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  1. No problems with any trophies since ive been playing it, jeff popped fine, so all good now.
  2. I have listed on screen when each trophy unlocks with the name and what count you are on so you know your progression πŸ™‚ I have also added narration, so people know what is happening and what they are meant to be doing etc, I have made my guides how I would like to see a guide 😁 to help people through in the most efficient fashion... I hope! Lol. (I will add the trophy timestamps in the video description when I am back home later today!) Please do report back with how you find it, and anything you'd like me to improve, I hope I am producing some good quality though for my beloved gaming community! Kind regards, EssTee !
  3. Red Bow Platinum Walkthrough video guide (34 mins): Enjoy guys ☺️ Kind regards, Your new guide writer on the block! EssTee 😁
  4. Im back! To yes also confirm! I loaded back up chapter 2, I just stood still (didnt have to crouch), and just spammed my phone open and shut for about 2 mins and the trophy unlocked! Yay plat! πŸ˜€ thanks for the solution, im glad it was just a trophy description error and not a glitch! πŸ™‚
  5. Yea id recommend changing the title as 5-7 hours is way over. I just played it for the first time n it took 1 hour 56 minutes. And I loved the game, thought it was a great and lovely indie puzzler, def gonna play it again for the stack
  6. What I knew a police car with sirens coming up behind you, you pull over get off the curb a little so the police car can get through... the game went '-100 points for drving off road!' Instant fail! What! Fuk this sim lol
  7. i saw your post yesterday and so then started the game, and yep easily smashed fastest achiever (NA version) with 3 hours 48 mins using this at the start of the levels, so yes it easily halves the plat time! thank you for sharing this πŸ˜€ especially useful to speed up boss battles πŸ‘Œ and making world 5's tighter time limits a breeze. thanks again, great find ☺️
  8. Is anyone else having any issues unlocking trophies? The throwing cat poop in a bin (lol) trophies, it took me 15 mins between the 25 and 50 trophy, i then played the same mode that they unlocked ('My Room') for another 3 hours and the 100 poops trophy never unlocked... so i'm concerned its glitched. Crazy cat lady trophy for adopting 20 cats also wont unlock... and i have adopted 32 cats.. which worries me also. meeting the requirements for trophies is also proving MUCH more difficult than i had anticipated.... for example i have only managed to get the top rating of 7 coins in ONE level, the first and easiest level! i'm convinced i'm executing the next levels flawlessly but i just don't get the 7 coins, i normally only get 4 or 5! So what i also want to mainly ask is does anyone have any tips on how to succeed in the different categories for trophies in story mode? please. As right now i've tried many things and i'm frankly bewildered πŸ€” it sounds simple... but its just not happening! So please share any tips on how to get 7 coins all levels, how to survive levels without breaking anything, or any other tips for the game at all. otherwise i fear this may be a plat that will be left incomplete on my profile 😬
  9. yea concerning collectables, when i had finished my playthrough i was only missing 2 pages and 5 moments, so that was no drama to mop up at all. i loved the VR bit, shame there wasnt more VR content because it was really quite wonderful! as was the whole game πŸ‘Œ
  10. Is this trophy maybe glitched? I have walked to every corner of the game... but this is the only trophy I cant get? I have played the game for about 6 hours so have definatley walked that far... (if 1000m is I think 1.8miles and the average person/vr walk speed is 3mph then it should theoretically unlock in under 40 minutes..?) If anyone has any trick or advice on this then please do share! It is a shame because It is quite a good game and I was enjoying it until I couldnt see why this trophy wont unlock! (I see one person has got this trophy before completing the game which baffles me even more..) Any help appreciated
  11. That speedrun trophy was hell!! Im pretty sure theres no tricks or way-arounds to pause. I even tried from ps button opening youtube app so semispheres app was 'suspended' but not closed but nope didnt work. Ya just gotta grin n bear it!
  12. you know what to do. blow the cartridge.
  13. Thank you for the haunted ruin timer run out death tip my trophy unlocked straight away there after failing other ways πŸ™‚
  14. Agatha knife platinum walkthrough video (1 hour 43 mins) u can get this plat in 2 hours, if you just make one cloud save in the middle when i prompt you to on screen to grab an alternate trophy, avoiding the need for another playthrough all written instructions will be on screen, hope my vid helps you get another nice quick n easy platinum, plus the game is great too! πŸ˜€ ok enjoy, hope it helps
  15. Full game & All trophies video walkthrough/guide (50 mins) this games actually quicker than you'd think! i hope my vid helps u get ur plat quick and easy ☺️ couple of pointers: there is a trophy for never dying (you can make a cloud save each chapter though, or whenever you see the save icon circle) there is also a trophy for not using any health items (as above, redownload last cloud save if you take a hit) all instructions will be written on screen in the video. there is no chapter select, so get everythin in one go. but all chapters are only a few mins long. this vid will show you the methods to pass all areas without ever being touched. i highly recommend you refer to it if u want a quick journey to plat. ok enjoy, hope it helps