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  1. Congrats, I knew you could get it done! I'm amazed you were able to jump right back into runs after a 3 month break. Great milestone choices too!
  2. I had never won a round of last man standing on the Hex map (Hex-A-Gone) and decided to try this strategy on a whim. It worked like a charm. Didn't even drop to the lowest level of the Hex. Such a simple method and it really does buy you a ton of time. EDIT: Worked three times in a row. Thanks!
  3. Good on the devs for such a tough list! It only means more incentive for innovation and creative thinking from the players; I can't wait for the insane win tactics, the massive boost sessions (if possible), and the grand display of skill (or smarts) needed to earn what is shaping up to be an absurdly UR platinum. I may never earn the platinum, but it certainly is going to be exciting to try. Bring it! EDIT: 2 wins in a row is my personal best so far. While luck certainly plays a large part, people are underestimating how helpful a good understanding of the mini-games and their corresponding course layouts is when working towards a win. Not to mention that movement feels smoother and more precise the longer you play.
  4. Earning A-ranks generally feels much easier in regular mode so I would always recommend grinding them out there. Most of the time, expert mode is difficult to survive at all, let alone earn an A-rank. The time requirements feel stricter (thanks to increased boss health), the attack patterns are merciless, and it can often be much harder to parry projectiles in the increased chaos of expert. This is often the perfect recipe for poor rankings. The only requirement that may be slightly easier is using 6 units of super meter since you will often earn more super meter in expert than you would in regular given the increased health of expert bosses. However, if you have difficulty earning an A-rank on a boss, it may definitely help to move on and revisit the boss later once you unlock expert. If you can beat that boss at all on expert, earning an A- or above on regular should feel tame in comparison since you will have mastered that boss to some degree. EDIT: Oops, I typed this out before seeing your edit. 😂
  5. Just wanted to note that the trophy "Rolling Sixes" for not getting hit during the King Dice battle is misleading just like the original achievement was on Xbox. You CAN get hit during the battle with King Dice (I was hit twice actually), what's important is that your HP is at 3+ by the end of the battle. I recommend using the Twin Heart charm (to start at 5 HP) and stocking up with extra hearts on the mini-bosses you feel comfortable fighting so that you have some hearts to burn during the actual fight with King Dice. Also, it's been said already in this thread but it's worth repeating that "A-" ranks will count towards the A-rank trophies and can all be obtained on Regular difficulty. You do not need any A-ranks on the 6 run-and-gun levels (only P ranks for the "Pacifist" trophy).
  6. #193 - Cuphead ~ Grand Uproar ~Difficulty: 7/10 // Enjoyment: 9/10 What a game. Every fight feels fair, every challenge feels reasonable, and every frame of animation looks gorgeous. You honestly cannot go wrong with Cuphead; this is my 2nd time playing the game to completion (the first being on Xbox a few years ago) and it was just as much a joy to play now as it was then. Don't let the difficulty of Expert mode, the A-ranks, and the intimidating pacifist challenges steer you away from this gem. It is nowhere near as hard as some players are making it out to be. With practice and patience, every challenge can be bested and every boss can be annihilated. I enjoyed every minute with Cuphead and will be eagerly waiting for the DLC to drop. Do yourself a favor and give this game a shot if you're looking for some run-and-gun, boss-melting action in your life!
  7. I'm not sure if I've been this excited for a month of PS+ in a long time. MW2 remastered is going to be a blast to revisit and I've been looking forward to Fall Guys since I first saw gameplay at Gamescom last year. 😄
  8. This was so fun over on Xbox, it's nice to see it suddenly arrive on PS4. I wonder if they'll take the opportunity to make a new trophy list or if they will reuse their Xbox list. If they ask for all S ranks this time around, I'm betting the chances of this game sporting an ultra rare plat will skyrocket.
