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  1. Yeah absolutely! I made a mistake when I initially used the term "esports players" and sort of mentally grouped together anyone that played a game competitively (whether that be League, Fortnite, Street Fighter, Smash Bros, etc) but, of course, we don't generally call all of those players "esports players." Fighting game professionals have definitely developed absurd amounts of skill and should be recognized alongside the best. There's tons of talent that don't cleanly fit within the lines of what's been discussed so far and I think I may have zoomed in too far on specific groups of players. If you've ever dabbled in rhythm games for example, there are absolute machines out there that can follow a beat as precisely as a metronome. Anything resembling "precision" from me looks like a joke in comparison. "We're basically average players" is probably the best way to sum up my point about trophy hunters. We tend to glorify the very act of finishing games while leaving mastery to those that are willing to dedicate serious time to their respective games. You have an impressive profile as well! I meant to reply to your earlier post that I've never really liked the idea of saying one's profile is more "impressive" than another. You've played plenty of hard games yourself and maintain a much cleaner completion rate. As long as you enjoy what you're playing, that's the best way to trophy hunt.
  2. I understand but I think you might be muddying the argument a bit when you suggest that trophy hunting is "more about doing a wide variety of hard challenges quickly." This, as you've admitted, is a more subjective and personal definition of what "good" trophy hunting is to you. You are sort of blending trophy hunting and speedrunning here which makes comparing the two much more complicated. I'm sure there are talented trophy hunters that could earn WRs in some games early on, but, inevitably, these WRs are going to be taken away by dedicated speedrunners over time, assuming that the game is somewhat competitive. I think you may be making an unnecessary assumption when you suggest that some top speedrunners are "mediocre players" that have a "lower skill level" than the best trophy hunters. Frame-perfect annihilation of a game takes an absurd amount of skill that needs to be built up over time. The difference is that much of their skill may only be demonstrable in their specific speedrunning game. What I was trying to focus on as a key difference between trophy hunters and speedrunners/esports players was the difficulty of their individual achievements. A trophy hunter may boast that they have any number of the most difficult platinums out there, but none of those platinums will, individually, be more difficult than achieving a WR in a competitive game like SM64 or a championship title in a competitive game like Fortnite. The appeal of trophy hunting, as you've pointed out, is that you're not chained to one game for thousands of hours. You get to enjoy a wide variety of content. But the cost of that appeal is that there will likely never be individual feats that are going to be anywhere near as difficult or more impressive than that of the best speedrunners or esports players.
  3. Downvoting can also be destructive to a person's self-esteem. I remember back when the comment sections on IGN had an upvote/downvote feature and, being young, I was always hurt if a comment I posted that I thought was funny or interesting was downvoted. I was afraid of downvotes and tended to comment less often when I did get downvoted. If I had been downvoted to oblivion back then, I'm sure I would have been emotionally distraught and probably never used the site again. Being ignored doesn't hurt nearly as bad as being downvoted. I don't even want to think about how harsh downvoting might be on dispute threads... It might quickly escalate into bullying in some cases.
  4. I get what you're saying but I'm convinced that precision, like other skills, can be developed by almost anyone over time. I don't believe it's a skill set you either "have" or "don't have." I'm sure we'd agree, for example, that speedrunners don't just wake up one day suddenly capable of performing dozens of consecutive frame-perfect inputs on command. They have to practice and practice until their precision (or at least their game-specific precision) resembles a razor-sharp tool. My only point in mentioning speedrunning is that it will always be far more difficult to set a world record in a competitive speedrunning-game than it is to earn a platinum trophy or 100% a difficult game. These are the players (along with actual esports players) that could feasibly be compared to athletes in my mind as the basic skills that players use to succeed at trophy hunting are elevated to the limits of human ability in these other, more competitive, gaming fields. As for the other challenging games you've mentioned, I agree, there will always be someone better. I wasn't trying to place myself on a pedestal; there are plenty of profiles far more impressive than mine. I just wanted to try putting trophy hunting into perspective when looking at the wider scope of gaming challenge. Trophy hunters are like the "jack-of-all-trades, master of none" (and almost anyone can become a jack of a trade).
  5. I don't believe that players are "too lazy" to put in the work to earn a trophy or "too dumb" to judge their own abilities. I believe that we are prone to making assumptions about "skill" that are not always accurate. These assumptions act like walls and cause us to say things like "I'm not good enough" or "this is pointless" or "why bother trying" without any real rational basis behind them. So we end up giving up not knowing that we were actually capable of success. I apologize for my arrogance but I will stubbornly cling to my views and hope that you reconsider SMB in the future because I still genuinely believe that you can succeed.
  6. Look, I sympathize with your position. I used to believe that any remotely impressive gaming feat was completely beyond my skill level. But you have to understand that you're vastly overestimating the talent required to trophy hunt. Trophy hunting is the lowest possible form of gaming achievement. The feats that the greatest speedrunners and esports players can do are light-years beyond anything the very best trophy hunter can do. I would not compare trophy hunters to "athletes" or "theoretical physicists." I would compare them to people that excel at a craft. In the same way that it would be absurd to say that "I cannot sew together this rug, it's impossible" or "fixing these pipes is just forever going to be beyond my ability," I believe it's similarly absurd to say that "I cannot earn this trophy." Trophies are designed to be earned. Any of the skills you mentioned that trophy hunting requires can be developed by almost anyone with enough patience. "Rhythm" is a skill like any other. It can be developed, sharpened, and wielded to suit whatever purpose you choose. "Pixel perfect jumps and millisecond differences in tapping the movement button" can be learned and ingrained into your very muscles if you give it enough time to digest. You've made one critical mistake in the learning process for SMB: you have not thoroughly examined why you are failing. You have only made a crude statistical estimation that no progress is being made and chosen to give up based on that single estimation. If a level is consistently tearing you up, learn a new strategy. Make a change. Try to understand where you are going wrong and adapt to correct your course. I personally had to watch about 10-15 different runs of Dark Cotton Alley while slowing piecing together different strategies from this player or this player until a cohesive, consistent patchwork was formed that I would grind again and again until I finally made it through Dark Cotton Alley without any deaths. In much the same way that a child can learn to walk after spending weeks stumbling over their feet, you can earn a trophy in a video game that was meant to be earned. It only requires time and practice. Again, this skill "cap" is a figment of your imagination.
