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  1. What region is this list? NA? Edit: It's NA list, got the plat
  2. To be more specific, in S2E1 when I reached the end episode choice in which to choose either save Pete or Nick, I wrongly picked Nick. I immediately quit the game to the main menu, then I found that there was no way to get back to the last checkpoint. You can test this if you have time, I am sure this bug is existed. Same bug happened on my friend as well, he quit the game at S1E2 during "next episode" cutscene. He could not go back to the last checkpoint neither afterwards. He had to replay the whole episode to get the trophy for that episode.
  3. Now I have to do the same episode for the 3rd time! They (skybound?!) should not publish a game like this, it is not accepted! I chose to restart the episode due the issue I mentioned above. And this time I quit to the main menu in the middle of the game (Season 2 episode 1 chapter 3) and I cannot go back?! WTF is this? The episode 1 is registered as completed, the only option is either to start next chapter or start over again... lol Where is the checkpoint save?! I don't wanna do the same episode for the 4th time 😡
  4. I have to start over 2 episodes due to the broken checkpoint system in this game!! I made wrong decision at very end of both episodes, so I quit the game to the main menu before reaching the end, so I think I can start over from the last checkpoint like other games do. Then this thing happened.. I cannot get back to the last checkpoint from the main menu, instead I was forced to start the next episode lol I haven't even seen the "next episode" cutscene and the trophy for that episode hasn't chance to pop neither..... If you wanna plat this game, never quit after reaching the last checkpoint just to be safe.
  5. The game should be 46GB according to the game description in psn store However, only 10GB has been downloaded onto my console and the download status say "completed". I guess we spend 50USD to get access to the main menu only. If we want to play, we have to spend another 100USD to buy the game contents Good job! lol
  6. Same issue, black screen after choosing season 1. When choosing other seasons, it says "Installing 2.5620478500536e+15:00:00" Well, can I get the money back?
  7. Here is the Skype chat between me and the OP. Chat took place 36h ago. He stated that he had issue with syncing and the trophies he had earned on multiple games just disappeared because of unknown bug. That could be a very rare bug, in which the old trophies don't even be registered and erased by the console. His screenshots from earlier post showed that he had done the game on a legit way. IMO as long as ppl can prove that they did the game legit, the flag should be lifted.
  8. Maybe you should read the dispute rules first. Here is the link: Try to be professional, your reply doesn't make any sense and doesn't help to the dispute.
  9. You must be lucky then 😂 the game randomly crushed all the time while I was playing, e.g. during location changes, while idling, while saving (and the save corrupted 😂) etc. The game crushed 3 times in a row in the same place after I stole the hotel key and back to the hotel room... This was so annoying. My friend has the same issue I don't think they will patch the game. If it wasn't the crushing issue, the game is fine. You can buy the game if you want. If you play this, all I can say is save often. And don't overwrite the latest save slot since the game can crush while saving.
  10. This game is so badly made... Blue screen x 15 times during my first playthrough 😂 And one story-related trophy didn't pop thanks to the blue screen... I had to play this game again until the beginning of chapter 3. And once again, game crushed after chapter 2 end-cutscene and I missed the same trophy again 😂 Luckly, I had manually saved the game before the end of chapter 2 so I could try how many times I wanted to triggle the trophy Finally I can delete this crap lol
  11. I will buy this game once the trophy guide is out
  12. You need to fully explore the ocean on seed 655646328 first.
  13. After you spawn, keep running forward for about 30 sec, you will find the pool right in front you
  14. For those who struggling with the Ocean biomes trophy like me (I have spent at least 8h swimming in the ocean) Try this method: Load the tutorial world, then go to the central pool. That's it... Trophy popped right before I jumped into the central pool Confirmed by multiple ppl