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  1. First of all Welcome to PSNProfiles, PlayStation and Trophy Hunting! I'd say there's no one set method to trophy hunting - It's what works best for you. Some people dive headlong into a new game/IP without checking trophies, primarily because they like the Developer, they've play previous games in the franchise or just want to play for fun, later looking into the trophies if there's anything their missing or a trophy description doesn't give much away. There are a ton of people that check trophies before hand to see if the list's have a Platinum, if the list's too tough, any glitches/bugs stopping them from getting Platinum/100%, check to see if the game has a Trophy Guide or just to quickly run through the requirements for each, such as maybe needing 4-8 people for a specific trophy. There's probably a ton more reasons for why people do or don't look at Trophies before starting a game. I'd definitely agree with @DrHambone here, don't just pick and choose games based of the difficulty/longevity of a Platinum or list. I'm one of those that went into The Crew knowing a couple of trophies were potentially glitched and got burnt by that but don't regret it. Happy Trophy Hunting!
  2. Yep, there's a "tether" between coop ships - which essentially means that if player 1 moves too far away from player 2, player 2 gets teleported to player 1. For defeating a Prime together, I'd say to be safe make sure you throw a couple rockets or bullets at the Prime using the second controller, as I'm not entirely sure it'll count if you kill it with just the one controller doing all the damage. Healing your partner is straight forward, just let your health reach zero on your second controller, you'll get a prompt to switch ships, at that point grab your main controller, go across and hold square. You really have nothing to worry about as Difficulty wise there's no trophies attached to a specific difficulty so you can choose from the difficulties listed, games really not that difficult on the hardest setting. It's all pretty straightforward once you get what element/elemental combo's defeat what enemy quickest. Enemies are scaled by level but to be honest it doesn't make much difference, as when I was lower levelled (6-7) I was killing most enemies with ease that were 5-6 levels higher then me, with certain elemental combo's.
  3. Ok, so there's a few ways to get this. What you want to do is - - Find a group of five or more Imps randomly roaming on a planet - Go to a Imp hive (don't destroy the hive just let Imps keep spawning out until there's plenty. Reason why this method didn't work for me was because I'd placed an armory close by the Imp hive so of course they came over to protect me and destroyed all the Imps and the hive πŸ˜‚). - Or, the way I did it was start a decode (don't kill any enemies just let them build up and leave the circle before the decode is complete, then start it again, more enemies will spawn. Rinse and repeat until your confident there's enough enemies to trigger the trophy). Now, what ever method you're going with bunch up the enemies as best as possible, throw a Stasis missile at any one of them and wait for them to glow yellow and float - once this happens hit them continuously with either a hot or cold elemental weapon (You'll know you got the combo as it will flash HEAT-BLAST or CRYO-BLAST). You just need to be alil lucky to have the blast hit the other 4 or more enemies around him. It took me a couple of attempts to get them all bunched up as alot of them like to hop about just when your about to hit a stasis missile, Hope that helps anyway.
