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  1. Ouch, that's a long time to be put off a game, but those chocobo mini-games do require skill, a good grind and luck. I nearly wanted to do that, but I used the vita for the chocoobo master, much more easy to control. At least you platinum the game, most people wouldn't even bother going back. Thanks my first time playing FF and got my 1st FF plat, now on FF X-2. Like the secret of mana plat you got.
  2. I swear the developers put those annoying mini games, just to annoy gamers and drive them insane. Blame the director for the mini game idea, those birds were a nightmare when they hit you once, twice, and then three times for more pain 😡. So glad I done it and finally got my lighting dancer and chocobo master, never want to see lighting or a chocobo ever again. Be glad when I plat it later, 214 hours grinding, mostly mini games, the sphere grid was not to bad, as had fun when I beat the earth eater over and over, nice amount of triple overdrive weapons for 100,000 a piece and fortune spheres. But those birds will forever haunt my dreams...🐥
  3. Hi, just saw your post about the coliseum, what you need is the figures No.87 & 88 Adult Gohan, these will give you +30% to the ultimate attack gauge, make sure they are placed on the board first in their trigger square, level 20-30 will suffice, as their only purpose is to build your ultimate attack gauge for the turn 2 tactic. Attach the skills Def up sec, UTG up MHP50, UTG up FHP50 to one of your gohan's, your second Gohan will have the skills UTG up ET, Def up sec, UTG up FHP50. You want No.120 Future trunks at level 60, who is your speedster, attach the skill STA Up 01, Atk up 01, SPD up 01 and put him behind one of the Gohan's, as your first turn. a No.183 Rose Goku black is good to have at level 60, as when he gets hit, he adds 10% to the ultimate gauge, which is repeatable. Attach the skills Atk up sec, Def up sec, UTG down ET. Vados N0.180 with Atk up sec, atk up 02, UTG up ET as your back up for defence. The skills attach will help your ultimate gauge to go up and turn vados gauge down, when one of your gohan's go, replace him with Goku black, have Gohan on the trigger square and keep trunks behind Gohan, if you have done it correctly, on your 2nd or third turn, when your ultimate gauge is 100%, just place trunks alone on the field, on the ultimate attack gauge trigger square, no one else. Trunks at level 60 and just place on his own with the attach skills, will have an speed of 4770. The skills attach will add x3 to his speed, which will enable you to attack first with the ultimate gauge and defeat vados, you can use this same tactic with the free battles as well. My master level was level 30 when I beat vados. other good figures to have will be No.23 vegeta, No.203 Goku (super saiyan god), No.12 Goku adds +15% to the ultimate attack gauge, which is repeatable. Here is a video, which demonstrates the turn 2 tactic, with just using Gohan's -
  4. Thanks for the info, it's good to know that the ps4 is region free and I can play the game. If I have to make an account, it will be JP, mainly as I want to get Kamen Rider, now I know it's region free and I can play Japanese games, I can get other games I'm after. Thanks.
  5. I ordered the devil may cry 4 online the other day and didn't realise to check that it was a Japan disc with Hong Kong cover and back in English. What I like to know if the disc will work on my UK PS4 or would I have to change the settings on my ps4 for it to work. Normally I know these things, but i'm not sure if the ps4 is region locked for games from Japan or if I can't play it and i got to send it back. Hopefully I don't have to, as it is the one DMC game I never got a chance to finish completing it, last time I played it was at my friends on his ps3, got half way and then he sent me home. So I'm looking forward to finally complete the game, any help or some light on this subject will be appreciated. Here is the back cover image, still in its packaging. Before anyone says it, GO GO power rangers. 😀
  6. I'm new to the final fantasy series, the last time I played was on FF 3 as a kid, only played for a few hours on the snes and never picked up the series since. But after seeing lava_Yuki mention how hard FF X was, I decided to check it out. I am now 160+ hours into the game and I'm still grinding for the sphere grid, already set myself up to complete the game, but I want to kill the dark aeons first and get lulu sigil. I have loved every moment of playing final fantasy X and I am still determined to plat this game, never felt so happy to get the chocobo rider with 16 balloon's, no birds and I think it was 35.6 sec on the clock, have to double check my screenshot. I hear how much a pain this trophy is and jumped for joy when I got it, just got the lighting dancer and chocobo master standing in the way of my plat. I love playing old school games and FF X has reiginated my nosteligica and have made me a fan of the FF series, so this has become my favourite series, can't wait to get stuck into X2 and XV. will be looking for older series to play, but at the moment having the ability to cross play on the vita/ps4 for FF X is a godsend for the grind.
