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  1. Yes you can, thats another way to get the points if you hate online mode.
  2. Yes thank you Ben - I didnt upgrade to prestige so my game just got locked at the same level I guess! All sorted now 😃
  3. I’ve had none rewarded to me from chapters 10-14 (and now finished the story) but still haven’t finished the trees, how on earth do I get style points please? First half of the story I was getting them when completing each chapter alongside the XP/XC for purchasable content and bonus items....?? I’ve always done side matches / all match objectives - I don’t get it ! Any help appreciated thanks
  4. How on earth did u do this wolverine? I downloaded a java solution but it only worked on levels 1-7 I'm stuck on 8...long way to go :-(
  5. Hmm so I downloaded this solution, finally got my head around it, it helped me do level 6 and 7 but it doesn't work on my level 8 - it either keeps searching to over 15m so i give up or it did almost work once but 2 of the squares came to 1000 - and every total barring one worked but the 2 squares left couldn't fit anywhere else!