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  1. That is ok about work, I understand when your busy it's not easy to reply back. I am happy you were able to get one with the code. Thank you for making the donation to PDSA, that is a very kind of you and a good gesture in memory of Crystal, as it will help other pets in need. I'm happy with the stuffed Jellycat, it must of been hard playing footsies/mind games with a 2 year old on that mark, as you will never win. Maybe work on the whiff/punish next time. lol. Your very much welcome, I'm glad I brought some joy to one gamer, your post today made me smile and cheered me up. Getting one within 5 months, would not of been easy, so it's good you be able to enjoy Gran Turismo 7 to its fullest on a PS5, when it's out in March.
  2. I did read your post about your daughter, but you edited it. But congratulations on winning, I have sent the code via message, if you can give me the your email via message, I can email it to you. I haven't selected any store for it, so hopefully you will be able to use it and get one, I'm sure it will give your daughter a smile on Christmas. My Dog Crystal love kids and I can't think of anything better. Merry Christmas, please post here if your able to get one. Thank you everybody else for replying and the condolences, I'm sorry for the quick giveaway, but still grieving.
  3. I know it’s a short timeline, but the code expires on the 20th November, pity the timeline is so short to claim it. But that’s what curry’s is doing, shame it not any store in the uk and a week to claim it, but I know it tough getting one and happy to give it away. I am happy to wait till the day itself for claiming it, so it’s here. Hopefully there is someone in the area, who can claim it. Thank you for the condolences. I know it’s a needle in the haystack, but I thought I’ll try to help, as I don’t need it.
  4. Hi guys, yesterday I received a VIP code from curry's to be able to purchase a PS5 bundle. Due to I have already got a PS5 and with the recent passing of my dog, I decided today to give away the code to a UK member of this forum in memory of my dog Crystal, this is my way of saying thank you and giving someone a chance to own a PS5. This code has to be used no later than the 20th November 2021, I'm guessing it has to be in the Gloucestershire area. I love gaming as an veteran gamer and want to give a fellow gamer a chance to own a PS5, I could easily buy this myself and give to my nieces, but decided to help someone out here. The rules are simple. 1- You must not own a PS5, this is for someone who don't have a PS5 and I will check profiles that post here, if you have one you will be not be eligible. 2- Post a paragraph here on why you deserve to have a PS5 and what difference it would make for you. (trophy hunting is not a valid reason) 3- The paragraph that stand out the most or tug at my heart string will be the winner. This will be determined RNG 4- The deadline will be today (17th November at 8pm) any posts after that time, won't be included. This is to make it fair for everybody and give you time to get the PS5. 5- The winner of the draw will be contacted via message today with the code after 8pm and I will post the winner here as well. 1 entry per a household. That is all you have to do, just post a paragraph or 2 on why you should have one and you could be the winner of a brand new PS5, I do ask that you say thank you and post here when you have brought the PS5 and do 1 kind deed to someone else or donate to any local charity, to share the love and kindness. Karma will kick your butt, if you don't. Good Luck everybody.
  5. I know this is a bit unorthodox to post this in the forum, but I feel this is the best place and the safe place I can post this, I guess I feel comfortable posting here and I don't do social media. maybe it could be sticky post at some point in memory. Please excuse my writing, I have dyslexia and I am writing this as I am crying. I lost my dog Crystal (brown dog, pink collar) on Friday the 12th of November 2021. She was born on the 1st December 2013 and passed on the 12th November 2021 (7 yrs 3/4), she was a Great Dane cross with an Rottweiler, a very rare breed and my best friend, my world, my everything. Since I had her, she has got me though my darkest time, I was full blown suicidal before she arrived in my life and she loved everyone she met, you would always be met with a wagging tail and soppy kisses when she saw you and her bounciness in life was a big joy. Two years ago she gave birth to three beautiful puppies in August 2019, the dad is a Labrador. Back in September 2021 she met her daughter Red, as you can see in the picture, Red is the black Labrador/Great Dane in the background and the smiling brown dog is my baby. This was the first & last time she saw her daughter, running around with her, like they never left. My heart is so broken, that I am so lost without her, I have no purpose in life now, as she was the one who got me out everyday and gave me a reason to live, she got me through the pandemic and I was never alone, she always had food and water down, treats available at all times, even when she gave me those soppy eyes and would claw at me, if I was playing my games, so I would stop playing and give her attention, gravy bones, dental stick or whatever treat she wanted. My last game was Assassin Creed Odyssey and my last platinum, I can't bring myself to 100% the game as the final trophy was earned on the 10th November. I love gaming these past 34+ years and have been trophy hunting for the past 4 years, while I have enjoyed every minute of trophy