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  1. Yup it definitely is for sure
  2. Rocket Punch - Platinum Walkthrough, Full Game & Trophy Guide Video (35 mins) NOTE: You will need a PLAYSTATION CAMERA to play this game! Because it's a motion game, that works by tracking the movement of the light bar on your dualshock controller. A fairly quick and easy plat for you with this video! There's some pretty crazy trophies at the end, that would be really obscure to figure out and find for yourself, but they'll be nice n easy to get when you know how to do it which I will of course show ya in this guide! 😜 1 hour or less to plat, 3/10 difficulty. This is a crazy, funny, random game, that I had a lot of fun playing! So if you like your indie games on the bizarro side then you'll love it Oh and bonus it's an absolute bargain at only £3.99 in the PSN store! Alright enjoy, hope it helps Timestamps: 3:20 - Rocket Ride Trophy (1/31) 6:30 - Bang! Zoom! Trophy (2/31) 9:35 - Event Horizon Trophy (3/31) 12:07 - Beyond The Infinite Trophy (4/31) 15:00 - Hell's Where They Wanna Be Trophy (5/31) 18:02 - Distracting Cameo Trophy (6/31) 18:44 - Ahoy-Hoy Trophy (7/31) 22:03 - Master Photographer Trophy (8/31) 22:17 - Key 101 Trophy (9/31) *Key 1/4* 23:35 - Everyone's A Critic Trophy (10/31) 23:44 - You Can Pet The Dog Trophy (11/31) 23:44 - Key Finder Beginner Trophy (12/31) *Key 2/4* 24:46 - Boss Hugman's Putting Challenge Trophy (13/31) 24:46 - Key FAQ Writer Trophy (14/31) *Key 3/4* 26:50 - All Desert, No Bus Trophy (15/31) 26:50 - Key Data Miner Trophy (16/31) *Key 4/4* 29:03 - Thinking Outside The Box Trophy (17/31) 29:47 - You're Too Kind Trophy (18/31) 30:20 - Rootinest, Tootinest Trophy (19/31) 30:32 - Night Of Fire Trophy (20/31) 30:44 - Legally Distinct Game Mode Trophy (21/31) 30:54 - 16 Hit Combo Trophy (22/31) 31:05 - It's At Least A C+! Trophy (23/31) 31:18 - It's Raw! Trophy (24/31) 31:18 - Bone Apple Tea Trophy (25/31) 31:40 - The Early Bird Trophy (26/31) 31:57 - Compulsory Basic Training Trophy (27/31) 31:57 - Avid Collector Trophy (28/31) 32:36 - Hackerman Trophy (29/31) 33:12 - F's In The Chat Trophy (30/31) 34:12 - Rocketeer Platinum Trophy (31/31!)
  3. Thank you! Glad it helped 😁
  4. This has been on sale again right now for £3.99, so I decided to buy it and have another crack at it (I played it for about a second 4 years ago and then promptly sold the disc lol) My thoughts: It looks good, plays great, and all bugs have been fixed 👍 It starts off tough, but gets much easier the more you play it! Some trophies were a bit of hell but tbh I am glad I went back to it as I ended up enjoying it in the end 🙂 I can see why it's still an ultra rare platinum though... But it was very satisfying to finally beat it!
  5. Oh dear! Try having a coffee or red bull before to sharpen those reflexes 😂 I got 25 on my first attempt, then on my 9th attempt (F)13 mins later I got 32 so I didnt think it was so bad. I think a couple of the trophies are gonna be a mini grind like 1000 marathon kills n 100 blood lust rank, but so far the game is a lot of fun 😃
  6. DARQ: Complete Edition Platinum Walkthrough Video (1 hour 13 minutes). Full Game & Trophy Guide. Including all trophies and speedruns of the extra levels The Tower & The Crypt. Brilliant new horror puzzle game by Unfold Games. I loved it! I highly recommend it! Trophy-wise is mainly straightforward, there is just 1 collectable in each chapter, and nothing is missable as there is chapter select. Be aware there are a couple of little speedrun trophies in this game, that may need a little practice for you to get, but they're not so bad. 2 are for completing singular puzzles quickly, 1 is for completing extra level The Tower in under 6 minutes, and lastly one is for completing extra level The Crypt in under 12 minutes. I include these speedruns in this video at the end I've also written a text walkthrough for those of you that prefer those link: Timestamps: 1:05 - Chapter 1 2:02 - Bag-Headed Boy encounter 1/3 4:30 - Collectable Dream Journal Page 1/6 (Master of Gears Trophy 1/18) 6:39 - Chapter 2 7:07 - Bag Headed Boy encounter 2/3 9:47 - Collectable Dream Journal Page 2/6 (Subway Explorer Trophy 2/18) 10:31 - Chapter 3 16:00 - Collectable Dream Journal Page 3/6 (City Dreamer Trophy 3/18) 16:44 - Chapter 4 20:00 - Collectable Dream Journal Page 4/6 (Masked Genius Trophy 4/18) 20:45 - Chapter 5 27:47 - Completed circular maze puzzle faster than one full camera turn (Off Camera Speedrun Trophy 5/18) 29:08 - Collectable Dream Journal Page 5/6 (Train