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  1. I'd rather stick the money in a blender and see what happens than buy something like this.
  2. The name should appear as it is on PSN. The real issue here is that PSNP's search function for games sucks ass. I don't know why you can search for a game with the exact name, and it will sometimes show up on page 3 under things not even close.
  3. There's always going to be people complaining, even if the month has completely amazing games (like this month). "Everyone's already played this, it's so old, Microsoft is giving away more games, etc." It gets tiring to always focus on the negatives in life, so I just try to focus on more positive stuff. Even though I own two of these games, I think it's one of the better months in a while because now everyone can try them.
  4. Insanely good PSNow month. I think Automata is the best PS4 game, period. Undertale is also pretty fun. I have been wanting to play Ghost Runner for a while, so I'm excited to try that one.
  5. I'm just 3 hours into 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, and I'm already blown away by how great it is. The high praise for this game is no exaggeration! 

    1. ThatMuttGuy


      It has heavy Sci-Fi vibes, but they hit in just the perfect way. You control a bunch of different protagonists at different points and watch as they cross paths at different points in time. I won't get into spoilers, but it's seriously great. I have felt this excited to play a game in forever. 

    2. Yuber6969


      I agree; it's a great game. One of the few games I would rate a 10/10.

    3. totakos1


      Great choice, I think it’s an incredible game, too bad not a lot of people know about it!

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  6. "It has been an awesome decade with our beloved handheld. We are so grateful to have been a part of its history. Thank you, PS Vita! And thank you as well, player!" My heart 💔
  7. To have everything symmetrical of course. I do the same thing as well, unless there's no option (like a few Asian games with English subs that aren't available in the west).
  8. Well, I finally finished the series up so you can add me to the list! I'll take the Spitfire rank!
  9. The mods arbitrarily moved my post (and someone else's topic) over here so I'm editing out my post.
  10. Well, not that it counts for the event, but I just finished Skylanders: Trap Team, which was going to be my #5 for the event 😅 Coincidentally, with that one, I have the full Skylanders' games done.
  11. It felt like ages. But yeah, I think the grinding would be 10ish hours, but you have to do everything else still, so that's where I got 30 hours from. The single player content is pretty bad as well imo. Not worth anyone's time.
  12. No, it fucking sucks. I absolutely loved the first two Garden Warfare games, but they absolutely ruined it with this game. Not to mention you'll have to spend at least 100 hours of grinding unless you do the exploit which is like 30 hours of grinding.
  13. Just throwing this out there, but I played All 4 One online with a friend the other day and had 0 issues with us both owning the PS3 disc version. However, the time before that, a few months ago, we had trouble with connecting to each other. So it just seems like many PS3 games, the connection is just unstable and works when it wants to.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if it eventually takes over the #1 spot on the # of gamers played.
  15. I always chuckle to myself when people scream about the ess jay dubyas. It's a catch all term that applies to everything that inconveniences them slightly.
  16. Thank goodness it's coming West! I will want to pick up the LE if I can when it's available.
  17. "Deletion of un-synced trophies earned, via a PlayStation System Restore (formatting data), followed by using your backed up save-game data. "
  18. Which is also against the site's rules lol.
  19. Well, it's now officially less than a month until my wife has our first child. I'm super excited to be a dad, but I'm also a bit anxious as well. 


    Side note: I'm trying my best to get in some quality gaming in while I can 😅

    1. DrBloodmoney


      Dude - trust me, you won’t miss gaming - the first year, you’re gonna have more gaming time than you know what to do with!

      Until they become ambulatory, you’re golden  on that front- it’s the sleep you will miss though, so enjoy that while you can!

    2. Angel


      I have two amazing children myself that I pretty much raised on my own so I think you both may manage with your first child :giggle: but yes, prepare for some lack of sleep! Wishing you my best and that your baby is healthy.

    3. ThatMuttGuy


      I'll try to stock up on sleep then! I'm pretty bad about that, as I typically stay awake until 12am and then go to work at 9am the next day. And thanks for the warm wishes! If I need some advice I know who to contact :)

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  20. I bought the game after the patch went live, and I had no issues getting the platinum. The first 3 achievers of the plat definitely hacked their trophies though, as it was literally impossible before today (07/27/2021)
  21. Sad news for me. I accidentally got #5 with Ultra Mission. I wanted to get the platinum solely because of the description of the platinum, because I really do love my Vita system. However, I didn't realize it was a number I needed, which I was actually super close on finishing with Skylanders Trap Team ): Oh well, I'm still going to finish Skylanders and then finish my #8 for the Full Badge! 0. Ultimate Chicken Horse [NA] (6990) 1. Drive Girls [EU] (6191) 2. Cave Digger: Riches (8842) 3. Megadimension Neptunia VII (4293) 4. Kawaii Deathu Desu [NA PS4] (11244) 5. Ultra Mission [NA] 13485 6. Musynx (7786) 7. Gal*Gun Double Peace (4927) 8. 9. Vacation Simulator (9229)
  22. Again, a profile with 2 platinums, with this unattainable trophy being one of them. This is getting a bit silly now.
  23. Just wait for the glitched Murphy challenges. It's like a free Diamond trophy for everyone that makes it to the point.
  24. I don't know, I definitely agree that multiple threads on the same thing don't need to be created. However, when the last post on a thread is years old, I don't see the problem. This site has this obsession with "decluttering" but honestly, people don't go back more than the first two pages on any given forum, so who cares.