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  1. Yea I'm good cheers mate 🙂 Thanks, I'm still pretty much retired from making trophy guides though, but this just needed a little info putting out there for anyone curious googling about it/how to complete it, and we all know I love my obscure/bizarre, weird and wonderful games so this one was perfect for me lol and so I was happy to 😁
  2. Couldn't find any info at all online for this game - no full game walkthrough's or guides of any form, so made some useful info myself, to try and bring a little more attention to the game 🙂 It's a cool freaky quirky arty indie game currently going fairly unrecognised with very few players, I just grabbed it from the PSN Summer Sale for only 0.90p! (Instead of £10 usual price). Now's the time to grab it while it's a bargain! Worth a look for any lovers of games with unique strange and unusual vibes! Steps Of Doom is the debut mini art project by Souette Studio that released in December 2021. Presented in wonderful traditional hand-drawn animation, the game consists of 10 freaky various horror themed levels, the story is you are two witches trapped in a demonic survival board game, simply survive to complete the game and escape your doom! Feel free to play the game blind, but its one of those games that doesn't give you any instructions so it can take some considerable time and trial and error to firstly figure out what you are supposed to do lol and secondly how best to beat it. But with this walkthrough/guide using methods I've found to complete each level you'll be done in a snip. it takes under 15 minutes to complete all 10 levels, then just use some cloud saves to mop up the 3 death trophies, and the 3 endings. 16 minute full game walkthrough video, all cutscenes left in for people to enjoy what the game looks like in full 🙂 (No commentary, didn't want to ruin the vibe of this one. Just seeing what you need to do is enough) : Timestamps: 1:46 - Level 1 3:16 - Level 2 4:48 - Level 3 6:20 - Level 4 7:28 - Level 5 9:00 - Level 6 10:31 - Level 7 12:06 - Level 8 13:19 - Level 9 14:52 - Level 10 Extra info and a link to my in-depth written trophy guide is in the video description & first pinned comment. So with this info the trophies and game become considerably easier, and will be nice and straightforward for you to complete. Becoming a 2/10 difficulty, and under 1 hour for 100% trophy completion. Have fun! 🙂
  3. This trophy seemed a little misleading I thought it had to be done in one game, but I can confirm 'a very generous friend' - give 1 life to each character - means at any point, can be done over multiple games, to give a life to all characters - 1 to the rock, ruby, shelly, finbar. Confirmed because I was surprised when the start of an online game i gave one life to the rock and the trophy unlocked. 🙂👍 You dont really need to boost any of this game, but if you want to get the 20 lives or this one a bit quicker then you and just one other mate is enough. No more than 2 players needed to boost 🙂
  4. Great stuff, I love a well written and wonderfully formatted text guide! Thank you 🙂 for taking the time and effort to do it *and to do it right 😁 I had only 2 things I wanted to know really, does pause stop the timer, you answered that in your fabulously detailed OP you wrote yes, marvellous news! And in Midtown can I jump straight into the nightclub window after getting the battery from the factory, instead of going all the way back to Clementine's flat to solve a puzzle about where she is, but we already know where she is if we've played the game before! (I had 1 blind run for fun). I was just curious if any story jumping shortcuts had been found, anyway thanks again!
  5. Agreed I love this new map! The place looks awesome, be warned if your flashlight runs out while you're around the castle though it's dark as hell I got myself lost/stuck in a tower for a bit lol. Gonna be playing more as Ed with his super duper flashlight I think! And these new weapons are great everyone loves the explosive crossbow oof teams be fighting over special ammo now! And that melee mace to the nads finisher does make me laugh love it 😂👌
  6. There was another new version update 1.07 couple days ago, still no need to worry user 50/trophies are still fine, but it was a great patch they've fixed loads! I love that they removed when possessed units could shoot bleeding out/dead survivors to stay in possession forever till the ammo ran out, that used to p*ss me off and yea didnt seem right! 👌 🙂 Link for the patch notes for the latest june 28th update:
  7. Yep like I said before I'm pretty sure you have to press continue to force a save 👍 not press the retry button, which doesn't give the save icon
  8. Nice. Yea agreed. Way easier to get more points and wins with demon. Think i played 10 demon games the other day and didn't lose any. Even at the beginning before max demon level was still getting consistently plenty of wins. imo demon is just more fun to play too lol 😁 I've only ever used Warlord/Henrietta. Didn't even test the others! This is the max level build I chose for Warlord, that never seems to do me any wrong: #1 row: - 2 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 3 - 3 #2 row: - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 3 #3 row: - 1 - 2 - 1 - 3 - 3 - 0 - 0 #4 row: - 1 - 1 - 3 - 3 - 1 - 0 #5 row: - 1 - 1 - 2 - 1 - 1 - 0 - 0 #6 row: nah. Yep just make your basic units & boss hench and you should be good to go 👍 puke is really useful to incapacitate those expert dodgers too. I don't know if it's the only demon category that can take away a players ability to dodge? Like I said I haven't played the other 2 demon's. But that power is 👌 Y
  9. Yep, n I was guilty of doing the exact same thing myself because I thought I needed to, or I'd never get the trophy. Running off just wanting to grab a map piece first. Then the trophy unlocked at a completely different time I thought, oh, damn, don't need to do that anymore then 😬 and I felt bad lol. Fortunately won't do that anymore! Best survivor rule ALWAYS STICK TOGETHER! Always always always! Unless ofc you're Pablo then you are free to go off on your own getting stuff done under the safety veil of invisibility 😁 if you want... but ofc.. rest of team still stronger with 4 instead of 3..
  10. Yep ur right, my trophy unlocked while completing the waves of the lost page objective. Nothing to do with the 3 individual map pieces like you that I read in guides that they insinuated u needed to personally collect. Unfortunately there is multiple misinformation in the guides, like I read in powerpyx guide saying for max demon trophy u need a high threat level in game, nope if u just use ur spirit points to get the max demon level 45 from the main build screen, that's all you need, it unlocks. Nothing to do with in game threat level. 👍
  11. Mine popped perfectly fine couple days ago in public matches, I kept a tally and it unlocked exactly the right time that I expected it to. The recent patches have fixed all/any trophy unlock issues.
  12. I'm sure...well I hope... that it will still be user level 50! Today I got all the other trophies, at user level 33, was a fun ride. Now for just that grind to reach the user 50!
  13. Even if it's well hidden you let the sound of the flute direct you, you know you're going in the right direction when it gets louder, so no not a skill or cheat.
  14. Not really much of a grind cuz I'd say it's about a 7-10 hour plat. When I wrote a guide for this game a few years ago I gave it a 4/10 difficulty, so just like a fun challenge nothing insane. For any info and any tips u may need heres the guide: I think the trickiest part was just getting 3 stars in the final level, but if you're just super fast you'll be fine! 👍 think I made a video for that bit too. If you just want some silly fun then yea sure go for it 🙂
  15. I've played for 2 days n have to say it doesnt seem too bad. Picked to play as the demon Henrietta just because the look of her makes me laugh 😂 First day sure I got 0 wins cuz I had 0 upgrades was weak n had no idea what to do or how to play. Today the 2nd day little better and I got 5 demon wins, which felt hella satisfying 😁 I have no real strat other than all at the same time trying to overwhelm/overload, with max energy i spawn everything - basic portal - elite portal - then R1 to scare a survivor to replenish enough energy to also spawn my boss. Then bash away til my hearts content and hope for the best lol. I'm happy with the 5 wins today as still feel like a newbie for I'm sure its gonna get more fun when I get better and stronger 😀🤘 so yea I maybe recommend trying Warlord class, it's working fine for me