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  1. 20 so far (trophy just popped for it). Had two 4-streak games then choked in the end. I can taste the infallible trophy, but just need to be able to close.
  2. I like it. After playing the map a few times, I agree that this seems like a fast and relatively safe route. I'm going to give it a shot once the game actually goes back online again.
  3. Thanks a lot for these! These are all helpful tips,especially the route in Fall Mountain (I always go right side but often eventually get hit by a ball most of the way up and that's enough to cost me the match usually). Will definitely put these into practice when the servers are back up :).
  4. Thanks! This is good to know. I'm going to start the grind to hopefully get 5 straight and royal fumble was giving me some problems. So far I'm level 10 and have gotten to the finale in every game I've played except 2,but I've only been able to get a single win... Fixing up my problems with Royal Fumble is a definite necessity. Do you have any other tips for the finale maps?
  5. If you're holding R2 and run into someone with the tail, will it auto-grab it? Or do I need to be within range, then hold R2? I've definitely been having issues where I'm grabbing people instead of the tail and I've been sucking the most at Royal Fumble as a result.
  6. Servers are mostly down right now because they're doing maintenance to get ready for the weekend rush:
  7. I haven't played the game yet, but from what I've been reading around, it appears this was perhaps a bug for a short while but isn't the case anymore.
  8. I actually didn't find Wally Warbles too bad. Just only move vertically in the first phase. Move to the right slightly at the start so the exploding eggs riding the edge of the screen don't hit you. The rest of the fight isn't really any different than normal, except that he has more health. I had a lot more difficulty with most bosses the first time around than their expert counterparts so far. The notable exception to this is Hilda. The green planes, blue stars, and the final phase (not to mention the random starting position of the radial gemini bullet attack) are giving me some serious grief and I still haven't beaten her yet.
  9. Gran Turismo 6.
  10. Guess I'll echo the above and take Super Meat Boy (which is actually something that will happen in the near future once I go back and go for the iron man challenges).
  11. I agree that a lot of the "reviews" (since they're mostly 1 liners on metacritic decrying sjw themes) seem to imply that the game leans heavily into identity politics as the core theme of the game. These are also reviews from people who have clearly not actually played the game, or even watched the full story online. They formed their opinion based off of the promo trailers and leaked footage, which is a huge shame. This is definitely a game that can be polarizing, but it's because of the narrative structure and assumptions that the game makes on how you'll think in response to certain revelations. SPOILERS BELOW (if someone tells me how to black out spoilers, I'll edit, but for now, just don't look if you care about spoilers): Jeremy Jahns gave what I consider the most succinct explanation for the divide: The writers assume that after playing Abby's section, you'll fully empathize with her position and understand why she did what she did. If you didn't change your tune by the end of Abby's story, then the rest of the story will fall flat, because you still want Elly to kill her and any other resolution would be hollow and unfulfilling. This is why people have one of 2 opinions: 1. This game is a masterwork of adult emotional storytelling, and drove home a lot of complex themes about good and evil not just being black and white. 2. The storytelling sucks and Ellie should have gotten her revenge because Joel is still unavenged / Joel never should have died in the first place. END SPOILERS I'm personally in the former camp. The afterglow is still wearing off, but I think this may very well be my new favorite game of all time. That said, I can understand that there is a short list of very legitimate criticisms people may have that might spoil the experience for them. The game being centered around SJW themes is not one of those criticisms. If you read the negative reviews, it's pretty easy to tell which ones have actually played the game and which ones haven't.
