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  1. Honestly, this isn't even worth mentioning tbh. You have to get to level 99 with one job anyway, so you'll have to play actual Chaos difficulty at some point or another.
  2. This game is a crossover between Senran Kagura and the Neptunia series. So why is it that it only goes into the Senran Kagura game series? Granted, this isn't a super common issue, but I think this site needs to correct it to display on both series in the future.
  3. "Public beta" That's a joke. Nothing is going to ever change with the way the series is set up. Apparently it's too hard to have a game belong to two different series, even if it's a case of a crossover.
  4. Lol. Then just play the first story mission offline. You'll get a few Anima Crystals for getting to the boss even if you can't beat them. And I highly doubt they changed the trophy at all.
  5. Just play the game on Chaos mode. You could always play co-op and get some high level gear to help out.
  6. You're going to need a shitton of them for level 99 job trophy too. I'd suggest the "Coral Memories: Greedy" mission. You just open up chests and hope you get lucky. Upgrade the mission as high as it goes and you'll get 13 crystals per clear.
  7. Bro, you're talking to customer service reps that get paid $12 an hour. They don't know shit.
  8. Only the host can use the finisher move on bosses, as well as the dark vents that you see in game. Sucks, but that's how it's designed.
  9. Why? You can just join a mission on the highest level and you'll get level 300 gear in 5 minutes of playing that mission. I'm assuming you could do the same thing for the DLC if they add more trophies.
  10. Bro what? Just play the mission "Coral Memories: Greedy". You just gotta open one of five treasure chests to find the Trident. If you are lucky, it will spawn in the first one. The level 300 mission gives you 13 crystals and you can beat it in a minute if you're lucky and maybe 5 if you aren't.
  11. If you read the thread, you'd see the trophy is glitched and will pop as soon as you clear any mission on CHAOS difficulty.
  12. Yeah no joke. The story playthrough was so amazing, but the post game content is kinda bad. The fact that each mission takes like 200+ Anima Crystals to unlock the level 300 version is a dumb decision.
  13. Never played the series, but I am a fan of VR so I was looking at the list and saw it was related to Suicide Guy. Interesting that they took it out and even changed the trophy descriptions as well.
  14. Even if it's hard, you could theoretically co-op with 2 other people to make it a cake walk. That depends on how the co-op works though.
  15. I'm assuming the only tough trophy is going to be beating the game on Chaos difficulty. I'm looking forward to the challenge and I'm only here to KILL CHAOS.
  16. This is just the list not being synced to PSNP. Any trophy you earn will be synced when the list is updated on the site. Just calm down and it will be fixed soon enough.
  17. Triage isn't bugged. You have to heal someone that has run a certain distance towards you. It's not a long distance either. It's easiest to just sit on a gen and heal someone that's run towards you.
  18. Adventure Time: Secret of the Nameless Kingdom is a really fun game, that's almost exactly like A Link to the Past. It's only available physically though, due to delisting.
  19. If you earn any progress towards any tracker, it's bumped to the top on both PSN and PSNP. It won't be updated on PSNP until you earn a trophy though.
  20. Just play the game on the better system. You're doing yourself a disservice by autopopping when you could have a better experience on current gen consoles.
  21. Not sure when, but I'd be willing to bet with the next 3 months.
  22. I wish we could just let Third Party studios stay third party. Exclusivity is such a dumb thing.
  23. I'm not sure why they decided to use live action models in this, but it does not work at all. It clashes with the whole game, whereas the original had gorgeous art style. I only got this because I thought it was a sequel and then I found out it's the same game with a few of the plotlines extended. I would recommend anyone skip this and just stick to the original, which is brilliant.
  24. Hopefully not
  25. Incredible that it still hasn't been fixed yet. I wonder how many more PS5 games are going to break people's profiles in the near future.