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  1. Dog Gone Golfing Howl In One Master World 3 Champion
  2. Divinity Original Sin Is Anyone Home?
  3. Dog Gone Golfing World 2 Champion
  4. Ya just started playing this is going to be a grind but its a fun little game to play off and on Ya thanks for the clarification started playing and was like oh ok not such a fast plat as i thought lol
  5. Dog Gone Golfing World 1 Champion
  6. Dog Gone Golfing Practice Master Howl In One
  7. Are the trophies glitched or did it just take a little while for that one to pop
  8. School Girl/Zombie Hunter Clairvoyant School Girl Take It Off! Take It All Off! Chapter 1 Complete
  9. Divinity Original Sin Fabulous Disaster
  10. Enter the Gungeon Squad Captain Historian
  11. Ok ya just looked it at steam and 1.99 is what I saw thanks for letting me know, ya I figured it would be 4.99 may wait that is a little much for a game I will only play for a few holes at a time
  12. I love it so far its definatly not for everyone hopefully you can enjoy it more if you give it a second chance
  13. Ya plan on it may not be for awhile I decided to buy divinity sin since the second one is coming out soon and wanted to try to get the first one played through first, to many amazing games right now and not enough wallet space lol
  14. Probably which may scare me away dont think I would pay 4.99 for this kind of game but we will see got to buy death's gambit first lol
  15. Ya its only 1.99 on steam so shouldn't be to expensive I may pick it up for a fun little game I can play in small doses