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  1. Thanks, I appreciate it! 😄 If I ever survive SMBF, I'll make it a point to discuss the difficulty! I felt the same way throughout my time with Teak Girl. 😅 I was never thrilled with my levels of consistency no matter how long I played (1-5X in particular had a 20% success rate at best). And, I don't know about you, but sometimes the most consistent routing through certain levels can feel so sketchy, that I end up constantly questioning whether my route was intended by the level designers or if it was just some bizarre coincidence that happened to work out. I always feel pressure to experiment in some misguided effort to find routing that works more reliably, but I rarely find anything worth the trouble. I think my tendency to experiment with routing (instead of focusing on the routes I already have) is part of why my death count jumped so dramatically between Other Side Light and Chipper Grove Dark. Agreed there! I've played through the dark version of the Clinic and uh...I think I'm going to be here awhile. 😂 --- Quick update! Over the next week, I'll be taking a short break from SMB Forever! Right now, I'm playing through Steins;Gate as part of my participation in the "Trophies for Mental Health" event and trying to boost the multiplayer trophies in two other games before my PS Now subscription expires (Super Dungeon Bros and Nidhogg). 😅 If you haven't already heard of the "Trophies for Mental Health" event, I'd encourage you to check it out! The event is all about promoting mental health awareness. There are gorgeous badges to earn, a chill and accepting environment to share your personal experiences pertaining to mental health, and all of the money raised during the event will be going to various mental health associations! I'd be thrilled to see some of you participate if you have the time! See you there! 😄
  2. Sure thing! I'll try to lay it out step by step. Unfortunately, it's going to be more effort than posting a video. 1. Upload a video of the relevant footage to YouTube (can be a public/private/unlisted video, doesn't matter as long as you have the URL). 2. Go to Imgur.com > New Post > Video to GIF 3. Paste the URL of the video you uploaded into the search bar. 4. Find the section of the video you want to include in the GIF and use the on-site tools to identify the start and end points of the GIF (along with GIF duration). 5. Once you are satisfied, click "Create GIF". 6. [May not be necessary] In the lower right-hand corner, click "use old design." 7. Hover over the newly finished gif and click the arrow that appears in the upper-right corner. 8. Click "Get Share Links" > copy the text under "BBCode (Forums)." 9. Paste this text on any PSNP forum post and the GIF should appear once you post. 10. (Optional) I'd recommend using the "preview" tool on PSNP (the icon to the right of font size) to make sure the GIF will show up before you post anything.
  3. Hopefully it won't always take me 5-7 business days to reply. 😂 Sorry everyone! Absolutely, that's an important distinction to make when it comes to challenge. A challenge that makes the player mad at the game is usually way more frustrating than a challenge that makes the player mad at themselves. That said, it may not always be a clear cut case. One of the most difficult aspects of SMB Forever is trying to figure out safe and consistent routing for the deathless runs. On one hand, it's easy for me to get mad at the game because consistency can be difficult to achieve (movement can feel erratic/some of the gimmicks that SMB Forever has thrown into the mix feel sloppily integrated into the levels and it complicates trying to find consistent solutions) but it's unfortunately just as easy to get mad at myself because I can be slow to find a solution that works and often assume that most of the frustration I feel is from my own personal failings rather than any fault of the game. Well, with TBOI, there was thankfully the cloud save exploit so I'm sure I would have just continued using that than be pushed to a breaking point (at least as far as challenge is concerned) . But you're right. For me, failure in a game like SMBF or Splasher is educational and can help me improve in the future while failure in a game like TBOI can feel like I've just pissed off some higher power and didn't necessarily make any major mistakes. I'm the same way. While I can understand the appeal of developing raw dexterity by facing randomized challenges, a lot of the fun is lost for me if luck factors into my success. With luck, it's harder to tell whether you're actually improving at the game or if it's all just a roll of the dice. Since improvement can be trickier to