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  1. In which store can I find this game? So far I only find it on Lebanon's psn store
  2. is there any guide/solution to all puzzles yet?
  3. I am planning to pre-order Hitman 2. There are 3 different editions to choose on psn store: standard (60$), silver(80$) and gold(100$). The Silver edition includes expansion pack 1 (new location, maps, weapons etc.) while the Gold edition includes both expansion pack 1 and 2 and 4-days early access to the game. The question is: are the dev going to add trophies which tie to those expansion packs? 40$ is too much for just 2 expansion packs IMO.
  4. I heard that one of the achievements (Trophy: Old is New) is bugged on PC version, not sure if it gonna affect the PS4 version. Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1231765958 Dev said that the achievement is currently not achievable I gonna wait until someone plat this game before buying it.
  5. i think it gonna be a 30 min plat game if you use a guide
  6. Close the app and start the game again. Try win a game on easy/small map, the trophies will pop
  7. If the trophies don't pop when they meet the requirements, close the app and start it again. Try win a game on easy/small map, the glitched trophies will pop
  8. It is confirmed. Someone has posted a guide about how to plat the game with debug mode. The guide is written in Chinese. Source: http://psnine.com/topic/33682?page=3
  9. I found something interesting from a Chinese forum about this game that this game has debug mode just like Jak. You can pop almost all trophies in console and plat this game within 1 hour. Anyone can confirm this?
  10. It will release either tomorrow or on Friday in HK store according to the psn official store update blog (HK),
  11. The puzzle 112 should be "Space mission". Inside the red rectangle is the solution to the puzzle.
  12. All the solutions had been tested by my friend and me. We both had got the plat with these solutions. The solutions were taken after each puzzles was solved, they should be correct. Which ones did you find that were incorrect? I will check when I back home.
  13. This is game ok. It's better than orc slayer. The plat requires 3 playthrough, it will be boring when you play this game for a 2nd time
  14. It's EU version, got the plat 20 min ago
  15. The first 15 sec lags badly every time I start a new game. It happens only on PSV asia version.