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  1. Yeah okay I was confused what the heck everyone was talking about cause I saw nothing about gamer girls lol
  2. Looks like they really uhhh edited Jesus from the original video of him I saw
  3. I meant the owners own trophies can't be validated because theres no set on the server x3
  4. Yes it's a slightly common problem, it means the trophy list for that game isn't on their own servers yet, so they can't "validate" them until it is. When it happens it usually takes a week or so to fix at least, or a month or more at most.
  5. Yumeutsutsu Re:Master and Re:After NA are up now~
  6. Apparently not, I have both downloaded and the lists show up in "offline" mode but won't sync.
  7. Man, I always thought about making a thread like this, glad there already is one Yumeutsutsu Re:Master & Yumeutsutsu Re:After (both NA and PS4) aren't on the server yet.
  8. The list seems to be glitched, haven't seen this particular kind of glitch in a while (since resogun I think) but it won't let me sync or even look at my trophies in offline mode at the moment... I should have known something was up, I had the game pre-loaded and when it became "available" at 11pm I tried to play it and it would keep logging me out "due to an error" everytime it tried to load up so uhhh UPDATE: Well thankfully the old "unlock a trophy and immediately hit the PS button to force the trophy list to load" trick still works so the list has popped... but I'm still getting a sync error and can't view trophies on offline mode and yet... it MUST still be syncing cause the trophy shows up on my PSNprofiles page? Eh, it's jus all weird lol.
  9. Yep so far it's very much a Mystery Dungeon type game, like Pokemon or Chocobo :3 It's pretty cute so far!
  10. I mean I guess everyone has a different opinion on what they consider a "huge amount" ^^; From the list provided on the first page it jus really doesn't seem like that much to me. Especially considering when they said this was "play in front of your parents" I figured they would jus cut everything completely but I mean it still has the bewb stuff. Look at the Z Cup Zenith trophy x3
  11. I got both versions, one for trophies and the other for uncensored but honestly I could have been jus fine with only the PS4 version since it really doesn't seem like they cut much.
  12. Ah yeah honestly that doesn't seem so bad at all, I thought they would be taking out anything even remotely sexual. Would have been funnier that way honestly x3
  13. Hmmm, looks like this isn't the NA trophy list cause it's doin the old not syncing thing. I know this is kinda the "joke" version they made with stuff taken out but how much could be taken out if there's still a trophy for "had all characters attain Z Bust Mode" x3
  14. Yay, thank you very much~
  15. Everyone jus keep contacting Arc System Works or whoever on their twitter, I contacted them once and got nothing back, will contact again once it reaches the two month mark cause that's jus ridiculous ^^; The more people showing them there is a problem, the better.