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  1. I knew I'd see a lot of bad and insensitive takes on this thread. Boy, some of you did not disappoint.
  2. Tbh you shouldn't even afk the bot matches. You need 10,000 kills and 1,000,000 dollars. Might as well grind a bit of this out while you're doing the 100 matches.
  3. They won't. Best bet is to get 100 matches done and hope the servers come back up so you can get the centurion trophy as well as all the other online stuff.
  4. Oof. I hope the servers aren't down, but it was only a matter of time before one day they'd go down. Glad I got them done earlier this year.
  5. I really hope this is satire. It's a paid subscription, so it's not being greedy. It's called meeting expectations.
  6. Just go for it. There's a ton of great VR titles to enjoy now and who's knows when a newer version will come out.
  7. You can get the starter version for free until tomorrow. After that, you can start it at any time but you'll only get to play for 30 days free.
  8. Fuck it; I just started the free 30 days. I'll play it for six months and get the plat the normal way. It's pretty fun once you start playing.
  9. They haven't updated the guide in years, even with a few comments left on it. I made a post on the forums so if anyone starts this game they can see that this trophy isn't glitched, but that the guide is wrong. I don't mean any disrespect, because keeping guides updated is tough. I'm just trying to look out for my fellow trophy hunters.
  10. You do have to at least get a kill with every available weapon in the armory to get this trophy. I'm not sure, but I would get a kill with every Van-Guard and throwable as well. I kept getting frustrated because it wouldn't pop, but then as I went through and got kills with every weapon I didn't have one for, it popped. Just save yourself some frustration and don't listen to the guide on this one!
  11. I'm still waiting for the Dinos vs Cats playlist to pop back up lol. It sucks I won't get the 100% but oh well.
  12. Thanks for your valuable input 🙄 As someone who has actually played and beaten this game, I can say it's an ok game. It's a decent Pikmin clone that isn't as bad as you would initially think. I never had a problem with the controls and the game isn't broken in any sense of the word. I played it for free on PSNow and I had an enjoyable experience.
  13. You should probably make sure you're correct before trying to pass off information. I'm not trying to disrespect you or anything, but almost every single Lego game has in game cheat codes and none of them affect trophies. If anything, you're encouraged to use them.
  14. That's only like that because all 8 of the people who "platinumed the game" are hackers because the plat is impossible.
  15. Ok, obviously it's a free site and the administration has no obligation to improve it or do anything they don't choose to do. I also get that it's only one person doing the admin work, so only so much can get done at a time. It is just baffling to me that such a basic accessibility feature is ignored for so long and people are attacking someone because of a choice in words. Every single other site or app I use has a dark mode alternative so I don't see why PSNP shouldn't have it as well.