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  1. 2 hours ago, StewartBros said:

    Play for 100 hours?


    Play any game 1000 times?


    Oof.  That's some commitment right there, and will undoubtedly put many people off buying it.


    That's not even the grindy ones tbh. The one for reaching level 20 is one of the worst grinds I've seen in a game. Maybe not the longest, but definitely the most mind numbing. 


  2. 2 hours ago, FoxRDT said:

    Slightly off topic, but what would be the easiest way to get a hold of Anima Crystals in Story Mode?


    Need them to upgrade a mission level to over 200...


    You're going to need a shitton of them for level 99 job trophy too. I'd suggest the "Coral Memories: Greedy" mission. You just open up chests and hope you get lucky. Upgrade the mission as high as it goes and you'll get 13 crystals per clear. 


  3. 2 hours ago, Xugoshi said:

    Not to rain on everybody's parade but I think as soon as you get the chaos trophy you might wanna continue playing and get that top gear for the inevitable 3 DLC's that'll happen in the future. Those will most likely have you clear the DLC on chaos difficulty or higher if they decide to implement a higher difficulty. If you're just going for the plat then just disregard everything I said here.




    You can just join a mission on the highest level and you'll get level 300 gear in 5 minutes of playing that mission. I'm assuming you could do the same thing for the DLC if they add more trophies.


  4. 9 minutes ago, DantoriusD said:


    Unlock the "Phantoms of the Past" Storymission in Hollowed Massif.


    Just run trough all of the Enemys till the 3rd Savepoint (for the Dark Vein and the Ogre after the 2nd Savepoint you just have to survive because there is a Avalanche coming which opens a new Part so you can skip the Dark Vein)


    Kill the Griphon and he drops 1 Anima Crystal every Time, reset at the Savepoint, Kill Gryphon again.....over and over. With Axes its not even a 5 second fight once he drops a Axe. 


    You could either farm this Mission for Hours or unlock the same Mission on lvl 300 and do the Same but on 300 he drops 3 Anima Crystals.


    Bro what? Just play the mission "Coral Memories: Greedy". You just gotta open one of five treasure chests to find the Trident. If you are lucky, it will spawn in the first one. The level 300 mission gives you 13 crystals and you can beat it in a minute if you're lucky and maybe 5 if you aren't. 


  5. 3 minutes ago, Siriodorione said:

    I have a little doubt. I unlocked the game endgame, and I don't like xD
    I've noticed that the trophy percentages of completing the game in chaotic mode are higher than completing a mission at level 200 or above. How is that possible given that the game's final mission is at least level 210? They should go out together.
    What am I missing?


    If you read the thread, you'd see the trophy is glitched and will pop as soon as you clear any mission on CHAOS difficulty.


  6. 10 hours ago, DantoriusD said:

    Tbh i think this whole Chaos Mode is complete Dogshit. Not Trophywise but in Terms of Gamemechanics. Why do you have to unlock every Mission again. And its not a "do it in 10 minutes" Quest. Its grinding over and over for 10+ Hours.


    And pls dont come with "Just farm the Griffon" i know this Method exist but even with that you have to farm over 8000 Shards to unlock every Mission.


    This whole Chaos Mode killed my whole mood to playing this Game even after the Plat Trophy. I actually thought it would be fun to grab some Friends and do them in coop, build some Builds or just try some Bosses on the highest Difficulty possible.


    Yeah no joke. The story playthrough was so amazing, but the post game content is kinda bad. The fact that each mission takes like 200+ Anima Crystals to unlock the level 300 version is a dumb decision. 


  7. 1 minute ago, Deadly_Ha_Ha said:

    This list looks like a joke just like Babylon's Fall. The only possible saving grace for the rarity of this plat will be if A) It requires multiple play throughs and B ) If Chaos difficulty is actually hard. 


    Even if it's hard, you could theoretically co-op with 2 other people to make it a cake walk. That depends on how the co-op works though.


  8. 2 hours ago, LifeIsSenseless said:

    What the hell is happening with the new PS4 Ringu trophies? They don't show on psnprofiles and now I earned Adept Yoichi and iI can find it under notifications but my trophies don't sync. It still says Not earned under Adept Yoichi? So is every trophy bugged? Because if they are I stop playing till they are fixed....god I hate BHVR!


    This is just the list not being synced to PSNP. Any trophy you earn will be synced when the list is updated on the site. 


    Just calm down and it will be fixed soon enough.