  7. Regardless of Sony's questionable censorship policies in recent years, you have to remember that you're on a trophy hunting website. This strange, seemingly irrational hobby is trapped on Sony's platform so I don't think many of us could just leave and "move away from the brand" even if we wanted to. Our community-shared addiction to trophy hunting runs too deep to quit now. Trophies have gradually wormed their way into the reward centers of our brains and, I at least, am going to be stuck here for quite some time.
  8. I've heard plenty of stories of players that had to play the levels in Dark Cotton Alley for 50+ hours in order to achieve their deathless run. 10 hours is almost nothing. Personally, I could barely get a 5-level streak going at 10 hours. Chances are that the muscle memory for the more difficult levels hadn't developed yet, you got discouraged, and gave up too early. I think these "physical limitations" you're talking about is imaginary (at least in this case). You just need more determination and the willingness to put in the practice. If you actually play the levels in Dark Cotton Alley for 200+ hours and still see no noticeable improvement, then I'd start to buy your argument. But trust me when I say that it is not out of your reach. You've tricked yourself into believing a lie.
  9. Woo! A fellow Project DIVA fan! I don't get the opportunity to meet many other fans so I had to ask a bunch of questions but feel free to toss any out if it's a bit much! How did you get into Project DIVA? Did anyone introduce you to it? What would you say is your proudest "Perfect" across the series? Are you competitive on the Future Tone leaderboards? For Future Tone specifically, do you use "macros" (in-game custom button mapping) for holds and tricky note patterns? Which game in the series have you sunk the most time into? Have you dabbled with the Edit mode (custom PV/chart creation tools) in F or F 2nd?
  10. Your UR overestimation aside, that has little to do with the mixed messaging in the blog post. Rarity does not appear to factor in the trophy leveling changes which makes it strange to bring up at all in this context.
  11. It's funny how this blog post mentions the satisfaction of unlocking an "ultra-rare platinum trophy" before proceeding to discuss a system under which raw platinum count is going to be more "valuable" to level progression. Rewarding rarer trophies would have been cool but I guess they need to make even more money off players that spend unholy amounts of cash on pay-to-plat games...
  12. #206: Shadow Warrior ~ Trophy Hunter ~Difficulty: 9/10 ~ Enjoyment: 8.5/10 You might assume that an FPS from 2013 would have aged like milk among its peers in such an ever-changing and rapidly evolving genre. But Shadow Warrior managed to stand the test of time as it still flows smoothly and controls like butter to this day. The katana in particular provides such an Adrenalin-pumping rush that it will quickly become your weapon of choice as you send armies of demons back to the hellscape they came from. One major hurdle stands between most players and the platinum for Shadow Warrior: "No Ordinary Wang." In order to earn "No Ordinary Wang," you need to beat the game on Heroic difficulty. The enemies on Heroic are relentless, dealing way more damage while Lo Wang himself starts resembling wet tissue paper. Dying from a stray explosion or a mistimed dash on the stairs (fall damage is harsh in this game) is commonplace as you learn to navigate this brutal world. Ordinarily, dying wouldn't be a big deal as checkpoints are placed generously, but, on Heroic, it means you have to restart the entire chapter if things go south... So I learned Shadow Warrior's dance: I poked at enemies with the katana's Divider of Heavens again and again, draining health with Aswang Hunger, dashing away once the blade connected, charging it up over and over to shove into the faces of everything thrown at me. I stumbled so many times (I lost 20+ lives in total, losing at least 10 hours of progress) but stumbling is inevitable when learning to dance. You get back up and keep going. Eventually, after blasting through everything in the infamous courtyard section, after taking down every last boss and slicing through every last demon that dared to stand in my way, the dance came to a close as I earned "No Ordinary Wang." But what a dance it was.
  13. Shadow Warrior No Ordinary Wang Complete the game on difficulty Heroic Hehe, wait until the guys in the locker room get a load of this. They won't be laughing now!
  14. It's nice to see platinum time trial relics finally getting their chance to shine in this trophy list. While the gold relic times in Crash 1-3 did present a challenge, you usually didn't need to play a level for very long to build up the skill required to beat that level's gold time. On the other hand, most players will attest that platinum relic times were often so strict that they demanded complete mastery of the level and its layout (along with hours of practice) to stand any chance at beating their respective times. Assuming that platinum relics are as difficult to earn in Crash 4 as they were in Crash 1-3, I think this single trophy will really go a long way in increasing the game's longevity for most players and I'm excited to see the degree of mastery required in earning that platinum!
  15. I can understand the disappointment in there being no platinum trophy but a far greater disappointment is the actual trophy list. For those that haven't seen the in-game achievements for Genshin Impact (you can check them out on the Genshin Impact wikis), there's a wide range of objectives ranging from combat feats (like freezing 4 enemies within 2 seconds), to recipe collection, time trials, completing certain floors in Sprial Abyss with no-damage, co-op boss battles, etc. Basically none of that is going to receive representation with this current trophy list and that is such a shame. Instead we get to complete some busy work and have our 100% handed to us like it's nothing. I'm looking forward to playing regardless and I'm sorry for being grouchy but I think it's perfectly valid to express disappointment in this weak trophy list...