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  1. Omg I'm blind thank you you beautiful person you
  2. Having almost finished every challenge I've found that there is an impossible to get vault symbol for in the Terramorphous pass for Krieg ass he is too heavy to be boosted up by the Terramorphous and is too large to sneak under the rock if using the 2nd player glitch. Does this prevent me from being able to get the complete all 1st stage challenges with him?
  3. Resident Evil, it's a classic!!
  4. Steam has achievements for reaching every rank so I doubt it.
  5. The Witcher 3
  6. Warframe 0.17% I love almost everything about this game. From the lore to the gameplay I highly recommend it.
  7. That new Spider-Man game coming out looks hype! Don't know how it'll be trophy-wise though.
  8. The Guided Fate Paradox It looks really good. Hopefully I'll grab the game one day.