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  1. On my current playthrough, Hero. On my 1st one, Eleven.
  2. Even though I don't like to do it, I have no problem in leaving a game unplatted. That being said, I consider myself a completionist in the sense that I plat all my games (so far, the only one I didn't was Foul Play, but that was due to their co op problems). I 100% if I really love the game.
  3. #17 - Flynn and Freckles A very short and very clunky game.
  4. Bully 2
  5. #16 - Red Dead Redemption 2 A masterpiece of a Single Player, an absolute turd of an Online! That's RDR2 in a nutshell.
  6. #15 - Burly Men At Sea What a fun little game
  7. #14 - Final Fantasy XII
  8. I think he's talking about how there's people with the plat when it's literally impossible to get it atm.
  9. #13 - Final Fantasy XV Don't know if I'll do the DLCs and stuff, but I feel compelled to...
  10. #12 Heavy Rain Press X to Jason
  11. #11 Detroit: Become Human Also known as "The Platinum sent by Cyberlife" P.S - 28 STAB WOUNDS! TROPHIES IN CAPS LOCK!
  12. #10 Horizon: Zero Dawn I love this game. Please Guerilla, make a sequel!
  13. Already 2 people with the Platinum? Jesus!
  14. #9 Crash Bandicoot: Warped The easier one of the 3. Trilogy complete! What a ride