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  1. I'm glad to see a thread dedicated too the LGBTQ+ community, nice idea from I alpha soldier to post this. I've been gaming for 30 years since the C64, I am a bi MtF transgender and I identify as female, otherwise I wouldn't be having my op in a weeks time, on the 28th June. I am an open minded person, who isn't afraid to say how it is and to be honest and up front about my gender. So if you do have questions, I'm happy to answer, so long as its respectful. I have been transition for 8 years, where I have now reach that point in my life, where I am finally happy to get to the stage I am, too finally have the op and start a whole new life. Now while I do identify as female, I don't use the microphone for 2 simple reasons, the first being I got social anxiety and the 2nd my voice changes between high and low. I mention this, just in case people wonder, if and when I do speak on the mic and 1 min you hear a female voice, the next a bloke voice. This only happens, partly due to my BPD and when I'm gaming, sometimes the old me pops in, just to be a pain in the butt and curse at the game for not doing as it's told. Even though I know, it is human error and it happens in gaming. So if you do get the giggles while playing me, because my voice changes more times, then Miss Doubtfire, I've done my job right and made you laugh to the point you forgot you was playing me, and I won. 😇 Hopefully someday this thread gets sticky, just to break those diverse barriers in gaming and to let the LGBTQ+ community know, that they can feel safe to post here, without being judged. Just an opinion of mine, sorry if I waffle on.
  2. Thanks for understanding, I just felt that I had to justify it, just because I didn't earn it myself. I feel a bit ashamed, as I have been a gamer since the C64 and I had to do a shareplay for an easy trophy. All the other 84 trophies I got over 3 weeks, I earned myself and usually by now I would of had it by pure skill/luck. But thanks to his help I don't have to worry about it as I can now focus on being productive on more important things and recover without the worry of grinding for hours.
  3. Anyone struggling with this, I recommend for asking for help from git gud or use his move list - I did not earn this trophy, as he help me to shareplay this, just a while ago. This is due to I am going for GRS surgery next week and didn't have time to grind it. got to 14 variant combo and due to limited time/surgery I ask for help. You can flame me for doing this and I have no problem admitting I ask for help in that way, but due to my circumstances and the high risk that comes with the surgery, this is why I am posting the video, as a thank you and to help anyone else that is struggling. I tried powerpyx and other combos and even had 5 different move list, but I got higher priority's, where my life is at risk from the surgery, especially if I get an infection and didn't want people to think I earned it legit and I only did it due to the circumstances, otherwise I would done it myself as I been gaming for 30 years, but some things in life take a higher priority over a trophy. I like to be honest.
  4. I brought the season pass last week, cost £16. But you do get your money's worth, especially if your a batman fan. I liked the side quest's from season of infamy, it helped to add more depth into a game, that lacked content. I've been avoiding completing the game, as I want to do more of the DLC's challenges, to last that extra longer. It's also nice to see batman hall of villain's locked up in GCPD and they add a bit of side story to the game. The AR challenges are fun to do, you get loads more content, which helps making getting the challenges stars a lot easier and quicker and I'm sure you have fun doing the extra batmobile tracks and playing different characters. Loved the 1960's and 89' movie tracks, mainly cause of the song's brought back fond memories. It's definitely worth your money and gives you extra trophies to get and the challenges, really test your skill, I'm looking forward to doing the community challenges and 100% the game. If it's cheap, I would buy it and try it out, you will have fun, even if you don't care about the AR challenges or skins, you will still enjoy having the extra content to add a more play factor and compared to the 24,000 that platinum the game to the 2,250 that 100% the game, to me that makes it even more worth while having the DLC. Paying 7 euros, is a good price for the amount of hours you get out of doing the other challenges.
  5. Amjed_100, Just do any of the jumps for the A leap of faith trophy, then you can easily get the over 50m mark to unlock the one man army, upgrade the thruster and use it on a jump.
  6. Thanks for the tip dizzydaviidson, I got the idea ,when you said it needed a target and got it on my 1st test. it may be a bronze, but it's one less trophy towards the plat.
  7. Got the trophy, seems when I tried it yesterday I had no wanted levels. This time I stole a car, shot the police, got 3 wanted stars and stayed in the red area. Then I made the call to merrywether, and the trophy popped up.
  8. DizzyDavidon - I Never thought of the fact the helicopter needs a target, that might be why it's not popping. Especially if it popped up for you on a mission. I will do a few tests later, when i'm back online to grind the trap door for a bit and test a few things out to see what it pops us on. Hopefully when I do a mission it pops up, if it does thank u. Once I got a solution, I will post it here.
  9. I did it in free mode, literally came out of my apartment, called the helicopter, it appeared, then when it ran out of fuel it went and trophy never pop up. no wanted level, I even waited for the time to call it again to run down and it didn't pop up either. Any suggestions?
  10. I just reached ranked 25 and called merry weather, paid the 5,000 for the backup helicopter, he hovered about for a bit, and went. the trophy didn't pop up, do I have to re call them again for it to pop up or am I doing something wrong?
