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  1. For metroidvania, Mystik Belle is very fun. It has a lot of adventure-game inventory management elements and a gorgeous art style. Toki Tori 2 is also really good, its structure is more open than most metroidvanias and is focused mostly on puzzle solving (I played on Wii U though, not PS4). Not quite metroidvania, but Elliot Quest and Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap are amazing sidescrolling action adventure games with RPG elements and lots of exploration / backtracking 😬
  2. No, that’s an equal sign They’re both soulless, uninspired new Super Mario games, but they’re still fun in their own rights. Run is genuinely satisfying to perform well in, but I’ll never play it or NSMB2 again. I’ve played and replayed Mario Land countless times since trading Mega Man II for it at recess over 20 years ago. I think it goes without saying that Six Golden Coins is a vastly improved and evolved sequel, but I’ve never really wanted to revisit much. I played and loved it, and replayed on 3DS, but nostalgia for the equally weird, but also well-rounded and simplistic original wins me over.
  3. #1 in Escape Goat 2 (PS4) in 2 hours and change (probably around 6 to 7 hours of actual playtime though, unintentional af but excellent game). #2 in Always Sometimes Monsters (PS4) out of only 2 completed players and in over 3 weeks because nobody is playing it 😑
  4. Majora’s Mask > A Link to the Past > The Wind Waker > Ocarina of Time > Oracle of Seasons > Four Swords Adventures > The Legend of Zelda > Zelda II Have every other game in the Nintendo series but GBA / DSi Four Swords and Triforce Heroes, just haven’t played enough to rank them—or even at all in most cases. Want to play Link’s Awakening or A Link Between Worlds next, and still debating whether to start my Wii U copy of Breath of the Wild or just buy the Switch version.
  5. It just doesn’t flow very well with its level design and enemy / obstacle placement. Everything wants to trick or misdirect you, it’s like a rather forgettable series of basic Mario Maker levels. I’d rank it low within Mario, but I still like it well enough compared to so many other platformers and games in general
  6. Home– Super Mario World Portable– Super Mario Land Spin-off– Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Of the pure platformers: SMW > 64 > SMB = SMB 3 > 3D World = Sunshine > Land > 3D Land > Land 2 > SMB2 US > Galaxy = Galaxy 2 > NSMB U = NSLB U > SMB2 LL = NSMB = NSMB Wii > Run = NSMB2 Have yet to start Odyssey, but sooooooooon.
  7. I’m thinking that with Blitworks directly involved in development, it might be a possibility still. They certainly have the chops, but probably don’t want to get Vita fans’ hopes up just in case. Same. Have been coming back to Spelunky almost daily since the XBLA release, dreaming of how they could possibly make a sequel. Really excited to see what they come up with for new items, locations, and especially secrets! Guacamelee 2 would be a close second for me
  8. Coming to PlayStation 4 and Steam first, Derek Yu officially announced that Mossmouth are creating the sequel in colaboration with Blitworks (PSN Spelunky HD and Fez ports) and with music by Eirik Suhrke (Spelunky HD, Downwell).
  9. It does look great, but I have Tooth & Tail in my backlog already.
  10. Oh my gosh, best announcement in video game history: Spelunky 2!
  11. New Wipeout, Ape Escape, Tomba, Medievil, Rocket: Robot on Wheels, and a remake of Adventures of Lomax. Also a PlayStation mascot racing colaboration between Naughty Dog and Sumo Digital as a Crash Team Racing / Jak X and Sonic Transformed spiritual successor.
  12. Noooo, I’ve been dreading this. I’m all physical when available on Switch, and it has been so cool to see Nicalis and others publishing readily available indie games. Limited Run joining in means I’ll have to start playing their preorder game or worse, dive into reseller territory! I already swore off doing this long ago after missing out on important (to me) LRG Vita releases 😭 Scared their first game will be Gonner too 💀
  13. Chroma Squad for PS4 is pretty fun so far. Tactical RPG / television studio sim heavily influenced by Power Rangers / Super Sentai.