  9. PSN ID: ExistentialSolid Systems: PS3 and PS4 Accept Blanks: Sometimes, but I'd prefer if you say something (mentioning PSNP is fine). Whether you’ve been playing games for years or recently picked up a controller for the first time, I’d be happy to be friends. Bonus points if you enjoy challenging games, if you play Project Diva, or if you like time travel sci-fi.
  10. I'm interested! I'm more of a lurker but this seems like a good way to put myself out there a bit more.
  11. Well "easy" is generally being used in this thread to compare the game's difficulty to other fighters. There is no question that earning the platinum for Injustice will be a challenging endeavor. But in comparison to other sub-1% rarity fighting games like others listed in the thread, it should be reasonably tame. The consensus is basically: "This game isn't as hard as the rarity suggests so don't be scared away by those intimidating percentages."
  12. Sweet, just picked it up! I've been waiting for this to go on sale for awhile now but free is even better. Quite a fitting title for Juneteenth. Let's hope the platinum grind isn't too painful!
  13. #186 - Bug Fables ~ Our Job's Done! ~Difficulty: 4/10 // Enjoyment: 9.5/10 Do you miss the days when Paper Mario rocked? Back when you could collect star pieces and badges and make mistakes cooking ridiculous ingredients? Moonsprout Games misses those days too so they made a kickass game: Bug Fables. Nearly everything that made the original Paper Mario and TTYD such fantastic games returns here in full force: badges (now called medals), cooking, cozy towns to explore, goofy enemy scanning banter, environmental puzzles, star pieces (now called crystal berries), a well-written story, and combat that relies on timing based minigames. But amid this nostalgic return to form, what I didn't expect was for Bug Fables to boldly reinvigorate the combat of classic Paper Mario and take it to fantastic new heights. While you could get away with nearly any badge loadout in the original Paper Mario games and spam any number of basic attacks to achieve victory, you are unable to do the same in Bug Fables without being punished for your laziness (especially so with the Hard Mode medal). Bug Fables demands that you experiment and gives you plenty of tools to do so: tons of medals (badges) to mix and match, dozens of items, an ever-growing moveset, and the new turn relay system that breathes life into an aging battle system. I spent 45 hours lost in a glorious world the likes of which I haven't been able to experience since 2004 and I LOVED every minute of it. If you fondly remember classic Paper Mario or are just looking for a fresh turn-based rpg fix, then do yourself a favor and check this game out.
  14. Unfortunately, you will not have the option to restart from checkpoints. I think you have a great initial plan laid out. Something I wish I had done before starting Mein Leben is put in more time practicing the levels individually. I originally thought that 3-4 deathless level completions before moving on to the next level was "good enough." But, after getting repeatedly destroyed in Mein Leben, I know I would have saved time if I had practiced more diligently. So if I were to make one recommendation it would be to practice each level much longer than you think you need to and really emphasize late-game practice (New Orleans, Venus, Ausmerzer). Besides that, I agree with @Phantochi that more IADI runs after you finish learning each level individually is a smart idea to help solidify your learning and highlight any weaknesses in your strategies (although whether you want to commit to a deathless IADI run is up to you). I also highly recommend Gaming with Abyss's Courtroom strategy and that you check out Mi2Lethal's Final Boss skip if you struggle with the final boss like I did. Good luck, I'm looking forward to seeing your tips when you succeed!
  15. #185 - Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus ~ A New Colossus ~ Difficulty: 9-10/10 // Enjoyment: 8.5/10 There is only 1 trophy in Wolfenstein II that warrants such a steep difficulty rating: the infamous Mein Leben trophy. I won't mince words, finishing the game from start to finish on the hardest difficulty with only 1 life to your name is a brutal, stressful, and ultimately painful experience. Mein Leben will take you to the edges of your sanity and back as you question why you bother trophy hunting to begin with. You will practice for dozens of hours only to die during a run because a guard happened to walk in a different direction than he usually does or because you peeked too far out of cover or because you threw a grenade at your feet when you meant to switch weapons. The unexpected will be your downfall again and again and again until you can coldly roam the halls of Wolfenstein II prepared for every possible outcome. Rarely does a game demand as much from you as Wolfenstein II does but, if you are willing to put in the effort, it will reward your persistence with this shiny bit of bragging rights. I am relieved that the journey is over and wish luck and an iron will to all of you that are planning to earn this trophy. Good luck and never give up!
