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  1. No, it doesn't count as any kind of win.
  2. It takes like 15 seconds?
  3. With all due respect, your opinion is completely wrong. Fall Ball takes a lot of skill to play in the team games and is probably the best team to play. You just need to learn all the different positions to play and get very good at each of them. You will need to know when to push up and when to pull back to defend. It's so much fun, and I wish it showed up more often.
  4. That's assuming they don't run into any other issues this game has been known to have. That said, this was a really fun game I I highly encourage everyone that has it to try to get the plat as soon as possible before it's unattainable.
  5. Just as a heads up for anyone going for the Mad Max platinum: go for the whole thing before the servers shut down. I personally never had any issues, but many people have reported that the scrap challenge glitched out on them and had to redo the entire game. So if you don't get every single challenge done while the servers are up, you possibly could get screwed on the platinum.
  6. I mean, did you really expect to win with 5 hours against people who have been playing everyday for a month? You just need to practice and learn the maps and strategies.
  7. The Community Chest trophies are gone, and most likely the Dinos and Cats, as well as the Boss Rush trophies are gone forever as well.
  8. I still play quite often with my friends, but once Season 2 comes out, we'll be on a lot more.
  9. I'm so ready for this! I hope it has a plat this time, but I'm getting it either way.
  10. That just means they put higher leveled people with higher leveled people. There's no skill rating system in place.
  11. There's no sbmm in this game. People are just naturally better at the game now.
  12. It's both. On featured playlists, you can find a collectable on the map (you'll see a number on the side that might say something like 25/25) if it's greater than zero, you will be able to find the collectable on the map. It's best to use the website to find a featured playlist that has no one playing, to make it easier to find the collectable on every map.
  13. You might have gotten just regular tail tag, because it's impossible at this moment to get two back-to-back team games. Ironically enough, the team games made it way easier to make it to the finale safely with the exploit.
  14. In my humble opinion, if one gets enough skill you can do all the games and get 5 in a row fairly easily barring a terrible team in the team rounds. However, with the recent update, you can't even get even get 2 team games in a row.
  15. Yeah, I just saw how long that's gonna take. Not sure if I'll ever go for it, but it's fun enough for now. Population is mostly bots at this point.