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  1. Yes, both Chinese versions (PS4 and PSVita) were physical released.
  2. God Wars Future Past (Ps Vita) for 3,19 € ... 92 % off. Nice, and so there is ohne more in my backlog 🙄
  3. PS4 A Multiplayer title for Ps4, that does not sell good (anymore). Since some time there is always a mp Game, like Absolver, onrush, friday 13th or dead by daylight. I go with Star Wars Battlefront. The Order 1866 - as it will be on plus sooner or later. PS3 Do not really care 🙈 PS4 Hope some nice JRPGs. Please no visual novell.
  4. As completed Lost Legacy recently please sign me in as Artifact Collector. I will sometime complete Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 4 to complete the Uncharted series, which I really Love. 🙂 Plats for: Uncharted: Drake‘s Fortune Uncharted 3: Drake‘s Deception Uncharted: Golden Abyss Uncharted: Lost Legacy
  5. Cosmic star heroine a nice little oldschool RPG with an easy plat Aegis of Earth: protonovus assault Kind of Tower Defense, but expect some grind for a plat My other recommendations are already said.
  6. I‘m really looking forward to this. Seems like a nice little game for my Vita 😉
  7. I‘m stuck at 516,04 m. Need to recharge my Vita and will try the last 0,1 m later. Thank you very much for this info @JorgeSleep😎 @DJ_AdruA stop trophy hunting for a while and cuddle your kitty 😻
  8. Belgium vs. Tunisia (1pm, BBC) 3 - 0 South Korea vs. Mexico (4pm, ITV) 1:1 Germany vs. Sweden (7pm, ITV) 3:0 24 June England vs. Panama (1pm, BBC) 2:0 Japan vs. Senegal (4pm, BBC) 1:0 Poland vs. Colombia (7pm, ITV) 0:2 25 June Uruguay vs. Russia (3pm, ITV) 2:2 Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt (3pm, ITV4) 0:1 Spain vs. Morocco (7pm, BBC) 2:0 Iran vs. Portugal (7pm, BBC) 0:2 totally forgot about the new predictions 😴
  9. As I forgot Russia vs. Egypt here the prediction as Adonis: Russia vs. Egypt 2:1 @AllSugarRain thanks for the reminder 👍
  10. Although it is quoted these are my guessings. It will be an interesting World Cup as most of the favored teams seem to struggle, as France, Argentina and Germany. Germany unfortunately missed his left defender Jonas Hector. The substitute Plattenhardt had no connection to the game at all. Löw should have changed sooner to Brandt, who made a good appearance.
  11. 14 June Russia 2 vs. 0 Saudi Arabia (7.45pm, ITV) 15 June Egypt 1 vs. 1 Uruguay (1pm, BBC) Morocco 0 vs. 2 Iran (4pm, ITV) Portugal 2 vs. 2 Spain (7pm, BBC) 16 June France 3 vs. 0 Australia (11, BBC) Argentina 2 vs. 0 Iceland (2pm, ITV) Peru 0 vs. 2 Denmark (5pm, BBC) Croatia 2 vs. 0 Nigeria (8pm, ITV) 17 June Costa Rica 1 vs. 1 Serbia (1pm, ITV) Germany 3 vs. 2 Mexico (4pm, BBC) Brazil 3 vs. 0 Switzerland (7pm, ITV) 18 June Sweden 2 vs. 0 South Korea Belgium 3 vs. 0 Panama Tunisia 0 vs. 2 England 19 June Columbia 1 vs. 1 Japan Poland 2 vs. 0 Senegal Winner: Belgium Top goal scorer: Mo. Salah Good luck to everyone ⚽️🍻😁
  12. The german newsletter told me that you need 11 trophies in PS4 games till 18th june. Not one trophy per day. One trophy per day will be much harder because I and maybe others won‘t be able to play everyday. I am a little disappointed that the Vita is not valued be Sony anymore. I still love my Vita 😍 On the other hand my backlog is already large enough.
  13. Really nice trophy list. Don‘t know if I‘ll achieve plat, but it sounds like fun.
  14. Thanks, I always love Some free Themes 😁
  15. Me too... It could be possible if you consider release date and actual price. 😁