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  1. It does include all needed content on the disc. No codes, no bs.
  2. You cant even achieve those Skill trophies (Firering etc.)
  3. I can confirm it. Last Zombie trophies are unobtainable for now, If you have achieved them with the other version allready
  4. I had to Play it Solo. Got about 15 gold chalices before the trophy popped
  5. Seems to be glitched since the halloween event. Maybe because chalices can drop by opening pumpkins.
  6. What about and 1 Minute in New York? Ive heard you need to bei connected to social Club, for achieving this (similar to MoH Tier1 Mode)
  7. You still getting 100% although the Leviathan trophy got Changed or do I need to beat the alternative Strike trophy now?
  8. Got this trophy in 04/25. Worked fine for me then. Checked it right now and isnt working for me too. Hope they gonna fix it for you Guys.
  9. Hey Guys, I´ve reached echolon 8, but challanges didnt shop up. Anyone else there with this issue? Any ideas how to fix it?
  10. Guys you should help to make the devs aware of the problem. also
  11. Still Buggy! From another Thread
  12. Feel free to commend / Like /retweed Edit:// Oh No Preview. "Hey @HiRezStudios @RogueCompany seems like good company achievement is still glitched for #ps4 player. Neither do the last patch work retroactive, nor do wins with prepatch purchased rouges count toward the progress. Only postpatch purchased rogues do so. #pleasefix"
  13. saving manually doesn´t work for me. i´ve got reseted everytime I logged in. So I´ll need to play to the next autosave, I guess.
  14. Yeah, unfortuinally it's official now. Sad that they are doing this without any warning. I really would like to do GH Metallica. 🤷‍♀️