  7. I am from the c64 generation, to me personally I found them easy to do. I remember the days where you couldn't save and have to play the game in one sitting. just my personal opinion on them, as I have completed them before. That's why I find them easy, but it's different with each gamer, as one gamer may see it as an easy plat, while the other find it hard. I've been gaming for 30 years, so the oldies aren't that difficult sometimes, well apart from FF X at the moment, and a few others. So I do agree their are some hard ones, but people will play the oldies, I got wonder boy: the dragon trap to play at some point. I do have the mini snes, and plan on doing the FF 3 someday. I agree that not everybody will like JRPG's, that's why I suggested to try a different game and see how it goes. If you still don't like it, no loss and move on to games/genre's you do enjoy. In the end we will play what we enjoy, some JRPG's can be hard but not always, it's just a grindfest. I believe any game can be plat, it just require patience, luck, good grind and plenty of spare controllers. LOL.
  8. Looking at your profile, it looks like you prefer the easy and quick grinds to get easy plats, some old games like street of rage, tetris, ducktales and sonic are really easy to do. JRPG's require on average anything from 60-200 hours of gameplay and you need to have a good grind/strategy in these games to complete it. I don't think you gave them a proper chance or even push yourself to go more then an hour or 2 in a game and give up. The tales of sympothia is an old game back from the gamecube, that's 100 hours of grinding and earning the plat on that will take some time. You want to start with tales of berseria, which is a current game and that will take you on average 100-140 hours to complete, the story is very easy to get into and it gets better as you play. Not everyone will like JRPG's, but unless you really try them, then you will know for certain if you like them or not. Give them a try, most of the UR plat's comes from JRPG's, Dragonball xenoverse, digimon world next order, tales of zestria (defeat the end boss on chaos and over powered, worth it). If you really can't get into them, then move back to games that you do enjoy. I enjoy my JRPG's as I find the grind, and the story better then some western games, I enjoy both western's and JRPG, but I find the JRPG is where it really test the player. I'm quite proud of my plat's, most of them are from JRPG's, because I like a good grind, currently playing FF X, it's a 20 year old game, but it's one hell of a grind to do and the last time I tried a final fantasy series was FF 3 on the snes (1990), I gave up after 2 hours and never played the series since, until recently I decided to give the FF series another try and I realised just how powerful and good of a series it is, just from playing FF X.
  9. This will be interesting to see what I get, I expect I get a 2. Death Trooper, looking at your list and the games you got, while I see a few easy plats, but with 77, rank you are and the games you got, especially with me seeing some JRPg and I know the pain of doing dragon ball xenoverse. I will give it a healthy 7/10.
  10. I agree with everybody else, the platinum's you got are very easy games and looking at your profile, you haven't put the effort into grinding. I'm going be a bit brutal, but honest as I have been gaming for 30 years, only been trophy hunting for a year. Spider-man is a good plat, it's standard to get and easy to do, perhaps do the DLC to get the 100%. A lot of your profile screams internet games, none of them really attempted to do, not worth doing, I got no respect for those type of games. You need to do a good grind on your games, while their is some games on their I haven't played, I would recommend playing on games you do find fun or attempt the harder plats. I would give it a 1/10 to be honest, maybe do some more JRPG's like FFXV you got, perhaps attempt a tales games. Here is a few games you should attempt to do, FFXV, fifa 15/17, GTA V, god of war 3, AC origins, red dead redemption 1+2. Don't worry too much about what you got at the moment and focus on doing ones you enjoy and beef your profile up a bit. I'm the same level as you and I've only played 25 games with 12 plat's, and I think mine are easy plats. I give myself a 4/10 and I only got 1 internet game, marvel heroes omega and that will never be plat, as the game was pulled and it was crap. This is just a personal opinion on what I see, just play the games you enjoy and attempt to grind a bit more to get your games to 'A' rank at least. Then at least you tried, even if you don't get the plat, what one see, as an easy platinum to one gamer, maybe be difficult to another gamer.
