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  1. I had zero interest in this game, even as a huge MCU fan. But man when you have actual people claiming that "levelling up too quickly gave you too many skills, confusing new players", that's a fucking joke. I hate when games just don't respect your time.
  2. Last call. The bar is almost done.
  3. This will unlock the trophy Spreading Managed Democracy, a rather elusive trophy as it depends on the community. Just thought I'd give everyone here a notice. There's about 18 hours left on the timer, but it may be finished sooner than that. It was a successful run! Hope everyone that needed the trophy got it!
  4. The two games that I tried playing during the outage, Helldivers and Magicka 2, are both back online now!
  5. Huge RIP for anyone that got the 100% before this update, but honestly I'm super fucking glad it happened. I never would have gone back to get all the trophies in this game.
  6. Seems like it's just PSN in general that's having issues. I've been unable to play Helldivers online since around yesterday in the evening. Seems like many different games have been affected by this outage.
  7. I'll be dead before Killing Floor 2 trophies ever stop 😂
  8. Well, this aged like milk.
  9. Yeah. The actual game itself is fun, but the trophies are a huge pain. That's not a reason to hate the game though.
  10. For real. PSNP is really starting to get on my nerves. The forums are really awful for this very reason.
  11. I still anticipate it will be made easier in the future. As of now though, i'm just going to go for the wins and play for fun. Whatever trophies I get on the way will be a bonus.
  12. Then....don't play it? It's free so who cares. I have seen some gameplay of it recently, and it actually looks pretty fun to play. The trailer gave a really bad impression of what it actually plays like. That said, I hope it has its own trophy list with a plat like Resistance did.
  13. Pretty poor response imo. The fastest times only shows fastest to 100% completion (I believe anyway) so it's not a good indication of how quick it is to get a platinum. Also, you can manipulate the time it takes to complete the game by popping a really long, grindy trophy first and breeze through the rest of them. That doesn't even include all the 1 second autopop plats. Not saying I think we need the feature, but the fastest times leaderboard is not a substitute.
  14. The only thing absurd here is you assuming everyone has 1 in 60 odds to win a fucking round. The more you play, the better chances you have of winning. Thus, the more you play the easier the trophy will be. But go on with how low the odds are 🙄
  15. It's not even worth it to respond to this fellow. You are completely right that grabbing is a core mechanic of the game. Some people are going to say whatever they can to justify their lack of skills in obtaining the trophy.