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  1. Robbed you of what exactly? The chance to get a platinum trophy? That's not robbery; this is still an entitlement, that you're owed a platinum on every game. The simple fact is when online trophies and games are involved, nothing is guaranteed and the timer starts ticking from the moment the game is up. I've had online games shut down on me with no notice or even false notice (see Marvel Heroes Omega) and instead of getting upset, I realize it's just a fact of life and move on. That's not patronizing. And I don't have any social media accounts so I couldn't even contact them if I wanted to. I really do wish you guys the best in getting this trophy added back into the earning pile, but don't be bitter if it doesn't.
  2. I completely understand the disappointment about a trophy becoming unattainable with little notice. However, a lot of the posts in this thread are just ridiculous. So much anger and entitlement running rampant. The best you can do is contact them and hope they update the trophy or add it back. That said, the likelihood of anything happening is very slim so it's best to just accept that this will be a trophy you won't ever get. And that's ok.
  3. Who cares if this glitch exists. You can either use it or not. Nobody really cares how you get it anyway.
  4. ^ as someone who has the plat for this game and just a person in general, I think you're taking trophies way too seriously. I couldn't care less if they switch the requirements to something easier, not that they will. At the end of the day, it's about having fun. And For Honor certainly was a fun game for me. It's a shame that Elimination is supposedly dead. That was always a lot of fun.
  5. I already have Titanfall 2 and it's a fantastic game. As for the Monster game, I already could play it on PSNow. Not a great month, but I don't get the excessive complaining. Seems like that's all this site ever does these days.
  6. Yes this happened to me as well. I had recently done the Vita version and had 0 issues. Luckily I had saved before each boss but it was still annoying. I had to beat the final boss 3 times to get the trophy (which is 9 fights).
  7. The only trophy hunting discord groups I've seen have been pretty disappointing. They all had elitists or generally unpleasant people in them. I've had nothing but good experiences when searching for a session on this site but the discord groups are just awful. I wish I could find a good one with supportive/friendly people.
  8. Legendary - Rayman Legends. It's sitting at 4.41% and for good reason.
  9. Good luck with it. I would prioritize the online trophies first if possible, because if servers go down your profile will never reach 100%. You'll have fun with this though.
  10. You could just....not play them? No need to get so worked up.
  11. Just as a tip for anyone, you can repeat a dialogue in the Lynda quest. Just agree to find a replacement for her and have the drink that lets you be a "witty asshole" and pick the dialogue option "still damned huh?" before picking a replacement. Do this until the trophy pops.
  12. I have 56 hidden. 54 are from when I had sold my PS3 to a friend and they kept playing on my account. I know that sounds fishy, but it's just like 15 or so games with a few trophies popped on each of them. I didn't earn them so I hid them because they were games I had no intention of playing them. The other two were very recent. I played two Vita games and got one trophy on each but I hadn't been online I guess in a while so I got a missing timestamp on both. So it jacked up my milestones so I opted to hide them.
  13. Weirdest thing ever. I go to the PS Store on the app and it's back to the mobile version now. I guess they fixed it.
  14. Yeah I noticed this about a week or two ago. It's awful and I can't find a way to get it to change back.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the Ghosts of Sparta and Chains of Olympus are both the PSP versions of the games, meaning no trophies.