detect in a game like Rebirth, frustration sets in much more quickly than something like SMB where you can tangibly see improvement after a few hours of practice. I'm sure Catherine would be tough! The stages in the Tower of Babel have semi-random arrangements that would make my head spin and earning gold medals in the story (and surviving the arcade) would stretch whatever's left in my skull assuming I don't watch videos of the solutions. When Catherine eventually wins the poll, I've been thinking about adding mini-polls (just for fun) every few days with 1-2 of the more interesting morality questions from the game (except I'd make the poll results public so anyone can click to see who voted for which morally dubious option). Thanks! So far, the second dark world is looking to be just as tricky as the first. 😅 I've been happy to see so much support for the switch to SMBF although it's a shame that my updates have been so infrequent following the changeup (motivation tends to come and go in bursts lately which frustrates me to no end). That's awesome! Your racing project sounds like a great idea and I'm sure it could draw a crowd if it's something you're passionate about. I've been curious about how doable Assetto is on controller myself since there's no way I'd buy a racing wheel for just one game. If you decide to make your own checklist, just promise me you'll do a better job than I have of replying to everyone in a timely manner. 😅 Thanks, I really appreciate the kind words and wish you the best of luck on your project! 🙂 I think you've made the right call in waiting to jump in. Since the levels are procedurally generated, the difficulty can be all over the place. 😅 If you wait for other players to identify "easy" seeds and record deathless runs using those seeds, the platinum should be significantly easier to obtain. It's just going to take time for players to find those seeds (I'm sure you could get it done with a random seed if you wanted to, but you will save yourself some frustrating if you wait for specific seeds). Well, for the most part, ultra rare trophies are from games that meet one or more of the following criteria: 1. The game isn't fun. 2. The trophy list isn't fun. 3. Free or featured on PS+. 4. Difficult. 5. Time-consuming. I haven't really seen any ultra rare games that check none of these boxes. That said, there are tons of threads devoted to "easy ultra rare trophies" so I'm sure there are some exceptions out there. I just couldn't give you any good ones from what I've played up to this point. Thanks, I'm sure you'll have Teak Girl done soon as well! 😄 Yeah, chunks seem to be really inconsistent in difficulty. It seems like there are always one or two chunks per level with a ridiculously high level of difficulty surrounded by more mundane busywork chunks. I wonder how long it will take for players to comprehensively compare chunk difficulty and find seeds that are the easiest/most optimal for the deathless runs. With how small the player base is, I don't think I'll be expecting much anytime soon. If you have a screenshot (or video) of the warp zone portal, you could try posting it here and see if any of us can puzzle it out. Worst case, I think you'll just be able to find another world 2 warp zone in NG+ if you're not able to reach the one in your current game. I similarly have a pacifier in 2-2x between two sawblades that I have no idea how to reach, but I think I'll worry about it another day. 😅 Yeah, I really needed a break from TBOI. 😅 It's not bad in short bursts but long sessions could be draining and I just couldn't keep my motivation up long enough to wrap it up. I do plan to get back it to after SMB Forever but only after I figure out another approach that won't leave me feeling miserable. Will do! Dariusburst will be swapped for Ys Origin. I remember you mentioning awhile back that this game gave you serious trouble, (mostly from crashes if I'm remembering correctly but glitches and confusing unlock criteria may have played a part as well?) so I can't say I'm looking forward to dealing with that, but hey, at least it's a new way to destroy me I guess. 😂 Thanks, hopefully I'll be able to pick up the pace sometime soon! Sorry about the changeup. 😩 I just couldn't take much more of Rebirth without losing my mind. I'll be back in the not-too-distant-future though if SMBF lets me! Congrats on beating Isaac with the Lost and for unlocking the Keeper! I'm glad you've been able to keep motivated even though I've taken a break. I think you've had it much rougher than me overall since you don't seem to take advantage of the cloud save exploit, so, when the day comes and you finally earn that plat, you'll seriously deserve it. Keep pushing!
