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  1. Im not sure how to post pictures here, but from twitter they posted 【Announcement】『LOST EPIC』is listed at an unintentional price on the PlayStation Store.We are looking into the issue and trying to fix it.We will notify customers after the price is corrected and decide on what we can do.We apologize for the confusion. You can find the post mid way down the page here:
  2. When I first started playing KF2 my name was NinjaChibusa. I changed my name a couple of times and never experienced any problems with KF2. Hope this helped!
  3. 1. The Suffering 2. Simpsons Hit & Run 3. Viewtiful Joe 4. Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver 5. Psi-Ops
  4. Thanks for the reply, yeah I tallied up the MYFACTION war wins tokens and your right but you have proving grounds, 42 stars gets 70 tokens for instance and the better you do the more tokens you get so id assume maybe Faction wars plus proving grounds should get you enough for 5 diamond cards
  5. Thank you for the Kendo trick! For the diamond cards, won't the token market diamond cards count towards this?
  7. I'm pretty sure Conan Chop Chop's list is completely different on PSNProfiles than it is on PSN
  8. I agree, it's not Forbidden West standard for graphics, but that's just the Aesthetic they were going for - Oil Painting, but graphics wise I agree it's not the most appealing to the eye. Personally I'm enjoying the demo so far, gameplay seems decent enough at least.
  9. Yep! That's exactly how the dev's wanted the game to look, as if it's an oil painting, I assume. Just wondering if anyone can help! Playing the demo, just unlocked an item thru the Progress menu called "Pattern of Lightning". Anyone know what this does or if I can equip it, can't seem to find it in my inventory? Tried a quick google search but came up short.
  10. Damn! We're being spoilt this Feb and March eh? >Pre-ordered! 😍
  11. Thank you, so sweet of you! I'll hold you to that! 😀 Dying Light 2:Stay Human has been so awesome! See you soon!
  12. Oh whoa! Thank you for the offer! Right now I'm busy with Dying Light 2 and next Horizon or GRiD Legends but if the offer is still there for say end of March, I'd definitely take you up on that! If not, that's fine but thank you for the offer non the less! 😄
  13. I've never really played any Oddworld games before, Is it ok to start this one without playing the others?
  14. Yeah, people on this game are toxic. I wouldn't say everyone's the same, most the time the matches I've been in are fairly well played and enjoyable but I've had quite a few toxic people in chat. 2 off the top of my head... 1. I was playing Kick the ant hill incursion, which people have found a cheese with Fuze by just using his ability to clear the rooms as fast as possible, I went into my first map not knowing about the cheese and was told I had to pick Fuze because "They were rotating" in using him. I said it was cool, but my Fuze was unavailable that time, to which it was showing to everyone in the lobby that he was injured for me. I went thru the whole incursion being called a leech and I shouldn't be playing it without knowing the Fuze cheese, end of the match I was told to fuck off before they left. 2. I was the last surviving member of a run, it was an aberrant nest objective, I was swarmed by rooters and torments before being able to extract anyone and ultimately went down. I was told I should never play games again. Ok, maybe not the most toxic people are on there but that's just 2 examples. It's not even just me that people are toxic with, they're toxic with each other! The amount of times I've been in a game and the chat has just blew open between the other 2 members is quite something else.
  15. Right, so to be blunt I'm bored of this game and have been since like the second DLC came out. I just want done with it ASAP. I know those weeklies contribute a lot towards rank but is that it? The tower does barely anything to what I've noticed on completed runs and losing at a tower gives you nothing. So I just want to know if there's a fast way of levelling this up cause I really can't be bothered to get to rank 45 for a golden parrot at this rate! Thanks in advance!