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  1. thanks for the follow^^

  2. Dude, no need to start threating people on the forum because they tried to correct you. 

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    2. starcrunch061


      LOL. Am I in bizarro world here? Squirl left a nice message to a new poster, who then decided to be an asshole about it, for no other reason than to draw attention to himself. 

      There are tons of these types of narcissists on the forum; I've dealt with them myself, many times. My guess is that immediately after the exchange, squirl put the guy on ignore. I know I did after reading his tripe.

    3. Squirlruler


      No we are in 🤡🌎


      Honk Honk


      I didn't put him on ignore hahaha but something weird is going on. I think they changed their PSN ID and then the forum merged their profiles and deleted some posts. Super weird.

    4. Rusty2366


      Lmao were you even born on Earth?

  3. Lmao dude chill out. Just read the OG post next time.
  4. However you like. Just don't buy drugs or anything.
  5. Thanks everyone.
  6. It's to show how much time passed in between the unlocking of each trophy. You can make it appear by setting your trophy list for a game to sort by earned date.
  7. Thanks! and whoops... maybe it falls under site help though lmao Thanks for making it clear.
  8. Are the trophies circled in red possible? Look at the order they were unlocked (This a screenshot of someone's trophies from the 2010 Ps3 game, Vanquish). EDIT: Here's a better screenshot: Edit: Turns out it is very possible.
  9. This field is required.
  10. There is no DLC for this game
  11. Is it true that changing your name messes up all your previous save files on PS3? Or was that just a rumour?
  12. Left 4 Dead games aren't Xbox exclusive games?
  13. It seems you are hiding at least 8 platinum trophies. A controversial decision, but a respectful one. 

  14. Um, yeah... That's what @Crispy78923 said?
  15. RIP, you will be missed.