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  1. Something I did in my last runs: use a luck potion on wave 2 instead of wave 3. For some reason I had a more stable coin result at the end of the game. Especially when a bad merc duo popped in wave 3. And I would drop lightning traps for boom barrelrollers occasionally. Placing them aboce coin forge and spray. Not a big difference, but mobs die faster on gate 2, so you can grab more bags on gate 4 when tunneling using nighcisama's strategy. Good luck everyone!
  2. Finally made it. Had to grind around 450 matches after I heard the news the server was going down, keeping track on paper. On average 320k every 9:45 using the strategies described here. Thank you for that! And special thanks to nighcisama for helping optimizing my strategy. The last week I grinded 35-40 frostbite maps a day for the last push. If you want a tip: take a break every 7 matches, listen to a podcast, drink water. I calculated I could do 6 matches an hour, depending on loading times. For the record, my final stats (keep in mind I was a day one player, occasionally completing maps for fun and doing dailies for the chests): 990 games played 773764 minions killed account level 93 Back to normal games now!
  3. Thank you for the video. I did try your setup based on your writings, and like nigh says could not get your numbers. I notice now that I did not use the caffeine potions and my pathing was a little bit different on the last gate. So that could be the coin difference. I had about 300-315k based on your text, so gonna try like in your video. Should be a big step forward. I am still using the "old" method for 330k runs. At 55% atm, but going strong ;-)
  4. My rotation is pretty effective at the moment: 15 games of Frostbite a day. Usually I only need 13 for 2% progression. So sometimes I do more then 15 games, sometimes less. But It doesn't get boring this way. I can do a couple of games in the morning, maybe a couple in the afternoon when I am home from work, and I finsish the rest while my dinner is in the microwave at evening or just before I go to bed. You can also get motivated by giving yourself something every 5 games. Like candy. And if you mix in some marathon days, like playing 50 games, with a break every 10 games - it feels a little bit faster. Also, the higher your account level, to faster you can complete it, so the more you do the rotation, the less time you will need. I needed 4 hours for 15 games in the beginning of my grinding. Now I can easily do it in 3hours 30 minutes.
  5. @iamthedotcom are you still up for a taxi ride? I have send you a friend request with message. Appreciate the help.
  6. Yeah, only two links for eu version 1.18 on it. So your solution is probably only viable for US versions of the game.