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  1. Got a bit freaked out and was about to bust out Saints Row IV to get it when I saw I got it 2 years ago. Thanks for the heads up though! I bet you saved a bunch of people the trouble of having a forever unattainable platinum.
  2. NOOOOOOO! You can do it! I bet if you went back now and tried, you could do it in less than 10 attempts. Sometimes you just need a clear head. I didn't get frustrated because I was share playing the game with a friend (I was the only one playing, but he could see the whole fight) and we were having a good time.
  3. Nioh Ugly Fellow Used the mask of an ugly fellow to defeat an enemy. Loving this game so far! I'm getting my ass kicked, but I love every second of it.
  4. I think it took me 20+ attempts to beat the second boss. I just went low stance and did a couple of quick slices whenever there was an opening and then dodged out of there. She only has a few attacks, so you can just power through and you'll make it eventually. If you can get her to half health, a living weapon can take off the other half. Just don't give up.
  5. Ah, I missed it, but I'll get some free themes while I'm here.
  6. Alright fellows. I played all 3 missions now (first one solo and the last two multi). This game is a blast. I can't wait until next month to play it! I do hope the time at the end of the Hunt is adjusted because I couldn't get 3 carves in (I'm guessing they just lowered the time in the beta because you don't keep the stuff). Anyways, and this is petty, but I hate how the Switchaxe is the default weapon, because I'm a Switchaxe user since 3U lol.
  7. One hour until beta goodness!!
  8. I tried downloading it with a European account I have (long story) and I didn't have PS+ on it and couldn't start a free trial so I'll have to wait for the NA version
  9. #58 InFamous First Light Noble Achievement I've had this game for at least a year, but I finally booted it up. It's short. Like, really short. Still, I enjoy the InFamous series (I'm going back to plat 1 + 2) so it was worth it imo.
  10. I'd like to be added. I currently have 6 plats: Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal Ratchet: Deadlocked Ratchet and Clank (PS4) Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal Assault Just 3 to go
  11. Alright guys, I'm making some progress! I found Yennifer and killed the griffon. I'm only level 2, but the 20 minute food perk really helps out. Combined with quen sign I can pretty much get through any combat. But it's going to be a long run still, I can tell lol.
  12. Ok guys, I started it up this morning. Wow, this game looks great and the cutscenes are entertaining. I admit I haven't played this yet because I tried The Witcher 2 a long time ago on the 360 and hated it. But, this is a ton of fun. I started on Death March and I wiped to the ghouls at the start twice before getting the hang of the combat somewhat. Quick question: how hard is it to keep stocked up on food for healing?
  13. @Cleggworth thank you so much! I'll definitely be paying attention to that guide to help me. Time to go spend 100+ hours on this game!
  14. Mass Effect Such a great game, and series before Andromeda (which is just ok)
  15. Honestly, I don't care too much. I start too many games at once, and it takes me years sometimes to go back and finish them. My completion is at around 43ish% right now. I have games that I tried and hated, so I won't go back and play them. So, I have a few that are at like 2/50 or something like that. That doesn't mean I don't like to trophy hunt, but it does mean I'm not going to force myself to play something I don't want to. High completion is cool and all, but it's not something that I value too highly.
  16. #56 Mad Max Halls of Valhalla This wasn't a particularly hard platinum, but the last bit of grinding was very, very tedious. That damn "Stick it to ya" challenge can go die in a hole somewhere. Still, a great game otherwise!
  17. This is what I'm thinking too...
  18. I'm new to this site, but this sound a like fun. I'll try this next December with whoever wants to attempt it with me. In the meantime, I'll be following this thread. Good luck fellows!
  19. I'll pour one out for you tonight.
  20. Better than my 8%
  21. Damn really? I just downloaded it and got one trophy lol. I got off because I have work now
  22. Damn, if the servers are still up by tomorrow, I may as well try to go for the plat. I'm at 7% from a while ago and I'll at least try to get as much done as I can. What's some tips to make it go fast?
  23. Last gen I was hooked on getting as many Achievements as I could. I had a PS3 as well, but I really only played Uncharted games and Ratchet and Clank. Anyway, when I got my PS4 I became a trophy hunter and I thought this site was neat so I signed up.
  24. Gauntlet because of how grindy it is. I got partway through before I moved on.
  25. True. I just left that shithole and this place seems like paradise compared to it.