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  1. I feel like a kid who sees his toys being stolen one after the other 😭 Thanks to all contributors to this thread!
  2. I can't check on my PS4, as it is offline (😬), but both are flagged as leaving on May 3rd on PC store.
  3. PS Now is a game in the game: an insane race to rush the games you want to play, or the ones you previously started, before the get removed. I'm sick of it
  4. Sony pays $229 million for Insomniac. MS pays $68 billion for Activision. Who is the smartest?
  5. I'm not much into sh'mups, but I really liked Steredenn (was PS+ on PS3, and available also on PS4)
  6. Anybody knows if we'll keep the "permanent trial" ps4 version of Dirt 5, if we claim the game, or will it be replaced by ps+ licence ?
  7. Yes, unfortunatly, only North America has the Bundle Fantástico. Europe has base game. Same for Cuboid: Europe don't have ultimate bundle. ps: thanks for the thread
  8. I was able to do the event without having the DLC (at the begining of the game). If you respawn you lose your clothes and accessories (such as the helmet), but you are still safe from ghosts. I guess it is only reseted if you quit the game and start a new one.
  9. Yes they are really annoying. I found a workaround yesterday: there is an event where you can get an helmet if you succeed. It is a kind of bombs drop on top of a building, where you need to survive a few minutes. Once you have the helmet, ghosts cannot hurt you.
  10. Sorry, you're right: MK X has been on PS Now, and removed at some time.
  11. On Ps Now, it is Mortal Kombat from 2011 (PS3), not MK X.
  12. I just checked and game is unavailable on PS Now interface on PS4, but it is back on web store, as purchase and as PS Now download (with an expiration on October 5th, as mentionned above) And it is accessible that way. But bettter hurry up if you want to taste it with PS Now.
  13. thanks for the feedbacks. I'll ckeck again from time to time ;-)
  14. This games was released only three months ago, and added to PS Now right away. Yesterday, it has been removed from PS Now (without any notice, and it is still presented as permanent addition on PS Now web page) It is also unavailable on web store and phone app. i still see it on ps4 store, but...priced 10k € ! wtf Sony !? ps: i'm in France, maybe it is different in US or other european countries...