  4. Super Meat Boy Forever ~ Update #2 ~ We're back on track! ~ Trophies Unlocked: Awarded for beating Chipper Grove Dark World without dying. What's been happening? Between updates #1 and #2, I've died 2,442 times. That's a lotta death! At least another deathrun is off the board! We've got quite a bit to cover in today's update including another wave of basics so I hope you're ready! Today, I'm going to: Talk about "Dark Worlds" Highlight a useful bit of speedrunning tech Explain why the very first dark world nearly destroyed me Let's start by explaining what a dark world is. Dark worlds in SMBF are basically harder alternate versions of the "light" worlds that you travel through during the game's main story. If you like, you can think of them as bonus levels for players that are looking for a little extra challenge. These worlds retain the same gameplay gimmicks that are introduced in their light counterparts but amp the difficulty up to eleven. You can finish the main story and even begin new game+ without ever visiting a dark world if you so choose, but you'd be missing out on some of the most creative (and merciless) levels the game has to offer. Unlike the light worlds, each of the levels in a dark world need to be unlocked individually. To unlock a dark world level, the player must obtain an A+ grade on the corresponding light world level. For example, if I earn an A+ on level 3 of Chipper Grove Light World, I will unlock level 3 of Chipper Grove Dark World. But wait, how do you earn an "A+ grade?" Earning an A+ grade on a level requires you need to beat the level's par time (these times will always be displayed at the top of the screen along with convenient split times at each checkpoint which help give you an idea of where you're gaining or losing time in each section of a level). Thankfully, you can lose as many lives as you want and still beat a level's par time because each death resets the timer back to where it stood when you hit the most recent checkpoint. While checkpoints make it much easier to earn a level's A+ grade, par times are still tight and occasionally require the use of more advanced movement techniques to beat. I'm going to highlight one easy-to-learn learn technique below that will help you move much faster than you normally would. This technique probably has a more formal name elsewhere, but I'll refer to it throughout these updates as attack boosting. The input for attack boosting is fairly straightforward. Simply double tap to perform a short hop followed by an attack, dive back to the ground using , and repeat. Basically, what you're trying to do is maximize the time spent attacking, which, strangely enough, is far faster than running in SMBF. You can use this technique to speed up during sections that do not require any additional input to shave tons of time off the clock. So, what took you so long to get this most recent deathless run completed? As some of you already know, I love to use reference videos to learn the general routing of difficult levels. They're usually insightful, save me tons of time, and give me a baseline from which to improve. However, because procedural generation is kind of SMB Forever's shtick, reference videos are not going to be very helpful unless I were to use the same seed as the player that posted the video (I've chosen to use a randomly generated seed for the time being). Since references are not an option, I have to carve my own routes through these levels. Besides the jump in difficulty in going from the light worlds to the dark worlds, coming up with my own routes has been a time-consuming process filled with frustration and trial-and-error, so I've been playing at a slower pace to prevent me from losing motivation. Reference issues aside, it's been awhile since we've taken a closer look at specific in-game obstacles so I'd like us to take a quick look at one of the most ridiculous sections I've come across so far in a level fittingly titled "Path to Pain." At a glance, this may look like a straightforward series of wall jumps as you descend through a buzz saw fever dream...but that's not really the case. After squashing the two flies in the beginning of the gif, notice the first three jumps that take place between the saw blades. Each of these jumps require you to dive at a precise point mid-jump. Dive too early and you'll slam into the saw below. Dive too late (or not at all) and you'll crash into the saws on the adjacent wall. So the input for this section looks something like this: , , , , , . All six inputs are short taps that need to be carefully timed and, despite tons of practice (and hundreds of deaths), it's still a pain to perform. Sections like this that demand intense focus and precision seem to be commonplace in SMB Forever's dark worlds and I'm curious to see just how far the game is willing to push the player as we carry on! Let's hope the next dark world goes a little easier on me. Here's the full deathless run through SMB Forever's first dark world if you'd like to check it out! Super Meat Boy Forever - Chipper Grove Dark World Deathless What's next? We're going to be trying something new for the next few weeks! Until Super Meat Boy Forever is finished, I'm going to be posting updates once certain objectives are completed instead of scheduling updates every few days. This approach will give me a little more breathing room and hopefully ensure that future updates are up to my standards. The next update will be posted once I beat The Clinic Dark World without dying! If two weeks pass without success, I will post a shorter update discussing my difficulties! Thank you for sticking with me and I'll see you all soon! 😄
  5. Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition (2.66%) - 100% A game where the world is ravaged by a global pandemic and...wait. I think I've heard this story before. Wear a mask, practice social distancing, and make it a priority to get vaccinated unless you want our world looking like this one. Oh right, the game. If you want a twin-stick shooter with a side of strategy, give this one a look. It's a lot more cerebral than you might expect and Morbid difficulty on this game's campaign tore me to shreds. Dandara (2.49%) - 100% A game about salt...and other things I didn't have the time to read because I was too busy following a speedrun video. I just like to pretend I'm collecting what's left over after TLOU2 discussions. If you like leaping from wall-to-wall-to-ceiling and not knowing where to go next, this game was made for you! Tier 2 [Complete]1. OlliOlli (1.61%) - 100% ✅2. Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends (0.74%) - 100% 3. Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut (1.78%) - 100% ✅ 4. Dandara (2.41%) - 100% ✅5. Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition (2.66%) - 100% That's my last 2 games finished for Tier 2: Dead Nation: Apocalyse Edition and Dandara! Here are my tier 3 picks! Tier 3 1. Rez Infinite (3.50%) - 0% 2. Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition (2.05%) - 28% 3. Nidhogg (0.31%) - 80% 4. Hohokum (3.32%) - 0% 5. Super Dungeon Bros (0.99%) - 69%
