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  1. Hopefully not
  2. Incredible that it still hasn't been fixed yet. I wonder how many more PS5 games are going to break people's profiles in the near future.
  3. Never played the series, but I am a fan of VR so I was looking at the list and saw it was related to Suicide Guy. Interesting that they took it out and even changed the trophy descriptions as well.
  4. Happened to me once during the trophy attempt, but luckily it was towards the beginning. I got super nervous once I started getting 20k+ exp per match.
  5. If anything cool/whacky/funny happens, I want to see it! I will kick the thread off with a 3-way tie on Hex-A-Gone.
  6. Yeah, a game that has millions of people playing online shouldn't have online trophies. I don't even like GTA, but I can see that a lot of people enjoy the online mode. Some people basically only play the online mode. It makes no sense to not include trophies for it.
  7. Unpopular opinion on this site for sure, but I don't mind online trophies in games with online multiplayer. If a game has a good multiplayer aspect, it makes perfect sense to include trophies tied to that game mode. Now something like Tomb Raider has no reason to have an online mode or trophies tied to it, for example.
  8. Normally I'd agree, but I put 300 hours on the PC version, so I've already done all the requirements multiple times over. I'd rather just get the trophies on a game I used to enjoy, instead of trying to play it on console.
  9. Dude, the game was ass. Sure, it's a shame that online only games go down, but in this case, the game will not be missed except by the tryhards that have 1000's of hours in the game for some reason.
  10. I'm personally glad there's no plat. Blood Dragon is super good, but the length is not long enough to justify a plat. Yes, I do realize there's 1-5 minute plats out there, but that doesn't change my opinion.
  11. Rest in piss Hardware Rivals
  12. We'll be signing up as Who Sets the Standards? These Guys 1. @ArcanyneFire 2. @PMD_E1337Pete 3. @PMDStrandbeest 4. @Symudtry 5. @ThatMuttGuy Team representative: PMD_E1337Pete
  13. Buddy, you have absolutely no idea what you're even talking about.
  14. Like seriously, I don't understand.
  15. Or maybe.....that's just like, your opinion, man. Personally, I see you complain every single month so I don't think Sony could ever please you.
  16. This is a fucking stupid post for many reasons. One reason is that even if a game is delisted, you can always access the content, minus a very few special exceptions. And second, even if they did get the game illegitimately, there's no way anyone could tell by the trophies unlocking lol.
  17. I'm sure in 2030 once it finally releases, everyone can be sad. And then in 2034, it'll come to PlayStation. That said, I couldn't care less. I don't really like the idea of exclusives, but I really don't like Elder Scrolls, let alone Bethesda developed games in general.
  18. This game is a crossover between Senran Kagura and the Neptunia series. So why is it that it only goes into the Senran Kagura game series? Granted, this isn't a super common issue, but I think this site needs to correct it to display on both series in the future.
  19. I'd guess probably not. The issue is past Just Dance games unlock certain avatars that you get from the Gift Machine. So, if someone has never played a Just Dance game before, they could get that trophy no problem. Edit: on further inspection, it looks like one guy at least has a lot of Just Dance plats so maybe it's fixed?
  20. Yeah no problem! I was lucky to have my wife who played a lot of Just Dance coach me on how to get the notes lol. If you want to start with some easy songs to Megastar, try Yo Le Llego and Kulikitaka. They're the two easiest songs imo, and I think if you master those it will help you build some skills needed for the harder ones. Good luck dude, you got it!
  21. Honestly? It just takes some practice. I'm pretty good at rhythm games, but Just Dance was kicking my ass when I first started it. However, once you learn the routines of the songs by playing them a few times, you start to learn what makes the moves turn perfect and when to do them. Word of advice: Heat Seeker is a bitch of a song to Megastar lmao. It took me like 15 tries.
  22. You still got the trophies illegitimately, thus you're not on the leaderboards. It's a simple concept, though you don't have to agree with it. The fact remains that it is what this site considers cheating.
  23. How about a nice hot cup of liber-tea?
  24. Not sure when, but I'd be willing to bet with the next 3 months.
  25. Wow, I'm impressed with this situation. Anyone that has this on their profile needs to team up and get this done asap. You can get all the trophies in a few days if you really try. This should go without saying, but if you haven't started this one yet, you probably should just forget about it at this point.