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  1. Currently Waiting on* Solar Ash! 😫😀
  2. FemShep or Aloy
  3. Still no trophy list for this? This is past a joke, wait months after release on every other platform, now it takes weeks to get the trophy list live...
  4. As many have said here, I too believe its greatly inspired by Ghost Ship. It was my first thoughts when Oslon (may have gotten his name wrong) sees the ship through the storm! The trophy for completing Movie night is a definite nod towards the movie.
  5. Solid Snake or Aloy
  6. Please don't mention Zombies ate my Neighbours 🙁 Still can't understand why we haven't got that on PS4 yet 😭 But I agree Act Raiser wasn't half as bad as those games mentioned especially Battletoads!
  7. Amazing news! Thank you. Hopefully it does sort the issue and I can start it, game looks amazing!
  8. Hey @PotrikBerger I can somewhat relate to what your saying. My first playthrough was with Kasane - who I thought was mega cool! I love the story and the plot twists but like you when I started my second playthrough, all I wanted is for it to be over with. For all its bells and whistles I think the game is good enough to warrant the first playthrough, anything requiring multiple playthroughs in games like this are always a chore at least in my opinion anyway. I skipped thru all dialogue and bond episodes during Yuitos playthrough because I wanted to get it done. In conclusion, I did love the game - especially, as previously said with Kasane. Over all though I think theres a big bulk of the game just "filler", conversations that dont really go anywhere or end up having any significance to the plot or story, I remember all too often sitting there waiting for the story to unfold but instead have Kyoka (hope I spelt her name correctly) bang on about something or other or Shiden becoming a millennial fairy and get offended about everything Kasane said. Best of luck with your second playthrough though!
  9. Someone forgot to pay their Netflix subscription!! 🙈
  10. This is very true! If I could give more likes based on how much agree you'd be in the millions haha! I really don't want to bash on people with what they choose to play but again, you totally nailed it, people are rewarding devs for games like Breakthrough Gaming Arcade, Brick Break titles ((or whatever they're called)) mainly for cheap and easy/fast platinums but beautiful indie titles are getting brushed to one side. This game in particular I've already ranted about but I just can't see any logic behind blocking it on Sony's end. It's a no brainer as far as I'm concerned. I know there's a lot of people that will say concentrate on new games rather than bringing back or remastering classics but I for one love going back to my NES/SNES/Master System/Genesis days. I think this is going down as another blemish on Sony's status, for me. BTW Commando Keen? Loved that game! Think I played around 3 of the 6? parts to that series and also the Gameboy Colour version!
  11. Thank you! Oh so you don't need to do all with Kasane? That's cool! Thanks for the information! Yeah I'm on the fence about Yuito's playthrough, Kasane is soo much cooler!
  12. Is there a way to go back in phases? I missed some early side quests and I cant get back into Suoh, or is there an option to go back endgame? Thanks in Advance.
  13. Look, I love Sony as much as the next person but to say that it's not on Sony is mind boggling, of course they don't know anything about it. 😒 It's common sense, Sony have to give the thumbs up on any release, it's Sony's store after all, who else adds and removes games from said store if its not Sony? A trailer was made for the rerelease, which got heavily publicised by both Microsoft and Nintendo on their respective consoles, a quick Google search shows that both Xbox and Switch have Announcement Trailers. Both consoles had some kind of pre order, both consoles had a perfect release in terms of dates, both coming on 29th June. So again, it's not on Sony, no? Moreover, I'd like to know exactly what blocked the game, pixel big tit cheerleaders? Pixel evil babies? Maybe because its not like every other "Break" game or Mayo that comes out eh? Seems all we get over here now a days is a flood of Outbreak RE rip off games, Break Easter/Christmas/St Patrick day shit or Ratalaika shit.
  14. It's just stupid, Sony show time and time again they have no quality control with half the shit that gets put out on the store, but classics such as ZAMN/Ghoul Patrol get the red light? I know this port has a few quirks people have mentioned on other platforms such as the music, no bindable control options etc but that doesn't warrant Sony blocking it going on the store, isn't this what updates are for? There's been a few instances of the same thing happening over the years to other games I've wanted but this is by far the worst example. Even if you think Microsoft and Nintendo are shit and solely stay with Sony like I do for gaming, at least we can all agree other companies get games out on time, if this keeps happening, it's only hurting Sony.