Rider Trophy 6/18) 30:49 - Chapter 6 32:16 - Collectable Dream Journal Page 6/6 (Patient Trophy 7/18) 35:49 - Bag-Headed Boy encounter 3/3 (Perceptive Trophy 8/18) 42:09 - Chapter 7 Finale Chase 45:17 - Completed the game (Awaken Trophy 9/18) 45:17 - Completed the game with all 6 collectable Dream Journal Pages (10/18) 45:41 - Extra Level - The Tower *Completed in 5 minutes 26 seconds* 48:10 - Completed the pyramid puzzle in the fewest moves (Pyramid Master Trophy 11/18) 51:28 - Completed The Tower in under 6 minutes (Tower Runner Speedrun Trophy 12/18) 51:39 - Extra Level - The Crypt (for skulls) 52:19 - Completed scissors puzzle in under 15 seconds (Sharp Like Scissors Speedrun Trophy 13/18) 53:30 - Found the Diamond Skull 1/4 (Jeweller Trophy 14/18) 57:33 - Found a Quartz Skull 2/4 1:02:38 - Found a Quartz Skull 3/4 1:02:53 - Found a Quartz Skull 4/4 (Quartz Skull Collector Trophy 15/18 & Skull Master Trophy 16/18) *Now restart extra level the crypt for the last trophy, to complete the speedrun of the level!* 1:04:00 - Extra Level - The Crypt (for speedrun) *Completed in 9 minutes 4 seconds* 1:13:18 - Completed The Crypt in under 12 mins (Crypt Runner Speedrun Trophy 17/18) 1:13:18 - Complete Darkness Platinum Trophy! 18/18!
  7. In level 10? Oh shit! It was untested I just saw the area n thought maybe there is a chance there.. guess not, the devs outsmarted us there! Back to using this sneaky getting stuck trick then and persevering until it works just right!
  8. Yea it can be a pain 😅 So now that I've completed all the levels and got the plat, I see that in level 10 you start in a big open square, not just a little path like every other level, so you can alternatively maybe try just going around and around in this square as you have plenty of room to move around for the 1000 score trophy, try that 🙂👍
  9. oh noooooooooo 😅 tbf I made a user error at 671 and accidentally pressed left twice which will ofc kill you and I was like lol
  10. It'll just take a few tries till you're perfectly stuck in there, I had plenty of failed attempts were it wiggled itself free and fell or jumped out after a while. If you just stick at it it will work eventually 🙂
  11. No Thing - New PS4 game in the PSN store today. 1000 score trick! To get the Palace trophy. Considering its simple concept, this is a pretty dam tough game! Buttttt.... if you like.... there is a sneaky trick you can use to get the hardest trophy in the game! 😜 Get yourself stuck in the corner of the path. This should technically work on any corner, but I couldn't get it to work fully on level 1, so I recommend this spot at the start of level 2 where I had consistent success. May take you a few tries to get in the spot just right. You can be a little bit too high, or a little bit too low, and the guy will jump out again or fall and die, but when you get it just right you'll be able to keep on turning left and right infinitely. Without using this trick, to get a score of 1000 will be one helluva mean feat... You score about 100 - 130 when you complete a level, there are 10 levels, and you only get one life... So you'd have to complete 8-10 levels without ever dying... 😱 and each level is pretty dam hard in itself to pass! Anywho the choice is yours 😉
  12. Yep.. it is making my eyes bleed Wish could turn off that screen blur stuff, so often it throws me off and kills me! I've died a disgusting amount of times already and I'm only on level 3.... I thought this game might be fun (or ezpz NOPE!) but it turns out it's actually evil. Lol
  13. Omg I don't know how you figured out these crazy hidden trophies mate, thank you! But I legit felt queasy during that 'Flick or eat' minigame.. 😂
  14. Thank you, you're welcome 😊 💜
  15. Not true mate, there are no flaws in my guide. If you have inputted every search word and clicked on every video then you WILL get the platinum. (Aswell as completing the short and easy miscellaneous trophy tasks ofc). You simply just made a mistake and missed one. And your issue with solitaire, sorry you had a hard time with it, tbh I thought everyone in the world had played that game like playing it on the works computer instead of actually doing work haha but even if you've never played it before it's one of the simplest card games there is with simple rules even for a beginner? Though it is a shame it caused you frustration. I personally thought this was a brilliant game 🙂 Dont be put off people by this silly thread. You'd be missing out on a good and interesting game. Sorry Zocker but it is unfair scaremongering.