  6. Kicking my butt? This game may as well have me stuffed and mounted above the fireplace. 😂 I can't get anything done. I've thought about trying different seeds to see if other variations of the first dark world would be easier than the one I'm working on but I've already spent so much time learning the set of levels in front of me that I feel like I might string a lucky deathless run together in less time than it would take me to master an entirely new set of levels (there's no guarantee these levels would be any easier than the ones I'm faced with anyway). If the dark worlds are anything like the light worlds, the difficulty will only slightly ramp up (the difficulty felt unusually even throughout). It may be wishful thinking, but I think Teak Girl will be one of the biggest stumbling blocks for most players. Once they've overcome it, they'll have developed the skill to face the other dark worlds with their sanity intact. I haven't really been sure how to address my enjoyment of a game in these updates. The reality is that I get most of my enjoyment from the satisfaction I feel when I overcome a challenge, not from the process of overcoming the challenge itself. That's kind of you to say 😄 I've been thinking about trying a goal-based approach in which I post updates as soon as I achieve certain goals instead of posting an update every X days to keep this sort of thing from happening again. I'll put some thought into it! Hmm, by "stuttering," do you mean the bit of slow-mo that happens whenever you attack an enemy/object? It is annoying initially but you'll eventually adapt to it since the duration of the slow-mo is consistent. Unfortunately, you need that bit of extra time in some cases to react to the next obstacle and the levels feel designed with that slow-mo-stutter effect in mind. It's a questionable design choice regardless and could absolutely affect your enjoyment of the game if it breaks your sense of flow. I wish I could give you a more helpful answer about whether the challenge in this game is enjoyable or infuriating, but I honestly don't know. I get infuriated at most difficult games 😂. The problem is that my response to that emotion is inconsistent. Sometimes anger and frustration push me forward, other times they demotivate me. I will mention something that bothers me about the game if that can help partially answer the question: the diving speed is too fast. I don't know if I'm just slow, but the diving speed feels so fast that I'm often unable to react to post-dive obstacles in time. I often have to memorize the timing through trial-and-error which can be a total pain (the game Thumper is a similar case for me wherein I had to memorize entire levels because I was incapable of reacting to the obstacles in time; needless to say, I dropped the game after awhile 😅).
  7. Super Meat Boy Forever ~ Update #1.9 (?) Sorry everyone! Today's update is going to be a short one. I'll explain more below! Trophies Unlocked: Awarded for: Beating Omega Alpha (boss of the fifth light world) Beating the Other Side Light World without dying Unlocking Classic Boy and Classic Girl Unlocking MZero What's been happening? Super Meat Boy Forever has been wiping the floor with me. In the last update, I planned to: Complete the fifth light world and it's corresponding death run Complete the first two dark worlds and their corresponding death runs While I did manage to wrap up the fifth light world's deathless run, I was unable to string together a deathless run of the first or second dark worlds. So, what happened? I spent over 10 hours and 2000+ lives practicing to earn the Teak Girl trophy (for clearing the Chipper Grove Dark World without dying) but couldn't get it done. Below are screenshots of my statistics before and after my attempts to earn the trophy. *Note that my playtime and death count doubled. What's next? We're at a strange point in my progression where I honestly have no idea how long any given objective is going to take. To keep things moving along, I'm going to keep pushing over the next few days until I unlock the Teak Boy trophy for clearing the first dark world without dying. Once I unlock the Teak Boy trophy, I will post a more complete update along with a video of my deathless run. I plan to cover more info about dark worlds, discuss some of the intricacies of movement I briefly mentioned in the first update, and will announce the expected release date of the third update. If two weeks pass and I have not unlocked the Teak Girl trophy, I will come up with a new plan of action. In the meantime, I'll leave my deathless run of the last of the light worlds below if you'd like to check it out. Other Side Light World Deathless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uclruBTt_yA Sorry for the brief update today! Thank you for sticking with me regardless and I'll see you all soon! 😄
  8. Yeah, I was excited to see if the challenge of SMBF could live up to the original and figured it might be perfect for this thread (I really needed a break from Isaac anyway)! 🙂 After some time with the game though, I think I've completely underestimated its difficulty. I didn't have much trouble getting death runs finished in the relatively tame light worlds so I eventually started thinking, "eh, this plat isn't going to be that bad" but I've since been completely blindsided by the first dark world where I've been consistently getting torn to shreds by some of the later stages. The difficulty of "Path to Pain" (5X) in particular is absurd. I lost well over 100 lives on my first run through and 90+ on my second. Even with strategies that seem consistent, the game demands so much precision that I'm really struggling to keep up (which is a good thing)! (About the nominations, everyone is free to swap their nominated game as many times as they'd like so no worries there!) Thank you! 😄 Ever since SMB Forever started ramping up the difficulty, I've been enjoying myself quite a bit! Let's hope it's still as enjoyable later on!
