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  1. I did this about 10 to 14 times yesterday morning before I gave in and bought the dog costume. He showed up two tries later and I now have a shiny platinum. I saw your Marx guide that you originally posted for someone else at the beginning to middle of this thread and used it to find him (top location not bottom) and then saw a save and reload from last auto save tactic used online, plus the dog suit, so these two trophies are partially yours haha!
  2. Sorry, yes Marx hasn’t spawned at all and I’ve gone in there about 15 times now. Thank you for your help!!! I think my meter was just full and that’s why I wasn’t getting those last two boss memoirs! I have them now. Marx is my last barrier between the last three trophies I need, and he’s just not showing up.
  3. Is anyone else having problems with the Memoirs of the Dead? Marx refuses to spawn and two of the bosses at End Point 1 refuse to give me any memoirs beyond the first one. I have defeated Aristotle 7 times, one entry.
  4. Memoir meter maxed out? How does that happen? i must just be unlucky because I am doing these levels three to four times with no new memoirs. unless it glitched. I guess it’s just a matter of persistence. Marx has eluded me 6 times now. three of the bosses I have done 6 times, those are the ones I’m worried about not working.
  5. Thanks!! I’m having the same problem with Aristotle and the other bosses. I fought her 3 times and I still only have the first memory. But if I’m new game + everything is still accessible without having to play far enough to unlock all of the levels, I guess I could just do it over then. Did you have any issues like this?
  6. Thank you Thanks so much for taking the time to do this! One thing confusing me is this; if you’re missing two or three entries from one of the Dead, do you just go to the spot listed in the guide twice? I must be doing something wrong because I was missing #2 and #3 for Leucippus, and I got #2 using the guide, but I’m still missing #3, even after going in twice.
  7. Would that be new game + then? Since you can’t fight him more than once in the main story. Haven’t gotten that far because I need to level up to defeat the demon twins...thanks for the tips!!
  8. Anyone have any tips for choosing a boss you can beat without taking any hits? Or know what level MAX is? I assume 100. I’m on 76 now with only 4 trophies to go.
  9. I'm not sure what you mean. It's on my PSN account that I'm viewing from the app and the PS4, and when I play a ps4 game for the first time or get a trophy, it shows up in what's new and recent activities, but everything vita is missing.
  10. When i earn a Vita trophy or play a new game, it doesn't show up on my profile activity, but it does show ps4 games. I contacted PS support and the first guy stopped responding after he said he was looking for the answer. The second person admitted they had no idea why it wasn't working. They said to wait a few days. It's been a week, i've earned at least 7 trophies, and nothing shows up. Really frustrated that even PS didn't have a single suggestion. They aren't hidden. I checked. HELP?