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  1. People were definitely using save editors when the game came out (maybe some still are, haven't played in a while), which caused a surge of the plat rate from 0.4% or so to about 2% less than 2 weeks after release. A bunch of bans happened, but the plat rate definitely never got out of control to the 20% range (and I don't see that rarity mentioned in the thread anywhere). I agree that save editors inflated the number a bit, I was just trying to correct the 20% figure (which still isn't a big deal if it was true, I was just curious about where the figure came from).
  2. Not sure where you heard that, but I got the plat really early on and the plat rate is currently the highest I've seen it at on PSNProfiles.
  3. Why is this discussion even happening? The original purpose of this topic was to discuss witch-hunt reporting based off of no evidence. That issue is apparently now being addressed and the topic that spawned it all has been removed, which is great. There's no need to be a gatekeeper in this topic. We all hunt trophies because it's fun and rewarding. Downplaying everyone else's trophies as being "worth nothing" does nothing except make yourself seem like an arrogant asshole. The soulsborne community is notoriously toxic because of this exact behaviour. Their mentality is that things are either "easy" or "hard", the line for what is "hard" is getting further and further away every day, and if you don't conform to those beliefs, you need to "git gud". I agree that DMC5 is not as hard as people initially thought it would be when the trophy list was leaked. I enjoy playing difficult games, and getting an 8/10 difficulty plat instead of a 10/10 didn't deter my enjoyment one bit. The game is great, the trophy list is well designed (in my opinion), and we should just let others enjoy the game they want to. Although cheating can ruin the satisfaction others get (particularly in this case, because it could result in legit people being branded that way), people pursuing one strategy or another shouldn't. I personally didn't use Dr. Faust at all except for a couple of bosses and fights, but I'm willing to bet that those that did felt just as good when they got the plat as I did. Just let people enjoy their games.
  4. No I don't think so. Apparently the reason why a bunch of legit people were flagged is because every single report was automatically flagged in the queue. This shouldn't happen again since it's been addressed. ...At least I certainly hope so. Apparently there are a lot of mad people on this forum who want to report every single plat regardless if there's an actual good reason or not. It certainly has turned into a witch-hunt. I really wish this save file didn't exist, because it's unfair to the people that have done this legit.
  5. As an update, I've been un-flagged. Apparently someone mass-approved every single report in the cheater queue as long as they were half-reputable. They've acknowledged there's definitely a mass cheater issue going on that they're in the midst of resolving, but I'm sure all the people who've had their legit lists reported will be fixed in short order. It's too bad that the cheaters are causing so many issues for the site staff and are trying to fake accomplishing the plat in what I think is a really fun game that anybody can plat if they just spend a few solid weeks at it.
  6. Wow, that's unfortunate. I'm all for cheaters getting removed, but hopefully no legitimate people get removed accidentally as a result. I worked hard on this list and don't want to be branded a cheater because I decided to do the easiest regular mode last.
  7. I actually got the 5 enemies in one second trophy accidentally in the ending credits fight scene. I dropped a meteor on a pile of enemies as Dante and it popped. The Finish DMD trophy doesn't pop until after the credits, so that would explain the confusion.
  8. EDIT: Moved reason for flagging to opening post
  9. Hey guys, So apparently someone reported my DMC5 plat, with their reason being that I finished my S ranks in human mode, which is apparently highly unlikely?? All I did was choose to do human mode last. Not sure who's doing this, but I imagine I'm not the only one. This makes absolutely no sense and is a waste of my and the moderators' time. Obviously I disputed this, but as someone who has never been flagged for something before, are these disputes looked at on a case by case basis by someone? I'm a little upset about this since I spent a solid 2 weeks working on this plat, and the reasoning for flagging me is beyond assinine.
  10. Solarus755 Devil May Cry 5 "Reason: highly unlikely, countless others are for some reason saving the last mission on the easiest difficulty for all S ranks trophy." I simply didn't play Human difficulty (Easiest mode) until finishing all S ranks on all other difficulties. At the start of the game, you're able to select between Human and Devil Hunter difficulty, with the latter unlocking the next difficulty up while human does not. I saved Human for last simply because it was a difficulty too easy to be fun. There are no restrictions on trophy unlock order which would prevent this from being the case, so I'm not sure why I was flagged for this. EDIT: Reason did not auto-populate, so I added it in.
  11. Just got the all bosses trophy and... old man Isshin Ashina. I was completely blindsided in New Game+ when going for the Shura ending and had significantly more trouble fighting Isshin Ashina than Sword Saint. His last phase is just oppressive and his ability to set random parts of the floor on fire while charging at you is the most frustrating attack in the game in my opinion.
  12. I rarely used the tools, but the times I did, they were incredibly useful. In addition to the Firecrackers (MVP by far) and the shurikens mentioned above, I found the axe extremely good against some bosses that had long enough recovery windows on some attacks because it spikes posture damage so much. Also, for some attacks the umbrella does RIDICULOUS posture damage if you use it to deflect instead of your sword. In particular, against the 2 Ashina Elite minibosses, 3 deflects with the umbrella = deathblow and makes both fights an absolute joke. The final upgrade for the whistle is incredibly useful against the Demon of Hatred. Mist raven is pretty darn useful if you're having a lot of difficulty dodging quick attacks, plus it lets you get some free damage in usually. Subimaru is uniquely good in that it enables a passive playstyle. If you're able to get off a full attack with the maxed blade, you can back off and let the poison damage tick for a while, then rinse and repeat. I think all of the tools have their uses, but most of the time the firecrackers just outshine everything because of how obviously amazing they are. I have almost no need for money anymore, so in new game plus I might try the "throwing money" tool to see how good it is.
  13. I'm on my 2nd playthrough now and not far after. The game should start you off without the mortal blade (even removes the mortal draw skill from your tree). Are you sure you have it? It should be hanging off your back. I had to beat the folding screen monkeys again to get it. If you don't, you probably just need to talk to Kuro a bunch more times.
  14. Hi everyone, It seems pretty well established that power level 7 is the best power level to be at in this game, but this also assumes that you're mashing during tough spots to maximize damage. I know that with higher power levels, the individual bullets do less damage, but at level 8, the spread pattern is the same as level 7, just with a faster rate of fire. I'm of course playing the vita version, and find it virtually impossible to mash without losing concentration because it moves the vita. If I go through the game without doing any mashing whatsoever, is level 8 the best spot to be for the quickest boss kills? EDIT: Did some testing myself during my primary only run today, and level 7 is definitely more powerful even with no mashing involved.