  9. I'd be happy to join in as well! On a site like PSNP where many of us guard our personal lives behind a fictitious online persona, it can be easy to forget about the real people behind the screens that are struggling in silence. Pretending to be happy, healthy, and normal is something many of us do without realizing because we'd rather show the world that we're "okay" than acknowledge our mental illness in a public setting. But it's okay to not be "okay." As someone that personally struggles with major depressive disorder and social anxiety, I can promise you that you're not alone in your battle against mental illness. I'm glad threads like this can give people the courage to share their personal struggles and I'd love to see more threads focused around mental health awareness in the future! I'll be playing either Night in the Woods or Steins;Gate for the event.
  10. Super Meat Boy Forever ~ Update #1 Trophies Unlocked: Awarded for: Finding 1 Pacifier / Finding 1 Warp Zone Beating Big Slugger, Manic, The Lab Guardian, and Dr. Fetus Punching 1000 things Unlocking Prototype Boy, Meatsona, and Mega Bandage Beating Chipper Grove Light World without dying / Beating The Clinic Light World without dying Beating Tetanus City Light World without dying / Beating The Lab Light World without dying What's been happening? We've got a new game this week and there's a lot of ground to cover before we get up to speed! Let's start off with some basics! Unlike the straightforward platforming of the original Super Meat Boy, Super Meat Boy Forever is a procedurally generated auto-runner. How exactly does a platformer incorporate "procedural generation?" Well, it's complicated. See, there are 11 worlds in SMB Forever and each one is composed of 6 levels (not including the boss levels). Each of these levels is made up of several "chunks" that are pieced together from a library of 7200 other possible chunks. Now, a "chunk" is essentially a small section of a level that was designed by the level designers over at Team Meat. By combining these chunks in different arrangements, you can generate a seemingly endless set of levels. To find specific level arrangements, you may want to take advantage of "seeds" (level sets that can be generated via codes prior to starting a new game). So, if you and a friend want to play the through the same levels, you'll need to make sure that you both use the same seed so that the correct levels are generated. Note that collectibles and level difficulty will vary from seed to seed. Now that we have some idea of how the levels are put together, let's talk about the changes that were made to transform SMB into an auto-runner. An auto-runner, for anyone unfamiliar, is a game where character movement cannot be directly controlled by the player. In the case of Super Meat Boy Forever, all control is relegated to two buttons, and . Pressing will help you jump, wall jump, and punch enemies while in the air. Pressing will let you slide when on the ground and dive while in the air. Even though your control of Meat Boy is limited to two buttons, there's still depth and nuance to the movement so don't assume that things will be any easier just because running is automated! We'll spend some time in the next update talking about some of the intricacies of movement. Enough with the basics, let's talk trophies! I hear you! You're not here to listen to me ramble on about seeds. You wanna hear about the challenge already! Well, it's time to talk about the trophy list. Like the original Super Meat Boy, SMB Forever features death run trophies, trophies that are awarded for clearing large sections of the game without losing a life. In this case, there are 11 such trophies, one for each of SMB Forever's worlds. Most of the goals I set at the end of these updates will be centered around my attempts to earn each of these death run trophies. Because of the game's procedural approach to level design, the levels I play are probably going to be very different from the ones you play (unless you use the same seed). As an unfortunate result, videos of successful death runs may not be helpful at all. However, I will be posting my runs alongside the seed I'm using for anyone that may want to follow along. If you want SMB Forever to be as easy as possible, I would encourage you to wait for other players to compare the difficulty of various seeds in an effort to find seeds that are "easier" than others. The seed I'm using was randomly generated and is not necessarily "easier" or "harder" than any other player's seed selection. Regardless, I spent the last few days practicing and managed to finish the first 4 light worlds and their corresponding death runs! If you'd like to watch any of the runs yourself, I've posted all 4 below. The seed that each run was performed on will be listed in the description of each video. Oak Boy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqdrbnJfgAw Straight Jacket Girl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsjuvOZREzE Vaccine Boy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NB5qIcW552Q Research Girl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=no-Jz2pgScA I'll highlight my favorite of the bunch below if you're looking for a quick fix! Super Meat Boy Forever - Tetanus City Light World What's next? Since I'm nearly finished with the first 5 light worlds and will soon begin work on the 5 dark worlds, my goals for the next update are to: Complete the fifth light world and it's corresponding death run Complete the first two dark worlds and their corresponding death runs There is still a ton to cover, but we'll get through it gradually over the course of these updates! Since this game is still fairly new and information is limited, if there are any questions you have about the game, feel free to leave them in the replies and I'll try my best to answer! The next update, with any progress I make towards these goals, will be posted 5 days from now on April 27th! Thank you for sticking with me and I'll see you all soon! 😄
