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  1. Tier 5 Update ClusterTruck (1.09%) - 100% There's something strangely therapeutic about leaping from truck to truck like a raving lunatic. When you're lost in the moment, hurtling through the air at ridiculous speeds and frantically looking for a place to land, you won't have any brain power left over to think about why you've started this game to begin with. It's like the gaming equivalent to alcohol; you can just forget your troubles and melt away into the game's utter lunacy. There's only one hard trophy for completing the game without any of the abilities you can buy in the in-game shop and you don't even have to worry about any annoying collectibles or story-related nonsense. Just leap and forget. Action Henk (0.48%) - 100% From the time I started Action Henk back in January until the last trophy popped some odd 30 hours and 6 months of off-and-on play later, my impressions have been generally mixed. The gameplay basics, like jumping and sliding, feel great. The gameplay intricacies (aka the stuff you need to learn to beat the "Rainbow Medal" times), like leaping out of down-hill slopes for extra speed or double-jumping up near-vertical surfaces to gain height, feel frustratingly obtuse and unintuitive. In fact, I wouldn't have this 100% at all were it not for the videos of badBlackShark holding my hand every step of the way. I don't think I've ever played a platformer with such a steep learning curve and I can't say for sure whether that curve was even worth surmounting. Sonic Mania (1.77%) - 100% It's Sonic, just as you remember him from the good 'ol days...except you'll probably be spending most of your time playing Blue Sphere (y'know, that one mini-game from Sonic 3&K you had to play to grab the Chaos Emeralds) if trophies are your top priority. Sonic was fun πŸ‘; Blue Sphere can get lost though. πŸ™„ >In Progress: Raiden IV: Overkill This PS3 shmup has been tearing me to shreds. πŸ˜“ Even with excessive pause-buffering, I've been seriously struggling with the 1CC trophies. Runs can last anywhere between 2-4 hours depending on how heavily you pause-buffer and on how many breaks you need to take (pause-buffering on a PS3 controller can be painful on the wrist after awhile, so breaks are important). But, because of how long these runs can last, failure is gut-wrenching and demoralizing especially when it only takes 1-2 seconds of careless play to lose a life. I'm taking an extended break for now and hoping to make a stronger push for the platinum towards the end of the month and throughout August.
  2. Thank you! πŸ˜„ Thanks! It's crazy to think that almost everyone on the in-game leaderboards that finished levels 319 and 320 has a registered profile on PSNP. πŸ€” Though I guess if a player is willing to push that far just to see the end of chapter 7, they'd be much more likely than the average player to care about trophies. Yeah, the hazards can look really confusing in level 319 so I don't blame you! πŸ˜‚ Since the hitbox of Wheelie Bob is smaller than the character model, it can look like hazards are going straight through the player which makes it even more disorienting. Thankfully, there are some great reference videos out there (I used ThanatosNinja2's videos mostly) that can help out a ton with the pathing. Thank you! πŸ™‚ Haha, don't feel bad about the recommendation! I've had an interest in the game for years, but could never work up the courage to play it. It didn't help that the PS3 is tricky to capture footage on without a capture card so I didn't want to deal with all the headache if I couldn't even film the runs (I'm so glad that in-game replays exist so that I could at least capture 319 and 320 on a phone). Getting it done after all these years of just "thinking about it" has definitely been nice! I was curious about what Pwnee Studios was up to as well now that you mention it. πŸ€” But I gave up when I saw that their main site was down and that their most recent tweet on the studio's twitter account was dated back to 2017 (I sort of assumed the studio was dissolved). Lemme know if you manage to hear back from them!
