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  1. RIP, you will be missed. 

  2. Thanks! Very rare to find someone so helpful!
  3. Hey there my boy, Stevie. Do you folk how run the site have a plan for when Sony allows users to change their PSN ID/Display names? How will that affect this site?

    1. Stevieboy


      Sly is the one to ask that question to. I only moderate the forums.

  4. Most of you probably are aware that Sony will allow PSN users to change their PSN ID/Display names soon(ish). I was just wondering how that will affect PSNprofiles? Like, if I were to change my ID to something other than 'Rusty2366', would all my forum posts be transferred to my new name? Or would I basically have to make a whole new account for this site with my new name?
  5. In the words of my friend @Crispy78923 , "either play the original game or find a different game; stop bastardizing old classics". Shame he got banned.
  6. A friend of mine actually threatened to block me because I said to her that I was interested in checking out 'Kingdom Hearts 3'. When I asked why she would say such a silly thing, she sent me this: Am I crazy, or is this kinda dumb?
  7. Doesn't it make one of the levels unbeatable though? I heard it caused a glitch? Is this true?
  8. I asked for specifics. I don't know why you're being vague. No wonder @Crispy78923 became fed up with this place. May she/he rest in peace What do you mean? Just answer. Is there a single player campaign, YES or NO?
  9. I heard that an update (or future update) has/will add some kind of campaign, is there any truth to this? I can't find a straight answer, somebody please tell me straight and to the point.
  10. We love you Crispy. Come back to us!

  11. Here in our hearts. 

    1. The__High_Ground


      The last and final moment is yours

  12. R.I.P Crispy78923, 2015-2018

    He was beginning to feel ill. 

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    2. The__High_Ground


      Ironic, he could stay on topic, but not stay unbanned. The dark side of the banned is a pathway to many abilities, some consider to be unnatural. 

    3. Rusty2366


      (He wants me to tell you that he loves that comment @The High Ground)

    4. The__High_Ground


      Good to hear lol :) 

  13. I agree, I'm not asking for myself.