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  1. Thank you I am and starting to play some games thankfully the even still has some time so I can try to plat at least 1 lol hope you get better soon as well
  2. Been slow going for me got incredibly sick as soon as the event started lol but slowly working on it now thank god its not over for awhile
  3. Any genre I do try to avoid multiplayer games
  4. I am very down to do this so made my list probably wont complete anything lol but its worth a shot 0- Sims 4 - 6920 1- Bloodborne - 3431 2- Fallout 4 - 4012 3- Enter The Gungeon - 4513 4- Everybody's Golf - 6544 5- Dark Souls Remasterd - 7655 6- Flinthook - 5946 7- Dragon Quest XI - 8127 8- Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition - 2918 9- Lego Jurassic World - 3619
  5. Just joined good luck everyone
  6. I will wait for it to go on sale
  7. I agree with this loved Vesperia on my 360 cant wait to buy it on PS4 just bought Berseria today while it was on sale
  8. Mark's Favorite Verse Maiden Promotion!
  9. Finished Episode 1
  10. Enter The Gungeon Lead God Gun Game
  11. Shenmue Break and Enter I Know More Kung Fu Gacha Catcha II Stab In The Dark What's It Worth? Cat Burglar
  12. Shenmue Practise Makes Perfect Mirror, Mirror Yummy Meal Treasure Your Friends Boy Scout One Step Closer
  13. Shenmue Needle In A Haystack
  14. Shenmue Freeloader
  15. Shenmue To Be This Good Takes Ages Unexpected Visit I Know Kung Fu