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  1. Thanks for the video Phil! Really liking the look of this! That art style 😍 Plus, As Dr. Hamborne said, it's looking a lot like a throwback of sorts to Mike Tyson Punch Out. Intrigued as to how those conversation choices impact the game. Definitely on my radar now!
  2. I mean, I'm not taking sides here but i can't see how that's offensive? Delusions only pointed out that IF you were broke, then y'know.. It's a shame because now you'll never get the chance to play it (The deluded part may have come across as offensive to you but a lot of people wait and wait for more money to be knocked off an already cheap as it's going to get game - which really is... Deluded. We've all been guilty of buying a game in a sale but Time and effort have been put into these games whether new or remastered so we get to enjoy them, at least support the dev's without expecting everything at £4.99 or less, eh?). He didn't say Haha your broke, your fault now did he? I mean, I'm not going to sit here saying I never get offended over things, but i really can't see a problem here. I will agree with you though a MUA 3 is something that'd get my juices flowing. Although i don't have either MUA or MUA2 on my current account I've played both and enjoyed both no end. On Topic - It's a shame yet another Marvel product has been taken from us, soon i fear Marvel will be a thing of the past for us gamers, such a shame. Wonder if Disney are behind all the pulls?
  3. Hey x1001x_Puppys, Me and a friend have just played through the entire Superstars mode in co-op and gotten the Platinum for Onrush, here's what we figured out. Their are 80 starting items, so people will have to deduct that from what ever they have, for example if you have 310 items, you actually only have 230. Duplicated items DON'T seem to count. Although they give you credits, leveling doesn't always guarantee 3 unique items. Buying items from the list of vehicle skins, tombstones, character related items, etc. DO count towards this trophy. I had to continue playing until I was level 81, where as my friend got lucky and didn't get as many duplicated items, he got his trophy at 79. Good luck with your guide over on! ☺️
  4. I know this thread's called "Trophy Thoughts" but in all honesty (Without alienating you) your just fanning the flames for an already heated argument about this, that's already discussed on thousands of other threads. You're only going to get one of three answers to this, Agreement, Disagreement or a logical explanation about there not being enough content in-game, which will in turn start another argument about Mayo not having much content but still has a plat (like you point out already) whereas games like Sonic Mania and Bloodstained deserve one. I'll go on record and say you're absolutely correct and I'm in agreement that games like this and Sonic Mania deserve Platinum trophies but i can't really standby people when they say potentially great game, meaning that the games not good just because of a platinum? That's a bit far fetched. For people with that kind of logic, all NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, PSOne, PS2 games must be garbage, just because the trophy system wasn't around back then? On-topic though I think the list looks fine, couple of play-through's worth of trophies for sacrificing and non-sacrificing, Nightmare mode and the boss rush - Which have me the most excited. All in all, yeah a pretty decent list albeit no platinum.
  5. Nearly done with all the Challenges on all difficulties. There are a few challenges that will test you patience, such as Kill 4 thugs with a bear, Kill 3 enemies with an ax, etc. Primarily because they don't always line up the way you'd expect. Score's seem pretty high on first glace but i can assure you they're not tough to obtain at all, Nikki (The ex army chick) can roll when you double tap left or right, utilize this as much as possible between far away enemies as it keeps the combo flowing. The only challenges that i think requires any sort of help (co-op) would be don't lose a life on Stage 9 as the first form of the final boss just eats up your lives. For the Good cop arrests, i was struggling with those until i found you can grab a thug (even the big guys) and pound triangle until they fall to the floor, wait til they rise and press circle instantly to arrest them. This method i can confirm also works well for the "Directive 3" trophy. I think the main thing people are going to struggle with here is the patience to keep replaying certain levels, especially on different difficulties. I've also just found that once you have a challenge complete you can quit out or restart a level and that challenge will still be intact, so you don't need to keep playing until the end of stages. (Can't confirm this for good/bad cop arrests as usually there's always one arrest or KO remaining around a boss so I always end a level by completing the boss.)
  6. Always appreciate these type of threads as i don't always check the PSN store, thanks OP. Yep, of course! Just add your card details and it'll take what ever's in your wallet at the time and deduct the other 15 Cents from your bank.
  7. Zangetsu has shades of Ryu from Ninja Gaiden (NES) with the weapon animation and it's obviously a love letter to Castlevania (NES) atmospheric wise, not to mention Miriam wielding a Belmont whip. Two of my all time favorite games... Color me intrigued 😀
  8. Charmander 😍
  9. Thanks for your help LuciaRosethorn, i managed to get "Thanks for offering" straight away. Me and a friend have been hitting this game hard since your reply in an attempt to get "Toy Master" without luck. My friend has come to the conclusion that we might be missing something so thinks its best to compile a list of everything we've encountered so far, be it through chests, brought via the shop or by beating the game with the good ending. In the hope that we can unlock this soon.
  10. I dislike online trophies that are no longer obtainable, thanks to server closures. I also don't like glitched trophies, which the dev's refuse to fix, Looking at you Ubi (The Crew).
  11. Hey, can anyone who have these trophies confirm what i have to do? I initially thought "Thanks for Offering" required me to light all 5 lights around the offering plate for it to unlock, but I've done this and since gotten the "Fate Unlocked" trophy for completing the game and still nothing. Also, does anyone have any information on "Toy Master" ? Do you need to purchase those for it to count or at least have them all in your inventory, or only to find them? Does difficulty unlock other toys? Thanks in advance for your help!
  12. Although, all the methods you have stated are really helpful and do work for the majority especially for the bus, sometimes the game refuses to let you quit out or use the Kazoo, which in turn end's up booting you to a blue error screen, when restarting as the OP said, all progress is corrupted. I'd overlooked the Cloud feature and had to start over. So as much as i highly agree with your fixes, i'd still highly recommend backing up a save to the Cloud, just in case.
  13. Hey, Same thing happened to me and a friend (Playing Shareplay co-op) what we're doing now is every time Shareplay is about to end i quit the game and make a back up save to the cloud, not ideal i know but it's a precaution that's working well at the moment as we had another freeze and error screen shortly after saving, so we didn't lose much progress. Hope this helps anyone having the same issue!
  14. Yeah, I'm currently going through this process at the moment. When i first submitted a Ticket (26th Feb) i was told that for Award stat's that were sitting at 98% there was some weird pyramid system. One stuck award = 210K credits. Two stuck awards = 340K credits. Three stuck awards = 600K credits. I told them i had no interest in Credits or for the Trophy to be Auto-popped. I then got a different person telling me to send picture proof of the "Extra Mile" award being stuck at 98% and he'd do his best to follow through with a account reset, that was on the 5th March, since then I've unlocked the "Versatile Showman" award and trophy and sent picture proof of that also, still waiting for a response. 😒
  15. Sorry, but this made me giggle 🙃