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  1. Vert
  2. Battle Master Defeated 1,000 monsters. WARNING! Defeated the mysteriously powerful enemy known as the Grim Reaper. This is the Special... Used an Awakening Skill for the first time. A Tasty Guard Break Presented the shining golden object to Goddess Purple Heart.
  3. Guardian Goddesses Descend The four Goddesses joined your party.
  4. Seven Flowers of Autumn Showed off the Ominaeshi skill. Attack King Maximum total damage surpassed 100,000. An Important Shot Noire and Uni's hearts pounded. Charm Even I Don't Know Noire enjoyed taking pictures of herself. Rich Hunter Total number of acquired treasure chests reached 50. Emerald Mirror Acquired the Sacred Treasure known as the Emerald Mirror. No Cheating! Ever! Defeated Cheetah.
  5. Blacksmith Strengthened any equipment to its maximum. Moonstone Hairpin Acquired the Sacred Treasure known as the Moonstone Hairpin.
  6. Recommended Strengthening Strengthened equipment for the first time Skitter The total times skills were used surpassed 500 Black Diamond Sword Acquired the sacred treasure known as the Black Diamond Sword Put Me Down Already! Held Blanc bridal style
  7. Blanc (Neptunia series)
  8. Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online
  9. Echosmith