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  1. Donut County (Console) UFO 50 Mineko’s Night Market Ooblets The Gardens Between Ori and the Will of the Wisps Guacamelee 2 Owlboy (Console) Hollow Knight (Console) Crossing Souls Dragon Quest XI Ni No Kuni II Shadow of the Colossus Yoshi Fe Re:Legend Striker’s Edge Hopefully Spelunky 2
  2. Spelunky lets you turn pages in the Journal with the touchpad, and honestly it’s the only satisfying use of it I’ve experienced even if it isn’t particularly “meaningful”.
  3. Does Killzone 2 have any of the hacker problems I keep reading about with other PS3 online games? I’d really love to play it for fun again, knowing I’ll never be able to soon, but don’t want to run into that kind of thing....
  4. Chrono Cross Vagrant Story Final Fantasy IX Mega Man Legends series Dragon Quest VII Symphony of the Night Tomba series Klonoa Final Fantasy Tactics Spyro series MediEvil series Ape Escape Vs. Dragon Quest VIII ICO Shadow of the Colossus Ōkami Ratchet & Clank series Klonoa 2 Final Fantasy XII Katamari Damacy series Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy I’ll go with the original PlayStation. It’s weird that I was a SEGA Saturn and Nintendo 64 kid during its life, and then a GameCube and Xbox kid during PS2’s. PS1 had amazing exclusives during its generation where multi platform games were few and far between, while PS2 had great exclusives too just the worst versions multiplatforms across the board. Still like them both a lot though, I just have more and better memories attached to PS1 games and actually love early 3D low-poly.
  5. I like to complete as much of a game as possible, and it’s mostly just serendipitous that a game I love playing might get at or near 100% trophy completion for a narrative or character focused game. I just tend not to look at the trophy list while I’m playing, and also have notifications disabled so it helps. If I don’t like a game, I won’t continue with it no matter the platform. I’m careful about what I play to begin with, not to avoid unearned trophies but to avoid disappointment. If I ever play Eliot Quest again, for example, I’ll never go for the bad ending, because I don’t want to perform the actions required for it within the story. So I’ll never get its associated trophy, or the platinum, and I’m okay with that. As another example, for Mystik Belle, I missed its early “bad” ending trophy purely by accident because I didn’t know about it and was focused in finding everything for 100% inxgame completion instead. I’ll probably get it if I ever play it again because it seems like a fun game to try speed running. In the past, I never went back for high-chaos in Dishonored, multiple-endings in Deus Ex, or the full lore completion in The Wolf Among Us, all because I didnt want to change the story I experienced. I did, however, unlock a few of the special kill kinds of trophies when I broke character in the former two out of frustration lol. Still along the same lines, I loved replaying Night in the Woods to experience every story beat so I guess it really depends on the game. I also play lots of Nintendo games past and present, where the rewards are all in-game. So I’m used to squeezing the most out of a game without even considering its meta offerings. For me, tracking trophies and completion is more a fun way of comparing play styles and interests with other players rather than skill or score (why I love Xbox One’s game stats and hope Sony adopts them).
  6. Have been playing local Gang Beasts all weekend. It definitely supports same-couch multiplayer, though it’s also primarily competitive. If you are looking for great local co-op that’s similarly silly, Human Fall Flat would be my recommendation, but Gang Beasts is a blast too
  7. A tossup between Electronic Arts and Warner Bros. interactive Entertainment. Oh, right, I mean.... Possum Spring’s Deathcult of Conservative Dads, from Night in the Woods. They just hit so close to home with all the goings on in the world, and the added occult / ancient god appeasement angle is somehow less absurd than realty.
  8. One of the two lead designers is now at Supermassive Games (Until Dawn). The other is at Riot (League of Legends).
  9. I cannot wait for Donut County to hit PS4 and I’m definitely going to be re-revisiting MediEvil! Surprised at the nonexistent port of Deus Ex: Go though 😯
  10. Portable PSOne Classics, PS4 Remote Play, and on-the-go Spelunky and Fez. Kind of regret it for the first two, as mapping L2/R2 and L3/R3 to the touch screen and pad is always uncomfortable for me. Even though I have the HORI Remote Play grip, most games don’t have custom mapping which ruins it. And the lack of multiple accounts means I play my Vita with my original PSN profile that I buy all my digital games with, so I’ll never get Vita content on my active profile unless I buy physical.
  11. It can live! If everyone would stop buying Yakuza games on PlayStatiom, the old Amusement Vision team behind F-Zero GX/AX will finally be free to make a sequel with Nintendo again. And then Super Monkey Ball 3! But it’s also the perfect vehicle for Platinum Games to create their first racer, and considering their close relationship with Nintendo and the totally on-topic Bayonetta series (and Wonderful 101, Star Fox Zero).... ‘Tis but a dream 😞
  12. Not sure I like the new direction 3D Dot Game Heroes 2 is headed 😢
  13. No one—not even IP-holders SEGA—wanted to publish Bayonetta 2. It wouldn’t have been made without Nintendo and the series wouldn’t even be a series. No one else deserves this series, because no one else cared except for a few salty fans of the original who don’t buy Nintendo consoles. It’s good to see it staying with Nintendo, and just as sweet knowing the entire series is now going to be portable 🤘
  14. Hoping for a May or June launch for Dragon Quest XI, but I spy a few I’m already looking forward to. Crossing Souls and OwlBoy both launching February 13 though 😱
  15. Night in the Woods for PlayStation 4 Cuphead for Xbox One GoNNER for Nintendo Switch And because I never really play PC games, Undertale (2015) for Vita and Tiny Barbarian DX (2013) for Switch released this year and I absolutely love them too.