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  1. Congrats! I knew you could get it done! With your plat, we're now up to 3 players that have successfully earned the Splasher plat in the past few weeks!
  2. The first phase of poll #3 will begin on March 3rd and will last one week! During this time, players will be able to vote for as many of the nominees on the nominee list as they would like (this first phase is meant to gauge the general public interest in each game). The three games that receive the most votes will move on to the second phase of the poll where players will only be able to cast one vote for whichever game they have the most interest in. In the meantime, these next few days are for players that would like to make any last minute game nominations or swaps before the poll begins!
  3. Thanks, I had fun too! 😄 I'm sure you'll get your last platinum medal soon considering you've made it this far! Good luck and let us know once you've got that plat! Hmm, well, based on the results of the last poll, I think Catherine: FB and Binding of Isaac both have a strong chance of making the top 3! But, beyond that, I have no idea. 😅 Are there any games you think will dominate the polls? Ah, don't worry! The End is Nigh has already been added to the nomination list! 🙂 JohnlMatrix decided to swap out his original nomination, Deadbolt, for The End is Nigh. Since I was the one who originally nominated VVVVVV (alongside Ikaruga and Splasher), there will be no replacement for VVVVVV in the upcoming polls. I'd like to leave all future game nominations up to the community so, unless some unusual case comes along, I will not be personally nominating any games from this point onwards.
  4. Splasher ~ Update #6 Trophies Unlocked: Awarded for earning all of the gold and platinum medals in the game and for earning all other in-game trophies. What's been happening? Hey everyone! I know most of you have already seen the screenshot I posted on Tuesday (also posted below!) so I'll be keeping this final update for Splasher short and sweet! In the previous update, I had only one objective standing between me and the platinum trophy for Splasher: Earning a platinum medal on the "Gotta Catchem' All" Speedrun (finish in less than 73:40:57). [Recap: A "Gotta Catchem' All" speedrun requires the player to complete the game as quickly as possible while rescuing all 154 splashers including those trapped inside quarantine zones and golden-drop cages.] After 5-6 full runs over the course of 2 days, I barely beat the platinum medal time of 73:40:57 with a final time of 73:31:64! While I intended to keep pushing for an even lower time in the days that followed, I was kinda lazy and didn't have the motivation to shave any more time off the clock. But that's okay! I may try to trim down both my "Standard" and "Gotta Catchem' All" speedruns for fun in the future. In the meantime, I've posted an unlisted video featuring my full "Gotta Catchem' All" speedrun below for anyone that would like to watch the end of my journey with Splasher! Splasher Gotta Catchem' All Platinum Medal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6PfwAWSoZA. Additionally, I'll leave one last link to my individual level platinum medal playlist if you're thinking about giving Splasher a shot sometime and could use some reference material for those tricky medal times! Splasher Individual Level Platinum Medal Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2kP5IJebevdf1NKM0MJxNnSrzAewXjn2. As we wrap up our time with Splasher, I just wanted to say thank you all so much for sticking with me up to this point! Splasher has been a joy to experience and you all have made it so much fun! Special thanks to my Splasher crew for their helpful tips, sagely advice, and for keeping us up to date on their progress along the way: @Miles, @CrimsonMercury, @JohnlMatrix, and @Dzware! If more players continue to play along in the games that get selected for this challenge, I might have to consider renaming this thread the "Please Destroy Us" challenge! What's next? With Splasher done and dusted, it's time to set our sights on the next poll! But first, I'd like to make a quick announcement. I will be removing VVVVVV from the nomination list. Let me explain why: VVVVVV is the last of the 3 games that I initially nominated to kickstart this challenge back in December and, with its removal, the nomination list will solely consist of games that the community has selected. VVVVVV, while brutally difficult, is a very simple platformer that needs little explanation. I would probably