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  1. This post totally reads like someone who is mentally grown up. For sure.
  2. Probably because for the most part, trophy thought threads like these are stupid and serve absolutely no purpose.
  3. Cool. Just because you think it's allowed on this site, doesn't make it true. The CRT have repeatedly claimed in the past that open source servers are allowed (CRT will review and make sure no changes to trophy earning are applied). You're more than free to earn the trophies, but don't be surprised when you get removed from the leaderboards if you use servers that aren't approved.
  4. Lmao no Destiny 2, believe it or not, is still fairly popular and makes Bungie a lot of money. There's 0% chance it's shut down for good.
  5. Walmart has a bunch of PS4/PS5 games on clearance right now for $3-7 (YMMV but check brickseek)


    I got:

    DMCV PS5 - 3.50

    Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 PS5 - 4

    Just Dance 21 PS5 - 3

    Planet Coaster PS5 - 4.50

    Nioh Collection PS5 - 7

    Immortals PS5 - 4

    Iron Man VR - 4

    Yakuza Like a Dragon PS4 - 4


    There's a few more but these are the standouts. Check your local Walmarts and get these before they're gone!

    1. AJ_Radio


      I see plenty of PS5 games at my local Walmart, but no PS5 console. So yeah.


      Devil May Cry V, Nioh Collection and Yakuza Like a Dragon are practically must buys.

    2. NERVergoproxy


      I keep hearing of walmart great whacked pricing on games all the time. But it never happens in the state here.

      If I see those price I'd grab them all to flip easily.

  6. Eh, Among Us is kinda dead already. It was fun when it was new last year, but it's been taken over by little kids. First Class Trouble might scratch that itch for me though.
  7. Lmao I felt that. I have an 8 week old and I'm lucky to get a few hours of gaming in a week!
  8. And Zippy the Circle: Levels 11, 12, and 13 has 968 recent players. Recent players tells you absolutely nothing on the quality of the games. That said, this is a pretty great lineup imo. 6 games, and most of them look fun! I think the only one I probably won't try is Knockout City, just because of the grindy nature of the trophies.
  9. I'm super excited because I don't own any of them, and I've wanted to play Saints and Sinners for a while, but it was always a bit too expensive. Until You Fall also looks fantastic. How difficult is the plat if anyone has gone for it?
  10. Well, it took 6 months, but it's part of the November PS+ collection.
  11. I already got the plat, but I always love coming back to this game. I'm totally going to be playing against some friends in the future!
  12. No, this is Patrick
  13. For Spreading Managed Democracy, you have to take part in a Successful assault on an enemy's homeworks. So you have to complete a mission, and the entire community has to complete enough missions to fill the bar all the way up before the time limit. The Defender trophy is the exact same way, but you are on the defensive instead, so you'll lose territory on the galactic map if you don't successfully defend.
  14. It does look terrible and Mark Wahlberg as Sully is not even close to capturing what Sully looks or acts like. I'd be fine if it was just a prequel thing, but this seems to be full fledged adult Nathan, and like typical Hollywood video game movies, it looks shit.
  15. If you think Sony as it is now is comparable to Sega in any way, you have some issues or you're just trying to mess about. Either way, your comments in most posts are off base or simply not worth replying to.
  16. More people get to play a fun game. Not sure why people are upset about this? It doesn't take away from the game you already played. And let's be real, anyone that wanted to play GoW or other PS exclusive would have already played it by now.
  17. Human Fall Flat is a fun split screen game filled with platforming and wonky physics. Helldivers is a fantastic twin stick shooter, and is more fun when you have more players. Dragon's Crown is a recent beat em up I've been playing and the art style is incredible. Fun game and I believe it's even on sale now for 4.99.
  18. As a heads up, if you get the physical copy that includes the Road to the Olympics, the code doesn't expire until 2099, according to the slip. Or at least, that's what mine said (NA region).
  19. What an absolutely condescending comment. I'm saying if a game is 50/50 on a crossover title, it belongs in both series as far as this site categorizes them. And since you want to be a know it all, this title takes place in a brand new world that neither series takes place in called Gameninjustri, which is a place that doesn't exist in either series.
  20. Hence the need for the overhaul. It makes zero sense to have it set up so that a crossover game can only count towards one series. Plus, the idea that "Games Series" is ever coming out of a public beta is laughable. Just look at any other feature that's been abandoned on this site that's "in beta".
  21. Yeah, we all know they can't take a jab
  22. When I check psnp at work, I'm not logged in and that video player shows up on every single new page you go to. These new ads are very intrusive and annoying as fuck.
  23. Any Legendary can spawn if the legendary radar pops off. Omnicron just has a super low rate of spawning compared to the others.
  24. Seeing as I already have it on my profile, I just ordered a cheap copy of the Olympics version just so I can get that DLC done. Shit, since I bought it, I'll probably just get around to playing it sooner and getting some nice URs.
  25. So.... it'll always be free!?