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  1. There is matchmaking, yep! I'm the same as you and choose not to enter voice chat unless absolutely crucial and even then I never use a mic - just listen in. Raid's aren't available just yet I believe. There's an emphasis on raid's needing "complete teamwork and strategy to succeed" but - like you, I'm hoping they can be done in matchmaking like the story and survival modes are.
  2. Fight'N Rage / Score Attack Master, Get Rank S with All Characters at Score Attack Mode. / Time Attack Master, Get Rank S with All Characters at Time Attack Mode. / Survival Master, Get Rank S with All Characters at Survival Mode. By far the hardest group of trophies I've ever achieved! The game requires you to beat each mode with all Characters, this not only includes the three main characters but also every enemy in the game, some characters handle better for certain modes, with that being said some are also awful and will cause a fair bit of rage. The entire list of trophies for Fight'N Rage isn't for the faint hearted. It's one of the best beat em' ups I've ever played! Highly recommend for those that love a decent challenge! Hyper Light Drifter / The Dash Eternal, Perform the ultimate chain dash. 800 chain dashes with a near perfect X prompt was awful! Absolutely loved the game itself but this trophy alone nearly broke me! Resident Evil 7 / Ethan Never Dies, Complete Ethan Must Die. Took me near on 6 months (on and off) to finally get through Ethan Must Die, finally after kind of mastering the house part I found myself dying multiple times when finally reaching Margret, still to this day I feel I got lucky upon beating her. Ninjin: Clash of Carrots / Ninja Master, Get an S-rank in every stage. This is another trophy that requires excellent muscle memory and hundreds of retries per level, game itself is awesome and deserves more attention that what it got, imo.
  3. Went through some serious effort to memorialize Ryan Davis (R.I.P) Awesome work!
  4. Yep you can grab all Gnomes after the last mission! I did this before starting my eliminator playthrough.
  5. I tried this game out on an alt and got to level 13 or 14 I believe - to see what all the fuss was about, I'm not a BR fan at all. For what it's worth the game seemed fun at first but theres not alot of content gameplay wise, unless theres more too it, I started round one in a guess the right door game everytime, in which was purely luck based, not to mention 20 people trying to screw the same doorway.. I managed to get the football/soccer game once which was a change, an egg grab/grab a tail game a couple times, a game called whirlygig I think it was called and only ever got the hexagon game in the final. So yeah unless it's just giving me the same maps, I can understand how some people would rather just get it over and done with, it's not a game imo that can hold someone's attention for months on end without regular game updates to keep things fresh, again just my opinion, theres only so many times you can screw a door frame with 20 people before it wears thin... I guess. That being said, I dont get how this game is proof of anything? Some people will love this stuff if they like Takeshi's Castle or Wipeout shows or BR type games especially, but to say a trophy community is weak or certain people in that community are weak, is far fetched, at best. Play what you want, enjoy what you want. Were suppose to be a community, not everyones opinion is gonna match the next persons. You love this game, play it, plat it, all power to you. Just don't right off others hard work on their lists over one hard trophy.
  6. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Viewtiful Joe Simpsons: Hit & Run Chaos Engine
  7. Hey, just wondering if anyone had any info on this games release, The Drop mentioned it was suppose to release on the 23rd June (Tuesday). I've checked Twitter and there has been no updates on the game from the devs since they announced in February that the game was being pushed back until Q2. Thanks in advance!
  8. I had rough terrain and Extra mile glitch on me, so to be honest I just gave up on the remaining trophies. Good luck and I hope they do reset your account for you, I gave up on anything happening along time ago.
  9. Says general bug fixes for Mafia 3, think it'll fix the glitchy trophies by any chance?
  10. I'm guessing you're experiencing the glitch on "The Extra Mile" ?. As far as I know (unless its changed again) it doesn't matter who you contact at Ubi. I contacted them for literally two weeks, daily. Speaking to all matter of staff and the best response I got was an offer of in game currency as an "apology". I even declined the in game currency and demanded an account reset, to which they wouldn't budge. Seems like those lucky enough to get their accounts reset did so when the game was still relevant to Ubisoft. Sorry I couldn't have been more help!
  11. No error codes no, every time I go to my trophies, the syncing bar goes across to 100% but then literally nothing happens. I'll get back to the dev's soon see if they've found a fix or work around for it, thanks for the replies though!
  12. Can I ask what version on the game you own? I bought the US version, I've tried everything I can think of, so any help would be appreciated! I've been in touch with the dev via Twitter, their stance is the same that it's working ok and are putting it down to the cloud not syncing?
  13. I have popped trophies on my alt, but when syncing with PSN it doesn't show the game in my trophies. I haven't deleted it and reinstalled it no, thank you, i'll give that a shot. EDIT: I've deleted the game and reinstalled it, still not working, unfortunately.
  14. Trophies still aren't syncing for me. I've tried two different alt accounts (the one account i used on release date), popping a trophy on each account, is there any news on a fix or a work around? Thanks!
  15. GOTY Anthem (Unpopular opinion I know) Indie Of The Year Fight'NRage Surprise Of The Year World War Z Remnant From the Ashes Disappointment Of The Year Generation Zero