struggle (even more than I already do 😂) to make the updates for the game of any interest to you all. I've decided to start playing VVVVVV on the side and will probably begin the game in the next several days. I know there were quite a few of you that expressed interest in seeing VVVVVV played to completion, so, to make it up to those you out there that may have been looking forward to seeing updates on the game, I will be writing an all-in-one update for VVVVVV (in addition to my regularly scheduled updates) once I've completed it! Now, as for the poll... The first phase of Poll #3 will begin 4 days from now on March 3rd! **More details will be posted when the poll goes live! If you've been thinking about nominating a game for this challenge (or swapping out your nominated game for something else), now is the perfect time to do so!** Thank you for sticking with me and see you all soon! 😄
  5. A ) That's a tough one. 🤔 Splasher was easier to binge for hours on end because I had a stronger grasp of the game's fundamentals, but Ikaruga felt more satisfying to master because obstacles would appear utterly insurmountable until I eventually wore them down with enough practice and persistence. B ) For me, it's no contest: Ikaruga was the more difficult of the two. I regularly felt overwhelmed and discouraged trying to grind out those S++ ranks due to the sheer amount of precision the game demanded from the player. With Splasher, victory never really felt out of reach as I could always experiment with a new route or practice different movement. Admittedly, genre experience probably plays a big role in my perceptions of difficulty. I've played and finished hundreds of 2D platformers over the years but have only touched a handful of shmups (I've never finished most of the heavy hitters either like Gradius, R-Type, etc). Since I lack experience, I'm not used to knowing what to do when confronted with failure in a shmup, but I have years and years of platforming experience to fall back on when dealing with failure in games like Splasher. Thank you! I really appreciate the kind words! 😄 It's a shame that Nidhogg 2 sounds like it would destroy me with RNG rather than a genuinely difficult challenge (beating the game without dying might be more like winning the lottery than actually "achieving" anything). Victory would be fairly hollow too unless I could find a somewhat consistent way to replicate it. If it ever wins a poll, I think I will have to find a bunch of other players willing to dive in with me to share strategies and search for any signs of consistency in all the RNG madness. Thank you! 🙂 I think the two biggest reasons for my relatively quick platinum medals would be: My reliance on video references for routing (I tend to learn quickest by watching someone else achieve something and then trying to imitate/improve upon it). My early ambitions for high placement on the leaderboards (when I earned my first #1 on level 7, platinum medal times started to feel more and more lenient since I was getting used to much stricter/more precise movement than what the medal times actually demanded from me). Me too! I'm really excited to see what you all will pick out next!
  6. Thanks, I'm looking forward to it too! 😁 Thank you! 😄
  7. I actually spent the last 20 minutes of that run assuming that I was well over the platinum medal time 😂 (I was only continuing for the sake of practice), but the last few levels went surprisingly well and I was hit with shock just before hitting the finish line that my minutes of failure in the first half of the run didn't cost me the platinum medal. Hopefully I'll be able to improve my time a bit over the next several days! Thank you! 🙂 Thanks! 😄 Your deathless restart tip saved me a ton of extra grinding, so thank you x2!
  8. I finished Splasher! That's two most wanted entries down, three to go! Learning three separate full game speedruns and surviving all 22 levels back-to-back without losing a life was brutal, but I loved every minute of it! 1. Ikaruga (0.51%, UR) - 100% 2. VVVVVV (0.36%, UR) - 0%3. Splasher (1.48%, UR) - 100% 4. Badland (0.03%, UR) - 24%5. Nuclear Throne (0.41%, UR) - 0%
  9. It finally happened everyone! After 100+ hours of grinding, Splasher was unable to destroy me! Thank you all so much for sticking with me through through this gem of a platformer! I had a ton of fun and I'm already looking forward to the game you all will choose next! PS: Since there's still a lot of time left until the next update, I may try to trim down my times on both this run and my Standard runs! We'll see!
