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  1. EU 20th March https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2019/03/18/new-on-playstation-store-this-week-sekiro-shadows-die-twice-the-messenger-more/ US this week https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/03/15/the-drop-new-playstation-games-for-march-19-2019/
  2. Got 100% last night. Great guide. Thank you
  3. Where can I buy it? It was sold out in Play-Asia.
  4. Yes. Version 1.01 was installed. I will try your method later.
  5. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0896-CUSA14176_00-BUNDLEDAGGERHOOD
  6. When I start the game, I always spawn near a highway as the image shows. I have tried press all the buttons on the controller, I cannot get off the vehicle. According to multiple trophy guide, I should spawn near a house. I have tried delete the save, reinstall the game, play the game on different consoles and accounts, failed.. Does anyone have same issue? Any solutions? Thank you
  7. It normally takes 4-5 working days until the download issue is fixed. Try again on Friday.
  8. Thank you for the info. I will buy the game then
  9. Same error code
  10. The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince has just been released in EU store. I am wondering if it has its own trophy list.
  11. Same here. Very annoying.
  12. Is it possible to find and kill 25 spiders in 45 sec on vita version ? I doubt that.
  13. Does NA and EU share same trophy lists? I can only find NA ones on this site
  14. Is this a 2-in-1 pack? Can I get hitman blood money alone?
  15. Bring your PS4 console (I mean the one without internet connection) home and do a sync.