  3. Tier 5 Update - Cloudberry Kingdom (0.09%) After spending over 60 hours slamming my head against a wall playing levels 319 and 320, Cloudberry Kingdom is finally finished! Most of the time, the absurdity of trophy huntingβ€”that "What am I doing with my life?" feelingβ€”doesn't hit you until after you've already spent a ridiculous number of hours trying to accomplish some arbitrary gaming feat. In the case of Cloudberry Kingdom however, that absurdity was laid bare right from the outset. There was never any fun to be had here. Levels 319 and 320 are very visibly hard for the sake of being hard. There's no carefully-designed challenge, no exciting hook or gimmick, and certainly no reason to recommend this experience to anyone else. It's hard to imagine anyone persevering through these levels out of a genuine love for the game (they're probably a lot like me and doing it for the attention or for some sense of validation...or just to see if they can).It's tempting to look at these levels and assume that only platforming lunatics would stand any chance at surviving them. But, when you take the time to break them down, you'll find that each and every jump accompanies a mostly-fair margin for error. There are no frame-perfect inputs, no insanely precise movements, and no obstacles that you can't worm your way around with enough practice. If you have the patience to meticulously study reference videos and die like a million times, muscle memory will inevitably tear these levels apart. I'll save any specific complaints about level 320 and its thumb-ruining crouch jumps for my checklist and leave you with my final run below (sorry about the poor quality; like 319, it was recorded on a phone). Thanks again to @Eqill5 for the encouragement and for inspiring me to torture myself for this trophy. Even if I didn't dig the game at all, I do feel accomplished in pushing through to the end. If nothing else, a good chunk of change is going to charity and that's awesome. ❀️ Level 320 - ...why? *Thanks to my younger brother for filming the video (you can see him in the TV screen's reflection while I stand awkwardly behind him). **Just to be thorough, I've left a screenshot of the Story Mode leaderboards here.
  4. The radio can still be picked up. Jump over the pipe on the left side of the room and hug the left-most wall until you reach the radio. After grabbing it, go back the way you came and exit on the left side (do not enter or exit on the right side).
  5. Tier 5 Update In Progress - Cloudberry Kingdom After seeing @Eqill5's recent (and incredibly impressive) completion of Cloudberry Kingdom, I've been dying to experience for myself just how ridiculous levels 319 and 320 could be...so I started playing Cloudberry Kingdom too. This was a mistake. The first 15 trophies were like a morning jog. A little bit of story mode, some tricky-but-totally-manageable arcade challenges, one 4-player trophy (I'm so glad you can wirelessly connect PS4 controllers to your PS3, otherwise I wouldn't have the "Cut the Cord" trophy πŸ˜…), a save-scummable death run of chapter 1β€”nothing too crazy and a nice start to any day. But then we have the 16th trophy, "Shenanigans!" for clearing chapter 7. This is where my nightmare began. Labeled, "The Masochist," chapter 7 demanded waaay more patience and precision than anything I'd seen up to this point. In most platformers, you have the luxury of being able to plan your next move. You see a set of obstacles, you envision a safe route past them, and you execute. Cloudberry Kingdom makes planning your next move nearly impossible by bombarding you with so many obstacles that no ordinary human could track them all, let alone puzzle out a safe route through. The gameplay started to shift from an everyday platformer into one that is no longer humanly playable (well, at least not without an obscene amount of trial-and-error). To work my way through chapter 7, I had to purchase the "pathfinder ball" and "slow down" powerups for almost every single level just to continue playing the game. What do these powerups do? The "pathfinder ball" draws you a safe route through the level (a ball moves along the outlined route to signify where you should be standing at any point in the level) and the "slow down" reduces all movement in the level, including your character and all obstacles, to 50% speed. The gameplay became nothing more than an elaborate game of mimicry. Carefully trace the route outlined by the pathfinder ball until you reach the finish line. Do not deviate. Do not experiment. Death usually awaits those who dare to think otherwise. For the next 78 levels, I mindlessly followed the route outlined by the "pathfinder ball" until I finally made it: Level 319. The whole reason I started this game. I'll talk about this level in detail in a future post on my checklist but the short of it is this: I spent 35-40 hours on this single 1-minute level. Here's a sketchy-looking-phone-filmed video if you'd like to see my run for yourself (quality may be low by default but can be increased)! Level 319 - Featuring Pain, Existential Dread, and Self-Loathing I've since started work on level 320 and I'll report back if I make it to the end and earn the "Shenanigans!" trophy! -- Extra Tier 5 Update? I'm a little unclear on the rules, but I completed Sportsfriends a few hours ago which is a "non-platinum game without DLC that has no UR trophies but a UR 100% completion." The 100% completion percentage is 4.15% so, if it counts for the event, awesome! If not, that's okay because it only took an hour or two to finish.
  6. The badges look gorgeous! Thank you @Ellie-nyan! Gris and Bound are fantastic games to draw inspiration from! Thanks again to our host, @Beyondthegrave07,and to those of you who generously donated!
  7. Thanks! πŸ˜„ Sorry about the spoiler tag! I'm having trouble opening it too. I'll remove it for now since the list isn't all that long anyway.
