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  1. Another great walkthrough. Thank you, and congrats on passing Lvl 100!
  2. Anyone else having trouble picking up the gun from the shelf in the Vita version?
  3. I played through most of the game (two levels left) in VR mode with MOVE controllers. I HEARD the sound of trophies popping, but did not see any notifications on-screen. When I exited to check, the trophy list did not even show up for me. I had to start over in non-VR mode and to get trophies.
  4. "Just got the Platinum on my VITA Sound Shapes! I've already purchased the PS3 and PS4 Multi Regions, 2880 pts x 5 here I come whooo hooo!!!" I said.... And then I learned about the January 2019 server shutdown. I missed the warning completely. Do you think there is any chance they might fire up the servers again for a week or so and let ppl cloud sync their saves?? Ppl are still playing this game.....
  5. I have the digital version as well. I wonder if ppl with the disc copy are still able to play?
  6. I didn't read this thread until today and I didn't/don't understand about the licenses being revoked on 6/25. I was in the middle of Ep 4, had 1-8 installed on the Adventure Pass. Went to play last night, and it wouldn't load past the title screen. Just the square "loading" box in the right corner for 20 min. I've tried playing offline; I've tried reinstalling (I think I screwed myself if I won't be able to reinstall 6-8); I've tried backing up and erasing my save file. No matter what I do, the game won't start past the title screen. My other TT games are still working. Can anyone explain this to me, as if I were a five year old? ))
  7. What do you consider cheating? Reading a walkthrough? Looking up a solution to a puzzle online? I only consider cheating when people somehow manipulate the code or whatever. Like in LEMMINGS for PS3, the global top times for each level are like 1 or 2 seconds, even though the first lemming takes 5 seconds to even appear