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  1. Just dont go west north or south easy.
  2. This is one one of the best beat em ups ive ever played and have been waiting a few years for it to drop on consoles, you should all give it a try.
  4. Look i like giant boxing robots just as much as the next guy but the baby would find a someway somehow to defeat them, trust me on this that baby needs a nerf because of how powerful he was in that movie.
  5. I feel no need to change 300 again
  6. Bonus question: When i got my ps2, all i had was that atv game with the openworld and the train (if you've played it know which game im talking about) but i was still amazed at the detail and would just drive around for hours.
  7. Entry 3:jack cayman's chainsaw arm, nobodys messing with you now.
  8. Entry#2 ryno 7 from ratchet and clank into the nexus. Do i have to say more? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LmkrkUEbW6E
  9. Pretty good question i had think for little bit on this one. I'd go with the dagger of time from prince of persia, because theres alot of ways rewinding time itself could be usefull.
  10. Hands down its got to be horizon: zero dawn for me. Everythings just average except for the story, legit one of the worst fictional stories in general(this includes books, movies,tv,etc.) I have ever expierenced. I would call it babys first scifi because it comes off like the writers haven't dabbeled in the genre in there spare time and it shows with the amount of logic fallacies and plot holes that at no point could i take it serious and just cotinued to see how bad it could get.
  11. 300 matches
  12. I think this review was written by a android.
  13. Im going to hazard a guess and say yes they still show up Edit ive just found out they hid them in the other games thats fuckin stupid
  14. The sexy brutale is one of my favs and its pretty simple to plat also.
  15. Sounds fun, I don't know if I'll get a single bingo but it will be something to help me blow through my backlog.