  16. And just like that, I've finally done it. A huge thank you to everyone here for all the tips and encouraging words and good luck to all of you still working towards your Mein Leben completion! Please don't give up! Some losses will be devastating (my worst was during the final boss in which I accidentally sprint jumped off the catwalk overlooking the arena AFTER the boss had been successfully skipped; I was shredded to pieces in seconds) but if you keep pushing, you will inevitably succeed.
  17. Congrats! This is definitely a platinum to be proud of; hopefully I'll be able to close it out too in the next few days!
  18. Thanks, there's a lot of great tips in your post! The courtroom strategy and section F skip I've been regularly using in my runs as well and they work wonders (have never lost a run in either level yet). I get rushed by the very same robo doggie all the time near the end of the Ausmerzer so I've just accepted that this section is going to be rough. I may be wrong but it seems like the robot is less likely to rush you if you wait a couple minutes before entering the area to let their "investigate the area" status die down. I personally have had far better luck skipping the final boss than actually fighting it. I seem to survive 80-90% of the time when I use a skip (Mi2Lethal's skip feels very consistent) but I only survive about 50% of the time when fighting with normal tactics despite several hours of practice. Well it will always be there if you're up for a satisfying challenge. I'm awful at most FPS games (I'm the type that plays online maybe once a year and scores in the bottom 3) but you don't really need much skill to succeed in Wolfenstein 2. To survive Mein Leben, you just need the patience to learn and practice each level until you can consistently clear it.
  19. I literally just died the same way (cleared rooms up to scientists in Venus I and died via explosion near the room entrance after luring them outside); I'm gutted. Next time I'm going to rush through that room after clearing the previous areas like I had in every prior practice run. Strange how new strategies can save you in one moment and then end you with their next breath. This was mostly my fault though as I did not practice XxIsa-GxX's/sebby412's strategy before attempting it in Mein Leben runs. Never take shortcuts when it comes to practice.
  20. Thanks! This looks like a much safer strategy than what I've been doing (running straight for the exit shortly after killing the 1st commander and hoping the dog doesn't bite me in a bad spot). I'll have to give this a try the next time I practice Venus. I've been mixing strategies up to this point from BigBossImBeamer and Kreeper V with occasional substitutions for the trickier sections when neither worked for me (like Gaming With Abyss's great strategy for the courtroom and Mi2Lethal's final boss tactic) so there's always room to improve. I'll have to start looking into Flipy's work if new troubles pop up. So far, I think the areas that have been the roughest for me are: the latter half of the Ausmerzer, Venus I, and a few tricky sections in New Orleans and early Manhattan. But luckily, everything feels within reach and there are no sections left that terrify me. It should just be a matter of practice and persistence at this point.
  21. Yeah, Venus has been rough for me in practice too. So much can go wrong so quickly that you usually can't fall back on a Plan B. I'll definitely need to focus my efforts there. It seems like the panzerhund section causes a lot of players trouble so I'll be sure to practice one of the strategies that opts for a safer on-foot approach before attempting Mein Leben. My overconfidence kills me often too. Little things like not taking cover when there's only 1 or 2 enemies left or rushing through a section for no good reason has already cost me dozens of lives in practice. I'm confident in courtroom but I'm definitely going to need to practice the final boss more before committing to Mein Lebin. I agree that keeping track of where upgrade kits are is essential to success. I've actually been keeping a note next to me showing which levels have kits in them so I don't forget about them. The rest is just practice, practice, practice I suppose. Thank you all for the input! After learning each of the levels, it seems like the next logical step for me is to do several more IADI runs to identify areas that could benefit from more practice or a change in strategy. Once I can finish an IADI run with less than 3 deaths, then I'll shift over to Mein Leben. Wish me luck and thanks again!
