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  1. I actually had 12 and 24 pop at the same time. Then I just got 48 and 72 at the same time as well. I’m definitely not at 72 completed variants but I’ll take it. On to the free plays.
  2. The type of gamer that would rage about their stats is still going to want to see them. This is a good game to just play and have fun, but adding a stats page wouldn't effect those players because they could just not look at the stats page. I've never understood why these developers throw a trophy list together that is for the most part stat based and then provide no way for the player to track their stats.
  3. I just started playing this but I’d be up for starting a PSN profiles crew.
  4. 'Catherine: Full Body' if you enjoy puzzle games.
  5. Happy I saw your post. Thanks for the tip!
  6. I can also confirm they updated the trophy's requirements. I just had it pop for me while getting kills and I wasn't the target.
  7. Update: After the most recent patch the trophy popped for me once I won another match.
  8. I'm at 18 wins right now and it still hasn't popped.
  9. This worked for me also. Great tip!
  10. Yup definitely picking it up for $1.49.