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  1. @quadboy_007 @HuntingFever @KillerUni12 OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... I wish someone had said that from the start, thanks for clearing things up guys Could the trophy auto-pop for someone on PS3 too or does it have to be PS4? I guess the trophy description is just super misleading. Cheers. @Caesar Clown Is that even possible to do on PSN? Aren't trophies "locked in" as soon as the game comes out? @Caesar Clown You can get them to appear by going to any trophy list of any user and clicking on the "order" button near the top and then pressing "date" option.
  2. If you were banned you wouldn't be able to get into these forums, so it's not that. Have you tried logging out and back in again?
  3. Oh, so it doesn't have to be you personally who kills the dragon? You just have to come in before the fight ends, is that what you're saying? So @totallycrushed could have just come in during the last 30 seconds of the fight and popped the trophies like that? That makes sense.
  4. I wasn't talking about that video, but if 9 minutes isn't real, how can 30 seconds possibly be real like @totallycrushed said? How did @Totallycrushed do it in 30 seconds then?
  5. Just googled it, and the world record for killing the Ender Dragon is 9 minutes. How did you manage it in 30 seconds? Even on a "trophy world" (still not sure what you mean by that) you'd still have to fight and kill the dragon right, which is at least 9 minutes?
  6. Did you actually kill the dragon or do some sort of glitch? 30 seconds sounds unreal! Not calling you a liar, it's just that you might hold the world record if there was no glitch involved.
  7. But it's impossible to beat the Ender Dragon in 2 minutes? The fastest method for killing it is like 10-15 minutes. Also, what is a "built trophy world'? Do the diamonds need to be acquired with iron tools though? Or is the description misleading?
  8. The first image shows someone who managed to acquire diamonds without even having punched a tree or crafted a workbench, on the PS4 version of Minecraft. The second image shows someone having entered and then defeated the Ender Dragon within about 2 minutes on the PS3 version. Are these both possible without any illegitimate methods? If so, how? Thanks. First image: Second image:
  9. But it's happening to people on PS4, who never owned the PS3 or Vita versions as well? Oh gotcha, thanks for the info!
  10. The unlocks on PS3 are even more strange, with a few people reaching 100% in less than an hour.
  11. Hey just came back here since Borderlands 2 is free this month, and I noticed a few odd trophy lists for a few people. How is it possible for people to have unlocked location and side quest trophies without even having the first story mission (the one where you get a gun from Claptrap)? Also some people have unlocked story mission trophies out of order. Example: EDIT: Just had an idea, could this be possible by people joining other people using online? If anyone can verify this please do.
  12. Hey Mango. Before I go, I just wanted to say publically how much I appriciated your help and kind words, even if things didn't end up working on for my situation. You're a fantastic mod and should feel proud. 

  13. I had. Don't make assumptions like that please. This thread was necessary.
  14. First of all I just want to say I really like the staff on this site, and the interactions I've personally had with the mods have genuinely been the best I've had on any site, in terms of how clear and informative the mods were. So, I don't mean to come across angry or hateful in this thread. Here's my issue: Around 22 days ago, after being told I needed to contacted Sly (the site owner) directly in order to have my problem fixed, I sent a direct detailed message to Sly explaining my problem and so on. Now, 22 days later, he hasn't looked at my message yet. I'd really appriciate it if anyone here could tell me if this is a normal waiting time? Or if I just caught Sly at a bad time? I understand the site is currently undergoing some changes, so I get if he's just not had the time lately. Thanks very much.
  15. @TheYuriG Lmao turns out it's SUPER easy. I made an alternate user (without making a actual new PSN ID). Here's video proof from my testing (sorry for the horrible picture quality): Turns out I totally botched my friend's explanation too. He says he started playing with the intent of doing this sort of thing (refer to the video) to test just how different the branching the choices were without him having to play the entire game two times, but after the first 2 or 3 choices he gave up and just the game normally.