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  1. You mean the game that got a narrator text-to-speech that was bugged until yesterday and kept saying every menu item even if it was deactivated ?
  2. Cities: Skyline at 50% (45 of 104 trophies). Could be lower cause I got some DLC trophies. I only got the base game with PS Plus.
  3. I've been playing all day long, never played this map. I got all other all other MP trophies (except Firefly and Hunter), but not Coal Mine.
  4. I just bought it 5 days ago on eBay to clean my trophies, RIP.
  5. I downloaded some mods on the ModHub (PS4). I downloaded the FS19 Dahl Ranch map. I installed multiple "Government Subsidy" sign wich gives you 150k an hour. Fast forward 120x a couple of hours. Buy plot 6. Take whatever seeds, I took Barley. It's easier to fill your fertilizer and seeder if you have a Multi Filling Station (Mod). To get rid of the Barley, just use a Multi Selling Station (Mod). Took me a couple of hours. Harvester: CR10.90 Revelation (Header: 3162 Draper 45FT), 4 of them, you can get more but it'll be tedious to empty them all. Truck to empty the Haversters: RoadRunner with SB II 30/1070 trailer, 4 of them. Cultivator: ST820 attached to a Quadtrac Series, 4 of them. Sow + Seeder: Seed Hawk XL Toolbar 84FT with a Seed Hawk 980 Air Cart attached, 4 of them. Fertilizer: Fertilizer Spreader 10.000 (Mod) or K165 with 6m speading unit, 4 of them.
  6. Farts over Freckles Pick a fight with Morgan Freeman and defeat him More Powerful Than You Think Complete all trophies in South Park™: The Fractured But Whole™
  7. Here's my pick for this year. Best : Assassin's Creed Origins : Such a good game and glad Ubisoft took their time to make it. AC series is back on track. Persona 5 : Never played a JRPG before and this genre earned a new fan. Horizon Zero Dawn : What can I say... It made me buy a PS4 Pro. Worst : Destiny 2 : Should've been a D1 DLC. Seriously, the PvP is garbage, it took me 2 days to be 286 light. The only thing left was the raid. Poor content. NHL 18 : A couple of dekes and harder AI. Nothing else.