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  1. Hi guys , game is in offer at the spanish store for only 4 € till 8/21/2019 07:59 pm. I saw only one player completed the entire game at 100% 1 year ago aprox, though i dont know if he was able to get the online trophies then or he did them many years ago when servers were still functioning, cause i checked the last players to get the two online trophies of the game and the dates are from 2013, so there is my doubt, if you can answer me soon, i would appreciate it a lot, cause im deciding wether if buying it or not the next few weeks cheers
  2. did they fix the bugs for the ps3 version or is still unplayable? i was thinking of buying it on gamestop for 8 dollars a pre-owned copy of the game, is worth it?
  3. Does anyone knows if they patched this for the ps3 version? i have that game console ,thats why and i saw that on gamestop a pre-owned copy cost 8 dollars, i think its worth for that price
  4. hello guys, is anyone still looking to boost the online trophies? if that so, how many you have left? im talking with some people to start this multiplayer, any help we could use is welcome, contact me in anycase: REPG_16_netsulli
  5. Hi where i know you from? your ID sounds familiar to me, anyway, im talking with some people to do the online trophies of singularity, 6 players is enough to start the boosting? still lookind to do some of them? do you know anyone who may wanna join?
  6. Yes they are, i am actually playing it 😉
  7. Dont listen to the only trophies that require you to be conncted online are those from the Endurance Coop DLC, there are 13 trophies in total, all the rest of dlc trophies and base game can be obtained solo and offline, including platinum of course, still if you are willing to go for 100% you will need to play the Endurance coop online with someone, cheers mate
  8. Hi Srikir, can you answer me this please? Is there any online trophy on this game or they can be done offline? Cheers mate
  9. hey guys, is there still anyone who needs help with BTF Bad Company 2 online and DLCs trophies? iam in a group and we are recruiting new members, dont hesitate to ask me, the more we are the better. I leave you my PS3 ID if you wanna contact me, is REPG_16_netsulli Cheers
  10. Hello just read your messagges, Hi Monox, are you still interested in boosting battlefield bad company 2 online and DLCs trophies? Please let me know, i have a group of 6 people or more who want to participate. We are starting these days