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  1. Just tried this glitch on my disc version and it works. I made sure to copy my data with v1.06 to usb, then went to the game data utility and deleted both data. Then I turned off the internet and reinstalled the game, my normal file was already their, without any updates. So I just selected the normal game data (I paid for dlc before, the cold heart dlc didn't show up on menu, with reinstall), did the first training map with x15 multiplayer, earned the 3 medals and both the trophies for the initiation popped. You don't have to start a new game, just use your existing file. Normally I don't use glitch's, but these map's are a pain to grind and I had to try it out.
  2. I can understand it being separated from the main trophy guide, but it's a bit of a shame that the V1.12 & V1.14 can't be added as one DLC guide. As they are all part of one guide, had to start doing it as an 2 part guide instead, so it links together. Just means more work for the guide writer, thanks for the info, I will just try my best with it. Lol.
  3. I got a question with the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC, I was just about to start it and create a guide. But when I created it, it was put it in 4 different sections to choose from. Is their anyway to get the V1.12, V1.14 updates, and the extra pack 1 & 2 guides, to be in one DLC guide? I just deleted the guide I created, as it look to much work, to do a DLC guide 4 different times, instead of being together. If this can't be done, then I will do it separately, but it won't be the best. It does make it very confusing, to do 4 separate guides, when you can just put it together in one section.
  4. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, main guide is now published. A big thank you, to Dragon-Archon for all the help and advise, and it's a nice surprise, it was published today on my birthday. Best birthday present I could get. Hope the guide helps, will be working on the DLC guide soon.
  5. I got OCD, so I'm a bit of a perfectionist when I write, and when I get into the zone, I'm not paying attention to the time. My passion is filmmaking, so to me it's like writing a script and I gave myself a deadline to be done by today. As a night owl, I work better working late, and didn't know on average how much time people spend on a guide. Now I know you do 3 hours, I can see now why it sounds hard core, might have to remind myself to slow down a bit. lol. Thanks you, that will be a great help. the trophy the video goes under, is 'You Really are a hero' - clear all expert missions, , credit: DBZanto Z, it shows all expert missions and their locations.
  6. Thank you, I believe the more details you got, the better it will look. Plus I've been working on it and proofreading/rewrite it until 2-3am in the morning all week, starting at 6pm each day, until I was happy with it. The only down side, was when I tried to embed a video for the expert quest, the video wouldn't show up on IE, as I don't know my psn password, I couldn't do it on chrome. Apart from that, I hope it helps other people to platinum it quicker.
  7. Dragonball Xenoverse 2 main trophy guide is complete and have been sent of to be reviewed. Hope this helps and gets published.
  8. Thanks dragon-archon, I refreshed the page and it fix the bug straight away. Thank you, I can carry on now.
  9. Need a bit of help with dragonball xenoverse 2 guide, just started to do the first stage and it's not linking the right trophy's to the guide, I ticked the boxes for the story related and it miss the first one prologue to battle and when I click on the 12th link for the story it adds the kai test trophy instead. Would like some help from one the mods to check the links for the guide and correct them, as I don't want to link the wrong trophy, in the wrong stage. Would like help asap, as I can have this done today and checked for publish. Thank you.
  10. Thanks dragon archon, I've already read the guide manual a few times last month, before I even started writing it. Already half way through the guide and have bookmarked the page, just in case I need to go back to it for info.
  11. I didn't want to say anything, until I did some of the work and after a bit more research, screen capture's done. I thought I would write my 1st guide ever, to help contribute to the site and to help other members of the site. I will be doing the main guide with the recent version update trophies, the extra pack trophies will be a separate guide, as the hero coliseum needs a good guide and that will take me a bit more longer to do. Dragonball Xenoverse 2 - Main & extra pack guides. PS4 Writing: In progress, doing this offline first, as it would require a few rewrites before I submit it. Contributors: I'm always open to extra help, more for the Extra pack trophies, as I don't have access to the fu tokepieda section anymore. Would also like one of the guide mods to check through it for spelling, punctuation, it's up to this site's standard and that it makes sense. Hopefully it helps and gets published.
