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  1. You my good sir, are a hero. Thank you for pulling this up. I did not know there were earlier disputes about this.
  2. If the question is about my integrity, you can find several of my posts on the Olli Olli 2 forum on this site asking about strategies and this glitch from months ago. Why would I save abuse if I’m detailing what worked for me to finish the difficult parts of the game and trying to inquire if others have had a similar glitch issue? I want it All popped at the same time as my completion of rad mode (all that should have been remaining is setting spot scores) and my percentage complete showed 88% or something (can’t remember, it was from months ago). If I used a save that would auto pop it, wouldn’t it already be at 100% and pop spotless at the same time anyway? And why wait until I did the actual hard part of the game (completing all challenges on pro) before auto popping with a save file? Nothing lines up.
  3. I know I’m biased, but I 100% didn’t use a save file and if you comb through my whole profile, you won’t find anything else remotely suspect at all. All of my trophies unlocked in the correct order over a period of several days. The only odd one is spotless after I want it All, solely because I chose to do the spots last as a clesn up activity. If I had chosen to do those first, I wouldn’t have been flagged. There’s definitely something up with how spots are registering in this game and I suspect if we comb through the trophy list for every platinum achiever (there aren’t many), at least a few others are likely to have the same issue. I’m a completionist who targets difficult games, so this is a fairly serious issue for me. Having an improper flag permanently on my account would be enough for me to quit trophy hunting altogether after putting in this much effort since I can’t ever achieve a perfect account anymore.
  4. I’ve had a similar issue. I want it all popped for me following completion of Rad mode (already got dev heads at this point), but before I had set any scores in spots at all. The game seems to have a weird method of registering spots for stat tracking.
  5. Solarus755 OlliOlli2 The I want it all trophy is bugged. It popped after I had full completion of everything else in the game except for spots, for which i had not set any scores at all yet.<br /> <br /> Cattpro seems to have a similar issue, though it seems tied to spotless. I suspect the game has an odd way of registering completion for the spots (for example, perhaps completion % for I want it all is tied to spots unlocked, but not the actual scores being set on them and thus appearing in the stats menu).
  6. I can confirm that I want it all is bugged. As mentioned above, I unlocked i want it all without setting any scores on any of the spots (% complete in the menu was 88 percent or something). The trophy is clearly bugged. i’ll be filing my own dispute since I was flagged as well.
  7. The game is a huge grind, but if you want to collect 25 ultra rare trophies on a single list that doesn't require any real skill (except patience), Elite Dangerous is a good bet. The plat sits at 0.22% rarity too, for extra pizazz. The game really isn't difficult at all, but it is a pretty big time sink if you want all the trophies (grinding through it now). Fun game though.
  8. May as well join in! This will be a good motivator to clear off some of my list I've been meaning to go back to: Tier 1: Elite Dangerous (0.05%) - Currently 53% Ikaruga (0.50%) - Currently 49% Stardew Valley (1.03%) - Currently 82% Wipeout Omega Collection (1.34%) - Currently 55% Helldivers (1.26%) - Currently 97% Hoping to clean up most of this list over the next couple of months (Ikaruga will probably take the most time though).
  9. La-Mulana 2: 7/10 A master class in exploration, discovery, and world building metroidvania design that doesn't hold your hand at all. I really hope they make a La-Mulana 3. The first game is still better, but these games really offer something that no other games on the market do.
  10. I realize this is an opinion that not many others will share, but I both found that X3 was my favorite in the series, and X4 was meh (4th best). Some of the reasons why people hate X3 are exactly the reasons I like it so much (huge difficulty spike vs. others before it, very long levels). There were a few things about the game that were poor design choices (in particular the X-buster upgrade... That thing sucks), but I found the experience to be a fun one, and enjoyed the stronger emphasis on collectibles than earlier in the series. By contrast, the sudden art style and story shift in the 4th game didn't jive well with me, and I thought a lot of the bosses were mundane and boring (a trend that continued in all X games going forward for me). I realize X4 was a popular game, but I bounced off of it. X6 though?... Yeah that game is bad. Really bad. While I share your opinion that X3 is the best in the series (there aren't many of us), I can definitely understand why OP doesn't like it. It definitely clashes the most with the other games in the original trilogy in formula.
  11. Borderlands 2. People hyped it up like it's one of the best looter shooters ever, but I bounced off it almost immediately, which is a litle weird since I enjoyed the first one a lot. I think they leaned too much into the humor to a point where I thought it was too forced and not funny anymore, the characters weren't as interesting as in the first game, and it started to feel too formulaic and repetitive.
  12. Thanks everyone for the replies! I am a completionist, but I don't play games solely for trophies. I only pick up a game if I think I'm going to enjoy it. I was a huge D2 fan when I was younger, so this game seems like something that would scratch that itch effectively. I'll give it a shot!
  13. My recommendations are as follows: The obvious ones: Persona 4 Darkest Dungeon Zero Escape Series (Zero Escape: the Nonary Games / Virtue's Last Reward, Zero Time Dilemma) More situational picks: La-Mulana EX - This thing is the dark horse of the system. Incredibly challenging but fun old-school metroidvania. Surprised I don't see it talked about more often. Probably my favorite vita game. Ninja Gaiden Sigma - If you're into challenging action games, this is a no-brainer and another iteration of the timeless classic. If you're easily frustrated or don't like character action games, give this a hard pass. Muramasa Rebirth - Fun game with a gorgeous art style. No game will show off the magic of the Vita's OLED screen better than this one. OlliOlli 2 - Fun 2D skateboarding game. Stardew Valley - Your official transit game / time waster when you've got 15 minutes here or there.
  14. Hi guys, I've been observing this game a bit from a distance for the last while and have been considering picking it up. I enjoy rogue-likes and recently had a blast getting 100% in Enter the Gungeon. I've heard that this game is more fast paced than Gungeon, but is fun for a lot of the same reasons. I am a completionist however, and I'm worried about possibly locking myself out of 100% if I were to pick it up. It looks like a couple of trophies are tied to online and the developer is pushing up roses, so should I avoid picking this up? Or are the online dependent trophies simple enough to get in a short time (within a week)? Thanks a lot in advance!
  15. EDIT: Disregard topic, accidentally posted in the wrong forum.