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  2. Not really. I played it for the first time ever earlier this year while visiting a friend of mine, and I loved it, better than GTAV to be sure. Sure, it plays differently than "modern" games, but all it takes is 30 minutes TOPS before you get used to it all and suddenly it's normal.
  3. The future of everything is scary.
  4. @ars says US, @Blazhead says UK. Things just got tense. I had a quick look online and it looks like the Gold Edition is available in both countries lmao.
  5. I look forward to checking this game out. Seriously though, how exactly is this game dragging a dead horse? #ProteusGate
  6. But it's likely they can't shut down PS3 servers without also taking down the PS4 servers too, since both consoles run off the same network. So unless Sony also want to take down the PS4 online, I think they have plenty reason to keep them open for years to come.
  7. Um yeah. That's the sad part lol.
  8. Woah, not buying a game purely based on trophies? That's really sad man. Gamers these days.
  9. Obviously, when applying for a job or something, it's important to always check for typos in what you write. But what about typos on a forum site like this? Do you consider them acceptable? I'm not talking about when people are impossible to understand because of shit spelling, but when someone writes something that is perfectly understandable but with a couple small errors.
  10. I was talking more about small mistakes, but still that's interesting to hear. Your 27 already? Damn, it feels like only yesterday when "text speak" was new...
  11. Say what you will about PSNprofiles... at least they actually do some investigation before banning someone over trophy reports. Unlike another site I could name...

    1. guy who says bruh

      guy who says bruh

      What site? PM me, I don't know any other PSN Trophies related sites.

    2. Spaz


      Let me guess,


      Too many elitists over there. I make a few posts here and there but that's basically it.

  12. Woah imagine getting angry over trophies. Grow up dude.
  13. The first image shows someone who managed to acquire diamonds without even having punched a tree or crafted a workbench, on the PS4 version of Minecraft. The second image shows someone having entered and then defeated the Ender Dragon within about 2 minutes on the PS3 version. Are these both possible without any illegitimate methods? If so, how? Thanks. First image: Second image:
  14. Um, hey guys, I'm not actually a girl. Some of you should Google the definition of the word "joke" sometime. 

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      It doesn't matter you can be whatever you want. -_-






    2. Blonde-Boy01


      @ihadalifeb4this Again, I was joking. But still that's sweet to say, so good on you

  15. What if I told you, I was actually a blonde girl? #PlotTwist

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      @PSXtreme_ Wow, some people really do never learn. You have my pity.

      "At least you managed to make a sick burn against me and make yourself seem like a cool dude on the internet in the process" - @Crispy78923, circa that time you got royally dunked on.  

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      @PSXtreme_ I now get why your website is now defunct lmfao. See you around buddy. 

  16. Hey just came back here since Borderlands 2 is free this month, and I noticed a few odd trophy lists for a few people. How is it possible for people to have unlocked location and side quest trophies without even having the first story mission (the one where you get a gun from Claptrap)? Also some people have unlocked story mission trophies out of order. Example: EDIT: Just had an idea, could this be possible by people joining other people using online? If anyone can verify this please do.
  17. I have never played a 2D Sonic game before Mania but I have played a few of the 3D Sonic games and I thought they sucked. So far I have played a little bit of Mania, but it really hasn't hooked me yet. My brother and I will have some time together soon and I was wondering if Mania is considered to have good multiplayer? Can the main levels be played in multiplayer or is it like Bully for Wii where the 2 player mode is tacked on and crappy?
  18. Particularly ones like Shattered Dimensions, Edge of Time and those 2 Amazing Spider-Man movie games. I found a place where I can buy them cheap. Are they worth playing? Do any of them match or even beat out the 2018 game in any areas? And even if they don't, are they worth playing regardless?
  19. Are there any users here not have played Spider-man Edge of Time, completed the story, and then did NOT have the trophy "Read All About It!" unlock? Read All About It! Obtain all Newspapers Or If anyone knows any users who had this happen to them? I heard this trophy was glitched, but I only found one guy with the trophy "glitched" and I can't tell if the trophy is glitched or is that user is a cheater. I'm considering buying this game for myself, but I want to know for sure if any trophies are glitched before I do. At first I thought this trophy was for some optional side stuff but apparently it IS meant to pop at the same time as finishing the story. This thread is also NOT the same as my last one about this game, as THIS thread is asking specifically for examples of users.
  20. As those who saw my last post will know, I'm looking into a few Spider-man games and while looking into Spider-man Edge of Time I noticed a claim that the trophy "Read All About It!" can sometimes glitch? Is this true, and in what way does it glitch? And how do we know for a fact it can glitch and not just people lying? Read All About It! Obtain all Newspapers Also, how does the community decide what trophies are legitimately glitched, and what trophies have been hacked/gotten illegitimately? Thanks
  21. This thread doesn't explain how it is figured out that a trophy is a glitch. What's stopping someone from hacking, and then just pretending it was just a glitch?
  22. @quadboy_007 @HuntingFever @KillerUni12 OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... I wish someone had said that from the start, thanks for clearing things up guys Could the trophy auto-pop for someone on PS3 too or does it have to be PS4? I guess the trophy description is just super misleading. Cheers. @Caesar Clown Is that even possible to do on PSN? Aren't trophies "locked in" as soon as the game comes out? @Caesar Clown You can get them to appear by going to any trophy list of any user and clicking on the "order" button near the top and then pressing "date" option.
  23. If you were banned you wouldn't be able to get into these forums, so it's not that. Have you tried logging out and back in again?
  24. Oh, so it doesn't have to be you personally who kills the dragon? You just have to come in before the fight ends, is that what you're saying? So @totallycrushed could have just come in during the last 30 seconds of the fight and popped the trophies like that? That makes sense.
  25. I wasn't talking about that video, but if 9 minutes isn't real, how can 30 seconds possibly be real like @totallycrushed said? How did @Totallycrushed do it in 30 seconds then?