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  1. My list is going to be short, as I haven't been doing trophy hunting for long, brought the ps4 in 2016, but didn't start trophy hunting till later in 2017. #1- Amazing Spider-Man 2 - 2nd September 2017. This was my first platinum and what got me started to do trophy hunting. I was just playing the game for fun and as a fan of Spider-Man and I got this plat accidently without trying. I then thought why not start clearing up some other trophy's and see what plat's I could get. #3- Sonic forces - 15th march 2018. Having just finish Zelda botw in normal and master mode. I decided to go back to this game and plat this as part of nostalgia, as a kid I played sonic when it first came out on the mega drive, I remember the sonic bus and wanted to have one plat of sonic, just to remind myself I can still do these games. ok, it was an easy game, but I had fun, especially doing the speed runs on the online leader board, I was determined to get near to no.1 spot that was in japan, but always fell short by 4-5 seconds. This was also the first plat of the year, that started me to clear up other games I played and I raked up loads of plats. #13- Final fantasy X - 10th February 2019 I heard so much about how hard this game was and as I never really did a final fantasy game ever in my life, I thought this game will be perfect, to start my JRPG run of 2019. I love JRPG due to the grind, it was turn based; which remind me of old school games, ahh memories. The story was beautiful and it got me my 1st plat in the final fantasy series, it was also the first game that I have ever played, that took me 210 hours to complete. It was very rare for me to take this long on a game in years, so had to put it in my trophy cabinet for that reason. #24 - Tales of graces F - 14th January 2020. This was the 2nd to last game I had to do for my JRPG run, I posted on the forum for good stories of JRPG to do and they choose 5 games for me to play. I love my tales series and as I have been writing a guide for the game, I got a bit distracted, as I was meant to finish it by the end of December 2019. I eventually ended up speed running this game, just to get it off my plate and so I could finish my JRPG run with world of final fantasy. To me it's a nice way to start the year, as it's a reminder why I love my JRPG and I was determined to plat this.
  2. I've have finally completed the final two DLC for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and have submitted them. Please could you fix the video in DLC guide 1, still can't get this video to show on both IE and chrome after I have embedded it.
  3. Strange how it won't work on the digital copy, when on a previous post it worked. No problem, thought I'll post what I did to help with your guide.
  4. I just got asked this, so I will repost what I did in order to get the glitch to work. It's been a long time since I did this glitch and I just did the exact thing the op did, download the patch, delete the patch, did the x15 training map and both trophy's popped. 1- Install the game with the latest update v1.06 patch 2- Copy the saved data to usb, as a backup and delete both game data in the game data utility. (especially the patch, as it won't work) 3- Turn off your internet and updates, very important to do this, otherwise it will reinstall the v1.06 patch. 4- Reinstall the game again, you should now have just v1.01 installed. Your game data should be still their, if not copy it back. 5- Load up your game and go to the training map, do the x15 multiplayer again and both trophy's will pop. Hope this helps to clear things up. Now back to grinding my tales of...Titles.
  5. I might be interested in helping out, I'm looking for someone that could collaborate on doing more JRPG guides. Been playing tales games since the gamecube, so it be good to have a ps4 version guide and I platted this ages ago as part of my JRPG run, very easy game to do. Send me a PM and we can discuss how to tackle the guide, I got other guides I'm in the middle of, but I'll be happy to help out. Side note: I finally got round to submitting the V.12 & V.1.14 guide for Dragonball Xenoverse 2 last night, after a whole year in pending status. Expect the final 2 DLC guides, to be submitted over the next few weeks. Sorry it took way too long, had a lot going on this year with puppies, mental health and my granddad passed away, so it took a long side bar. Currently working on: Tales of Graces F (PS3), as I'm playing the game, will be looking at doing a main guide and possibly a separate collector's guide. It's a tales game.😁
  6. If you read my previous post and did everything correct, you only need to do it on 1 of the training missions. Just replay the first mission with the x15 multiplier, just make sure you have deleted the patch in the xmb menu, as mentioned on the op posts. You have to install the patch first and then delete the patch in the xmb menu, replay the 1st training mission and both trophy's will pop.