  22. Out of curiosity, how do each of you practice for the Mein Leben run? So far, on my 2nd IADI run, I've made a save at the beginning of each level, learned/followed an optimal route via video, and then immediately replayed each level at least 3 times to better memorize what I had just learned and iron out any kinks. I'm about to start learning Venus and beyond before attempting actual Mein Leben runs but I feel like I'm gradually developing an overconfidence in myself that will inevitably lead to many careless mistakes when I finally start. What mistakes did you make most often, which levels did you have to practice the most, and how did you practice?
  23. I was initially skeptical that Bug Fables could do justice to the early Paper Mario formula but, after taking the plunge and finishing the first chapter, I am completely blown away. It feels faithful to the originals but also acts like a natural progression of the ideas the first two Paper Mario games set into motion. I mean practically everything is back: badges, star pieces, cooking, goofy enemy scanning dialogue, the 10-item limit, first strikes, attack/block timing, even the little paper tab-like room entrances and exits, just everything. But where Paper Mario sort of dropped the ball, Bug Fables picks up the slack. The battle system feels fresh thanks to the addition of turn relay and allowing 3 party members to fight at a time. And, thankfully, strategy is far more important now (especially on hard mode) as you can no longer get away with mindlessly spamming your basic attacks until you reach a victory screen (I'm not ashamed to admit I wiped out on the first boss on hard mode). You will need to carefully consider your badge loadout and experiment with your moveset to achieve victory here. I think this might be every bit the sequel that 9 year-old me dreamed of back when TTYD released and I'm really excited to see how the rest of the game plays out! UPDATE: 45 hours later, there is no "might be" about it. This was exactly what I hoped a sequel to TTYD would feel like. I loved every minute of it and I really hope to see more from Moonsprout Games in the future.
  24. Thanks, that's really nice of you to say! I wouldn't sell yourself short though. As long as you're patient and put in the practice, you will earn the platinum as well. What helps me with difficult games is to break down any daunting challenges into manageable pieces. For example, as the trials got harder, I would set more manageable goals like focusing on 1 trial per day. Even if you feel like you are barely making any progress, the most important thing is not giving up (especially after rough days when you don't meet the expectations you set for yourself).
  25. Platinum #179 - Skullgirls 2nd Encore ~ Another Seven Years ~ Difficulty: 9/10 (personal estimate) // Enjoyment: 8.5/10 My painfully long journey to the platinum in Skullgirls was a bitter reminder that fighting games are not to be taken lightly. There are 3 major hurdles you need to overcome to earn the platinum in Skullgirls: beating Marie on 300%, beating all 26 challenges, and beating all 56 character trials. Marie is a monster and perhaps the only sensible way to defeat her is not by by actually taking away all of her health but by running down the clock after a few strong opening hits. The 26 challenges are another beast entirely, some of which will toy with your sanity and take hours to overcome (don't get me started on one particular challenge against Big Band). But Marie and all 26 challenges will do little to prepare you for the most demanding and time consuming part of earning this platinum: the character trials. This is where you will sink or swim and I sank hard, especially at first. As a player that struggles with even the basics in most fighting games, the difficulty of the trials hit me like a truck. Each trial asks that you perform a single well-executed combo. Some of these combos are simple affairs that you'll chug through in 10 minutes while others are tournament-ready weapons of annihilation that will take hours of practice and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to perform. Seriously, Ms. Fortune, Valentine, and Parasoul will probably leave you in pieces by the time you see the light at the end of the tunnel to say little of the other 11 characters. I don't even want to think about how many hours these trials took altogether, I'm just glad I made it to the finish line and can stare at my shiny new platinum in peace.