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  1. I don't have an ideal completion rate because I think it's a pointless stat. I don't play games all the way if I don't like them and I have precious little free time so I tend not to finish a lot of games that I do like as well. At one point I did try to raise my completion rate but I decided since then that trophy hunting doesn't need to be that serious. So my hunting and completion rate have gone down since then but I'm enjoying games a lot more now so it's a net gain.
  2. Correct. MHW will remain unaffected by this list. But you have to have MHW to play Iceborne.
  3. Time to spend another 200+ hours grinding the crowns! This sounds like sarcasm but I'm actually excited to do this.
  4. Got decked out last night with a friend. He had a gold helmet from the beginning and with 3 squads left we killed a lone guy (last of his squad) I checked his crate and he had gold armor. I quickly grabbed it and had my friend drop his helmet. Then I dropped both for him and we both got the trophy. We ended up losing because the 3rd squad came in immediately after he put them back on but it was worth it.
  5. /thread
  6. I'm loving this game, trophies be damned. I'm just anticipating some angry folks when Respawn releases some new trophies and people have to re-download the game to keep the 100%.
  7. Sorry for the delay in response. The answer is I just got busy with my new job and haven't had a lot of time to devote to gaming lately. Especially a game like W3 I would like to play it in big chunks. So I'm just waiting for things to get a little less hectic before I try to go for it lol. It's a valid question and I don't take offense to it!
  8. Yeah. I think most of what you said is just jibberish and speculation on your part. You should try to rephrase your argument to be more coherent and have a point.
  9. I'll join this giveaway. I've always wanted to watch the first Predator, but never got around to it.
  10. I just got the plat. I can easily get at least the silver on the challenges every day (unless it's a variation on the pit challenges. I hate those) I never struggled to hit silver/gold with the base that's still playing.
  11. Legendary This platinum was months in the making. I'm so glad to add this one to my profile finally!
  12. Yeah. This is what I'm thinking too before everyone starts freaking out.
  13. Murderous Marooning Finished the prologue This will be my last trophy of 2018 and more than likely my first plat of 2019. I had a wonderful year in gaming and in life. Hope you all have a wonderful year and let's make it a good one!
  14. Thank god it wasn't just me then. This just happened to me about an hour ago as well.
  15. Yeah the guy who did it in 4 days looks like he cheated it. He didn't play another region stack to start off getting rank 11 first so I don't see how it would be remotely possible to do the plat in 4 days. Regardless, someone reported them.