  11. You're definitely not the only one. The platinum demands so much of the player's time but offers so little to incentivize further play, that I've dreaded having to dive back in for more runs. And I know exactly what you mean with garbage runs. Items that don't increase your health or damage output often feel trivial and it only takes a few bad items to completely ruin a run (or at least make things considerably more difficult). Being stuck in late-game with no health and dealing little damage has made me miserable on more than one occasion. 😅 Thanks, I really appreciate it! 🙂 That's awesome, Splasher could always use a little more love; I hope you enjoy it when you get around to it! I think your experience with BOI has been much more organic than mine in the sense that you've been hunting the platinum because you've had a lot of fun with the game and want to see everything it has to offer! 😄 I've instead been pushing for the platinum in some deranged attempt to get destroyed (although, with my excessive save-scumming, it would be easy to argue otherwise). Thanks for the advice! I plan to chip away at the game until I come up with some way to earn the game's platinum with my patience intact but I hope to earn that plat before Repentance releases as well. Good luck! I'm sure you're right. I've tried to avoid any details on the DLCs to keep things simple and minimize any confusion on the road to the platinum (base Rebirth is intimidating enough as it is 😅) but I hear that they do add a lot to the experience. I'll be sure to do some research when it's time to reevaluate my plan to earn Rebirth's platinum to see whether it would be worth adding the DLC and all of their added baggage (items/modes/characters) into the picture! I haven't been sure how I feel from watching the gameplay either if I'm being honest. 😆 Let's hope it ends up being fun! I really appreciate it; thanks for the push! 😁 Looks like I'll be an SMBF guinea pig! Considering we started playing Rebirth at around the same time, your pace has been insane to watch so major props to you for doing what I failed to do and sticking with this game to the end! I wish I had your patience 😅 I see you've wrapped up the two Lost runs nearly a week ago while I couldn't even unlock the Lost before then. 😂 Early congrats on your well-earned platinum! Being stubborn is a skill so destroy that wall with your head already! I'm glad you think so! Thank you! 😄 Thanks, I think so too! 😁 Rebirth does seem better suited to a one-playthrough-per-session approach; it feels designed to be pick-up-and-play rather than binge until you can't see straight anymore. Maybe my problem with roguelites is that I love to binge rather than play a little here and there, so I get sick of them faster than I otherwise would had I paced myself. Thanks! From the time I've spent in the first world, I can tell it's definitely going to present a challenge! Not being able to decide which direction I run in is going to take some getting used to. 😆 Good luck to you as well! I was actually thinking about trying updates every 4 days again like I was aiming for back when I was playing Ikaruga, but it's just too much work! 😂 Thank you, I know a lot of us have been on the fence about the game considering the game's lukewarm reception among critics (the shift to an autorunner hasn't gone over well either), but I'm hopeful it'll be a good time regardless! 🙂 Haha Boredom has been my greatest enemy for as long as I've hunted trophies It's why I'll never be a completionist. I hope I haven't worried anyone! Don't worry, I'm not afraid to change things up if things start going wrong! Thank you for the kind words about my updates! It really made my day! 😄 Great question! I totally forgot to mention why all of these playthroughs are necessary in the updates. 😂 BOI requires a ridiculous amount of playthroughs to unlock each of the in-game items. So, for each of the game's characters, you earn a new item if you can beat "The Chest," "The Dark Room," the boss rush, the first 8 floors on hard mode, etc. (around 3-5 playthroughs worth of objectives depending on how efficient you are) and it all adds up very quickly considering there's 10 characters not counting the "Lost." The challenge mode adds an extra 20 playthroughs on top of that so there's a loooot to work through even before you reach the post-game grind of having to find all of these unlocked items in actual runs. You really should! Considering your recent Cloudberry Kingdom completion, I bet you'd crush SMB! That's good advice, I bet I would have enjoyed more of the games I've played if I took a step back when repetition was starting to set in. 🤔 I think I end up worrying that I'll never return to a game if I leave it on the backburner so I usually just push through and despise it afterwards. Will do! 🙂 Thanks for understanding. 9 months sounds like a much more enjoyable pace than what I was pushing myself through. 😅 Let's hope SMBF ends up being worth the swap! --- Thank you for the support everyone!
