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  1. Sound Shapes You've Gone Platinum Fun game, but man some of those death mode levels are so RNG heavy. It's not on my profile yet because I'm currently downloading on my Vita so I can autopop the platinum. I used to be against this because I thought it was cheap, but now that Sony gives out rewards for Silvers, Golds, and Plats, I have no qualms about it. Difficulty 6/10 (2/10 with no Death Mode levels) Enjoyment 7/10
  2. I have six four levels left and each level is like pulling a tooth lol. I'm trying to get at least one a day to ease the frustration.
  3. Solo grinding Tomb Raider PS3 atm. 30K a match (around 10 minutes) and the max level is around 1.7 million exp. I'm at 665K lol. Still, I'm making progress so I'm not complaining.
  4. Jesus, the requirements are going to get crazier every week it seems. Hope everyone going for VGC can get it.
  5. Red Dead Redemption because I almost 100% on the 360 and I'd love to plat it but I really don't want to do everything again.
  6. If you can't spend less than 5 minutes a day for a trophy, then why the hell do you feel entitled for Sony to give it to you? I've done both at the same time as well and I could still squeeze in some playing time for hunting trophies. If you spent your free time "having a real life" then why are you crying so hard about not getting a trophy from an old game that got shut down long ago. You had a choice and now the consequence is not having PSHome at 100%.
  7. There's no discussion to be had. Sony will not ever let you earn the trophies nor will they remove them from people who earned some already. I don't know what else you want us to say.
  8. By your logic, I guess they should give the platinum for MAG to everyone that earned at least one trophy. Hey Sony, I'm still waiting for you to give me my Platinum for Marvel Heroes Omega that I didn't earn. I got a few trophies for it.
  9. Same here. Either way, it's kind of sad that you're throwing a tantrum because we're just telling you how reality is. The reality is that you (and everyone else) will never get the other trophies. It doesn't matter what conversation/discussion/debate you have, Sony will never bring PShome back on the PS3. Again, this is taking emotion out of the equation. It sucks, but it's the truth.
  10. No one's being rude. We're just telling you that this is a ridiculous complaint. You had years to get this trophy list complete and you're just now complaining 3 years after it's shut down. Either deal with having the list incomplete or start a new account.
  11. If you wanted to get the list to 100%, you should have made it your priority to log in 50 different days. Again, it sucks that you can no longer get the trophies, but they're never coming back and you need to accept it.
  12. lmao I get that unobtainable trophies suck (Looking at you Marvel Heroes Omega) but that doesn't mean that they should just give you the trophies.
  13. I'd suggest just doing chapter select and doing it. I got all those first playthrough, but I didn't start on Crushing difficulty.
  14. It's been a while, but I don't think encounters save kills like in Uncharted 4. I could be wrong, but I think that's how it is.
  15. Tomb Raider I'm All That Win a ranked match in every game mode Just going through my PS3 backlog and clearing out all the online stuff before servers get shut down for these games. Glad to get this one done as the online is dead in ranked.