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  1. I swear I got all the mailboxes because they highlight on the map. None are highlighted and I've been going around looking at all the mailboxes. Nothing. So I can't get the postmasters badge or the last wickerling. That's all I need to finish. Any suggestions?
  2. Feel free to add me. Been trophy hunting for awhile. My general goal is to "play everything." If I have a game and you need another player I'll probably be down to help out.
  3. They updated the app today and there are new passes. No idea if they actually work. I use the credit card (which used to be great). In Feb I called customer support because it had been so long. The person on the phone was going to manually add the points which seemed crazy. However they are running this it is incredibly slapdash. I eventually got my points after calling. Points from store purchases have been completely random. Just showing up randomly one day. No way to check for accuracy because the labels are all over the place. Passes have continued to work for me. I'm on Platinum Pass 12 and have gotten points from 10 platinums at least twice this year. There used to be a yearly limit on these passes and maybe they are discontinued after that? Just downloaded the app so we'll see how that goes. I wouldn't trust calling customer support on any of this. I wonder if when it's all over if they'll giveaway something to make up for the trouble.
  4. Got a win tonight. I'm fine without a platinum as long as they add trophies with content updates ala Warframe. Of course all you completionists will hate that too. The game is fun give it try.
  5. Source? I haven't had anything update since November. I filed a ticket a few weeks ago and they said points weren't updating but didn't say when it'd be fixed. I'm going to have so many points.
  6. They could have put something in place to prevent dummy accounts. They already limited it to a certain amount per year. Maybe just lower that. Oh well.
  7. Was able to login. My points are there but my passes aren't. Wonder when they'll update the app. I use the Sony Credit Card as well and those points go up on the 14th usually. If they don't have this all fixed by then that could be a problem.
  8. Good list. I recently finished Sly 2. Think I liked one more.
  9. To Leave - 11 Achievers. I'm also the fastest at 3hr47mins The game has so few owners too. It's this little indie game that show up on the front page of PSN one week. You fly a door around (seriously) and there's a large narrative focus, kind of like Bastion. Some parts are genuinely unnerving and it can also be really hard. It's a quick platinum though not sure why people on here haven't picked it up. Game is definitely low budget indie but has a good level of polish. Check it out for real. Just don't beat it faster than me.
  10. I can be patient. I said it sucks it's being reported as out now when it isn't. I can wait for roll out too but I'd like to know how long I have to wait. "Sometime soon maybe" is pretty bad when something is a paid service. To be more positive, I am excited for the feature. I'm a person who likes to try a lot of stuff so this is great.
  11. It's getting reported like it's out but I don't see the option anywhere. Typical.
  12. Played 120 hours this is the only trophy I don't have. Didn't really keep a save for it. Think I can get it by running old dungeons with different party members (never used Kanji or Teddie much) on 12/22? Seems like this trophy wouldn't be so complicated if you could tell how close you are. I don't have a save with Rise at lvl 1 and I don't want to do a 3rd playthrough
  13. I only managed to do this once. What an odd game
  14. Yeah there's a cycle to it. I'll try and describe it. There's five bullies. Going from top to bottom let's label them 1 through 5. From the start enter the 5 Lane and get as close to the right as you can and then Dodge the bully with R2. You should now be in lane 3 and pushing the loader. The 3 bully will be faster than you so expect it and Dodge down into the stream of vibrance as last minute as you can. The stream should make it easy to go left so go as far left as possible but be quick about it because you have to keep space between the four bully. Then jump back into the 3 lane to get the 3 bully to move that way. Dodge the 3 bully with R2 to get into the 2 lane, moving to the right. Again, you want to be quick so you have lots of space from the 2 bully. The 3 bully will be moving left and has momentum so here is where you have time to re-enter the 3 lane and push more. The 3 bully will change directions and you repeat. Depending on how much space you have it takes like six cycles of this. Its basically just a circle of juggling the 3 bully back and forth. If you die you have to start over which you can do in the menu but you'll never run out vibrance. If you get it to 100% but then die you don't have to do it again. I also tried cheesing it from the back but it never worked. Hope that makes sense.