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  1. Unfortunately, I can also confirm, team wins do not count towards the multiplayer trophy. I had 32 team wins (race and deathmatch) before deciding to boost this trophy. During the team wins, I managed a total of five individual wins. When boosting, the trophy popped up exactly at the 15th win, so not a single team-win counted towards this trophy.
  2. Hey guys, does anyone know if new trophies will be added to Genshin Impact in the future or will it stay with the current trophy list? I mean, after the original list, Dragonspine (additional area near Mondstadt) with new trophies and trophies for Liyue and Inazuma (even anticipating level 50 of the Sacred Sakura's Favor) were added, but with the two newest additional areas Enkanomiya (Inazuma) and the Chasm (Liyue) nothig more was added. What is your opinion or wish for the future?
  3. I was hoping to get brand new games in the new service like in Xbox Game Pass, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Well, it's basically the merging of two, in my opinion, rather mediocre services (Plus and Now) into one expensive mediocre service. I don't see the improvement for the players what this restructuring should have.
  4. Hey guys, does anyone have any estimates regarding the time required and the difficulty for the platnium if you want to play the game the 'legit' way, i.e. without using commands? And would it be possible to start the game without commands and at some point in the game to get some missing trophies by commands or is it recommended here if to use commands, then from the beginning?
  5. Hey guys, is it possible to start Genshin Impact as the mobile phone version and switch at some point (if you manage to get hold of a PS5) to the Playstation version AND are all the trophies, whose requirements you have already achieved in the mobile phone version, poping retroactively for Playstation?
  6. For sure, in ten years you can't upgrade anymore, because the game (and the upgrade) is no longer avaible in the store. A cheer for digital versions and digital stores/consoles *irony*
  7. Burnout Paradise Remastered ... 95 trophies (49 trophies in Base Game + 8 dlcs), which were quite easy and in my opinion the game was a lot of fun. Horizon Zero Dawn ... 79 trophies Jurrasic World Evolution ... 74 trophies MudRunner ... 63 trophies and the above mentioned Marvel's Spiderman and Control were all not really hard to complette and was a lot of fun to play it.
  8. The PS Plus games for may are available from May 4th ... so maybe Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order (even if I already have the game) ... that's a rumour I read in the net
  9. From my own trophies I earned I found Marvel's Spider-Man https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/8143-marvels-spider-man/21-demons-emerge https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/8143-marvels-spider-man/13-schooled https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/8143-marvels-spider-man/9-mercenary-tactics GRID https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/9693-grid/22-fine-tuned and maybe Need For Speed Payback for an L https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/6891-need-for-speed-payback/12-underground-soldier
  10. I finished this game today after 73 hours. It was my first Final Fantasy game I ever played and I was also not really good in this game (I never used all the possible game mechanics and was concentraded to the basics) - First blind playthrough was on easy difficulty in 34 hours (all cutscenes, a lot of exploration, most story-related trophies, every possible sidequest, ...) - Trophy-Cleanup (dresses, last two music discs, level up, max out materia, last side-quests, Whack-a-box, malboro, Joy and Pride, ...) in 17 hours - hard mode playthrough (from beginning with Götterdämmerung, no cutscenes, with most sidequests for manuscripts) in 22 hours For the most hard mode bosses and also marlboro and Joy and Pride I used some inspiration from guides regarding materia builds and possible strategies, so I got all bosses in first or second try, so the guides was a HUGE help.
  11. Back in times (Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Xbox 360, ...) I bought dozens and hundreds of games and the most games I had I never played really long. To counteract this I decided (for the Playstation 4) to buy or play a new game only after I got 100% the game before. The good is, I spend more time on a single game and don't buy game after game. But meanwhile a disadvantage is, I don't even buy or play games I would like and probably have fun with it beacause of the "fear" I can't get the platnium trophy for this ... :-D
  12. Is it possible you added it maybe to your library as part of the PlayStation Plus Collection, where Days Gone was or is part of it?
  13. 1st Jan 2021 8:47:46 PM Bud Spencer & Terence Hill: Slaps And Beans • EU THE LAST VALZER Complete a waltz without being hit
  14. You have to buy them with ingame money.
  15. Short question, can everybody see my game lists, for example if I make a wishlist or are the features "only" for me?