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  1. I just found out it is actually possible to get it from PS4 Store: it is flagged as PS Now and there is a "download" button. (well, I don't have enough space on my HDD right now to get it, but it should work)
  2. I use this site to track games leaving the service. And it indicate December the 1st But I don't find any source for this date (nor begining of October, as you said) I'm not desperate, just ...a bit disapointed ;-)
  3. same here... I wanted to play it before it get removed from Now (by the end of November), and it disappeared I don't know if there is a way to remotely download it to PS4, from PC ? A few weeks ago, WRC 8 disappeared the same way (also still available on PC), and reappeared a week later... So there is still hope for this Wolfenstein.
  4. And the PS3 version is included in this immortal Edition. So it is no more tied to your PS+ subscribtion as well.
  5. Good news. thanks for the heads up! And the PS3 version ("Zombie Driver HD") is included in this Immortal Edition. So those who got it via PS+ a couple of years ago, now have the game on PS3 forever.
  6. Correct. And if you buy the game after your subscribtion ended or after the game leave the service, you'll be able to use the DLC again.
  7. DLC work for games you download, not for games you stream. But once your subscribtion ends, you can neither access the game nor the DLC you bought.
  8. Make it simple: Points = 1/Rarity that would give for exemple: Rarity = 50% -> 1/50% = 1/0.5 = 2 points Rarity = 10% -> 10 points Rarity = 2% -> 50 points Rarity = 0.5% -> 200 points
  9. Could not agree more!
  10. You didn't have fun with Bodycount ? 😢
  11. As Bezenko said, It is possible to unlock licenses trophies together and events trophies together too (not easy for the later, but possible). The only thing that bugs me in this list is the "111 meters per second trophy" so early in the game: you either need the Red Bull or the Bugatti Veyron, and I am surprised you could actually drive one of them only 39 minutes after your very first trophy ...but I didn't play it for long time, so I may be wrong.
  12. That's a pretty good selection, with two solid games. The good news is... goodbye PES '19 ! The sad news is... goodbye Driveclub
  13. PES '19: cause whatever issue they got last month should be solved by now. Firewatch: cause it is a perfect summer game. and bonus game: driveclub bikes, before it get delisted by the end of august.
  14. This is a brilliant idea! and the implémetation is clever. I really like it
  15. Thanks for the confirmation the workaround is BS ! So, because a developper is too lazy to provide a patch to correct his own mistake, you give him more money (by buying US version) ? 😥 I planned to buy S3 after playing S1 & S2, but this joke made me change my mind...