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  1. Finally I've got the trophy. I think I've figured out a full working way to get the trophy ourdays. I'll try to confirm it with an altaccount within the next days, giving you a little tutorial then.
  2. I´ve done at least 100 starchallanges now, beating my own score but nothing happens.... I´ve tried it in several ways, like - setting a low score first, beating it shortly afterwards - earning a gold medal, beating the score with a platinum - both with every kind of challange.... but the trophy wont unlock for me. Do you have any suggestions? I´ve read in several trophy/achievment boards, that i´m not the only person having problems with this trophy. In the end everyone got the trophy, but no one gives a clear answer, what triggered the trophy to pop.
  3. This should be the right link.
  4. Https:// The tags are mixed up. I've payed the physical Version (EU) but it got listed as digital Version as you can see here I've never played the digital Version.
  5. The tags are wrong. I've payed the physical Version (EU) but it got listed as digital Version as you can see here I've never played the digital Version.
  6. Its the EU retail version, not the digital one!
  7. The dagger trophy ist Glitched, too.
  8. I have Started the game yesterday. Killed a couple people by knife, but trophy isn't unlocking. Seems to be Glitched, too.
  9. Still not working and the devs did not confirmed yet if they gonna patch this one. edit it got fixed today!
  10. So You know what are the requirements for the high Miles Trophy?
  11. I tried multichannel. No response on Twitter, but a long conversation on Facebook.
  12. They wont, because the devs are saying it works. Thats why we have to contact them on social media and tell them their mistake.
  13. Yeah, the devs are saying, they obtained the Trophy. But how representative is this? They are also saying, that Sony and Microsoft had confirmed the trophies are working. Never heared of something like that. And believe me, this game is nearly unplayable. Crashes, bugs and glitches all the way. Wouldnt be suprised if this Trophy is glitched, too.
  14. I have had a long conversation with the Developer talking about the high miles trophy, because I think it is unobtainable. I have descriped them several ways to get the trophy without any result. The only answer I am getting is. „The achivement is working, cause we know it’s working. I don’t believe them. It looks like nobody can get this One. PSN says 0,1% but I think this will be a dev, because they are saying „We have optained it on our PS4“. On Xbox not one person got this one. It seems only working with steam. In fact the hole game is totally glitched with tons of bluescreens, massive framedrops and and another unobtainable trophy that got patched with Version 1.05. You see, it would not be suprising, if this Trophy is glitched, too. Only thing we know now, is that airtime is not counting towards the progress. I have tried a lot. Prepatched and post Patch. With my original savegame and with a complete new one. Different camera settings. Different Modes. Different vehicles and classes. I was Driving in freeride in a small Circle, fixing my pad and just let the console work for 10 hours. Speed was at about 20 mph so the Trophy should Come After 5h. But nope, nothing happend. I tried this several times. Different Maps. Without jumps, without crashing. Nothing. Ok, wo I decided to try in Race Mode. Online and offline. 30 Round different events with a small amount of jumps and stopping in Front of every possible Jump. Speed was at about 40-60mph. Doing maths it should plop after 2-3h. I was trying this for at least 10h. But nope. Nothing. I know a lot of you are struggling with this one, too. Maybe we just talk about it and work together to solve the Problem. Collecting all methods were tried. And contacting the Devs, releasing this Festival of bugs.