  11. Rockstar is currently running a double RP/$, for the trap door events this week, until Monday 21st may. I found this Is a very good way to level up and make money. Every round you win with kills, you get 10,000. if you lose and got kills, you can still earn a good amount of money of around 5,000+ depend on amount of kills. I played a 4 round and a 2 round match and got from 79k - 129k within minutes. level up from 13-15 just from 8 matches. one more round and i'll be level 16, aiming to grind this to level 50+. Hope this helps for anyone who wants to grind their levels and earn easy cash.
  12. Honor_hand - Sounds like the message through ps4 will be ok with me, while I got a microphone, it just freaks me out to much to use it. If I didn't have social anxiety I would be talking non stop on the mic, As for tales of Zestria, depends on what you mean, as a game or to platinum. So I will answer both, I have been a fan of the series since the snes, the last time I played a tales game was sympthia. I found TOZ a very good game to play, the storyline was interesting and a great setup for Tales of bersia, recommend to get next, as its a prequel of zestria and you will love the camos of jude/milla in TOB. I did find it a bit easy, compared to other tales games I played, but I really enjoyed it, especially when I did my 2nd playthrough as I forgot to play hard mode on a couple of the bosses and I had to get the chaos trophy. I racked up a good 140+ hours on the game.The mechanics is different, where you use normin to add skills to your weapons, upgrade them through the shops, the level up of lord of lands to 20 is a big grind, but if you do deadly encounters all the time to level up and got the DLC you will breeze through the game, expect for the dieticians nightmare trophy which was a pain. Defiantly worth getting as a tales fan, the trophy hunt is actually fun to do and rewarding, especially getting the bested the worst on hard mode. Durndal - I Just read your intro, always nice to meet a fellow 80s kid. Still miss the old days of playing on a floppy disc, but didn't like seeing the batman and the joker the same colour, thank god for the 8 bit. Sometimes I don't mind playing multiplayer if its with the right people, but it's those group of gamers that mess about, that just annoys me. I'm the same with liking to sink into another world, but hate it when your playing multiplayer and the other players are trying to ruin your experience. I know for a fact I will find the right players here, it's nice to be a part of a community with pure & pro gamers. I will be here for a very long time, as I will be eventually getting a ps3 to play previous titiles I missed and I got pleanty of ps4 games to get and enjoy.
  13. Thank you for the welcome guys/girls. My mix of games, is mostly due to my tastes, as I do like to play a lot of different genres, and I did grow up playing on the different franchises. I mostly do rpgs, fighting, but i also like to have a nice mix. I'm quite proud of my plats, so its nice to hear other trophy hunters appreciate them as well. I would of done digimon, TOB, sonic forces and accel world vs sao quicker, but brought a switch with Zelda and ended up playing normal and master mode simultaneously. Only went back to the ps4 last month or so, just to clear a few games of my ps4, i'm hoping to reach 10 by the end of the year, then I can move on to play batman and dmc.
  14. Hello everyone, first I want to say what an excellent site this place is. The guides, tracking of trophy's have helped me to keep track of my own trophy hunt , including the times I got stuck and didn't know what to do. So a big thank you to everybody's hard work and contributing to an awesome site, it helped me to achieve my 6th platinum, Thank You. Now the intro, I try to keep it brief, but I do tend to waffle now and again, due to my dyslexia, so I apologise first if I do. I've been gaming for a good 30 years, where I have been gaming on a variety of consoles, from the old days of the c64, of watching optimus prime shoot pixels at the decepticons and change in a very tiny vehicle. I have owned a lot of gaming consoles, C64, Amstrad, nes, snes, gamecube, wii, wii u, switch, game gear, master system, mega drive, Sega Saturn, gameboy (all gen) playstation 1,2 and 4. I skipped owning the n64, ps3, dreamcast and xbox due to costs or I just didn't get along with them. Since I brought the ps4 last year, I have been additive to the trophy hunt, as I do enjoy being rewarded for the grinds I do. It's a nice feeling to be awarded, for all that hard work grinding. I normally grind a good 80-90% of a game before I complete it and then clean up on my 2nd playthrough later. I am in no rush to get the platinum's, but due to my OCD I like to 100% the games I got, so I can delete the application to make space on my ps4 and move onto other games to play. I do get distracted easily and play multiple games, but I do enjoy the hunt. I am happy to help other people to get their trophy's, but I won't be using an microphone due to my social anxiety and bpd, so don't know how that would work for boosting sessions? Even if I platinum the game, just add me saying psn and the game name and I'll help. I'm not a big fan of multiplayer online trophies, as there have been times I played online and people would mess about, when I just want to play the game. Some games I understand like dragonball xenoverse 1+2, but gta v I had people killing me for fun or wasting time with hydraulics in a mission and not playing the game and then kill me on the mission itself. which just stops my enjoyment of the game. Yes I am mostly a single player, but don't mind playing multiplayer now and again for the challenge. I do play my friend on fifa a lot, we just play loads of matches that day and see who wins the most matches. She a better player then me on fifa, but doing the trophies has helped me learn new skills to be a better gamer. I like to be honest and up front about what I am like, so hopefully I didn't offend anyone. Anyway thanks for reading the post and I look forward to helping my fellow trophy hunters. You can check my profile to see what games I got and hopefully we can help each other out.