  10. Just checked out your review for TEiN and you've definitely sold me on it (well, besides the bit about the SMC)! I'm generally used to fast-paced platformers but it's interesting that you've described TEiN as being a much slower experience (it sounds like a game that prioritizes precision over speed and reflex). And thank you so much! 😄 Good luck with Splasher and I hope some of my videos will help you shave that extra bit of time off the clock if you decide to use them! I'm not entirely sure how much time I've played if I'm being honest. 😅 According to exophase, I've spent 119 hours playing Splasher. But that number, like you've said, is going to be heavily inflated by me having sunk into the abyss that is the leaderboards. There are at least 4 levels that I spent 5 hours on and at least a dozen or so that I've spent 2+ hours on (earning the individual level platinum medals alone would generally take me about 30-45 minutes per level). For a general completion estimate, I would imagine 70-100 hours would be expected for most players. Oh, I have no doubt that the game is going to be amazing! 😁 TEiN is just a victim of my endless backlog more than anything. Whoa, thank you for taking the time to read the entire thread! 😄 I'm really happy to hear that you like what I've posted so far and I'll try my best to earn that follow! Splasher's gameplay was some of the most fun I've had with a platformer in quite some time, so I'd absolutely recommend checking it out if hard platformers are your thing. Considering you have the patience to earn the SMB plat, I have no doubt you could earn the Splasher platinum too if you set your mind to it! You may be right that the GT Sport plat would be difficult to achieve in under 300 hours but I'll take a chance on it regardless if it manages to win a future poll since there's some ambiguity! 😅
  11. Thank you and congrats on your successful deathless run! I've actually had The End is Nigh sitting in my backlog since it first went on sale shortly after release but I haven't played it yet! I know it's supposed to be fantastic and I've been looking forward to playing it but I keep putting it off. 😆 I've just swapped out Deadbolt on the nomination list for The End is Nigh! Thank you! The restart level exploit really was a lifesaver 😂. I think I'd have had to grind for another week without it! Thanks! 🙂 TEiN being the best platformer you've ever played is some seriously high praise! I'm starting to think I've committed a crime leaving the game to rot in my backlog for as long as I have. 😵 Thank you, this seriously made my day! 😄 The community here really is incredible. Everyone has been so kind and supportive and I feel so lucky just to play a few silly games for you all! I'd be honored if anything I, or the community, have put together will be able to help you out the day you give Splasher a shot (or if it manages to help anyone else out there!)! Thank you everyone!
  12. Splasher ~ Update #5 Trophies Unlocked: Awarded for completing a "Standard" speedrun, for completing a "Gotta Catchem' All" speedrun, for earning all of the bronze and silver medals in the game, and for completing any speedrun without dying. What's been happening? AHH! I'm so excited for this one! At the end of the previous update, I set three goals for myself: Trim down my "Selfish" speedrun time (aiming for 41:xx:xx) Earn the platinum medal in the "Standard" speedrun (finish in less than 50:50:88) Complete a deathless run of the "Selfish" speedrun I was hoping to achieve at least one of these goals by the time the next update was scheduled... ...but I managed to achieve all three. 😅 First, I'd like to present my proudest full game speedrun of Splasher to date: A "Selfish" speedrun completed in 41:28:26! As a quick reminder, the "Selfish" speedrun tasks the player with completing all 22 levels as quickly as possible without having to worry about rescuing splashers. The platinum medal time for the "Selfish" speedrun is 43:44:48 which is over two minutes slower than my final time. If you decide to check out one of my full game speedruns for Splasher, this is the one to watch! Splasher ~ Selfish Speedrun Platinum Medal You earned the "Standard" speedrun platinum medal too? Yup! I was able to finish a "Standard" speedrun in 50:25:15 (the "Standard" speedrun requires the player to complete the game while collecting 80 Splashers)! While my final time was sufficient to earn the platinum medal (less than 50:50:88), there was actually very little strategy involved in my approach to the "Standard" speedrun. I ran through each level like normal rescuing every splasher that was not trapped inside a quarantine zone or golden-drop