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    Coop games mainly.
    Always happy to help ^^ but don't ask me too much.
  1. Hello, The only things I can give you (if you still need help) is this. Maybe try again to catch all relics ? Edit : Just checked that you have already the 100% ^^
  2. I see Sad :/ Thank you for the reply.
  3. Hello, I saw people getting the platinum recently...There is a way to get the platinum ? Leader boards are still fuck up for what I know... I heard about a way to get the World record for the 500 rewards but except cheat save or similar stuff, I couldn't find anything. Someone ? >.< Help ? ^^"
  4. Thank you for the reply. Well I guess the 100% is still far away.... ^^" I will try the trick. Thank you anyway I will come back if I made it or not.
  5. Hello guys, We have a friend with the physical version of crimewave edition. Do you think it can work if we remove everything of the game from PS4, use the disk of the game, stop update and download only the dlc we need and try to get the trophy offline ? We will try it anyway I think but in case someone already did it, it will save us some time. ^^" Thanks in advance (Sorry if my english is not good ^^" I tried my best)
  6. Hello, Same trouble here for me and two friends. We have tried a lot of things, ask other players conditions and try it....Nothing.... This trophy will be the only obstacle to the 100%.........