturally unlock while you're playing the game and doing this.
  5. 40 second platinum! Ok ok maybe 3 minutes if you miss a catch! only $0.99 in the NA PSN store! Just catch 15 baseballs in a row, easy as that! *NOTE: God forbid if you are struggling and want to make it even easier, If you close and restart the game, it will always start with this same pattern. If you miss a catch and carry on, the pattern will change.* The pattern!: *labelled 1-15 in the order the baseballs will come, and where they will land on screen.Use the dots on screen as markers to help you know where to stand.Close and reopen the game to get this same pattern if you need to try again.*
  6. Hellbreachers - Platinum Walkthrough / Trophy Guide Video (15 minutes). Fun fast easy plat! 1/10 difficulty if using the Knight/Viking (slower but stronger, safest & easiest) - 15 min plat. 3/10 difficulty if using the Assassin (faster but weaker, and trickier to attack) - 10 min plat. Your choice! Go with whatever suits your playstyle Straightforward trophy list, just grab the miscellaneous trophies on your way to defeating the Ancient Boss in Level 12. Trophies are for: Defeat the GOON BOSS in the tutorial. Defeat the XENOFUNGUS BOSS in level 6. Defeat the ANCIENT BOSS in level 12. Open 12 treasure chests (unlocked for me in level 5). Kill 30 enemies (unlocked for me in level 8). Collect 5000 coins (unlocked for me in level 10). And that's it! Nice and easy! Enjoy
  7. thanks but don't worry the bonus level is not 'impossible'. I thought I had been trying for forever but when I looked at the video it had only taken me 13 minutes to get to the top of the mountain. Just stick at it. Yea it's a little frustrating cuz it has purposefully been made that way! It is a BAD TRIP after all ! N is a mimic of an old hell game, the dev's comically sharing there old PTSD with us haha I personally found it pretty funny
  8. Journey Of The Broken Circle - COLLECTABLES GUIDE. All collectables video. All 38 Mushrooms. All 15 stars from 'Good Trip' bonus level. The first 11 minutes of this video will show you all the 38 collectable mushroom locations from the 16 chapters of the main game. The last 7 minutes of the video will show you how to get all the 15 stars from the 'Good Trip' bonus level. Journey Of The Broken Circle is an excellent multi award winning indie game, as it is a platforming & narrative game you don't need me to show you how to complete all chapters, just play it and enjoy yourself just use this collectables guide to easily grab all the mushrooms along your way! (And there is level select so nothing is missable!) *Note: There is a phony 3rd mushroom in Chapter 7 A Dark Place (at the start), that for story related reasons you purposefully cannot reach! Ignore it! You only need the 2 other mushrooms from this chapter for the all mushrooms trophy.* Timestamps: 0:00 - All 38 collectable Mushroom locations: 0:08 - Chapter 1 - Alone (3) 0:08 - #1 mushroom 0:38 - #2 mushroom 0:58 - #3 mushroom 1:13 - Chapter 2 - The Storm (3) 1:13 - #1 mushroom 1:22 - #2 mushroom 1:38 - #3 mushroom 1:49 - Chapter 3 - Meeting Sticky (3) 1:49 - #1 mushroom 2:17 - #2 mushroom 2:33 - #3 mushroom 2:51 - Chapter 4 - The Ice Cave (3) 2:51 - #1 mushroom 3:15 - #2 mushroom 3:32 - #3 mushroom 3:47 - Chapter 5 - On Thin Ice (3) 3:47 - #1 mushroom 3:58 - #2 mushroom 4:11 - #3 mushroom 4:45 - Chapter 6 - Getting Heated (3) 4:45 - #1 mushroom 4:53 - #2 mushroom 5:11 - #3 mushroom 5:37 - Chapter 7 - A Dark Place (2) *Note: It shows a phony 3rd mushroom, for story-related reasons you purposefully cannot get it, and it is not needed for the trophy.* 5:37 - #1 mushroom 5:54 - #2 mushroom 6:07 - Chapter 8 - Southern Comfort (1) 6:07 - #1 mushroom 6:21 - Chapter 9 - Cloud 9 (1) 6:21 - #1 mushroom 6:44 - Chapter 10 - The Cloud Temple (3) 6:44 - #1 mushroom 6:55 - #2 mushroom 7:09 - #3 mushroom 7:22 - Chapter 11 - Dark and Stormy (3) 7:22 - #1 mushroom 7:48 - #2 mushroom 7:59 - #3 mushroom 8:06 - Chapter 12 - The Stratosphere (1) 8:06 - #1 mushroom 8:20 - Chapter 13 - Speed (1) 8:20 - #1 mushroom 8:45 - Chapter 14 - Downhill Fast (4) 8:45 - #1 mushroom 9:08 - #2 mushroom 9:34 - #3 mushroom 9:44 - #4 mushroom 9:51 - Chapter 15 - The Waterpark (2) 9:51 - #1 mushroom 10:21 - #2 mushroom 11:00 - Chapter 16 - Mudslide (2) 11:00 - #1 mushroom 11:09 - #2 mushroom 11:24 - All 15 GOOD TRIP Stars 11:34 - #1 Star 11:51 - #2 Star 12:39 - #3 Star 12:49 - #4 Star 13:22 - #5 Star 13:39 - #6 Star 14:34 - #7 Star 14:55 - #8 Star 15:36 - #9 Star 16:09 - #10 Star 16:22 - #11 Star 16:34 - #12 Star 16:59 - #13 Star 17:21 - #14 Star 17:44 - #15 Star!