  4. Oh, i feel your pain, happens to me all the time! πŸ˜‚
  5. Congratulations @Crzy Minus ! ☺️
  6. Ah, Sergen! I'd often wondered how long before you turned up again somewhere like a bad smell! The posts here don't compare in the slightest to the nonsensical BS you were sprouting in December so nostalgia away, i guess. I've actually said numerous times i respect TurtlePM's views and opinions. But alas I can't make a thread that doesn't allow bullies or one dimensional minded scum (or in case you haven't got the message) that bars you, so i'll be polite ☺️. You do - for what it's worth make an excellent point about Mayo, you have all the games you've mentioned above plus the likes of Sonic Mania, MM Collection and even games like Phantom Breaker or Guns, Gore & Cannoli that are literally crying out for a platinum with the amount of content they have. Like I've said previously though, as soon as i heard this collection was a thing i just didn't see it getting a platinum - If Street Fighter Collection and MM Collection (Quite possibly 2 of the highest renown IP's of Capcom for a lot of people) didn't get issued a platinum, this was never in contention albeit there was a glimmer of hope after MMX Collection. Again, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it tomorrow! As hard as this is for me, i'll continue to be civil and wish you a good day! ☺️
  7. At this point i can't understand whether you're ignorant or stupid... Maybe both? So this'll likely be my last reply to you. You came to me two posts back asking why again, i'd quoted you because i wasn't speaking of things relatable to the posts in which i responded that I'm constantly aiming to answer all you're points from the previous reply - At what part did i ask or wonder if you were answering my points? So that part of your reply to me is void. I'd also like to point out that in every post I've made I've also tried to make it about games or trophies, unlike yourself who like's to become a keyboard warrior and take note of my purple italic font, which adds nothing but spite to the conversation. It's really no good pin-pointing others here, that's a "DEFENSIVE" move.. In which you say you don't have! I've said from the beginning your opinion differs from mine and i respect that. I like platinum's which I've also said in posts before, but i just don't see how THIS collection in particular need's one - there's nothing fancy here, and at least you're getting Silvers not Bronzes all down the list- could they have done better and add a platinum? YES! of course but for crying out loud does a platinum make a game these days? I know full well we're sitting on a trophy site but it has SILVER trophies for doing next to nothing for them. Again i respect your decision for not wanted to buy on release and wait for a sale and for what it's worth... AGAIN I'm glad you took the time out to debate most of your points sensibly. You're correct, i use AGAIN a lot when speaking with you because although i'm half agreeing with your points in your posts, your still going on and on, not adding anything new yourself. You were never misunderstood either, i got your point. You misunderstood me by trying to make out that i was saying all of this beat em up genre isn't worthy of a platinum - which again ISN'T what i was saying at all, i was speaking on the basis of this collection alone. Just go back and read all of my posts thoroughly and you'll see that i answered all your points made from your posts, i didn't differentiate , i stayed on topic. Now you're coming the "Oh I'm tired attitude" that so many people like you are accustomed to when there's no rhyme or reason in what they say - You're even pulling out the "I'm foreign" card - you've managed perfectly fine to communicate up til this point with added sarcasm. AGAIN, I'll go back to my original post that states that i'm just happy to be replaying some of these classics and getting to grips with some new ones i missed out on years ago - with added trophies (albeit Silver), whilst also taking into consideration that not everyone feel's the same way i do and probably won't buy or wait until a sale to purchase.
  8. Very nice prediction line up! I'd be very happy with both NGS2 and Enslaved! PS4 - I'd like to see a Dynasty Warriors game thrown on there, possibly 9 i believe is the newest one? That'd be awesome.
  9. Again, your just looking to further an argument with someone, the fact you sit there saying that I keep quoting you but aren't actively answering you just shows how much your actually reading here. On all posts that I've replied to you I've specifically made it a point to answer your points. Again it's all about opinion, I'm more than happy to continue debating opinions with people because that's what it is one persons opinions vs another but it doesn't have to be a full blown argument y'know? With that being said, somehow you're making this an argument in your mind, where as to me this is just a friendly debate which again I applaud and respect you for rather than just typing a generic response. I've agreed that beat em ups have enough content, I've not once bashed the genre as a whole, but what your not seeing here is that newer games like slaps and beans, MRB and 99vidas are built in a generation of trophies and achievements - your comparing them to old arcade titles that are all pretty much copy and paste with very little change, I mean the best capcom could do is add a beat x score, don't die all playthrough, don't get any pick ups, but they haven't they've gone the simplistic route because common sense says they are old arcade titles just like those arcade titles that pop up on PSN every month of so that have the same generic list. Again, Capcom are well known for hard or challenging trophy lists majority of the time, so it's not laziness, I've even gone on to not just debate but point out and agree that MM collection and even SF collections deserved a platinum because they both take time and effort to complete and get through. All 7 of these titles will take what? 2 days maybe 3 to complete. It's just wanting a platinum for the sake of wanting. AGAIN. What your point blank refusing to see is that games like MRB, Slaps and beans and 99vidas which your so content to keep pointing out, have alot of content, their not just copy and paste arcade titles. Example Armored Warriors is just a copy and paste of Captain Commando with very little new apart from Sprite changes and environments. You'll agree that majority of arcade titles have a cut scene to begin or just a little bit of gameplay before pressing start with very few bits on bobs in between, where as if you play MRB or Slaps & Beans you'll instantly notice there's a lot more to it than just a cut scene at the beginning, there's a lot more story, bosses that actually mean something to the game rather than just randomly show at the end of a level, cliches in levels for trophies to be present, for Christ sake most of the bosses in arcade titles are just known as "Boss" in game. I mean damn, i'd be up for a list just titled "kill boss" the whole way down, i mean hell if i know which boss, but hey i got a trophy for it eh? πŸ˜‚. Realistically the only thing i'm disappointed in is that you're "OK" to use a continue, i think they could've presented a better challenge, but people would've very likely use/abuse cloud saves, so what's the point? Just because it seems you want to throw around defensive accusations here, I've never pointed to you and said you'll never play it, I've even said yes pick it up in a sale for sure, if that's what you wish. I've never questioned your choice in game here, your the only one content in checking a person's profile, it's a debate, pure and simple, there is and never was an issue with yourself, I just wanted to get involved in some of the chatter on this thread, y'know because we're supposed to be a community.