  8. Don't Die, Mr. Robot (2.26%) - 100% One part challenge, two parts tier-filler, this game was good for some mindless "avoid-everything-that-wants-to-kill-you" gameplay and was pretty addicting too! If nothing else, it can fill the void as background entertainment if you've got a stream or some videos to catch up on. Something I was a little iffy on, however, was the remix challenge design. Instead of including challenges that take advantage of the game's cast and their abilities, specific characters essentially serve as "easy-mode" options for players looking to breeze through this game as quickly as possible. There's untapped potential here and it's frustrating. Broforce (0.50%) - 100% I've gotta be honest, I didn't have a great time with this game. Brute-forcing my way through 60+ uninspired levels with randomly selected heroes that may as well be made of paper was an aggravating slog on both hard and ironbro mode (even with save-scumming) and one I'd wholeheartedly suggest avoiding unless the rarity appeals to you. That said, I did enjoy the ridiculousness of the game (as a parody of the US/action-movies, they absolutely nailed it)! -- With these last two games finished, tier 4 is done! Tier 41. Don't Die, Mr. Robot! (2.26%) - 100% βœ…2. Broforce (0.50%) - 100% βœ…3. Nova-111 (2.49%) - 100% βœ…4. Star Wars Racer Revenge (1.71%) - 100% βœ…5. Anodyne (2.97%) - 100% βœ… Since there's no limit to the number of games you can add to Tier 5, I've decided to list almost every UR game I could possibly finish (among the games I own) between now and the end of 2021 so that I can pop in from time to time with completions instead of worrying about whether game X is on my current tier. Of course, I have no plans to do them all. I'm just laying all of my options on the table. Glad to finally make it to tier 5 though! No more swaps from me! Tier 5 Action Henk, Badland, Mega Man Legacy Collection, Mega Man 10, Shovel Knight, Sonic Mania, Stardew Valley, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Super Street Fighter IV, Absolver, Ace Combat 7, Amplitude, Amnesia Collection, Assetto Corsa, Astebreed, Cloudberry Kingdom, Clustertruck, Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!, Defunct, DMC5, Dirt Rally 2.0, DJMax Respect, Friday the 13th: The Game, Futuridium EP Deluxe, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut, Helldivers, Hyper Light Drifter, Iconoclasts, Invisible, Inc. Console Edition, Killzone Shadow Fall, Laser League, LocoRoco Remastered, Magicka 2, Mirror's Edge, N++, Nuclear Throne, Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, Outlast 2, Reus, Sine Mora EX, Slain, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, Star Wars Bounty Hunter, SteamWorld Dig, Superbeat Xonic, Super Meat Boy Forever (if UR), Thumper, Trine 2: Complete Story, Tropico 5, Woah Dave!, Wuppo, XCOM 2, Yakuza 0, Ziggurat, Zombi, MGS2, Mugen Souls Z, Retro/Grade, P4 Arena, Hard Corps: Uprising, DuckTales: Remastered.
  9. For the #YouAreNotAlone bonus badge, I completed It Takes Two alongside one of my best friends (and artist behind this event's badge designs), @Ellie-nyan! Whether we were bending time to escape a decrepit clock tower, fending off armies of wasps with weaponry designed by war-hardened squirrels, or finding hilarious new ways to crush each other with household objects, there was never a dull moment in this ridiculously creative co-op adventure. I had so much fun and would love to see more games like this in the future! 😊
  10. Nova-111 (2.49%) - 100% When I first noticed the words "strategy," "turn-based," and "puzzle" being used to describe Nova-111, I kept my distance. Strategy games tend to overwhelm me and puzzle games never fail to make me feel like an idiot. Against my better judgment, and because the game had been lurking in my library for years thanks to PS+, I gave the game a shot and actually had a pretty good time with it! The strategy elements all felt manageable (your ship is like a single, overpowered chess piece) and the puzzles were clever without being outright mind-melting. If you're looking for quick and easy games to add to your tier lists, this would be a great pick! I will also be swapping out Sonic Mania for Don't Die, Mr. Robot (I started the game on a whim yesterday and got hooked!). I will probably have the last of tier 4 finished in the next few days! Tier 41. Sonic Mania (1.83%) - 28% -> Don't Die, Mr. Robot! (2.26%) - 61%2. Broforce (0.50%) - 23%3. Nova-111 (2.49%) - 100% βœ…4. Star Wars Racer Revenge (1.71%) - 100% βœ…5. Anodyne (2.97%) - 100% βœ…