  12. ~ Change of Plans ~ Hey everyone! As some of you have already noticed, my progress in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth has been slowing to a crawl over these past few weeks and I feel I owe you all an explanation considering Rebirth won the popular vote in our most recent poll. I'll be blunt: I've been losing interest in the game. Trudging through the same floors run after run has been a mind-numbing experience and I can't pretend to still be enjoying myself after 20+ playthroughs (and over 40 runs) of the same enemies, bosses, and room layouts. New items can only do so much to alleviate the repetition that sets in and I often find myself drawn to other games as a result. Roguelikes have always been difficult games for me to focus on for long periods of time and, to my disappointment, Rebirth has been no different. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be a big deal. We could just roll with the slower pace and less frequent progress updates until the game is finished. But, I've realized over the past few weeks that this approach wouldn't be fun for anyone. Documenting my progress at a snail's pace for 1-2 more months while trying my best to make the mundane sound exciting in my updates would be a disservice to you all and I don't want to continue shoving out content that I'm not terribly proud of. That's why I've decided that taking a break from Rebirth is going to be my best course of action. I would like to reevaluate my approach and return to the game once I have a clearer picture of how I'm going to get this done at my current pace. Normally, I would announce the start of our 4th poll and play the next game that manages to come out on top. However, yesterday, a new game came out with a seemingly brutal trophy list and I think I'd like to break my own rules to give it a shot... We're going to be spending this self-imposed break playing: Super Meat Boy Forever If you'd like to take a quick peek at the trophy list, I've leave a link here: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/12747-super-meat-boy-forever Unlike the previous games I've played for this thread, I will not be posting a plan of action for SMB: Forever. Instead, we're going to dive in immediately and set our own goals as we push through it. The basics of the game, which I normally cover in the plan of action post, will instead be covered in the first update which is going to be scheduled for 5 days from now on April 22nd! Thank you for your patience everyone! We will reassess and return to Rebirth once the updates for SMB: Forever have concluded! In the meantime, I hope to see you all soon, hopefully alongside a few of the early no-death runs! 😄
  13. Jotun and Furi sound like they'd be up your alley! Both games are focused almost entirely around addicting boss fights. The gameplay in each is simple, satisfying, and sure to give you the challenge you're looking for without demanding anything too extreme!
  14. Ouch, I've only ever seen balls of steel twice in my entire experience with the game, let alone in a single run. I'm sure you'll get there eventually though so don't give up! Well, Isaac was enjoyable at first but the repetition has started to weigh on me. I keep finding excuses to play something else and my updates have suffered as a result. This is the type of game that can be great in short bursts, but, when trying to binge it, it ends up getting stale very quickly. So, I think what I may need to do is take a break. But not a break from regularly updating this checklist; it would just be a break from Isaac. Instead... I've been thinking about breaking my own rules and starting a certain game for this checklist that released today. It may or may not have meat in the title... I'll make an announcement tomorrow if I decide to go through with it. You're right, the DLC would make it much, much easier! To be honest, I'm just too much of a cheapskate to buy it until I'm sure that I'm going to push my way through it. It shouldn't take me too much longer to unlock the Lost using the method outlined in the PSNP guide, I'll just need to put in a little more practice. I didn't even know there was such a thing as ultra hard until you mentioned it. 😅 It definitely sounds like a challenge, though it will probably have to wait until I've decided to start the DLC (assuming ultra hard is necessary for any trophies). Thanks for the tip! I've run across the missing poster 2-3 times in runs but I think I will hold off on grabbing the expansions until I platinum the base game first. I'm sure I'll unlock the Lost the normal way soon enough!