hunting, writing guides to help people, without my dog I don't feel I have a reason to trophy hunt anymore. I have decided to quit as of Saturday and just game when I am ready, but not care about the trophies. I guess I have suffered so much pain and loss in my life, more then anyone could know and realize their is more important things in life then trophies. I was only trophy hunting for fun and to test my skills and to help me not feel suicidal. But now she's gone and now I don't see there is any point in chasing trophies. At the end of the day it's just a trophy, we are only trying to prove we could obtain them and to some degree rub our ego. I never cared for leaderboards, I don't care if you have 100 Raitakia games on your profile, to me that is what you enjoyed and I respect that as an gamer and a veteran gamer. I may get hate for this, but I find it disgusting how people who moan/complain or downright mock people profile because of it. I won't mention the name, as you know who I am talking about who shat at people and say 90% of people's profile are crap, I disagree with that and have zero respect for this person and also because they mock me when I was suicidal on SFV forum post I made last year or so. I did want to report it, but couldn't at the time due to being suicidal at that point. I respect people who play what they want and by god I can't do 5 minute or even visual novels, as they are too short, but I respect those who do. (sorry if sound bad, I needed to get it off my chest, as it's been eating at me for years) But this thread is not about what you play and what you don't, I made this post to remember by dog Crystal and for anyone else who have lost a pet, that maybe this could help. I may stay around and post now and again, but I guess I wanted to say that there is more important things in life, I have Borderline Personality Disorder (EUPD) so the pain I feel is ten times worst then normal people would feel. I lost my best friend, my baby and when she died in my arms on are last walk at 3pm on Friday, it was the most devasting thing I have witness. She died peacefully in my arms, when nature took her course and her heart went out. It was quick and painless and I wished I could have done more, I feel I could of saved her life somehow, I have always put other people life before my own and this is the part that hurts the most. I feel useless I didn't know she was going to go, she held on for as long as she could and I am eternally grateful for that. She had a heart scan this year and she had arthritis and tissue on the left ventricle of her heart. I would of gave my life for hers or anyone at the risk of my own. If I died saving someone's life, I would of died with honour and the knowing I save a life, which is the way I want to go. I don't want recognition, I am no heroine, I am just the type of person who is willing to risk there life for other people, without caring for my own. Sometimes you never know what you have got, until they are gone. I only spent 4-6 hrs a night on my games and I guess I finally learnt the true meaning of life, my dog gave me that reason to live, gave me a reason to get out of bed every morning to take her for a walk, in the afternoon I would walk her and then when I got back I would play on my games, I found a lot of them easy, maybe due to age and experience. But then I knew she would always be there for me, unconditional love, a waggy tail and kisses when I walked in, I will never forget the memories I had with her and will be picking her ashes in 2 weeks time, with the embodied box, with her name and the date she was born to day she pass away. Treasure the family, friends, pets you got in your life, live every day as it's your last day in life and always remember what you have got. maybe reflect at your life and think is trophy hunting really that important or could you just cut it down and enjoy living your life with the people around you. I would normally have some words of wisdom, some nugget that would help people to see better and to give advise that will help guide them on there path and I would disappear away, as my only purpose was to guide other people in life and when they no longer need my help or guidance, I would disappear in the shadows. If you do decide to trophy hunt still, don't give up on those hard games, think logically and enjoy what your doing. Know when to stop and to enjoy life, getting the platinum is not as important as you may think. I earned 58 (technically 57 if you don't count spider-man remastered) but I enjoyed every minute of it. Fighting games are hard, but don't give up on trying, as they are alot of fun, especially when you get that magic pixel and 50/50 fight. I've Been a part of FGC since it formed in the 90's and Daigo Umehera is someone I look up to alot and will still play them now. Sorry for the long post and it I went off tangent, I hope it was clear and helpful in some way. Thank you for reading my post. R.I.P. Crystal 1st Dec 2013 - 12th Nov 2021.
  6. @DrBloodmoney - I'm quite impressed with the amount of games you have done over the past 13 years, you have done quite a lot of platforms. Most of them I do consider easy, but you are not afraid of trying a variety of games. Like the mix of sports and fighting games, you made a good attempt at super street fighter 4, I can understand the problem not completing the trials, due to the 1f links. I will give you an 9.5/10 due to your attempt at trying some fighting games, especially MK & SSF4. I was going to give you a 9, but you deserve a 9.5/10 for your dedication. My list looks minuscule compared to yours, keep up the good work.
