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  1. Yeah, I'm currently going through this process at the moment. When i first submitted a Ticket (26th Feb) i was told that for Award stat's that were sitting at 98% there was some weird pyramid system. One stuck award = 210K credits. Two stuck awards = 340K credits. Three stuck awards = 600K credits. I told them i had no interest in Credits or for the Trophy to be Auto-popped. I then got a different person telling me to send picture proof of the "Extra Mile" award being stuck at 98% and he'd do his best to follow through with a account reset, that was on the 5th March, since then I've unlocked the "Versatile Showman" award and trophy and sent picture proof of that also, still waiting for a response. 😒
  2. Sorry, but this made me giggle 🙃
  3. Thank you I will try this later
  4. This is what keeps happening to us too. We started days ago on a 3P CM run got all the way to i believe Act 3 set up 2 and one guys progress reset. So out of curiosity Sunday night we tried a 2P CM run, every time we got to first set up either one or both of our stats reset to 0. We didn't call Lester, we didn't buy anything for the preps, started in the same session, we both has turns at being CEO and the other an associate, we didn't die (even had runs on preps that we didn't die on). Tried again last night and still the same things happening.
  5. It does seem like it, yesterday for instance i got shot once and had like a smidgen of armor left but then went to take on 4 shots without armor and was still in the green health wise. I always stock up on both armor and snacks, but usually depend on those EgoChasers if i'm getting shot down quickly.
  6. I agree with the snack option, but its just my personnel opinion of course. But i primarily use snacks (EgoChasers mainly) because i find that even using Heavy armor it seems to deplete quicker than your actual health, EgoChasers restore a vast majority of your health quicker too. Plus all snacks should be free from your personal assistant inside your facility so remember after every set up, prep or finale go grab those snacks
  7. One of our group just got his progress reset after we'd finished the last set up before Act 2 finale, so it must still be glitchy.
  8. A few people have said that the servers have not been saving correctly, some people are reporting that even getting into the online portion of the game was a struggle earlier on. One person in the group i'm in said they'd checked Rockstars Server status and it said limited. So maybe that's why backing out isn't working correctly for some and others are losing their criminal record stats also. I really don't think it's been patched though considering you could do the same with the original heists.
  9. There's no merry-go-round believe me, As said above my issue was with a comment Sergen (The way i took it was --) that if you can't chat on mic then your doomed for real life society which i wasn't happy with so i replied. Yes i mentioned our conversation briefly was all and yes both you and Sergen are entitled to play with mic's if that what you wish, i was merely pointing out the difficulties of people with no mic's, go back in the thread there are also people p*ssed because of this. people p*ssed because the games like 4 years old and still receiving trophy DLC. I've pointed out numerous times i'm not looking for an argument either. Aren't these threads titled "Trophy thoughts?" and seeing as though people mention mic's, mic's and more mic's when asking for a boost i'm pretty sure that also falls under "Trophy Thoughts"but yeah i i agree, i see your point the conversation has dragged.
  10. I said "Would i need a mic" then further on in the same message i said "I don't have a mic" in reference to this whole conversation, i like to be clear and up front that i don't use mics nor intend to. Your reply was "You could get a cheap set of headphones i'm sure". Which implies "No mic, fuck off" so my statement stands true, people without the use of headsets, mics or what not are indeed less likely to succeed in trophy hunting based on preference. My point isn't directed at anyone in particular, it's just a well known fact that people who say they help or would help if people needed are not actually helping for a good majority of the time, they are simply doing it on the basis that suits them most, which isn't really help now is it? Again, Fair enough you didn't offer help, you offered a place to boost so non of this is intended directly at you, the same goes for Sergen. The reason this escalated the way it did was because it was stated that if people can't chat on a mic with people online then there future prospects are nullified. Which i cannot sit here reading without replying, There's tons of reasons people don't like using mic. I'll be honest i used mic every day when it was the "In thing to do" but i'm female and half Russian (I speak English with a Russian accent) and i had guy's saying Russian sl*g, whore, get this b*tch outta here, let's suck on your t*ts, and a lot more. This scarred me in a way that i will no longer mic with anyone, unless i personally know them, so no this wasn't by "choice" it was forced upon me by male "gamers" who think its funny to treat women this way. Also, as quoted above, there are legitimate ill people in this world that just want to game for fun, they go on mic and get rinsed out by some dick heads. Later never wanting to return to that. So yes you might be a nice guy and not say this kind of stuff, i'm not saying you, sergen or anyone else here would, but it happens and this is why sometimes people decide not to communicate via voice anymore. But yes i agree, Your choices are your own just like everyone else's, the point was never to get this deep into it, it was just something me and a lot of other gamers get affected by and lose our 100% when (Yes just my opinion) i thought this site was a community that help, regardless of preferences, equipment or having a trophy already.
