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  1. My dude, if you're waiting 50 minutes to start a match, the game is dead lmao.
  2. People do complain about this game series, and a bunch of other new easy plat developers/publishers besides Ratalaika now. The sad part is a lot of these new ezpz plats make Ratalaika games almost respectable in comparison.
  3. I have my fingers crossed for no trophies. I really hated Legion, even though I went in expecting to enjoy it.
  4. Can anyone let me know if you can play the game on the latest update, and then go back to 1.00 once you reach the end of the game and do the trick? I'm just wanting to know if I need to play the whole game unpatched or not.
  5. Ok, I'm just looking for some answers. I know the basics of the score system (get cyan notes, more precise = more points, etc.). I'm just wondering what is the indicator for getting more precise strikes? Is it just pure Cyan notes or is the Cyan with gold (or different color depending on the background). I just would like to know which kind of note I should be aiming for. EDIT: Lmfao, as soon as I posted this, the next attempt I got 122.05%.
  6. Anyone that missed out on the first pre-order thing, it's available again, but through a different site.
  7. It also says "Will be back shortly" so I hope I can pick up a copy
  8. Goddammit, they're all sold out already
  9. AIl the games on sale are listed here!
  10. Please don't. I played this game for free through PSNow, and I still feel like I got ripped off. It's not worth your time.
  11. Finally got my first platinum done! In my defense, I was on vacation for the first bit of June 😂 0. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Gal*Gun Double Peace (4927) 8. 9.
  12. I really didn't like Salt and Sanctuary at all. The game didn't feel properly balanced and the artstyle is atrocious. I hope they can at least fix the gameplay in the sequel, though I probably won't buy it ever.
  13. Just wait for it to go free on PS+ ✌️
  14. Thank fuck because the BF campaigns are all terrible outside of the Bad Company games.
  15. Damn, you had those receipts lol.