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  1. I suddenly realize that I finally can stop buying psv games from my own region psn store. The vita games in Swedish store are always more expensive than other regions like NA and HK. I cannot convince myself to ignore this offer even some ppl say this is not allowed. As long as I spend my own money to buy games and then play them to earn trophies, I don't see anything wrong with it.
  2. You cannot backup your trophies on PC as I know, the only way to "backup" trophies is to upload them on trophy server. If you mean to backup saves. Yes, it works, but it is against the site rules. If someone do as you said, when they restore the game saves from the backup, some trophies may pop instantly when starting the game. If they upload those trophies, they will be flagged.
  3. I think this can only be done on the same PSV. You play the game on alt account from another region and earn some trophies, then you use the trick to sync those trophies into your main account. This works fine. However, if you now switch to a 3rd account and try to sync, all those trophies which have already been synced to your main account cannot be synced again. This is one-time thing. The only way to get those trophies on the 3rd account is to first format your PSV, download and play the game on your alt account again, try to earn those trophies for a 2nd time. In the end do the trick again on your 3rd account.
  4. Just tested this on my alt. account for fun, it works 😂😂 https://psnprofiles.com/ferryjanfockereu I am not going to do it on my main account, that's too risky 😂😂
  5. it's HK version, confirmed by my friend
  6. There is no story-related trophy in this game which means it's possible to finish a whole playthrough without earning a single trophy. If you bought the game, you are able to earn trophies by playing as either host or client.
  7. The game is not easy with just 1 controller. AI hardly makes any mistakes and theirs running speed are usually faster than me I did it legit without 4 controllers, took me 6 hours.. I am thinking to buy 2 controllers before NA version is out. Anyone knows when NA version gonna release?
  8. yes
  9. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/02/16/the-drop-new-playstation-games-for-2-20-2018/ Game will be available on NA psn store on 22th Feb according to the PS blog
  10. I would say that he doesn't even use saves to get trophies. All his trophies are CFW edited. I found sth interesting, just look at the achieved time of each trophy he has earned, 99.9% of them was earned in a strange pattern. The achieved time: xx:yy:zz am/pm, 99% of yy (minutes) in his trophy set can be divided by 5, for example: 3:10:54am, 6:25:10pm 11:45:24 pm etc. That's totally impossible to do without CFW.
  11. I have done a japanese VN game on Psvita two days ago, but unable to sync the trophies. I guess the reason was that the trophy list for that game was not available on Sony's server yet. I tried to upload the trophies again today, it worked. But the trophy list looks weird on this site. Has anyone experienced this before? Is it a bug?
  12. someone has already played the EU version https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7081-36-fragments-of-midnight/EIPsyCongroo Any idea in which store I can get this? I have checked both UK and SWE store, none of these has the PS4 version
  13. I have plat this game 6 times (both EU and NA) and game never crushed once. Am I just lucky?
  14. someone already have dlc3.. how did he get it?
  15. When I am playing this, some story-related trophies stop popping without any signs. I didn't notice that until I started the game for the second time, after I finished one episode, 3 story trophies popped at the same time (one for the episode I just finished, and the other two were the ones I did it earlier...) Has anyone experienced the same glitch as I do?