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  1. 37 minutes ago, Darling Baphomet said:

    This method would work brilliantly if the game didn't keep freezing on the loading screen every 20-30 matches and ruining my streak. What a pain.


    Happened to me once during the trophy attempt, but luckily it was towards the beginning. I got super nervous once I started getting 20k+ exp per match. 


  2. 12 hours ago, MaxieM0us3 said:

    Really really disappointing to see everyone in PSNP resorting in boosting on day one and the second they boot the game, rather than just - you know - just playing the game?!?!


    But no, only trophies matter these days, with every approach possible, than just playing a game and having “fun”.


    I’m already at almost all the trophies with just like 2 hours of standard play.


    Normally I'd agree, but I put 300 hours on the PC version, so I've already done all the requirements multiple times over. I'd rather just get the trophies on a game I used to enjoy, instead of trying to play it on console. 


  3. 5 minutes ago, Jinxcendant-XIII said:

    Okay I just need to share this to make me feel better, having just watched various gameplays of this game on YouTube I've come to the realisation this game didn't look that great and turns out that It wouldn't have been a game that I would have enjoyed very much if at all, the vehicles looked clunky and hard to control = frustration, the arenas looked dull and basic = boredom, the weapons looked to take ages destroying an enemy, 


    also the game looked very heavily battle based like call of duty but with vehicles and that's not really my thing, don't get me wrong I enjoy racing games with battle elements like Blazerush for example, I probably would have still given it a go as I had it, but am I still down, depressed and disappointed about the servers going down? not anymore as the game wasn't what I expected it to be.


    Dude, the game was ass. Sure, it's a shame that online only games go down, but in this case, the game will not be missed except by the tryhards that have 1000's of hours in the game for some reason. 


  4. I'm personally glad there's no plat. Blood Dragon is super good, but the length is not long enough to justify a plat. 


    Yes, I do realize there's 1-5 minute plats out there, but that doesn't change my opinion. 


  5. 11 minutes ago, Eienshi-Ita said:

    I dont see why they just dont handle this on a case by case basis just like most other things.


    its also absolutely ridiculous that there are some people using modded hardware and autopopping entire lists of trophies (which I have in the past reported) and they dont even get *flagged* as a cheater when the whole list was under a second in a game with NO autopop- in a profile with tens of dozens of games with non autopops that are usually monumentally grindy games all done in under one second, at that. They only get that *one* games leaderboard ranking taken from their profile- and no further action is taken on the literal DOZENS of games that are cheated plats that they still had. 


    Although the person has most likely been taken care of by now,


    Absolutely crazy.


    Time should be spent combing the profiles of people who actively are known to be modding their hardware to cheat, or using 3rd party save editors to rewrite saves and autopop games they obviously shouldnt earn.


    Meanwhile people have their whole accounts banned and removed from the board for one gtaV trophy that they honestly have no control over because someone online can just screw you. (A trophy which thankfully I earned legitimately back in the day before this whole salty shenanigan became some wierd issue)


    If *people are cheating*, the timestamps will tell. if the game is not listed as an autopop capable game, (and there needs to be a list of such and those that there are need regular updating) then remove them for it.


    Too much time and effort is being wasted on defending trophies “unearnable” status and rarity by hunting people that honestly can kind of actually just go legitimately earn the damn thing now, and not enough time is put filtering people who just mod their hardware to auto100% crap (for what reason they even do it, I have no clue)

    *The rules probably need to be updated rechecked and enforced case by case, time moves forward and people need to be flexible and see that things change, and so does the state of gaming*


    Now im not even really all that of a hardcore trophy hunter, comparatively, outside of masocore genre. I only do the games i like and a few easy ones here and there.

    So take that opinion with a miniscule grain of salt. But if *Im* seeing the issues here with my limited perspective and placement on leaderboards, then someone who actually cares about it probably has a lot more to say than even I have.


    The problem here is probably even worse than it seems. 


    Buddy, you have absolutely no idea what you're even talking about. 


  6. 19 minutes ago, PeskyBobo said:

    I saw 2 people got it, is it finally fixed?


    I'd guess probably not. The issue is past Just Dance games unlock certain avatars that you get from the Gift Machine. So, if someone has never played a Just Dance game before, they could get that trophy no problem. 


    Edit: on further inspection, it looks like one guy at least has a lot of Just Dance plats so maybe it's fixed?


  7. 3 minutes ago, Poptartboy54 said:

    Lol thanks for the advice, I just got the game yesterday so ima need to practice some more but thanks again


    Yeah no problem! I was lucky to have my wife who played a lot of Just Dance coach me on how to get the notes lol. 


    If you want to start with some easy songs to Megastar, try Yo Le Llego and Kulikitaka. They're the two easiest songs imo, and I think if you master those it will help you build some skills needed for the harder ones. Good luck dude, you got it!


  8. Honestly? It just takes some practice. I'm pretty good at rhythm games, but Just Dance was kicking my ass when I first started it. However, once you learn the routines of the songs by playing them a few times, you start to learn what makes the moves turn perfect and when to do them. 


    Word of advice: Heat Seeker is a bitch of a song to Megastar lmao. It took me like 15 tries. 


  9. 14 minutes ago, Sebulba2000 said:

    Call it as you'd like, I didn't ask for any of this, so that ain't my fault. Also, I got the equivalent amount of RP needed to level up to rank 100 later just to make myself feel, I got it legit. I don't care for any of this. I just needed a feeling of legit accomplishment for myself. You guys here are horribly inquisitive with checking other people's trophies to verify their legitness.

    Also, as always people seem to totally miss my point. My point was the admins claiming they banned me because I was in a hacker's Discord server in 2021 and looked for assistance there, while having the game finished to 100% in 2018. Anyways, I didn't ask for help, just got a bounty by an accident and I felt like doing the trophy legit. But I probably would ask for help, because it's much more important for me to have a 100% profile, than be on one site's leaderboards.

    You may find getting RLTW post 2017 illegitimate, but then if it was stated clear it can't be earned legit, why not just ban everyone from the leaderboards who got the trophy post April 2017 straight away? 



    You still got the trophies illegitimately, thus you're not on the leaderboards. It's a simple concept, though you don't have to agree with it. The fact remains that it is what this site considers cheating.


  10. Wow, I'm impressed with this situation. Anyone that has this on their profile needs to team up and get this done asap. You can get all the trophies in a few days if you really try.


    This should go without saying, but if you haven't started this one yet, you probably should just forget about it at this point. 


  11. 15 minutes ago, Exeshow678 said:

    It's been a few days since this game was added and surprisingly... no one made a trophy thoughts for it


    Probably because for the most part, trophy thought threads like these are stupid and serve absolutely no purpose. 


  12. 5 minutes ago, Benca27 said:

    Trophies are still obtainable and the Platinum is still obtainable with working servers. I'm actually working on getting the Warhawk platinum currently with friends I met from both games over 10+ years ago. Though the gentleman that is making it work does frown upon boosting, I don't personally support it either. This project is about getting the game to a working and playable state again, trophies or not.


    Cool. Just because you think it's allowed on this site, doesn't make it true. The CRT have repeatedly claimed in the past that open source servers are allowed (CRT will review and make sure no changes to trophy earning are applied). 


    You're more than free to earn the trophies, but don't be surprised when you get removed from the leaderboards if you use servers that aren't approved.