  15. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth ~ Update #4 Trophies Unlocked: Awarded for: Beating the basement (floors 1 and 2) 40 times Beating the caves (floors 3 and 4) 30 times Beating the depths 20 (floors 5 and 6) 20 times Beat the Dark Room (floor 10 variant) with Isaac Kill Satan with Isaac, Azazel, Cain, and Eden Kill Isaac with Azazel, Judas, and Eden What's been happening? In the previous update, I set one goal that would prove to be a little too ambitious for one week's worth of progress: To clear "The Dark Room" and "The Chest" with all 10 of the characters currently available to me To get this done, I would have needed to complete 18 additional playthroughs of the game by the time this update released. Unfortunately, my patience only lasted me through 10 playthroughs. But that's okay! Some serious progress was made regardless and, to my surprise, I found myself getting sidetracked in an attempt to complete two additional sub-goals: Unlocking the mysterious door that was teased at the end of the last update Unlocking the "Lost" Before we dive into those sub-goals, I'd like to start off this week by talking about something I've glossed over up to this point: the characters. I've mentioned throughout previous updates that there are quite a few playable characters in The Binding of Isaac but I haven't really explained who they are or what makes each one special. You might think this would be a glaring oversight (and it is) but there's good reason for why I haven't bothered discussing the characters up to this point: they aren't terribly different from one another. There are 11 playable characters in the base version of Rebirth: Isaac, Maggy, Cain, Judas, ???, Eve, Samson, Azazel, Lazarus, Eden, and the "Lost." Besides appearance, the only things that differentiate one character from another are their starting stats and items. Three stats in particular, Health, Speed, and Damage, differ from one character to the next and are symbolized in the character select menu below with a heart, boot-in-motion, and sword icons respectively. Certain characters like Maggy start off with a helpful item that grants extra health with each use while others like ??? get the ability to poop. I still don't understand what the purpose of pooping is but it's there for all you fecal strategists out there! (Credit to Game Revolution for the image I was too lazy to screenshot myself ) Since we're up to speed on the characters of Rebirth, let's talk about those sub-goals I mentioned earlier starting with my surprise attempt to unlock the "Lost!" Unlocking the "Lost" requires you to complete one of the most absurd set of criteria I've seen in a videogame. Remember back when people were talking about unlocking Luigi in Super Mario 64 based on the whole "L is real" statue and there were a million nonsensical theories about how to get that mythical mustachioed plumber into the game? We're talking similar levels of absurdity here. This isn't a late April Fool's joke, these are the conditions you need to meet to unlock the "Lost" in base Rebirth as quoted from the PSNP guide: "As Isaac, die to a Mulliboom" on the first floor." "As Maggy, die to your own bomb on the 3rd floor." "As Judas, die to the 6th floor boss." "Azazel must die to any attack from the boss in Sheol." If these four conditions are met in sequence without any additional deaths, then you will unlock the "Lost." Seeds, preset dungeons that you can access via code input in the main menu, can be used to complete the first 3 steps, but you must complete the 4th step without any seed use. I spent about 5-7 hours attempting to unlock the "Lost" and, like a disappointed child that couldn't unlock Luigi in Super Mario 64, I failed. Using save-scumming, I attempted to methodically complete each objective in sequence without dying, however, nothing happened upon completion. I thought I must have made a mistake so I did it again...and again. I sat down and thought about what could have gone wrong and decided to try without any save-scumming. That's when this happened: (https://imgur.com/sa9k3Uv?nc=1 - in case the gif fails to load) I was seconds away from completing my goal. The boss in Sheol, Satan, appears immediately after killing the baddies that guard him in the gif above. All I had to do was kill them and die to Satan. But I choked and lost 3 hearts in less than 10 seconds. Needless to say, I was gutted and decided to stop trying to unlock the "Lost" for now. 😓 What about the mysterious door? Speaking of Satan, did you that, all this time, he had a moody older brother that locks himself behind a mysterious door? You didn't? Well, allow me to introduce Mega Satan! (https://imgur.com/7xw9741 - in case the gif fails to load) To unlock the door to Mega Satan's edgy lair, you need to assemble a 2-part key. However, the only way to get these pieces is to kill some angels. You know those chill dudes that hang out in the angel rooms and give you an item? Turns out, if you place a bomb next to them, they become not-so-chill anymore and fight you to the death. Simply kill any 2 angels and you'll have enough key pieces to open the door to Mega Satan. If you'd like to watch the fight with Mega Satan, there will be a video below of me crashing the poor introvert's hideout. If you'd instead like to watch my soul leave my body, consider checking out the failed playthrough of me attempting to unlock the "Lost." Mega Satan Fight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osLiqGcIR0o Failed "Lost" Unlock Attempt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBrMY6B93-I What's next? I'm still recovering from my heartbreaking "Lost" debacle so my goals for the next update are going to be a bit tamer than last week's. In an effort to shake things up a little, I plan to: Complete any 5 challenges Finish a few of the remaining 8 playthroughs I need to complete the "Chest" and "The Dark Room" with every character I'll explain a little more about what challenges are in the next update which will be posted one week from now, on April 21st! Thank you for sticking with me and see you all soon! 😄