  11. Star Wars: Racer Revenge (1.71%) - 100% This is the first game I've finished that actually fits the spirit of the Ultra Rare Cleanup event. I played through this game casually back in college and moved on, but, because I've been in the mood for a racer, I thought this might be a fun game to revisit (and because Star Wars Racer (N64) was one of my favorite racers growing up). The challenge was fairly tame right up until the game tasks you with beating two particularly brutal lap times, but it was in these brief moments that the game started to shine. For a couple hours, it was just me, the track, and the ghost of my fastest lap time locked in a never-ending battle (oh, and I got to be Darth Maul!). I only wish the game's other 11 tracks featured similarly challenging lap times so I could trap myself in my psuedo-2002 bubble for just a little while longer. Anodyne (2.97%) - 100% Um...I may or may not have impulse bought this for $1 just for a quick UR completion. I have no idea what this game is about since I spent most of my time mindlessly following a walkthrough/speedrun video, although I'll say the gameplay, being reminiscent of the GBC Zelda titles, was enjoyable enough to justify the asking price. My biggest gripe with the game is that the ability to jump can be used to effortlessly bypass some of the game's puzzles which is a shame considering they were one of the game's biggest strengths. Tier 4 1. Sonic Mania (1.83%) - 28% 2. Broforce (0.50%) - 0% 3. Nova-111 (2.49%) - 40% 4. Star Wars Racer Revenge (1.71%) - 100% βœ… 5. Anodyne (2.97%) - 100% βœ…
  12. Super Meat Boy Forever ~ Update #3[Out of Steam Edition] Trophies Unlocked: Awarded for beating The Clinic Dark World without dying. What's been happening? Hey everyone! It's been a little while and I'm sorry I've been getting worse about keeping this thread up to date. Unfortunately, I think this will be my last update for the next month or so. I just can't find the motivation to continue and I don't want to waste anyone's time with updates that have no "oomph" behind them. I'll talk a little more about my decision in the "What's next?" section below. In the last update, I had hoped the next dark world would be a little easier than the first and...surprisingly, it was. With the initial difficulty spike of the first dark world out of the way, the difficulty has effectively flatlined. While Chipper Grove Dark World took me about 15 hours and 2400+ deaths to string together a deathless run, The Clinic Dark World only took around 7 hours and 1500+ deaths to complete (most of those deaths taking place during the experimentation/learning process). I expect the next dark world to similarly last 6-10 hours once it's finished, but we'll have to see how things pan out. Since the difficulty hasn't notably increased, I've been trying to figure out what would be worth discussing in this update, but there isn't much that fits the bill. There were no absurdly difficult sections or obstacles that would really benefit from in-depth coverage. I could spend a few paragraphs discussing the gimmicks that make The Clinic unique and how you might deal with them, but that could would ultimately serve as filler. Instead, I'm going to keep things simple today and leave you with two things: the video of my most recent deathless run and a screenshot of the seed I've been playing on (for anyone that may want to play through the same SMBF levels that are featured in my runs). Super Meat Boy Forever - The Clinic Dark World Deathless Seed Input (this is the seed that all of my deathless runs have been played on) What's next? I'm sorry everyone, but I need to take an extended break. I hope I'll be back soon, but, in case I'm gone for longer, I want to thank you all so much for playing along with my nonsense over these past few months. You've all been so kind and supportive and I can't help but feel that I'm letting some of you down by stepping away for awhile. I wish I had the motivation to continue, but even these few short paragraphs took days of me stressing over what to say (and settling for...well, this). When I started this thread back in December, I was just some masochistic weirdo with something to prove. Now, while I'm still the same masochistic weirdo, I feel like I'm a part of the PSNP community. I feel accepted. I feel validated. Thank you! 😊 I'll be locking the thread until I have the motivation to continue, but hopefully that happens soon! πŸ”’ In the meantime, I'll be continuing SMB Forever on my own while I focus on other games. There are a couple games I've had my eye on that I may try to write an "all-in-one" update for while I'm away (kinda like what I did with VVVVVV), but we'll have to wait and see what happens. Thanks again everyone. Bye for now!