  7. Dizzydavidson - Glad that the strategy work for you and it helped. So long as you have trunks and your gohan's and the setup or near setup, where your ultimate gauge goes up and theirs goes down, this makes the rest of the battles a joke. I found it was the best team to beat the coliseum, especially since no.120 trunks is the 2nd highest speedster at max level and with the skills attach makes him the best member of your team. Ravers - I don't have any of those figures from what I can recall, I know one of the SSGSS vegeta attack's the master directly and can come in handy. Best advice I can offer is get the skills attach and see if it works on the figures you got. Maybe see who is your highest speedster, attach the skills and hope you get lucky, golden frieza is the next best thing or swimsuit 17 as alternative speedsters.
  8. Thanks everyone for the response, been very informative and very helpful with the suggestions about the games. Nice I can hop on here and just ask my fellow JRPG fans for feedback. Ktilla23 - I don't stack my games, as I only play one version of the game, and to me stacking the same game, for another plat is pointless and a waste of time, so I will stick with the ps3 version of Ni No Kuni. I actually don't mind hack and slash games, so I most probably play them at some point, but it's nice to know bleach is grindy, been wanting some hard plats to go for. As you suggested tales of graces F is a hard one, so I will be looking forward to play that and will get the last remnant for the challenge, just wish my other games was hard, but I got them cheap. As for the results, I will first want to say thank you for all the response's and the feedback, it helped me out greatly. These are now the final five, I will be doing to finish my JRPG grind, I will most probably do Tales of Xilla 1+2 next year and maybe some of the others. But for now these are the ones I will be doing next, thanks again everybody for the response's. Dragon quest 11 - 11 votes Ni No Kuni - 8 votes Final fantasy 12 - 6 votes Tales of graces F - 5 votes World of final fantasy - 5 votes
  9. Wow, thanks for the responses guys, it's good to get some ideas from other people. Rotoninja I don't own persona 5, hence why it's not on the list, I haven't seen it in my local cex store, but it's on my list to get, as I heard great things about it. I can't buy any new games till the new year, got 3 pups to look after for another month, so cost goes to raising them, until they get new homes. scemopagliaccioh - thanks for the clarification on musou games, didn't know they where that type, learn something new each day, but I am not afraid of a good grind. Sounds like one piece and bleach will be good ones to play, love the shows, binge watched all 20 volumes of one piece in 2-3 months sub. Back on topic I have never played the dragon quest games, or even most of the games listed and by looking at people suggestions, this should be high on my list. While I have done a tally, I'm most probably do secret of mana as my 20th, its short and I've been looking forward to play it again for years, loved the game on the snes and be good to play the new version, plus its a break from the past few games I played. But as for the last 5 games to play, these are the ones that is so far high up in the list - Dragon quest 11 - 8 votes - next game to play. Ni No Kuni - 6 votes- 2nd to play World of final fantasy, Tales of graces F and Final fantasy 12, all have 4 votes. Unless other people vote, these 5 are currently in the top 5 to play next, with Dragon quest 11 first, then Ni No Kuni. The final 3, I will give it till the end of today, to see if their is anymore votes. So far I like the suggestions made, it gives me a good idea on what to play next and it's nice to get some general feedback from other JRPG fans on the games I got, to see if they are good or not.
  10. Good suggestions so far, would like to see a bit more response, before I make the final list. Any suggestions for a long grind from the list, most I see is short 80 hrs, but hopefully they will last longer if they got a good story. Sounds like with the final fantasy's, world of final fantasy and FF12 is good choices, with FFXV I will buy the DLC, that I don't mind as I always buy the DLC, but if it's got a bad story, that's out of the running till next year. As I didn't do a poll, I will just tally the games up with the most votes, as the first game is different for each people, on what to do next. Look forward to more suggestions.
