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  1. No. I don't have issue unlocking the trophy. Trophy popped the first time I finished all 4 mission stoties by that order.
  2. I got the trophy. I can confirm that the 4th secret mission will not show a lightbulb with a checkmark after you finish the whole stage. But it is registered. The order of the mission stories which I followed: (1) the tour (2) the tour + secret mission story and killed the target by stabbing the knife into the heart in the villa. (3) the sniper one + sabotage the machine. Trophy popped
  3. Something not right here.. I have achieved full mastery lvls on all stages across hitman 1 and 2, but most of the stages showing lvl 0 during transfer... Does anyone have same issue here?
  4. EU version: https://store.playstation.com/en-au/product/EP5864-CUSA25499_00-6638130232169819 AS version: https://store.playstation.com/en-hk/product/HP5578-CUSA25498_00-1077417109603264
  5. Unable to download the game on Vita. It is showing error code C2-13242-2. Does anyone else have same issue?
  6. I probly gonna buy one from the scalper... I preordered the console in 8 different stores, but none of them can ship the console before Feb 2021...
  7. Thanks for the info
  8. Region tag shows EU vita, but I can't find it in neither UK nor SWE psn store (vita app). 5 ppl got the plat already. However I found the game is available in US store, but there is no trophy list up for NA region. I am confused. Any idea?
  9. Congratulations on #1. Glad my report got the previous #1 removed. 


    Goodluck on the place! 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MidnightDragon


      It may just be temporary.

    3. Atoya


      You know he can be back by hiding the game right?

      and he hasn’t disputed it yet so it didn’t completely stick, ikemenzi should be #1 if hakoom is gone for good but unfortunately his profile cannot update anymore...

    4. ferryjan


      @Atoya totally agree 🙂

  10. Congrats on first place on the site lol 

    1. MidnightDragon


      Wait, when did this happen?

    2. ArmoredSnowman


      Hakoom got removed from leaderboard for cheating BioShock, Uncharted, and some other game @MidnightDragon


      Hakoom's 2012 Uncharted stamps were something of peculiarity since they showed up above modern games, and even showed up in web.archive, but supposedly his stamps were completely changed if you went far back enough. I'm awaiting the dispute.


      More info can be found here: 






      More information can be found here 


  11. It's fine to play those games whose lists are already up on Sony server. Try avoid the games like rusty gun US, it can damage your trophy database. Wait until sony upload the trophy list onto their server then play it.
  12. I had same issue before. To solve the issue, backup your saves, delete your profile and create it again.
  13. Thank you
  14. Is Geddan Mode a free dlc? And how to unlock the Geddan mode? Thank you
  15. At least this game has plat, frogger returns doesn't 😂