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  1. they usually add the information on the game page only a few days before the actual withdrawal (less than a week) I guess Sony feels that it would be bad publicity for the service to announce the departure of games in advance. But it's the exact opposite: this lack of transparency is very damaging to players' trust in their service.
  2. Hi, on a very few games, the DLC are included, but there should just be a handfull of them (i have in mind Motorstorm RC, Bioshock Infinite, Horizon Zero Dawn and the Witcher III). While streaming, you can't buy any additional DLC. if you download games (PS4 games on a PS4/5), you can buy DLC, but you may loose access to them if/when the games are removed from the service.
  3. Not sure to understand how the limitation works (and I have no internet connection at home right now to test it) This seems to be the full version of the game, so how can Sony prevent you from playing after April the 5th ? is there a licence expiration on it, as on any PS+ games ?
  4. interresting... thanks for the info I noticed that once "purchased", the game is no more labelled as 'trial' in the library and the store, Also the URL is containing EP4001-CUSA16194_00-FULLGAME00000000 I can't access my ps4 for now, so lets wait and see!
  5. you should have received a mail from Sony when you redeemed the code. You should check on it which duration the code was for.
  6. Bandwidth and latency are two different things that may prevent you from streaming correctly. afaik, there is no PS Now servers in south America. It might work for some users in your country, most likely connected to US servers, but it will depend on the location in the country, and which ISP is used (some may be better connected to America's network than others...) switching DNS may work, as you could be connected to other servers. Chances are slim, but it's worth a try (there is no risk at all)
  7. Actually, you're the one bringing emotion to the discussion. Let me remind you the reality: your trophies order/gap seems impossible. The number of copies you bought is not explaining this. It just gives a bit of context. Maybe I'm dumb, but I don't understand how the game could freeze, but let you win the race (5 times in a row). How did you recover from the freeze? There was no freeze in offline mode? If your explanation is true, common sense would have been to swap discs and use the faulty one on your alt account, instead of waiting weeks for a replacement.
  8. Apart for the online trophies, there is another strange thing: 58 seconds gap between No pain, no gain (Crash ten times and still win an event) and Hang time (Spending 150+ seconds in the air and win the same event). The requierement for the latter would suggest the gap should be just a few seconds, if you did both at the same event, or more than 150 seconds otherwise.
  9. I just found out it is actually possible to get it from PS4 Store: it is flagged as PS Now and there is a "download" button. (well, I don't have enough space on my HDD right now to get it, but it should work)
  10. I use this site to track games leaving the service. And it indicate December the 1st But I don't find any source for this date (nor begining of October, as you said) I'm not desperate, just ...a bit disapointed ;-)
  11. same here... I wanted to play it before it get removed from Now (by the end of November), and it disappeared I don't know if there is a way to remotely download it to PS4, from PC ? A few weeks ago, WRC 8 disappeared the same way (also still available on PC), and reappeared a week later... So there is still hope for this Wolfenstein.
  12. And the PS3 version is included in this immortal Edition. So it is no more tied to your PS+ subscribtion as well.
  13. Good news. thanks for the heads up! And the PS3 version ("Zombie Driver HD") is included in this Immortal Edition. So those who got it via PS+ a couple of years ago, now have the game on PS3 forever.
  14. Correct. And if you buy the game after your subscribtion ended or after the game leave the service, you'll be able to use the DLC again.
  15. DLC work for games you download, not for games you stream. But once your subscribtion ends, you can neither access the game nor the DLC you bought.