  11. I am at that point where I have become a bit indecisive which games to do next, to finish my JRPG run this year. I'm looking at doing 4 or 5 more this year hopefully. But I am having a hard time choosing my next ones and could do with a bit of help on which ones to do next. I've been gaming for 30 years, so I am no stranger to a good ole grind, and while I find most of them easy, I would like a challenge, prefer to avoid short plats if I can and online trophies, unless they can be done solo. I have a list of games I got, and would like to know which ones to do next, in particular which final fantasy to do next, as I really enjoyed FFX and FFX2, I'm thinking of doing secret of mana as my 20th, as I enjoyed this as a kid. I love my tales games, mainly due to I really like a good super boss to face and relish in doing battles where even OP, I can have a challenge. FF XV I put down as last FF to play, where I'm only looking forward to take down the 1hr super boss adamantoise. I like something with a good story, as that's where most of my time goes to, I'm no stranger to spending an average of 140-160 hrs to plat a game and don't consider the grind hard. FFX was the only game that push me pass the 200 hr mark in years (214 hrs to complete), but that was because of the sphere grid, but don't know which final fantasy to do next. At the moment I'm gravitating to FF XII the zodiac age, but read its a bad game. So from this list, I would like 5 suggestions which to do next, with the top being my next game. I haven't included the kingdom hearts trilogy, SAO: fatal bullet and tales of symphonia (doing this next year, as I loved the game on the GameCube and want to take my sweet time on it) the sequel I will do, after I have done tales of symphonia. I have no interest in leader boards, I just enjoy my JRPG's and a big grind. I am a big anime fan, hence the different types of games, way too many shows I like.😊 Attack on titan Bleach: soul resurrection Dragon quest heroes: The world tree's woe and the blight below Dragon quest XI: Echoes of an elusive age Final fantasy XII the zodiac age, Final fantasy Type-O, Final fantasy XIII, Final fantasy XIII-2 Final fantasy XIII: lighting returns, Final fantasy XV Fist of the north star: lost paradise Ni no Kuni: wrath of the white witch One piece: pirate warriors 3 Secret of mana Star Ocean: Integrity and faithlessness Tales of Graces F Tales of Xilla Tales of Xilla 2 Valkyria revolution World of Final fantasy
  12. Final fantasy X was the first game I fully played of the series and the one that got me into buying the other FF game's. It was the one game that got me into the series, the last time I played was 20+ years ago when FF 3 was out on the snes. If your friend is basing things on graphics, fluid controls and don't like anything that's old, he would miss out on some of the greatest games and without them you wouldn't have half of the games out their already. Getting 100% in FFX would be a pride and joy of beating an old school game and hopefully get him in the series. Personally I think he should try FFX and see if he can 100% it, if he don't you can laugh at him failing. Just because it's turn based shouldn't be a factor in it, he should open his mind to the older series, then relying on better graphics, just because FFXV has got better graphics, don't mean it's a good game. (based on the other people feedback, that FFXV is meh) I know that their has been other recommendations, that most probably eclipse the fun factor of FFX, but unless you really try something older, you will end up missing out on what made the series great in the first place. In the end it's his decision, but he should try any of the recommendations that's been suggested and not play FFXV until he played an older version, then play FFXV and see what he liked better, his opinion may change. I've personally put FFXV, as last in the list of FF games to play and this is based on other people feedback.