  10. Personally i like to call it good business, i mean - You have a product that was once great, but can still make money off it now a days? Sure, why not? People class them as "Cash Grabs" because usually it's something a company puts out that's been done already or offers very little new. Thus why they either buy them in sales or don't buy them at all. Unless they are your typical AAA titles that most people loved. A classic case would be again - Mega Drive collection, the new PS4 version only differs slightly to the PS3 version, there's only so many ways you can play Sonic right? but just look at how many Collections he's had varying from PS2, PS3 and PS4. It is a cash grab because once you've brought Sonic once, you've brought him a million times over the years... Or is it just good business because you know people will keep paying for your spiky blue Hedgehog?
  11. I quoted you because i was replying to you? Would be rude not to. I didn't hit on price points and yes certainly you can play these elsewhere, so again i know full well people will like yourself take the initiative on a sale, which there's nothing wrong with. My issue isn't if it sell's well but just the fact that as you put it, people wanting a plat for "minimum effort". I also never said this "Genre" didn't deserve a platinum either, because as pointed out games like MRB, Slaps & Beans and i guess 99vidas have enough content in their respected levels to base trophies on. I agree they could've added maybe Complete X level also to buff up the trophy list if thats what people truly wanted, maybe a "Pick 3 health items up in world 2" just for the laughs eh? Just enjoy the fact they've re-released some arcade games, pick it up in a sale if you're really that hurt by it. I see no reason why it would narc people as you have those $7.99 arcade titles with the same trophy list over and over - also the old sega games are like what $4.99? but people still buy those, it's just because people are sheep, one person complains genuinely then the rest follow blindly. Again, little to no work for all those Silvers shouldn't really be raising issue's. That was an example but i will agree i did enjoy Hyperstone Heist alot more. Also, i'm well aware its a cash grab, i mean aren't all remasters and re-releases cash grabs? Their essentially the exact same game with a mode thrown in here or an up-res there. As a consumer you're not forced to buy them, you CHOOSE to buy them. I'm sure people only use these types of threads to boost their post's count πŸ˜‚ but i digress. Again, i'm not shutting your opinions down here, everyone's entitled to one and to be fair with you, you've given some great pointers unlike most that'll just comment that generic nonsense, I get it, we're on a Trophy site, people are anxious to see their new game with a shinny new platinum to add to their accounts, but these really are just old arcade games, trophies/achievements weren't even a pipe dream back then and we loved them to some extent. I'm just happy that i can get the chance to replay some of those old favorites like FF and KotR, but also experience the titles i never had chance to like Armored Warriors and Battle Circuit.