  11. I've played the heist. If the set up is the one i think you're referring to where you have to take out A B C D then go to the water to do the same A B C D then the plane at LSIA? . Being the most logical option as I've had practice, would be to open up discord or PSapp which ever the users are more comfortable with and say "Ok, right I'm going for B, Your at C, Sergen your at D, and who ever left is at A." Now assuming that someone hasn't completed the heists i'd then go on to explain "Ok, ride along side the vans until the hack is complete, to hack press right on the D-pad" once the hack is complete drop back and use your missiles to blow up that van. Job done. Next Water, same idea but done ride the waves to close try to zig zag in behind the boats to take less fire". Once thats done we'll all meet up at the LSIA, Me, Sergen and you will take out the attacking helis, the other guy can hack. Ok eveyone know what they have to do? Great lets go. There just isn't a problem within this instance where you cannot communicate without having a mic. The only hard part about this would be the typing. Is that what people are saying? I'm confused as to what the big deal breaker here is with a mic. Especially if everyone has had practice before hand. One guy with me seems quiet and shy and doesn’t say much but as long as he can listen then that’s fine. - So what is the difference between this guy and someone without a mic? You tell him go to A or stay back, go, shoot. What ever you say all he can say is yes, ok. True? And you didn't ask me if i could listen you dismissed me because of no mic. Then you might have someone who thinks they would be better at this and want to do B instead of A... - Isn't this the time people can hype in and say ok i think i'd be better hacking and someone else blow the planes at the end because i don't feel confident enough? if I can help someone I most definitely will but if it’s a toss between the long road and the short road well... - Yeah i see your point but doesn't this just play into what i was saying to Sergen about actually helping? Be it long or short, help is help and whether your the best gamer or not, everyone needs help at some point. Like i said not arguing but i'm as confused as the next as to why people just blatantly dismiss people without a mic, without chance. Back to my original post I see some people on Destiny on Xbox who i'd asked for help that never got the Flawless Raider because they gave up and never went back to the game when it was easier to obtain but i managed to get it with no mic right from the beginning.
  12. Yes it was you. Wasn't trying to publicly slander anyone, i was just stating that this is what people without a mic constantly contend with in gaming now a days. I stand by my point whilst also agreeing with you and Sergen, yes it does depend on the type of game and trophies you are going for but in all honesty i can't see the drastic need for a mic in this instance. Yeah, good you got a mic and want to play with others with a mic, there are a ton of you that feel the same and i'm not saying that's wrong. I just want to know what happened to a level playing field where the community help's each other out regardless of their preferences? I by no means want to argue with anyone, but i will stand up and call out bullshit when i see it, its not so much the people with the mics as Rockstars shitty trophy timing and placement. No end of people will lose their 100% statue's and those that get the trophies done will probably be to selfish to come back and help others, this is the way shit always works out now. I was boosting Black flag the other week and because i couldn't fit all people in i did 3 separate boosts for people and i'll do more depending on if people need/want trophies for it. I know i'll alienate a lot of people by saying that but for the most part it's true. In today's gaming society you hear 2 things commonly unless you fall on some helpful people 1. No mic fuck off 2. I got those trophies fuck off Again, so we're clear i'm not saying you are personally like that but as a trophy hunter its very rare i hear, Ah welcome lets boost.
  13. This person wasn't talking shit, as you put it. I wanted to start up and go through all story trophies first get the practice and then i asked him for help when i was done, he said he got help from someone named sergen the boss but he wouldn't recommend him as he was really great at the game but his attitude was poor, which is what i pointed out in the first post. I didn't make you seem like an egomaniac i just said what i had been told. I reason i got the impression that you'd outright dismiss people without a mic was your response about if someone can't chat on a mic god help the future prospects. This is why i pointed out that although there are many people using mics, its not suited for everyone. I for one would love these trophies and i wasn't pointing out you directly, i was talking in general. I asked someone the other day, can i join in on this heist boost, unfortunately without a mic no, is what i received. I for one can chat the ear from a donkey publicly, but i hate... No i literally cannot stand mics. To answer your question from the previous post no, I don't have an issue with people who have mic's and want to use them neither do most other people... But people with a mic, with confidence to do this can't seem to understand why people wouldn't wanna use a mic. Thus people without a mic usually struggle to get these kinda trophies not because there difficult, but because their not given a chance.
  14. Sorry but the key word is HELP, i'm pretty sure if i help anyone in life be it in a game or in the real world i'd HELP, not dictate and get all hairy because someone doesn't know a move or a particular thing. Maybe your definition of help is different to mine, In one sentence you say I take time out to help from other games, then in another Oh if this person isn't going to do something perfect, smack on then i'll lose my shit and throw my dummy out the pram. So am i suppose to see you in a good light or bad? I'm confused. I said, maybe you wouldn't, but their are plenty of people out there that would. If someone with a disability comes across a dickhead one time, their confidence gets knocked and they don't wanna mic again. For instance, person with a stutter or stammer gets mocked, it doesn't matter what the next person tells him, he doesn't want to mic, period. Then what? he's no longer eligible for trophies because hes an outcast and cant shout out an enemy? It isn't always as black and white as you seem to put it.
  15. Sergen, you are one of the people this guy refers to, I have a friend that i'm not going to name drop on here but he needed help with Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, he admits while you were great at the online portion of the game your attitude and behavior towards him his was horrible at best (bare in mind i'd heard of you before i saw you here) and that comment you make about peoples future prospects when you don't know that person, sums you up. People for all different reasons, Examples: Don't like being shouted at and abused, talked down to by people they don't know, Maybe this person plays video games but suffers from stutters, social anxieties, many others reasons and maybe you directly wouldn't take the p*ss out of them, their are many that would. I will agree that maybe there's more pro's than con's but i was playing with randoms and the one who was dropping the bombs was the only one talking with a mic and did it perfectly, you make it sound like non of this is possible without the mics. Most people I've spoken to so far said majority is cake, theirs only a few set up and the heist finale in act 3 tough. TOUGH not impossible.