  11. It all depends on what type of JRPG you like to do, and whether your interested in playing different franchise's. Are you looking for good story, character development or a big grind (99% of JRPG). The Tales series are brilliant for story, character development and a good grind. Tales of Berseria (Recommend), tale of Zestria and the first tales game - secret of mana is out on ps4 and will give hours of fun, vesperia will be out soon. Sword art online do some good games, only played the accel world vs SAO, but I got lost song and fatal bullet, which are meant to be good. I did find digimon world: next order, to be a lot of fun and a good grind, took me 203 hours to platinum, which is the longest I have ever played on a JRPG. The story is very short and can be done in less then 20 hours, but the platinum will take you way over the 100 hour's mark. But that depends if your a fan of the series, and don't mind a long grind. You could also try digimon cyber sleuth, which is good to play, don't know what digimon: hacker's memory is like, as I haven't played it yet.
  12. I have quite a few platinum's I like to get in 2019, hopefully I will be able to clear my backlog and then put my focus, towards doing my JRPG run. Would love to plat my PS3 - Tales of symphonia, xilla 1,2, F, graces and the ps4 secret of mana, tales of vesperia to complete my tales plats. Hopefully be able to do final fantasy x, x2 and XV, as I havn't done a final fantasy game since FF3. Apart from those I will have to see what games are out, and worth the time to do the platinum. I got way to many games in my backlog I just want to play, so I will just wait and see what I feel like playing.
  13. Just thought I would post this, as just beaten level 6 MachineDramon in 2 minutes, and have been having problems myself progressing forward. Make sure to put on easy, as RyuVienna mentioned, it does make it a lot easier and the stats gain faster. Spent 3 days grinding these stats and thought I will post it to help anyone else that is having problems. I beat him with 2 ultimate's, AeroVeedramon (Vaccine, age 12) with the moves Electric Chute and Wind cutter and MachGaogamon (Data, Age 9) with the moves, spin attack and Mach Jab. Make sure you buy 8 medium recovery discs and medium MP disc, to recover 1,500 HP/MP and have 30 recovery disc as backup, heal constantly and use the moves as quick as possible, I didn't even have to use defend. Tamer Skills (Level 16): DigiEgg Polish, Long life Digivolution, Life Boost, Power trainer, Intellect trainer, Toughness trainer, Sleep care, Good and fresh Digivoultion. Invigorating runner, health runner, Mental trainer. Second order, Defence order, Ascertainment and Skill Observation. Stats for Aero Veedramon, HP- 12,231, MP - 11,335, Strength: 1,306, Stamina: 1,178, wisdom: 1,263 and speed: 1,212. MachGaogamon: HP: 10,920, MP: 8,705, Strength: 1,166, Stamina: 1,062, Wisdom: 1,051 and speed: 1,046.
  14. Just tried this glitch on my disc version and it works. I made sure to copy my data with v1.06 to usb, then went to the game data utility and deleted both data. Then I turned off the internet and reinstalled the game, my normal file was already their, without any updates. So I just selected the normal game data (I paid for dlc before, the cold heart dlc didn't show up on menu, with reinstall), did the first training map with x15 multiplayer, earned the 3 medals and both the trophies for the initiation popped. You don't have to start a new game, just use your existing file. Normally I don't use glitch's, but these map's are a pain to grind and I had to try it out.
  15. I can understand it being separated from the main trophy guide, but it's a bit of a shame that the V1.12 & V1.14 can't be added as one DLC guide. As they are all part of one guide, had to start doing it as an 2 part guide instead, so it links together. Just means more work for the guide writer, thanks for the info, I will just try my best with it. Lol.