  12. Do you even read these forums? As Homework i would, all Gold's is constantly frowned upon, which i was pointing out, as well as all Bronze trophies. I've not once said i don't want to read what people have to say, but lets be far most responses to these type of threads are muscle memory for people, they see a list without a Platinum and just type something generic in response, there's no opinion in that really, it's basically automated at that point. I LOVE retro gaming and i'm sure there's a ton more just on this site alone, but again it boils down to dev's not doing right from wrong... They re-release games, that's fine, they add trophies (OK mediocre ones at best most of the time). For instance, Turtles in time is one of the most beloved Beat em' ups in the genre, say for arguments sake Konami re-released the original SNES version but it had like 12 Bronzes and 2 Silvers, no Gold, no Platinum - are you that feeble that you wouldn't say its a good game later? It's the same game! Are you honestly telling me it makes a difference for a re-release of old arcade games to have a Platinum? Again, i clearly see the fuss over MM Collection, and the wide variety of the SF Collection deserved a Plat. MRB had multiple trophies regarding a particular character not receiving DMG or not receiving DMG yourself or just things tied to specific levels. 99vidas was just as mess of grinding basically (Which again people frown upon in most circumstances) Slaps and Beans had A LOT of variety, be it racing, stand offs, beer & hotdog contests besides its brawling features. It just boils down to complaining about something, which is apparently a god given right these days, never mind that Capcom is probably on par with Sega at the moment for remasters and re-releases. People that love MM will play MM with or without platinum's, people that love SF will play SF with or without platinum's and the same applies here. With all that being said, i'm not going to sit here and say you're not entitled to your opinion because you are. This thread wasn't created as a bitching thread, i just wanted to set out and make an informative information trophy thoughts thread rather than what most make (a one sentence thread that gives people no information on said product). Don't get me wrong i like a good platinum myself but for little what this collection offers, it cant be done. There's literally no added challenges, very little extra content and most the games mechanics are just copy and paste with very little added.
  13. Again (because this was just my way of getting out informative information but sadly all it's doing is turning to another slag off the dev's thread) Mega Drive collection as you compare had how many games on compared to a small round 7 this collection has, they also added challenges for games in the Sega mega drive collection because it had a wider variety of games (Beat em' ups, Adventure, Shoot em' ups, Platformers, etc.) This collection is just a bunch of beat em' ups that are in essence copy and paste from game to game, i'm sure you'd have loved to grind out 1,000,000 gold on Knights of the round eh? Then you'd be complaining the games list was just stupid. No not lazy! They've already put trophies in there its just not the color you desire! Again for the sake of stupidity, if all trophies were gold for instance their would've been a stream of people lining up to say "Eh? Only playing it for the gold's are you?" If it were all bronzes "Eh, this is pathetic" - wise up. Beat em' ups require an attack/jump/spell button, even streets of rage 1 and 3 only had 2 trophies between them on the mega drive collection if i remember correctly. Yeah, I've been keeping an eye on your list, you're right on target for end of the year! I mean i totally get the MM Collection not having a platinum upset people cause it had a lot of content but i never expected this to have a platinum, Knights of the Round is the one i'm most looking forward too oddly enough haha! I remember when it got ported to SNES, it never got a lot of love from what i remember but it's an awesome game! Sadly you cant platinum this one but i wish you the best of luck in getting those 200 before year end!
  14. Really good to see you here, CannibalX666X. Hope you're well? There's really not a lot of trophies they can add tbh, they could've added no continue runs, no death runs etc, i guess. With that being said all golds would be frowned upon and more often than not people either complain that a game or trophy list is too hard/repetitive for them with added harder trophies or cheese it with cloud saves anyway. I see game collections like this and the recent Mega Drive/Genesis collection to be "Chill out" games, where i can boot them up between other games and just pick up and play and get that nostalgic feeling, the way they were intended years ago. Trophies are a bonus here, although i'm probably gonna get ridiculed for it, this collection doesn't need a platinum - There's no added challenges, nothing to unlock, its all about pure gameplay. Dev's really can't do right from wrong, they're often asked to re-release old material but get ridiculed because the game/collection just doesn't have enough content to add a platinum sadly. You probably are a lot better off sticking with this collection, as you say the trade off between games is an extra 6 to 1 on the original FF game, right?
  15. I know right. I'd have loved to see the Aliens V Predator Arcade, X-Men Mutant Apocalypse for SNES or even some of those D&D games, but i guess because those are licenced they didn't want to fund the necessary companies for the rights again (Not really sure how that thing works tbh). Still hoping that all these Capcom re-releases mean one day soon i'll get my beloved Viewtiful Joe collection! Although i do fully agree that it's inconsistent of Capcom to release more retro titles without platinum's than with, i'm a strong believer that a platinum doesn't make the game, I'll personally still thoroughly enjoy replaying and even experiencing some of these titles for the first time