  12. Dr Mayus - Thanks for the concern, trust me I didn't take it as a joke/offence, as I been under the mental health team for 2 1/2 year and a lot more better in a long time. I should of been more clearer, it just makes me angry when trolls/bullies who can't play or get a beating would stoop so low, that they don't know what is going through the other person's head. I've been battling suicide thoughts every day for 30 years, been on suicidal watch and have come a long way, in the past year. I got borderline personality disorder, so I completely understand the seriousness of suicide and why people would take their life, as they can't cope and feel they got no one to talk to, as their friends/family is usually pre occupied with their own lives, that they miss the warning signs. Trust me we value our lives, it just one way of escaping from not coping with life. You find alot of people with mental health problems, value their lives deeply, it just more deeper then that, with a bit more understanding, you find 9/10 of those who wants to take our own live, sees it as the only option, when your in that frame of mind, common sense goes out of the window. It was more of an be more aware of what you write, as you could get a knock on the door by the police with a manslaughter charge. Everything writing on the net, or on ps4 is recorded and stays their, you send something like that, be prepared for the consequences, say that in the street and expect a big kick in. Glad you were able to help your uncle, I had a few friends that took their own life, never a easy thing to go through, didn't know they suffered, as haven't seen them in years and only found out through facebook. I agree with everybody else, just report them and be done with them. Ignore the message and move on, internet or not, they just leave pathetic lives, that even the slightest comment to someone struggling with mental health/suicide thoughts, could tip someone over the edge. If you get beaten on MP, don't moan and get better, life is just to short to worry about other people online who moan when they get a beaten. Haven't had the death threats yet, only had 1 kid who add me, told him I had social anxiety due to not using mic, he then called me a weirdo and delete me. I then left it as that, with a simple message of "Ok, no probs. Bye" simple, easy and don't feed the trolls. not worth the time or effort. Hopefully I didn't offend anyone and just want to clear that up...
  13. Some people take gaming way to seriously, telling someone to kill themselves is childish, pathetic and down right horrible. I got mental health problems, where I can get suicidal, so telling me that, would tip me over the edge. As for boosting, some people don't have the time or patience to wait to do MP trophies. I personally hate them, as they are luck base, don't make me a bad player if I choose to boost the trophies. I got to eventually do that for Fifa 15 at some point, due to nobody plays online. Sports are my weak games, but i'm still skilled enough to wipe the floor with people, if I choose to. That don't mean I'm big headed or crap at the game, I've been gaming for 30 years, and just got the experience and know how to play with the best of them. One trophy required a boost partner, so I played with 2 control's, lost 7-1, but that 1 goal was from half way line. didn't care if I lose, just needed to play, like 2 kids might play and let them win, to finish the match and get the trophy. he did get cocky at the end, and I scored the goal to shut him up. My point is don't matter if you boost or not, you act like a kid, expect a better player to wipe the floor with you, don't moan about or tell someone to kill themselves. Life is too short to let that to get to you, I know their is better players then me, don't mean i'm going to throw my toys out of the pram because I lost or choose to boost for whatever reason. Personally I like to co-op play online, as I enjoy the challenge, but I will offer to boost for people, as it's helping people out, to just get the MP trophies out of the way. Sony put the MP trophies their, to make money, no skill required, so who cares if they boost play, it don't effect you in any way. People have a life, kids, pets to look after, much more important things to do in life, then to worry about John Doe boosting. Report the kid and be done with it, move on and do what you need to do and carry on with own life and not worry about it, those who flame people for boosting, seriously get a grip on life and don't moan when you need to boost for a game. Love the MR T cartoon meme.
  14. I'm glad to see a thread dedicated too the LGBTQ+ community, nice idea from I alpha soldier to post this. I've been gaming for 30 years since the C64, I am a bi MtF transgender and I identify as female, otherwise I wouldn't be having my op in a weeks time, on the 28th June. I am an open minded person, who isn't afraid to say how it is and to be honest and up front about my gender. So if you do have questions, I'm happy to answer, so long as its respectful. I have been transition for 8 years, where I have now reach that point in my life, where I am finally happy to get to the stage I am, too finally have the op and start a whole new life. Now while I do identify as female, I don't use the microphone for 2 simple reasons, the first being I got social anxiety and the 2nd my voice changes between high and low. I mention this, just in case people wonder, if and when I do speak on the mic and 1 min you hear a female voice, the next a bloke voice. This only happens, partly due to my BPD and when I'm gaming, sometimes the old me pops in, just to be a pain in the butt and curse at the game for not doing as it's told. Even though I know, it is human error and it happens in gaming. So if you do get the giggles while playing me, because my voice changes more times, then Miss Doubtfire, I've done my job right and made you laugh to the point you forgot you was playing me, and I won. 😇 Hopefully someday this thread gets sticky, just to break those diverse barriers in gaming and to let the LGBTQ+ community know, that they can feel safe to post here, without being judged. Just an opinion of mine, sorry if I waffle on.
  15. Thanks for understanding, I just felt that I had to justify it, just because I didn't earn it myself. I feel a bit ashamed, as I have been a gamer since the C64 and I had to do a shareplay for an easy trophy. All the other 84 trophies I got over 3 weeks, I earned myself and usually by now I would of had it by pure skill/luck. But thanks to his help I don't have to worry about it as I can now focus on being productive on more important things and recover without the worry of grinding for hours.