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  1. Im going to hazard a guess and say yes they still show up Edit ive just found out they hid them in the other games thats fuckin stupid
  2. The sexy brutale is one of my favs and its pretty simple to plat also.
  3. Sounds fun, I don't know if I'll get a single bingo but it will be something to help me blow through my backlog.
  4. 1.original prey 2, nothing against what we got but it will never be the space bounty hunter game i wanted 2. A new prototype game would be great,especially on 8th/9th gen graphics
  5. As of this post right now the game is 5(6 if you want all the dlc) dollars. I dont remember anything bad about the game when it came out just that it was buggy and maybe a little bland and it flopped from it... extremly hard it seems. Any reason i shouldn't drop 6 bux.
  6. Does anybody know when the site goes back up?
  7. Other than not dying on both days, seems pretty simple.
  8. Well not yet it seems, you cant buy from catalog right now but the activities are still good until the 29th to the 1st.
  9. Anybody have the van helsing games, because for 9 bucks for both right now seems great.
  10. Have you tried to redownload or even rebuild database, because honestly that sounds like its somehow on your end when your crashing every 20mins.
  11. God of war 3
  12. Infamous first light, I have to get around to finish off all those challenges.
  13. Race the sun is not only being released again but now with a plat. Anybody have info?
  14. It looks cool and polished... but ive seen plenty of games with just as much if not more promise crash into the side of a mountain of problems. I hope its a great game but i wont be making any bets until its out, ive gotten hurt to many times.
  15. Seems like even more of a cake walk than yakuza 6, but then again who doesnt like cake. Hyped beyond belief day one.