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  1. Bruh, why are the Neptunia games (especially on Vita) so damn expensive? 

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    2. DrBloodmoney


      Everything on Vita seems to cost a bomb nowadays I’m afraid. I bought the first three Persona games recently, and I think it cost me more than I’ve paid for any game on any console for a good long while!

    3. ThatMuttGuy


      Yeah I'm glad that I got a few Vita games from GameStop for cheap before they started completely phasing them out. I remember getting Persona 4 Golden for $20! I do like physical too, but some of these games I'm basically just gonna have to buy digitally lol. 

    4. Angel


      If you are really lucky you might find some sellers out there selling the games you are looking for, for cheap or original retail price, you just have to have patience and determination! 

      Not sure if the sellers are unaware of specific game price spikes or they just want to get rid of the game but I managed to snag a few Vita and 3DS games (which are also spiking in prices and some are going now in the $150+ range just for the game alone) like this in new or great conditions.


      I also have a way with words to talk them down a few bucks because I love a good bargain but at times they just won't budge lol