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  1. Unfortunatly it looks like we are the only both who would be interessted in such a feature @Evil_Joker88 ;-)
  2. In fact I would wish a progress tracker, so you and other player can see at every trophy, how far the progress is. For example, if you must kill 500 enemies with headshot, you can see you are nearly on the halfway. Additionally this could be helpful with unclear trophy descriptions, so you can see, if your try counts or not (Yes, I'm looking at you GRID ;-) ). I think Xbox got this already. The second feature I would like to see would be that you (and everyone else) can see in which version of the game you earned a trophy. So the community can better deal with buggy trophies if for example a trophy didn't pop up at v1.1, but on 1.3. or the other way round. Furthermore it can be a helpful tool in some trophy- or guide-discussions, ... . Also a great feature in my opinion would be a in-game time stamp for the trophies, so you can see after how many playtime you got the platin or an other trophy. So you can better compare with other players, who got a trophy faster, ... or you are only interessted in your own time, how long it took to get a specific trophy. But I think this is difficult to implent to be 100% meaningfull (How could it count if you backsaved the game and are playing a savegame at the mid of a game after the good ending for example to get the bad ending. So it must count the time your account is in a game not only in a savegame, ... AND it must count from the first start of the game.)
  3. Yeah, like I thougth, thanks for the clear confirmation.
  4. Are you really sure it counts by recovering to the garage as well? When I was working on this trophy (5th May) I kept an eye a little bit on the in-game-progress of the trophy and my feeling was, it do not count when you recover to garage, but only if you use the service trailer or something comparable on your vehicle or an other vehicle. Beacause when your/a truck is completely damaged and you recover to the garage you have 350-500 damage points fixed, it must be nearly 15% - 25 % more on the in-game-progress-counter and I never noticed that, but you can put me right if I'm wrong with my supposition.
  5. Like Anke said, look - if it is activated for you - in your cloud save, I think that is the best and only hint for this problem so far. I personally didn't know it uploaded constantly my save files into the cloud, so it is definitely worth a look. And honestly, in this situation I was really happy about this, so I got at least the save file from the day before. And for the future the best is to make now and then after some missions a backup to USB until this isn't fixed.
  6. Re-loading didn't work for me, but luckily I saw, that in the online storage was a more actual save file, so I lost "only" one day of progress. But in summary today there were four game crashes and two time the save file was corrupted after that, that's really frustrating actually. Til today I had no problems with game crashes, ...
  7. Some minutes ago my game crashed during a mission, after restarting the game it says, that the save file is corrupted and it will be deleted. After this message I was on the start screen with level 1 again and only be able to start a new game ... five days of progress are gone. So I can advise all to make a backup from your save every hours/gamesession, because losing your data is really annoying. I only got an backup from the first day and I don't really know how it works know with the trophies. Some trophies I earned aren't shown now in the in-game trophy-progress. Have I need to do all conditions again (f.e. Drive 1 km with all wheels broken), because the platnium is triggered by the in-game-trophy-progress (if it says 100%) or is it dependent on the PSN-progress?
  8. Is there a possibility or maybe planned to order the games on a players profile page in the future additionally by "First Trophy" or "First Played", equivalent to "Last Trophy"/"Last Played". I don't know if there is a demand from other users, but I would love it to order the games in this way, so you got a chronological sorting of your games when you are started playing these. In my opinion it is also only useful, when the first Trophy game is at the bottom of the list, so to speak in reverse order.
  9. Can I get the trophies if I bought the DLCs one by one or only if I'm Ultimate Edition Owner?
  10. On TrueAchievments you can now (since 07.04.2020) have a look at the Achievement List [Xbox] for the Open-World-Shark-RPG "Maneater" (Release date: 22.05.2020). I think the trophy list for PS4 would be identical with the Xbox-list. https://www.trueachievements.com/n41386/maneater-achievement-list-revealed Trailer [13.12.2019]:
  11. I started playing this game now and wrote down the driven distances from the career mode (with season 1 and season 2), so you can assess the need of driving distance after carrer mode and the two seasons. In this list there are all races in original length (x1) and without hot qualifying lap. Errors and omissions excepted ;-) Tourenwagen 358,38 km Stock Car 346,43 km Tuner 295,21 km GT 474,04 km Basisspiel 2355,44 km Fernando Alonso 321,99 km Invitational 338,28 km GRID World Series 221,11 km Street 416,25 km Pro Racing 539,81 km Saison 1 1014,20 km Super Hatches Series 58,14 km Classic 447,24 km Modern 488,76 km Saison 2 1016,96 km Track Day GT Series 80,96 km GESAMT 4386,60 km
  12. Update: With the new update (Ingame Version it is now working for me. I think there was the problem, the trophy didn't pop up if you were playing this challenge on Jurassic Park era (so I did), now it seems like it is fixed.
  13. I did it uphill and used the Audi R8 V10 Performance '19 (ultimate+ parts) and had a target speed with 349,09 km/h (338 km/h needed). Before that I had some attempts downhill, but didn't get enough speed at the finish because of the stupid traffic and I got 5 nos tanks. After some more successfull attemps (without crashing into traffic) from uphill I changed my setup to one big nos tank and more nos power as passive auxiliary. With this setup I got it in second try and in my opinion uphill is much more better for this challenge, because there is not so many traffic in your way and there is not such a troublesome curve on high speed as downhill. If someone is interessted, I took my successful try on video: Need for Speed Heat - Fort Callahan Speed Trap "Flussfieber"
  14. Hey guys, today I completed the challenge mode on "Sanctuary" at the hard difficulty in 5:21 hours, but the trophy [A new home] didn't pop up (par time for the trophy is 8:30h). Did someone have the same problem at some point or is there anything special to watch out for? (Because in the other trophy-descriptions it says "Reach 5 Stars ..." and only at the [A new home}-tropy it is "Complete ...) After reaching five stars I was going back to main menu and checked the challenge mode again, the "Albertosaurus Alpine Pattern" is now unlocked and the "Fastest Completion Time" is 5:21. PS: I wish you all a good start into 2020 with good health and much success (also in hunting trophies ;-) )
  15. Hi there, I started the game with V-Rally cross. Meanwhile I've got a fully upgraded Cat.3 car (Volkswagen Polo RX) but I am without ANY chance to win a three-star-race or an championship, either I set the diffculty (AI-Level) to 1%. At this races I am always at the last place or second to the last place. The AI have MUCH more accleration and speed than me with my fully upgraded car. A weird situation was, I was driving behind the third place for three rounds and suddenly the AI acclerate like hell and at a time he was a half round in front of me ... Has anyone else these problems or are these problems known?