  7. Agreed, as someone who had an attempted rape happen to them, it's not something I like to read, had to bypass it all. I was interested to see what people was saying and it got dark too quick. On topic as an female gamer, I am lucky I haven't received that many messages from trolls, I got bullied a lot as a kid and sometimes I will just ignore it and not engage. I find it even more funny when I kick someone ass in a fighting game and they rage quit on you. I do get the odd she's good in a surprising way on mic, like they think all female gamers are crap, which just makes me smile. I have my messages set to friends only and the mute on, most of it is from people who has a crap life and feel's they have the right to take it out on you. Ignore them, block and report. Trolls and bully's aren't worth your time.
  8. If we are including games we have done on the PS5, then this my list. 1) Astro playroom 2) Spider-man: Miles Morales 3) Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart 4) Alex the Kidd in miracle world (PS4 version) 5) Scarlet Nexus 6) Dead or alive 6 (PS4 version) 7) Ratchet & Clank (PS4 version) 8) Marvel Spider-man remastered - No auto pops, I replayed the PS5 version. I am technically going to include this, as I'm one trophy away (Cat call) and it will pop in a week, month, or a year time. Injustice 2. Next one will be either Tales of Arise or Assassin Creed Odyssey.
  9. 1) Multiplayer added on to single player games - This has to be my biggest pet peeve, mainly due to I personally think certain single player games should stay single player. Adding a multiplayer to them, just to make money or to pamper to a certain group don't help it's cause. I have stopped playing Tomb raider because they added MP to it, assassin Creed was the biggest on this, I played black flag & unity on another account because of I hated the multiplayer being taxed on for no reason. 2) Unnecessary things in games, that shouldn't of pass the 1st stage of planning - I can normally deal with certain type of grinds in games, but as I am currently playing Injustice 2, this game has annoyed me the most. if you want to level up via player level, like SFV that is fine. But to level up in a fighting game and to add stats to it, that just makes it god damn boring to do. I like the single player aspect, as I want to get Nightwing and better gear for my main Leonardo, the TMNT & Dc characters is why I wanted to play it. But the gear stats and having to level up to 20, just to play people online or to do Multiverse events ruined this game. It should never be in a fighting game and it just breed bad habits, the gear should of been an cosmetic only, where the stats shouldn't exist at all. I know this game has big issues in the FGC and for good reason, I can deal with the bad mechanics offline, but not online and against an level 30 Gorilla Grodd with insane stats against my level 10 turtle. Who just rinse and repeat the same moves, that I should of defeat him easily if the stats didn't exist. Nope I get wiped out before I could MB roll escape and then I get grabbed for trying an air escape. No Honeymoon faze to slowly bring you in the game, straight away in to the fire. I can just deal with the 50hrs grind to get cat call, not the stats. The online is dead for a reason, no one wants to chase after the opponent from the other end of the screen and get beat by Superman DB1 over & over.
  10. I don't mind if it's a remake or an remaster, I personally brought Marvel Spider-Man ultimate edition with the intention of replaying marvel Spider-Man with the updated graphics. I love the game and it's worth replaying. I recently played the remake of ratchet & clank, I never played any ratchet & clank before, then I tried out rift apart and I loved it. It introduce me to a game, I never thought it was worth trying. If a remake or remaster introduced new players to the game, I am all for it. Heck I loved the fact they remade Alex the Kidd in miracle world & wonder boy: the dragons trap, while I played the ps4 version, they were two games worth playing. I haven't played Alex the Kidd in 35 years, now it's available on the ps4 & ps5, wish I played the ps5 version, but having to wait 35 years for a remake, compared to marvel spider-man 3 years wait for a remaster, who am I to complain. As we are still in a pandemic, not many new games coming out and the ps5 being hard to get hold of, I can understand it may be easier to make some money with titles they know will sell.
  11. Best way is to go in training mode, set it to accept and wait for the matches, when I did it via the online 3+ connection it will take anytime from 5-20 minutes for 1 match, a lot of them was the same people and low connections that didn't connect. Sometimes I had to wait up to an 1 hour for an match. Evenings and weekends are best time to go online, best advice for anyone after the matches is to play now and rematch everybody. You can't boost and it best to play now, as in 6 months time the game will be completely dead, I played it a while ago, and it was dead online. Took me 3 days to get the 100 matches, normally I get 40-50 a day, I got 20-30 matches if the people accepted my runbacks. Deleted the game now, due to it being dead in the water.