  12. Two points: 1. Your "review" doesn't matter if you haven't played the game. Why would I or anybody else care about your opinion of a game you haven't played? 2. You're off the mark with the identity politics thing. Yes Ellie is in a homosexual relationship, but the writing is not "all about it" as you like to put it. Replace Dina with a dude named Dave who's a single dad, and have Ellie as the person who was previously in a relationship with Jesse, and nothing would change. The fact that you're assuming that the game is shoving it down our throats to prove some kind of agenda just shows that you're buying all the garbage being spewed by the "get woke, get broke" crowd. Naughty Dog did a phenomenal job of making Ellie's sexual orientation a characteristic of hers, without making it the centerpiece of the game. They treated it like any other relationship. If people are upset about "agendas" with this one, then I'm convinced they'll cry "sjw reeeee" to any homosexual relationship in any game.
  13. My thoughts exactly. I need the 3 Escalation protocol weapons and the banner in Forsaken. It is incredibly difficult to get a group together for Escalation Protocol these days, and now with a time limit on getting the weapons before they're vaulted for an undetermined period of time, there's an even smaller (and harder) number of seals available that qualify for it past September. I really wish they didn't add the Triumph Seal trophy and left it as an in-game accomplishment.
  14. PSN: Solarus755 Feel free to add! Currently working on and off on Destiny 2 DLC trophies (quite the grind...), but I'm always looking for people to play with in different games
  15. Has this been resolved? Completionist here really wanting to play the game, but not if it's an impossible 100%
  16. Hi everyone, I've been away from Destiny 2 for quite some time, but my OCD keeps telling me to get 100% by finishing all the forsaken trophies. I remember the Triumph seal being incredibly frustrating to get (requiring more hours than the rest of the trophies combined). I'm wondering if the release of Shadowkeep has made getting this trophy any easier? Is now a good time to come back and try to grind out one of the triumph seals?
  17. Haha I'll take that as a compliment
  18. Oh I definitely acknowledge there aren't many solid comparisons to SMB in terms of extreme difficulty, though I do have 100% in the Vita version of Sine Mora, so I've conquered some brutal challenges as well. Like you say, everyone has their strengths, but it's just a matter of dealing with challenges in a sustainable way, because it's probably going to take a while. It might take longer than some others, but I'm convinced anybody can plat any game given enough time and dedication (with the exception of ones that involve skillful online trophies, since you can't control how others play or server closures). I personally really enjoy challenging games and the sense of accomplishment from finishing something truly crazy, but I'm also not the kind of person who can demolish something hard in a few days like some people. I tend to work on hard games slowly over a period of years before finally pulling the trigger and dedicating to finish it off. I guess all I'm saying is, I know you might feel discouraged and on the verge of quitting, but it'd be a shame if you stopped for good after getting so close. Take a break, recharge, and just slowly chip away at it while not trying to stress about it too much until you feel ready to sit down and give it a serious weekend. You've got this.
  19. I don't think it's fair to call him patronizing, and I don't think your last sentence is called for either. You're probably very skilled and pick up muscle memory very easily, but that doesn't necessarily mean that everybody else just has to "learn the strats" if they're having difficulty closing out the run. Consistently hitting 13-15 streaks and getting as close as 18 with 2 easy levels left isn't "not knowing the levels". You can be as consistent as hell on individual levels but then crumble under the stress once it's part of a marathon. There's not really any specific level strategies that will ever help with that, just commitment and grind. @Spaz, it probably doesn't mean much since I'm only just coming back to this game to begin working on the iron mans after a very long absence (having none of the difficult ones complete yet), but as someone who has completed some other very difficult games, it sounds like you're burning out and need to re-group and get your motivation back after a break. I personally burn out on games sometimes, and taking a break to focus on something else (another game, or just something else entirely) often regroups my focus and I come back only to kill the previously insurmountable challenge in no time flat. It sounds like you need that right now to get in the right head space to close this out. The only problem, is that SMB also relies a crazy amount on muscle memory, so maybe try pulling away from the game and putting in 30 minutes or less (if you're consistently hitting 13-15, maybe just say 1 attempt a day), just to keep the muscle memory fresh while not demanding too much time of you. Then when you're feeling up to it, try hitting it hard again on a weekend in a bit and I have no doubt you'll crush this thing. You're crazy close, so clearly that means you're skilled enough to finish it. You just need that extra little push and the proper motivation to take it.