  9. Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic! - Quick Trophy Guide Video. & a display of all the 50 unlockable gallery anime girls pictures. 2/10 difficulty. About 1 hour to platinum. New game by eastasiasoft, currently out now in the AUS PSN store, will be out in the other regions later on today at midnight. Simply complete 50 levels for all trophies! Make sure to change difficulty to EASY via options. This is a quick trophy guide video simply telling you the basics for all you need to know, there is no need for a full platinum walkthrough for this game as all the levels are the same. Simply have fun making your way through all the levels, enjoy! 0:00 - Trophy Guide And for the anime fans: 2:51 - A display of all 50 unlocked gallery girls pictures
  10. True I remember some of the pets in some obscure places! One somewhere on the right of the map, was only accessible when u have full abilities n was at the bottom of some water, was a hidden path to the left or the right underwater there, that one took me the longest to find! I thought about doing a collectables video at the time... I still have the game downloaded just incase I go back to it to make a video.. maybe.. one day lol. Congrats on the quick other playthrough! The plat will soon be urs, if you havent got it already! 🙂
  11. Stating facts about how to aquire the endings and informing people that there is no need for exploits is not arguing. I'm letting people know not worry who might have seen your posts and be put off by misinformation. You @ me but now don't want the correct information I'm telling you. In that case I simply suggest you don't @ me again! Or do more of your own research first before reaching out to people. Cheers and good luck with the rest of your platinum journey
  12. Thank you so much! 😍💜
  13. Nonsense. And I see u joined the yestermorrow discord where u can see only a few posts above ur entry the game creators very recently post saying yes you can get both endings from the last checkpoint. Side note about pets 'exploit' it doesnt matter if it works now or not, I never used it, I just found all the pets and got the trophy as it was intended. I really don't understand the difficulties you're having. Anyway it is a really lovely game and I hope all future players continue to enjoy it
  14. Sarah Vs Sarah I thought I'd make a video too considering the namesake! 😆 (I got the plat in 22 mins, this video is 24 mins showing you my path):
  15. Stop stop stop!!! You wont have to do another full playthrough!!!! From the tittle screen when you have completed the game, press the continue button and it will bring you right to the spot at the end where you can either pick up or NOT pick up the Grandmaster Staff, the final needed tool! (sorry if I've called the tool wrong or something it was absolutely ages ago I played the game, I don't remember much, but you get the gist.) So you can get both trophies for all tools and not all tools at the same time. Just get one, then press continue, get the other. Common sense to take 10 seconds to press the continue button to test instead of jumping in for another 5 hour playthrough! I've no idea why ur saying apparently this is what you need to do for price of peace, it's pretty clear by the trophy description, that is what the collected artifacts/tools will do, and the game will tell you too when you reach the conduit at the end. Like all the trophy descriptions are clear. Like the cleansing creatures you previously asked... just keep cleansing all creatures you come across from the black/possessed things back to normal creatures with ur powers, any that you see, and the trophy will unlock?! It's all complete common sense. You will get the plat if you just use common sense. !