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  1. hello there everyone, does this game contains any base game or DLC online trophy? i have read all of your previous comments and many of you got one of the trophies glitched at least, which makes me doubt about starting this game or even buying the DLC on the store which is not very expensive, only $4,99 on the US store, i have the american version of the game by the way. I would like to start buying all the DLC from the games i have in my backlog so at least i have them saved on my download list of the ps3 if it happens they retire from the store any dlc one day, you never know. And before buying them i need to make sure their trophies can still be obtained or the game is still platinable. thanks, stay safe people
  2. hi DEYBAJ how are you man, hope you are good, i started this online with other 3 people and we have encountered some of the bugs and glitches they mentioned above, today we saw that one of the missions we did on normal difficulty was shown as not completed for everyone and so didnt give us the star for completing that stage, so we played it twice again on normal to find out there was still showing us as incompleted, that brought me here and watch one of the guys video of this forum where he shared a link to that video explaining most frequent bugs and glitches and now im less worried, credits for that mate for providing us that useful information, all team members got "Oh no you dont" trophy so we are good to go on, though the CEO trophy remains uncertain if will glitch or not on any of us in some way, so we have to be extra careful with that one, every time we play i discover a new bug or glitch, with all that issues and frequently lag during the macthes from my personal experiences so far, its becoming a real pain in the ass and very annoying in some ocassions to beat the coop missions with friends, but still we manage to finish them. I dont know if are the servers of EA or my shitty internet but i ve experienced connectivity issues with every online game i played of that company.
  3. Everything is back to normality thanks god. I dont even needed to unlock a trophy and sync it to update it here and fix the issue,just logged in as usual next day and was resolved, thanks for the reply
  4. i did them last week and took me about 2 days to finish them all, there are in total 4 online trophies, one is creating a mission an the other 3 playing UCG missions, how long will take you depends on the type of missions you choose, there are so many, short and long, easy and more challenge, to save some time you can always repeat the same mission until you reach 25 times playing it. I didnt have any problems with the UGC online missions, maybe was just lucky and the servers were working just fine that moment, dont know or maybe has something to do with my type of version which is the infamous collection on disc, refering to festival of blood i did that one last year if i remember well and didnt have any problem either
  5. Its 2:35 in the morning and decided to check out my profile before going to sleep when i found myself with this issue and the error message showing my trophy cabinet empty, i dont know whats going on, i read the first comment from the very beginning of this topic but still dont understand why this happened to me now and never before since im user of this website and if this is happening to everyone on this place or is a randomly thing, tommorrow when i wake up ill check again if its has been fixed, i was very worried that someone hacked my account
  6. Im playing infamous 2(disc version, infamous collection), i started yesterday with UGC missions right after completing the story mission “Karma’s a Bitch", and continue doing the rest today and didnt have any problem with them showing on the map or doing them, i used the filter and in short time the UGC missions appeared, i got the 4 online trophies this day in a couple of hours, how long that will take you depens mostly if you play once every mission or repeat the same until getting the 25 missions completed.I needed the xp to unlock my powers so i decided doing the long way. Im happy to finally got this out of the way, hope this helps and encourages eveyone to get this done ASAP and keep trying if you failed, though i dont know how this works towards different versions of the gamem may vary in some cases, cheers players
  7. it came to my knowledge that the online servers for wolfenstein from 2009 for the ps3 version are not working anymore who knows for what reason, activision posted not too long ago on his oficial website a communicate mentioning some of their online games been shutted down permanently, right after this communicate, inluding all 007 games and wolfenstein as well, but this last was still working though and it seems has gone for good
  8. same with wolfenstein for the ps3 version , please can someone confirm this?
  9. Friends of mine say they re trying to go to stats and creating a match and failed, so be carefull if they have closed the online for good this time, we will know it when people begin to report it from now on
  10. Hi guys , game is in offer at the spanish store for only 4 € till 8/21/2019 07:59 pm. I saw only one player completed the entire game at 100% 1 year ago aprox, though i dont know if he was able to get the online trophies then or he did them many years ago when servers were still functioning, cause i checked the last players to get the two online trophies of the game and the dates are from 2013, so there is my doubt, if you can answer me soon, i would appreciate it a lot, cause im deciding wether if buying it or not the next few weeks cheers
  11. did they fix the bugs for the ps3 version or is still unplayable? i was thinking of buying it on gamestop for 8 dollars a pre-owned copy of the game, is worth it?
  12. Does anyone knows if they patched this for the ps3 version? i have that game console ,thats why and i saw that on gamestop a pre-owned copy cost 8 dollars, i think its worth for that price
  13. hello guys, is anyone still looking to boost the online trophies? if that so, how many you have left? im talking with some people to start this multiplayer, any help we could use is welcome, contact me in anycase: REPG_16_netsulli
  14. Hi where i know you from? your ID sounds familiar to me, anyway, im talking with some people to do the online trophies of singularity, 6 players is enough to start the boosting? still lookind to do some of them? do you know anyone who may wanna join?
  15. Yes they are, i am actually playing it 😉