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  1. Yes I really enjoy the game so far! The new patch has been rocky to say the least. Our discord server has been lit up with automated notifications of new bugs being patched. ZOS has apologized and we're getting free pets I guess, but they should have definitely waited before putting that out. I have a feeling they're quickly going to backpedal and correct course (at least I hope so). We've had a couple of PVP vets quit, but both have said they'll come back if ZOS fixes things and I'm confident the same is true for a lot of players globally. Now hopefully ZOS gets that message... This game has an insane amount to do, and the fact that all of the content is relevant rather than "tiered" like with WoW or other MMORPGs is great for a recent player like me. I'm looking forward to doing all of the trials (I've only done the Craglorn trials so far, but want to try Dreadsail Reef next). I used to raid heavily in early WoW and I love it. That said, I'm also glad that there are no trophies for Veteran trials, so I can tackle the ones I like out of interest rather than to chase for trophies (especially considering I'll have my hands full with a lot of other overworld content, like PVP, grinding fishing, finishing off all the zone questlines, etc.). Overall, I think this game is exactly what I was hoping for out of it: A story driven, fast paced MMO that fleshes out the Elder Scrolls world and has a thriving community. My largest limitation is real life preventing me from getting to sink as many hours as I'd like, but I've been having a blast so far, and will continue as long as ZOS doesn't nuke the community with bad patches going forward.
  2. I found a good PVP guild and have been playing with them for fun. Emp is only a matter of time and I'm not trying to rush it. I'm planning to play this game for a long time, not just grind the plat and move on to the next thing. Some time in the next couple of years, I'll have it.
  3. Nothing purely missable since you'll need to use the world system to go back and make different choices anyway. Even though the trophies are mostly story choices and will come naturally, the few that aren't will take a lot of time. The one for beating Lich Nybeth requires you to go through 100 levels of the Palace of the Dead, which takes a very long time. There are also several trophies for beating some of the Guardians which are required for the Shaman class sidequest (much smaller than palace of the dead though). If you wanted to play the game to its fullest, get all titles, do Coda, complete everything, and get the plat along the way, it will likely take you 200 or so hours (complete ballpark estimate). If you just wanted to rush the plat, don't care if party members die, use tarot, ignore side quests not tied to trophies, etc., it will still take 100 hours just for the main story and palace of the dead.
  4. I feel like having all titles would have been a good trophy for this game, but it's ok that they don't have it. I'll be going for all titles as a personal goal like in the original release and PSP version. For those that just want the plat though, World and Chariot will make facilitating things a matter of time, so it will be a great game for people with different goals. Extremely excited to play this new release.
  5. I don't know if you've ever played Tactics Ogre before, but just the core story alone is more difficult than a 2-3, let's be real. Beating Nybeth will require getting all 100 levels deep in Palace of the Dead as well. This is not a Telltale game. It's not a 9 or 10 by any stretch, but the base game is challenging enough that this will still feel like a rewarding plat.
  6. Light spoilers ahead: The one for beating Lich Nybeth is essentially a trophy for beating Palace of the Dead, though I would have liked to see one for getting the Fire Crest instead. Most of the trophies on this list are simply story related. The 2 trophies that will take some time are for beating Nybeth in the Palace of the Dead, and for doing all 3 story routes (essentially you have to play the game 3 times). A little disappointed there aren't trophies for deeper completion stuff, like getting Deneb, all titles, etc., but I really can't be upset that one of my favorite games of all time now has trophies and a remake.
  7. Hi everyone, Apologies if this has been answered effectively somewhere, but the few topics I've seen about it seemed conflicting. I am doing a big move starting this weekend and will be without my consoles except my Vita for a couple of weeks. I've been wanting to play this game for a long time (big fan of roguelikes) and figured now would be a fun time to take the plunge. I know that the Vita version never got any of the DLC unfortunately, but I figured I could play the base game on the Vita, then transfer my file to my PS4 when I get all my consoles back to continue. A couple of questions: 1. Am I able to transfer my save from Vita to PS4 easily and without causing any glitches that would mess with trophy progress? 2. Would starting without the DLC then downloading it after I transfer be a very inefficient way of getting the trophies in this game? Thanks a lot in advance! Excited to finally give this game a try.
  8. I play my Vita occasionally. Feel free to add me : PSN: Solarus755
  9. May the tightest wallets succeed!
  10. Thanks a lot for the prompt (and logical) response!
  11. Hi everyone, I got 100% in this game on the XBox a decade ago and recently got the itch to play through this again. Before I did though, I wanted to verify that it's still possible to get the 2 online trophies "World Partnership" and "Groovy Leader"? If not, I'll just play through on XBox to preserve my completion percentage, but if it is, I want to 100% the PS3 version also. Thanks a lot!
  12. Really appreciate the advice everyone, definitely appreciate the support :). Back in the day when I used to play a tremendous amount of WoW, I had a solid group of guildmates, and I'd like to develop the same myself in this game as I genuinely enjoy the PVP. Like any MMO though, finding your group of people is challenging.
  13. I wasn't suggesting I was going to go around begging for a free carry from a guild who wants to help a newbie. I just want to figure out where the guilds that PVP on the reg. and are more than just pug machines are, and if these emperor for gold trades exist, where I can actually find them. I've played enough MMOs that I know nobody will give a shit about a trophy hunter in them.
  14. Thanks for the response. Although I'd prefer to be able to go for it myself, if I'm desperate in 6 months, I'm not opposed to doing this. Where are PVP guilds peddling Emperor? Is there some kind of Discord server or known place where people gather and talk PVP, including Emperor trading? My biggest issue so far is just not finding the right guilds that fit my long term goals with the game.
  15. Hi everyone, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this game since picking it up a littler over a month ago. So far I’m a CP 285 necromancer. i was wondering if anyone had any tips for finding like minded people wanting to work together to achieve emperor. I joined a PVP guild using the guild finder, but nobody really wants to go for emp and it exists largely to group for PVP and generally have fun. i don’t mind helping others achieve emp as well, but hoping to get the hardest part out of the way (finding others to work towards it). Thanks in advance!