  20. Hey guys, So apparently someone reported my DMC5 plat, with their reason being that I finished my S ranks in human mode, which is apparently highly unlikely?? All I did was choose to do human mode last. Not sure who's doing this, but I imagine I'm not the only one. This makes absolutely no sense and is a waste of my and the moderators' time. Obviously I disputed this, but as someone who has never been flagged for something before, are these disputes looked at on a case by case basis by someone? I'm a little upset about this since I spent a solid 2 weeks working on this plat, and the reasoning for flagging me is beyond assinine.
  21. Oh wow, that's unfortunate to hear. Is it difficult to get into a game in general? (Like <10 people online at a time)? Or is it more limited for just a small number of trophies that I could finish in a boosting session in a few minutes? I hate when really interesting looking single player games have a heavy multiplayer component that ruins the trophy list.
  22. Is the online for this game active enough that the other online trophies can be gotten naturally? I want to pick this game up since it seems really cool and I loved the first 2 (Plus NYMHC seems like a fun challenge), but I'm worried I'll get locked out of the multiplayer trophies.
  23. Finally finished with the last few crowns. Final game time (no joke) 199 hours and 54 minutes. My time could have been quite a bit faster, but I spent a solid 30-40 hours just doing special events and hunting behemoths. Some things I noticed as I was going that seemed to help things go faster: 1. Definitely spend your time farming gold and silver reward investigations. The more and better rewards there are, the higher likelihood for the optimal quest conditions that seemed to correlate with crown quests (more/less available time, more/fewer available carts, # of players, upsurge,etc.). 2. Tempered monsters are great for farming gear, but they take longer to kill and are much riskier than regular monsters, making them not that great for crown farming. Definitely did not notice any increased likelihood of crown size monsters during these 3. Big crowns seemed to be most heavily correlated with available faints. Snatch up any quests you see with 5 available faints, as they almost without fail would give me big crown monsters at some point in the 3-5 available runs of the quest. Time seemed to have a small correlation, but the available faints were definitely what drove getting most of my large crowns quickly (big Nerg, Vaal, Kirin, and Black Diablos were all 5 faints, with either 30 or 50 minute time limits). 4. Small crowns seemed to correlate with anything that would be considered a handicap (less time, less faints, limited players, forced capture), as well as upsurge. Try to take quests with 15 minute time limits, 1 available faint, 2 player limit, etc. Not as surefire as the 5 faints for big crowns, but if I saw a heavily handicapped quest, there was a strong possibility I would hit a mini crown. 5. Should be obvious, but get all the easy crowns first! With all the events that either guarantee or drastically increase odds of getting crowns, there's not many you have to actually go through the pain of farming the hard way (basically just all the elders with the exception of large Teostra, and Black Diablos). This went pretty quickly for me, but it was still a pain in the butt and got a bit tedious at times. Luckily the game is great and you can take breaks to do some of the many interesting events provided. Good luck everyone!
  24. Currently at 184.5 hours. I have 5 crowns left: Large: Nergigante, Black Diablos Small: Teostra, Black Diablos, and Anjanath Anjanath should be a freebie next week by running the Ancient Forest crown event, so I'm getting close... Going to farm a bunch of Nerg and Teostra over the next couple of days to hopefully finish off the elder dragons. The hard ones (Kirin and Kushala) are both out of the way, so this is starting to feel like the final lap.
  25. People were definitely using save editors when the game came out (maybe some still are, haven't played in a while), which caused a surge of the plat rate from 0.4% or so to about 2% less than 2 weeks after release. A bunch of bans happened, but the plat rate definitely never got out of control to the 20% range (and I don't see that rarity mentioned in the thread anywhere). I agree that save editors inflated the number a bit, I was just trying to correct the 20% figure (which still isn't a big deal if it was true, I was just curious about where the figure came from).