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  1. Does NA and EU share same trophy lists? I can only find NA ones on this site
  2. Is this a 2-in-1 pack? Can I get hitman blood money alone?
  3. Bring your PS4 console (I mean the one without internet connection) home and do a sync.
  4. I can't find the shipwreck and the cat in the tutorial world, help pls
  5. Yes 😄 if you have 4 x PS4 consoles and TV.
  6. I am planning to get a special USB stick which allows me to control TWO different PS4 consoles with ONE DS4 controller. The USB stick basically duplicates the inputs from one controller and then map the signal into two consoles. If I use this USB stick to plat two games at the same time (e.g. Word Sudoku by POWGI EU and Word Sudoku by POWGI NA), both trophy lists will have exactly same trophy timestamps. Question is, is it against any rules for game-flagging on this site?
  7. Resident evil 2 Remake The last of us 2 Twin Mirror
  8. I will upload a complete platinum walkthrough video on youtube tonight. In that video, you can clearly see that both music-related trophies popup at the same time. I used my phone to record the video due to the ps4 video recorder ignores trophy popup notification. Update: Both trophies popup at 1:11:48
  9. In which order does mod process the disputes? LIFO?! I think I am the first one lol I guess I have to write something LMAO
  10. I just checked my trophy screenshots. Both music related trophies didn't pop in the extra menu, they actually popped after I beat the game once (after obtaining the true ending trophy) and back into the game again thru chapter select. The trophy triggle condition is kind of wired, but I can comfirm both trophies are POSSIBLE to pop at the same time.
  11. This is a false flag. I've played this game for 3 times. Both music related trophies DO pop at the same time just like other VN games. Why there are so many false report these days??? Who approved these?
  12. How many ppl on the earth will check timestamps on a SUDOKU game? Is not one enough? Haha
  13. no worry, the flag will be lifted once @MMDE is here
  14. I was reported by the same person
  15. ferryjan Word Sudoku by POWGI reason: (Too Fast) Many puzzles completed within seconds For each puzzle, I fill every digits into blocks but leave one block empty. You can just leave the puzzle whenever you want, it saves automatically. After I've done all the puzzles by this way, i go back to each puzzle and fill the last block. I guess the one who reported me hasn't play the game. @MMDE