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  1. God I hated this game. I only finished it because my wife uses the tv after dinner and I needed something to kill time until she gets done. 5.5. Story was decent. But too buggy and infuriating timed sections. Would have been better if I could customize the curser sensitivity.
  2. Thank you guys!
  3. First play through. Was trying to get they all live and do all the collectibles, how ever I got caught by the psycho at the end of chap 4. I know it locks me out of some collectibles later on. Should I just no get the collectibles until I redo the game? Or when I go back and select chapter 4 to play from there will the collectibles stay collected excepted for the ones I got locked out of?
  4. Yeah 3rd times a charm.
  5. Just did "the operative" with to war chief body guards set to spy, did the betrayal mission and no trophy pop. did this right before the assault on Nurnen. anyone else have this issue?