cage until I reached the 80 splashers required to beat the game. Following this basic approach, I reached level 20 or so and ignored all remaining splashers until the run was finished. Being more selective over which splashers you rescue, however, could potentially shave minutes off of the clock. For that reason, I don't recommend using my run as a reference as it is not well-optimized. The run will be here regardless if you'd like to check it out! Splasher ~ Standard Speedrun Platinum Medal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sF_3smoB9OY Wait...you completed the deathless run as well? Yeah! Last up is the big one! After 15-20 hours of practice over the past week, I finally managed to complete a deathless Selfish run of Splasher! I'm so relieved to get this done, but, all things considered, it could have been much worse! Let me explain: In a game that requires quick reflexes and precise timing, staying alive for 40+ minutes when every hazard will kill you instantly is a brutally difficult task! Thankfully, there's a way to make things slightly easier: restarting a level when you know you're about to die. Much like the deathless runs in Super Meat Boy, you can pause and restart a level at any time in Splasher to preserve your deathless streak and keep your run going (thanks to @CrimsonMercury for the tip!). I shamelessly took full advantage of the ability to restart in my final run, preventing around 5 deaths by restarting certain levels when death was all but certain. It may not be pretty, but it certainly gets the job done! Even with the ability to restart, death can come swiftly and I've struggled considerably to get this run completed. I feel as though I've died in nearly every possible way trying to make my way to the end: I've accidentally been crushed by elevators, dissolved by toxic sludge, shredded by buzz saws, scorched by lasers, and battered by seemingly harmless enemies. But with every poorly timed jump and every sloppily considered route, I would learn just a little bit more. Those little bits of knowledge would accumulate and eventually snowball into my inevitable success. So, here it is, the hardest trophy in Splasher: Splasher ~ Deathless Run (Ninja Runner Trophy) What's next? The worst is over. There's only one thing standing between me and the Splasher platinum: the "Gotta Catchem' All" platinum medal for completing a 100% playthrough of Splasher in less than 73:40:57. This run will be a marathon requiring me to rescue all 154 splashers including those trapped inside quarantine zones and golden-drop cages. I'm expecting to spend several days practicing the run, but I've already completed my first full run as a taste-test: There is about 30 minutes to shave off of this time before I earn the platinum medal but I'm confident that I will be able to get it done. Let's see this game through to the end! Expect what will likely be the final Splasher update on February 27th! I plan to post my platinum screenshot as soon as I earn the platinum trophy, which may be several days prior to the update! Thank you for sticking with me and see you all very soon! 😄
  13. Sorry for the late reply! My efforts have been going very well! I've been trying to think of a clever way to tease some of the contents of the next update without outright spoiling it, but I haven't had any luck. 😅 I'm planning to post the next update in the next few hours though so, this time, I'll save the details for the update (I'll put more thought into previews in the future though!).
  14. Great work! 😄 I know exactly what you mean about being bored to no end spending 20 or so minutes trudging through the first 10-12 levels of a no-death run (and making tons of careless mistakes out of impatience along the way). What's been helping me cope with the grind is to mute the game and watch something on YouTube/Twitch until I reach level 12 (the lasers in level 12 have sound cues that are helpful to listen for) and, once I'm there, I unmute the game and put all my focus on the remainder of the no-death run. It's still a slog but it feels more bearable this way. Either way, you only have two things standing in the way of your next platinum: the 100% platinum medal and the no-death run completion! Good luck!
  15. Sounds like you'll be earning that standard plat medal very soon! A minute and 7 seconds is hardly any time at all (I've wasted that much time in some of my runs just getting lost in the lobby 😅). I haven't had any good deathless runs lately but I'm glad you've been having better luck at least! I'm sure you'll get that perfect run soon. Thanks! 🙂 It can get pretty tense at times but it makes it all the more exciting!