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  1. Dont they already give all the dlc for free when it comes to the west, this seems like a non issue.
  2. you:this game looks great and so much fun, I can't wait to...what it has a hard/mp/unobtainable etc trophy...well i guess i will not get this game. me:why not make a second account.
  3. Hold up your sword in the light and it will point to the next colossus
  4. See i told you...just a little off
  5. 309 i have a feeling your close...hopefully
  6. YEAH!!! thank you and sorry to hear your still going through hell with this trophy
  7. 300 again.......again
  8. Sly 1 just for the fact that i just recently got a ps3 to finally play the entire collection for the first time and there all great games, i hope we get a 5th game at some point because the only downside to the 4th game is the cliffhanger to a game that doesn't exist.
  9. What you never just decide to finish 111 plats in one year on a drop of a hat
  10. Thats fair to say, in the end i just made the comment because it was going to slip under everyones radar. Your right it might not be the most fun plat but i just didnt want hardwork like this to go unoticed.
  11. So far 100% for bio dome as it should be Edit: and its gone
  12. Just dont go west north or south easy.
  13. This is one one of the best beat em ups ive ever played and have been waiting a few years for it to drop on consoles, you should all give it a try.
  15. Look i like giant boxing robots just as much as the next guy but the baby would find a someway somehow to defeat them, trust me on this that baby needs a nerf because of how powerful he was in that movie.