  12. I'm a bit disappointed this game don't have the free upgrade to the ps5 version, but they do have it on sale now for £15 (PS plus members) until 6th July. Trophy's looks good, I'm hoping my memory muscle still works, as I never completed this as kid, so it be fun to do 2 playthroughs. Might get the ps5 version as well, Sega's 1st mascot needs a double platinum, this is one game I'm happy to stack and give it the love it deserves. Does anyone know if they kept in the high difficulty spike or have they toned it down?
  13. If we are talking fighting games, I don't mind if it's plays or wins, as it's a genre I enjoy. But I do think they have to be realistic and make it reasonable to the causal players. As sometimes it could take them a while to get there or they will lose interest, which could stop them from playing the series again. I really enjoyed my journey of getting 300 rank wins in Street fighter V, I had fun playing and played some really good matches. Where to others they would find that hard and give up. If it says play 1000 casual matches, for me that is normal to do in a fighting game, but to others that could deter them, like get 10 or 20 straight wins in a row. I don't mind which genre it's from or if it's online or offline, so long as it's reasonable that requires you to try the game and certain modes is fine to do.
  14. Like Dave McDamage, I am an 80's kid. I am 40 yrs old and have been gaming since the C64, ever since I played my 1st game Choplifter (good memories). For me personally gaming has been a part of life, since I first put in that 1st floppy disk (s) to load up the game, that made me want to play more. To me it is a hobby that I still enjoy today, over the years there have been many leap & bounds with the technology, that has kept me interested in playing. Watching the gaming industry evolve from an 8 bit game, where you could not save the game, to playing an game in 4k quality and having instant load times, make me think what's next & I want to be a part of it. As I am an hard core type gamer, it will be quite a long time before I retire from gaming itself. It is more then an hobby for me, yes I have loads of fun, but it helps my mental health and it has save my life or uplifted my mood in a time in my life, where I needed it the most. I have played so many games, that each one has granted me a sense of enjoyment and I hope I keep on gaming for 30+ years. I will most probably retire before then, because I will be 70, doubt I would have the reflexes to hold a controller, let alone play them at that age. I do take breaks every now and again, as I got a dog to walk and a life to lead, but at this point in time, I still enjoy gaming and hope I'll be playing for many generations to come.
  15. It sounds like your OCD is literally taking over your life, especially on the fact you are obsessing about it every day and you are trying to think logically, but you can't. I can personally relate to this, as I have been feeling like this for a while, more recently I have become so obsessed with trophy hunting, I have ignored the real root of my problems. I am going to throw a bone and open up what's happened to me recently, as I fear you are currently going down the same root. I would first say ring your doctor and as your in the UK ring the crisis team on 0800 1690398 , they can offer you emotional support and get you some help. The first thing is stop playing, do something else you might enjoy, getting the platinum is Not important and shouldn't be that important to you, that it has now become unhealthy. I recently did my Tales of xilla 2, where I obsessed over it, to the point I didn't go to bed until 5am in the morning. I said I was going to get the platinum, so I could play other games. I am going to be taking a break once I have hit 50. I plan on doing astro playroom and spidey, originally I had other games in mind. But because my mental health has took a turn for a worse, I am now in that position I have no choice but to take a break. My suicidal thoughts has recently come back and has got very dark, today I rang the GP and I will be re referred to the 2gether trust. Part of this reason is due to me playing on games and i have ignored what has been going on, I don't eat to well, and I have been feeling a total burn out, I am not enjoying my games anymore. It sounds like you are going through the same type of ordeal, you are ignoring your problems, but at least you have reached out to someone on this forum, that's a big step and very good to do. I love the DMC series, have loved it since I was a kid, but maybe you need to not get the platinum, to make you think differently. I had to do that for a few games, as I play for fun and to test my skill, if i get the platinum, it's a bonus. I don't know if any of this makes sense or is helping, I am kind of struggling at the moment to give the best advise to help, as well as keep certain thoughts at bay. I will strongly advise to stop playing and play for fun, don't trophy hunt for a while, make some friends and contact someone you know that can help and do something else as a hobby, from my personal experience, your not just feeling burnt out, your trophy hunting is become to obsessed, soon or later it will take you to a dark place, that you don't want to go. Hope this help in some way, I'm sorry if it wasn't But I hope it puts it into perspective you got a problem, and you need urgent help.