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  1. Sure, if you can tell me how to change. I don't see any proper option to do so, lol.
  2. Yes it worked and I got my 100%. It worked after Sony resolved their server issue with games / store on PSN level. Either try Restore game license in your account or try buy the dlc with different region account. Its a very tricky issue, and my memory is very blurry about this whole ordeal.
  3. The issue was due to Sony Network issue back in March month, which effected a lot of games. I believe they sorta resolved the issue eventually, where my DLC content was readable with my game copy
  4. Does anyone have any form of idea on how long the Rolling round the City trophy would take, in terms of hour, if you were rolling in the hideout all day?
  5. Appreciate the info you guys been provided. I myself is eyeing on a good discount on the biggest SFV edition and will try to attempt this once I gets hands on all DLC characters. Question is if I need 1 million FM, is it accumulated, as can I spend FM money on continuous and still get the trophy before reaching 1M?
  6. My best advice to anyone struggling on this, try split up the mini game into segments and practice each 7~10 sec sections of game. Keep trying to get Greats and the multiplier should neat you the S rank with decent practice.
  7. Got the trophy now after servers went online. Good riddance!
  8. Apologies for writing after this long, only saw your message now. I was in fact the host of the session with my friend back then, and we did do the session in one go without turning off the consoles. Afterwards I did try delete my save/game files and repeated all the process again in one go, atleast 2-3 times, but the trophy never popped. Forgot to quote you on my previous message.
  9. I know it bit of a grind. Atleast the x2 method is here, and atleast provides re-playability for this DLC.
  10. Playing coop speed the process x2, in regard unlocking all moveset. My friend character's progress also counted for me after reaching round 22.
  11. I am not too sure myself, but I am only planning on to obtain the platinum on one account. This game is very hard and grindy for attempting a second time for me
  12. Personally with the way I been playing backlog games and paying for old DLCs, I wont mind spending money on SFV DLC, once it is at a very discounted rate. Nice thanks for information. I didn't know! Ah okay, I guess it best to get all DLC characters and spend time to grind the FM that way. I am done with all online trophies at this point, so only way to play this is to do what you wrote, I guess.
  13. Apologies and it is hereby done!
  14. I wanted to know, with the current state of the game, which is the best way to get 1M FM? Buying DLC characters and play with them or something entirely different approach? This is the last trophy I am missing for the platinum trophy.
  15. I had 100% on all the main and side missions including the final level. Percentage wise it was 100% pretty much, yet it didn't unlock. Interestingly me and my friend did it together over SharePlay (No online due to server issue). However it got the trophy while I didn't. He was on PS5 though Which level you referring to? I was pretty much 100% on all level. But didn't pop the trophy. My friend and me played together on SharePlay. He was on PS5 and got his trophy though