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  1. Enter the Gungeon Dat Plat My 5th platinum and right now my proudest one
  2. Its EA I will wait it looks ok a little clunky but that could be do to being early but will see later on how it looks
  3. Multiplayer the plat depending on random players or the community being active if it's dead the plat could pretty much be unobtainable
  4. Getting Detroit for 8 dollars is hard to pass up
  5. Never got the chance to play it but everyone talks it up so I am excited to play it when it comes out
  6. One of the more weirder games I have seen recently for sure but at least they are only charging 5 bucks for it
  7. Hugely excited for nightwolf he has always been my favorite
  8. Pretty pumped for this got my code and excited to try it out tonight when the test begins
  9. Wet Folklore 3ddot game hero
  10. Very excited for this game seems doable although pretty sure it will be a low percentage plat
  11. Actually its not as long as I thought but darkest dungeon over 2 years old
  12. Uncharted and Devil May Cry are the 2 major series I have never touched
  13. The Silver Spoon
  14. Tower of Zen
  15. Just Getting Started