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  1. The type of gamer that would rage about their stats is still going to want to see them. This is a good game to just play and have fun, but adding a stats page wouldn't effect those players because they could just not look at the stats page. I've never understood why these developers throw a trophy list together that is for the most part stat based and then provide no way for the player to track their stats.
  2. I just started playing this but I’d be up for starting a PSN profiles crew.
  3. 'Catherine: Full Body' if you enjoy puzzle games.
  4. Happy I saw your post. Thanks for the tip!
  5. I can also confirm they updated the trophy's requirements. I just had it pop for me while getting kills and I wasn't the target.
  6. Update: After the most recent patch the trophy popped for me once I won another match.
  7. I'm at 18 wins right now and it still hasn't popped.
  8. This worked for me also. Great tip!
  9. Yup definitely picking it up for $1.49.