  13. Depends on what you define as easy, most JRPG's I've played recently have been easy to plat, that I moved onto sword art online RE hollow fragment for the challenge. But here is a few that are easy to plat and some that require a bit of grind, but are easy if you know the tricks. One piece world seeker - super easy to complete, did it in a week. very short and easy to do, but you have fun just playing it. Sword art online - Lost song is easy. Accel world vs sword art online is easy to plat, but require more of a grind. Hollow fragment I would say that 80% is easy, when you got the right gear, as I'm zooming through the levels. But levelling to 200 and the 100 hnm kills may kill you. Haven't got the plat for it yet, as still playing it, but taking my sweet time, as I'm enjoying it. Digimon world: next order - story is very quick and easy to do, may take an average of 140 hrs to plat. Didn't find it to hard to complete, just long to grind. Digimon story cyber sleuth is another easy game, but still requires a good grind. Tales of series - Vesperia, Berseria, Zesteria aren't that hard to complete, maybe a long grind due to skits, but the grade shop makes its much easier to do. Final fantasy - FFX2 is quite easy if you follow a walkthrough for the 100%, it's very linear. Same applies for FFX, as it is very linear, but can be done, only problem you may have is the lighting dancer and chocobo's. Older games that are linear aren't that hard, as it's one straight line to the end, but can be a grindfest.
  14. Chances are their is a spot you are missing, try camping at every spot in the field, starting with the zaphias area, where the dog map started and then start working around the map. I got the same bit myself and can't find it anywhere, as it's all blue and impossible to see the red. I found one spot he had by camping in zaphias, the best way would be to camp everywhere to make sure you got all the spots, I think I seen somewhere where their is 71 spots to camp at, including the bay near aurion. I was meant to finish this last night, but got tired, some parts overlap and is hard to see. Found this list on gamefaq, maybe use it as checklist, camp at the required spots on the field, until you fill up the map. I don't think Terca Lumireis and the ocean has an area to mark, as I could never land their. Edit: Ok, I finally found the last places I needed and its around Zaphias, the south eastern plains of the muluroccia peninsula and southeast mayoccia plains, by quoi woods. So if you are looking for the final spots, just camp all around zaphais. so long as you have trigged the other events and got it near complete, the final scene will activate by yuri's room, just got the titile now,. Hope this helps. Mayoccia Plains Northern Mayoccia Plains Northeast Mayoccia Plains Western Mayoccia Plains Southern Mayoccia Plains Southeast Peyoccia plains Central peyoccia plains Peyoccia Plains-northern trails Peyoccia Plains-southern trails Eastern peyoccia plains Northern peyoccia plains Peyoccia plains-western trails Northeast Hyccia Corridor Beach Eastern Muluroccia peninsula Northern Muluroccia peninsula Sourthern Muluroccia peninsula Southeastern plains of the Muluroccia peninsula Astefiellus mountains Eastern island of Hyccia Laulyse Island Northern blade drifts of Zopheir Blade drifts of Zopheir Easter plains of Tolbyccia Eastern Tolbyccia Central eastern Tolbyccia Northern Tolbyccia Central western Tolbyccia Southwest Tolbyccia Western Tolbyccia Southern Tolbyccia Swendle Island Eastern Swendle Island Carapuson Island Tolbyccia southern islands Ereaumen crystals Zadrack Peninsula Eastern plains od Desier Mother Cados mountains eastern plains Mother cados mountains western desert Mother cados mountains northern desert Sands of kogorh Southern sands Father muzaeli mountains east North father muzaeli mountains Easter father muzaeli mountains Father muzaeli mountains Four isles Sands of kogorh southern island Zadrack island Myannema twin islands Northeast Hypionia Eastern Hypionia Hypionia Southern Hypionia Western Hypionia Beldeabou Bay East Sulion Island South Sulion Island West Sulion Island Weccea Northest Weccea Southeast weccea Southwest Weccea Northern sulzanni islands Sulzanni islands chains South sulzanni islands Northern Yurzorea Northeast Yurzorea Truffdae Mountains Southern Yurzorea Eastern Yurzorea Niffel Lake Northern Isles Yurzorea Namco (Nam Cobanda Isle) Terca Lumireis - couldn't land Inner Ocean Outer Ocean
  15. You don't have to wait long, just fight 1 battle in the area you are doing, then use a mat/tent. Then fly to the next area with Baul, repeat the process until you filled the map. Most area's may not be available until you further the story, but it is very easy to fly to the area, press triangle to see dog map, then go where you need to be. Here is what a complete dog map looks like.