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  1. Definitely Devil May Cry.
  2. Monster Hunter: World Conquerer of the New World Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 Grinding: 10/10 One of my favorite series ever, and it finally has trophies. It's a really simple game to plat but the amount of time it takes is crazy. It took me around 280 hours, but I loved it. I'm ready to play more MHW in fact.
  3. Just got the last crown!! Just need 35 arena quests and I'll be done with the plat! 277 hours in, so maybe 280ish hours for the plat.
  4. Just 1 crown to go with 274 hours in.
  5. Just mini/large Radobaan, mini Uragaan, and large Azure left for me. Hopefully I can cross them all off today.
  6. Just 7 left to go. Knocked out 6 yesterday thanks to the discord server I'm in. I'm going to save both Radobaan crowns for last as the event is coming up. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  7. I know how to create and make boosting sessions. This is just more convenient for people to keep up with instead of checking boosting sessions. You can instantly tag people for the monsters they want/need. A session doesn't cut it for crowns.
  8. Not sure why we haven't already tried making one of these yet, but I want to be able to organize and snipe crowns easy because a few of these last crowns are driving me crazy (Vaal and Teostra). Basically, we can just shoutout to everyone if we find a large/mini monster and all hop in really quickly. I'll even invite everyone to the same squad for convenience if we need to. Thanks.
  9. Just got a mini Kirin and then a large Kirin back to back on the same investigation. Feels good man.
  10. 240 hour mark now with 6 minis and 10 large crowns to go. I haven't been strictly farming crowns so I'm happy with my progress.
  11. Size is 2353.14 for me
  12. 220 hours in. 19 mini/ 14 large. 5/10 elders. I can totally do this. I got a large Kushala last night and it renewed my motivation to finish this.
  13. I wish you could feed monsters meat to make them grow haha.
  14. 5/10 on the Elder Dragons. From my experience, the quests with at least 1 silver and 1 gold are the way to go. I got a Kushala large crown from a 5 faint, 50 minute investigation, so the 5 faint theory might hold true for the large crowns. I had a quest that gave me a mini Vaal (I already had, but a friend needed it) and a silver Vaal. Then we had another Vaal that looked bigger than the silver, but didn't update. So, I don't trust sizes anymore. I just go with my gut.
  15. Yeah. I think I might take a step back from the game for a bit. I've killed each elder between 20-40 times (I just check sizes on my investigations, but I SOS into others to get more investigations). I'd love to be done with the elders and crowns in general so I can just get back to goofing off.