  13. I've been really lazy with my updates (this update was lazy too), but tier 3 is finished! Here's everything in one chunk to save some space. Rez Infinite X Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition X Nidhogg X Hohokum X Super Dungeon Bros Rez Infinite - This is what a quarantine rave must feel like. Duke Nukem: 3D Megaton Edition - Where else are you going to find obtuse level design and a protagonist that aged like milk? Nidhogg - Who knew there were trophies that literally require mics to earn. Hohokum - The game that will make you realize that the brightness settings on your TV have been jacked for years. Super Dungeon Bros - I'd give this game another pithy one-liner, but it was genuinely one of the worst games I've ever played. Tier 3 [Complete]1. Rez Infinite (3.58%) - 100% 2. Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition (2.03%) - 100% βœ…3. Nidhogg (0.30%) - 100% βœ…4. Hohokum (3.31%) - 100% βœ…5. Super Dungeon Bros (0.99%) - 100% That's all 5 games finished since my last update. Here's my 4th tier! I just have to make my remaining 3 swaps last one more tier and I'll be free to play whatever. Tier 4 1. Sonic Mania (1.83%) - 28% 2. Broforce (0.50%) - 0% 3. Nova-111 (2.49%) - 0% 4. Star Wars Racer Revenge (1.71%) - 0% 5. Anodyne (2.88%) - 0%
  14. I recently completed Steins;Gate for the event! πŸ˜„ For the first badge, I've written a short, spoiler-free (mostly) reflection piece on the game's depiction of someone with social anxiety. Let's start off with a little background! In Steins;Gate, you play as Rintaro Okabe in a desperate struggle against time to save the lives of those you love. You travel across different worldlines experiencing the same nightmarish set of events again and again as you try to create a brighter future. One character that Okabe stumbles across in his journey across time, Moeka Kiryu, stood out to me because...well, she's a lot like me. Moeka struggles with a severe case of social anxiety. She spends most of her time in public with her eyes locked to the dimly-lit display on her phone. She has trouble speaking, can't keep a conversation going, is often perceived as "clingy," and gets anxious if she doesn't receive a reply right away. Instead of talking with someone face-to-face, she prefers to convey her thoughts over text (even if the person she is texting is standing right beside her). Despite her reluctance to speak, it's clear she has a lot on her mind; compared to the rest of the cast, Moeka's texts are often rich with detail, full of emotion, and show off her curious, intellectual side. Because she can be difficult to approach, Moeka has trouble making friends, but something happens early on that acts as a catalyst for change: Moeka gets brought in to the lab (where Okabe and his friends basically hang out). Each of Okabe's friends warmly greet her, she becomes "lab member 005", and she quickly makes friends as though she were a perfectly "normal" girl. She still prefers to text instead of speak, but her behavior isn't really questioned. They accept Moeka for who she is. Something I think is important to take away from Moeka's experience in Steins;Gate is this: there will always be a place for you out there. The right people will accept you even if you don't "fit in"β€”even if you're like Moeka and have difficulty expressing yourself. Mental illness doesn't have to define you as a person. You have worth. You have value. If the people around you don't see that, move on and find the people that do. I promise you they're out there and they'll be more than happy to be your friend. Have the courage to seek them out!
  15. Thanks, I appreciate it! πŸ˜„ If I ever survive SMBF, I'll make it a point to discuss the difficulty! I felt the same way throughout my time with Teak Girl. πŸ˜… I was never thrilled with my levels of consistency no matter how long I played (1-5X in particular had a 20% success rate at best). And, I don't know about you, but sometimes the most consistent routing through certain levels can feel so sketchy, that I end up constantly questioning whether my route was intended by the level designers or if it was just some bizarre coincidence that happened to work out. I always feel pressure to experiment in some misguided effort to find routing that works more reliably, but I rarely find anything worth the trouble. I think my tendency to experiment with routing (instead of focusing on the routes I already have) is part of why my death count jumped so dramatically between Other Side Light and Chipper Grove Dark. Agreed there! I've played through the dark version of the Clinic and uh...I think I'm going to be here awhile. πŸ˜‚ --- Quick update! Over the next week, I'll be taking a short break from SMB Forever! Right now, I'm playing through Steins;Gate as part of my participation in the "Trophies for Mental Health" event and trying to boost the multiplayer trophies in two other games before my PS Now subscription expires (Super Dungeon Bros and Nidhogg). πŸ˜… If you haven't already heard of the "Trophies for Mental Health" event, I'd encourage you to check it out! The event is all about promoting mental health awareness. There are gorgeous badges to earn, a chill and accepting environment to share your personal experiences pertaining to mental health, and all of the money raised during the event will be going to various mental health associations! I'd be thrilled to see some of you participate if you have the time! See you there! πŸ˜„