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  1. Thanks for the reply I did end up buying it and the frame drops have not really bothered me and I am loving every second of it, sorry to hear about your seizure stay in good health and hope you can continue to trophy hunt with us all
  2. Awesome thanks for the reply going to have to wait till early july to get it when money is a little less tight but glad to know it has a strong community
  3. Awesome now just have to wait for a free non bill paycheck in early july to buy it lol
  4. My main focus right now is just cause 3 and kingdom hearts 1
  5. Thinking about getting this game as well how is he community is it easy to find matches
  6. Ya was not a plus member at the time Ya due to money with rent coming up have to be very careful so 5$ is about all I can afford comfortably but I have played about a hour so far and I am insanely in love I have had a few frame drops but it doesn't ruin it at all for me so far
  7. Dont care about anthem so its between this and metro really have no idea which one to buy
  8. Thanks for the reply ya I loved 2 still go back and play it all the time, alright cant beat 5 dollars I will get it
  9. I dont remember it being on plus may not have been a plus member at the time
  10. I have always wanted this game but never did cause heard of huge performance issues but now that it is on sale for around 5 dollars is it worth it or does this game have some issues that make it unplayable
  11. How does just cause 3 play I heard it didnt run well on ps4 on launch but curious cause 5 dollars is not a bad price
  12. The sega collection just got it last night, my son has a cold so not able to put time into it yet but super excited to start working on it
  13. I am excited xcom 2 i have debated buying for awhile now so i will be getting this
  14. Not to bad kind of wish it would have been around 9.99 for 2-3 hours but i may still think about getting it, thanks for the reply
  15. How is this game for anyone who has played it?