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  1. I just did the Pacqui One Chip Challenge 2021. I'm used to spicy things a bit, but holy fuck this one was on a totally different level than anything I've had before. 

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    2. ronin_leon


      Wow. I saw videos with people doing that challenge. Most of the time it ended up with the participant in tears...

    3. DJ__Beatroot


      OMG have you recovered yet?  That can only be described as Satan's Hell eating one (or even a little) of that chip.

    4. ThatMuttGuy


      @ronin_leon yeah there were involuntary tears for me too lol. It's just so hot the tears just roll out. 


      @DJ__Beatroot I think I'm fine now, but my stomach was definitely hurting after the pain went away. It definitely felt like it was as hot as hell.